Why They Joined Gotch SEO Academy

We ask every new member a simple question:
“What’s the main reason why you decided to join Gotch SEO Academy?”
Here are their unedited responses…

“To become an SEO expert.” – Kester, Entrepreneur

“Saw that Ruan Marinho learned from you, + I can sense that you care about your customers and that you like to systemize things. I got in firstly, for the proven system that you have created, secondly for the live calls that you host.” – Brian, SEO Agency Owner

“Grow my SEO knowledge so that I can better automate the SEO services within my agency as well as continue to build niche sites.” – Paul, Digital Marketing Agency

“I need a system to rank websites.” – Oleg, Business Owner

“I work for an SEO marketing agency called Key Marketing Group. We’ve been growing rapidly and I now find myself in a Lead SEO/Operations Manager position, as we learn how to handle a larger staff and client load. The owner of the company (Scott Johnson) and I believe it would be best to hone our expertise in SEO to the highest degree now so that we can make scaling the company easier in the future. We also know that by learning the most effective processes, we can operate in the most efficient way possible as we grow as a company.” – Brandon, In-House SEO Director

“I am a young agency that has hit the “20k ceiling” I am hoping to find A) tactics that will get my clients superb results and B) trainings/SOPs that will help me build a team so that I can get out of the day to day ops and focus on growth! – Austin, SEO Agency Owner

“To learn an organized and effective strategy to approaching SEO for my clients. I was feeling guilty charging for a service that I didn’t have a clear and defined process for.” – Jared, SEO Agency Owner

“I’ve joined SEO because I’m currently working for Credit Karma as an SEO growth analyst and would like to find a succinct way of doing SEO optimization. I am also launching my business so I knew I would need additional SEO training.” – Odia, In-House SEO Specialist

“Gain knowledge about SEO, get rid of imposter syndrome, and start a legitimate SEO agency.” – Craig, SEO Agency Owner

“1. I’d like to have a proven guide about getting much more organic search traffic to a new niche website, and turn them into customer.

2. Facebook paid ads are too expensive.” – Toby

“I just completed my first year at university as a marketing student, and was really unsatisfied and uninspired by the content I was taught. Feeling as though my degree was not teaching me practical marketing skills and preparing me for today’s workforce, I’ve decided to defer a semester and seek out non-traditional educational courses. SEO is incredibly practical and valued skill, so after finding you through Youtube I began reading about your course.” – Ella

“The main reason I decided to join the academy was to learn techniques to start making money from SEO. I love this industry and I want to be the best version of myself that I can be.” – Azrie

“I have seen your video’s and we have talked about semrush, in a e-mail chat. Further more I have checked the results and firmly believe that this will get me to 100000 visitors on seo basis yearly. This is the target I believe Is reachable due to this course.” – Owen

“I have been doing SEO for a few years (self taught) and I feel I could benefit from the experience of people that are more advanced than me. I have a startup that got most of the clients through SEO and I also have a few clients I am doing consulting for.” – Laurentiu

“To keep up to date with the latest SEO trends and help my Local SEO clients stay ahead of their competitors in organic search. Also, to have a better structure and process and have something in place to train future team members.” – Gary

“I have just graduated college with a degree in business marketing. I also just landed my first job at an advertising agency as a content writer. As I was looking for ways to better my content I stumbled upon the world of SEO and found Nathan’s YouTube channel. I watched him for several weeks before finally deciding to commit to SEO full time and hopefully have my life changed in the process.” – Holden

“You have some amazing content on YouTube, so I wanted to join your course and community to learn even more SEO strategies.” – Tim

“Expand my knowledge and I noticed through my work that in whole we need a broader knowledge in this field in my country. Signing up for the Academy can open up a lot of opportunities for me.” – Vignir

“As a first step towards a potential career related to SEO.” – Sebastian

“Nathan is the best SEO I found digging internet for last 3 years. I want to improve my skills, learn and master the London ranking in a few service niches! Well something like that! :). Happy to be here! Thanks!” – Mac

“I want to work on SEO from a checklist created by a pro.” – Steve

“Tired of spending money on SEO scammers.” – Jerome

“I needed an in depth, step by step process for SEO audits so I can learn and train my staff.” – David

“To become an SEO master so I can grow my niche website portfolio value for lifechanging passive income.” – Aaron

“To learn SEO to get a ROI on what I have spent and not be taken advantage of from SEO vendors.” – Jerome

“Learning SEO as a side hustle but need a structured course and proven method.” – Ryan

“To learn SEO from the ground up. This is a new language to me.” – Jesus

“To further my SEO knowledge in order to become more effective and proficient with helping my client’s businesses rank higher in the SERPS, providing more value and therefore increasing my expertise.” – Scott

“I wanted to improve my SEO results for the clients I work with.” – Robyn

“I’m creating niche websites and starting a digital agency at the same time. Your content on YouTube is top notch .

I’m hoping there’s a lot of new content within the course that wasn’t already made available for free on YouTube.” – Mark

“To get a job in SEO agency in Singapore and grow and my own site.” – Jack

“I’ve always been really interested in SEO, but it’s always been confusing as to where I should start. I would like to learn from the best in the industry, and acquire the skills necessary to be competitive in the industry.” – Joel

“Learn more about SEO for the company I work for.” – Annie

“I want to improve my technical SEO skills.” – John

“Growth my business, my domain of business is SaaS.” – Tony

“I decided to join Gotch SEO to learn SEO from the great Nathan Gotch and those in the Academy. I’m a personal injury lawyer and trying to learn some good ideas and pointers as I work with SEO experts to better understand the process. Thanks so much for having me in the Academy.” – Marc

“1 – your great youtube channel with free videos.
2 – you are my role SEO model.
3 – your proven SEO skills with your website.
4 – I love watching your videos.” – Eslam

“Have been in SEO industry over 10 years. Everybody has their own style and working methods. So still learning and I’ll hope to find new ideas to improve myself.” – Tanel

“I own a portfolio of niche affiliate websites. I want to rank them better using SEO. I really liked Gotch SEO videos on YouTube and hence I decided to join.” – Sanket

“Would like a workflow to join the dots of my scattered SEO knowledge.” – Ben

“Make more money – lots of it.” – Byron

“I am selling SEO services on Fiverr for one year, also I am Fiverr choice and ranking in first-line for SEO (Fiverr.com/zahid_adnan), I have learned a lot from gotch SEO youtube and blog which make me curios to buy this course to get maximum exposure. I have started my own amazon affiliate websites and I want to implement all my learning to those sites as well as to perform well for my clients.” – Zahid

“I have watched your previous videos. You sent an email about backlinks and the merger technique. That is genius. I had some reservations and called which you resolved. You even answered a question that made me realize despite my ability to self-learn I may execute concepts not perfectly which is a typical learning curve (going after non-competitive terms as we discussed on zoom). I feel your SEO videos will cut that learning curve in half. I was wavering mainly because of the price but then you sent the youtube equipment video. It was like you knew that day I was talking with my cousin about what type of mic she should buy for her virtual yoga business. I personally have put youtube on the backburner and is not exactly what I was looking for but I sent her the video. I ended up getting the course because I like how you present things. I hate people that beat around for 10 minutes for one point. Every video you do is loaded with info.” – Colby

“Learn SEO, I’ve been studying only from free sources, and I want to get better, real better.” – Mat

“Build my consultancy business and become financially independent.” – Andrew

“To boost our eCommerce site’s sales and traffic.” – Jane

“Get more traffic to my CBD E-Commerce Website.” – John

“I believe that SEO is the key to my financial freedom. My goal is to create and rank niche websites on the German market and sell them to local businesses. I’ve already learned a lot through Youtube and other free content but I felt as though I’ve reached a point where I need more actionable tips that will help me create a system to consistently rank on the top of the first page.” – Petar

“I wanted to increase sales by myself, without the help of the pros.” – Uni

“I have been freelancing SEO for 5 plus years after my initial exposure to as a side hustle. In the next 6 months I want to launch my SEO agency, retain my first 5 clients, and drive more traffic to an affiliate niche site I built 3 years ago.” – Nick

“Joined ages ago now lol. Have a background working in SEO but want to make sure I am up to date and can provide the best solutions for clients now that I am working in my own business.” – Helen

“Because Nathan is genuine and really wants to help people achieve their goals.” – Sagar

“To brush up on my SEO.” – Anthony

“Hey, thanks! I’m joining because I currently have some SEO clients and I’m looking for a solid SEO game plan that I can follow consistently to get results for my clients. I have bought other courses in the past and really most of that information was lacking pieces of information or left me with even more questions. It also seemed like everything I learned was something I already knew. I studied a lot of your YouTube videos and signed up for your email listing. I appreciate the value you provide! Decided I’d finally give your course a go after checking out some positive reviews 🙂

Either way, I’m not too far into your lessons and I’m already learning a lot of super useful stuff. So thanks for taking the time to make the course I’m looking forward to finishing the course and being able to provide real results to grow mine and my client businesses.

Thanks!” – Casey

“I’d like to change career paths and be able to work from home.” – Paul

“I did SEO years ago and had some decent success (2004-2009). My ex life partner and I had created a remote work scenario years before it was mainstream. Our business was in the vacation rental space (sound familiar), but that was before the giants we know of today even started. I stepped away from SEO (bad move) to do other things after her and I seperated (she kept the business). I always liked SEO though. I taught a SEO/web marketing class in college for cont-ed.

In 2016, after completing a masters in strategy and human centered design, I developed a health condition that makes it practically impossible to practice in my new field of study. I can’t be in public spaces for very long (1 hour or 2). I knew I had to rethink my career and I’m in the 40’s which requires serious attention to making the right choices. My condition rules out a ton of work opportunity options, and really leaves me with crumbs. But, well spearheaded the crumbs can lead to something great.

I know of many SEO “gurus” that sell their courses and knowledge. I was hesitant because my financial resources are lower and I know enough stuff in SEO, although it has evolved a lot since.

Why Nathan?

Well I resonate with the approach – frankly I feel we have lots in common too. I feel you are authentic, in it to make a good living, but not to strip everyone of their resources. You’re dedicated to growing with the industry and discover new trends. I also like that you now run your own niche websites which is what I would like to do. I wish I had the financial resources to have purchased you formula with 1 year coaching, but I really need to be mindful of my financial resources for the moment since lots is happening and in limbo.

I like that you talk to the audience with context but not too fluff. Just enough information to relate with you, but not too much that the viewer spend 20 minutes to learn 2 minutes worth.

Finally I like your low-profile (I mean it in a good way). I don’t like firecrackers and pyrotechnics. I like to be stealth. I’m here for the information and the community (giving and receiving).

Hope it helps.” – Ian

“I have been doing SEO since 2003. I am one of the original founders of a Digital Marketing Company located in Maine called VONT Digital Marketing & Ethos Marketing & Design which was started in 2000. Before 2000, we were a company called ImageSet Design which was founded in 1987. I have been in the Print and Digital Marketing field for 33 years even before there was an Internet or the Web. Today, VONT has 60+ employees with sales of roughly $15mil annually. I am always looking to learn what others are doing in the industry and decided to join to see what insights you may have that I do not know or have not thought of. I have taken a number of online SEO courses over the years and I have always found value in the respective techniques and various approaches being taught.” – Mark

“To become a certified SEO consultant and build niche websites.” – Bryan

“I’ve been following Nathan for years and wanted to up my SEO game! The SOPs were a real incentive for me to join the academy as I’m looking to quickly scale my agency.” – David

“Am pursuing financial independence so I can invest my time pursuing a meaningful life without worrying so much about meeting basic needs. I hope SEO will play a part in this.

Why Gotch SEO.

Over the last few months, I have consumed so much content trying to understand this area. SEO is very confusing even for tech-savvy people. Gotch’s content was probably the most thorough, straightforward and I could make sense of it. Good job on that. The videos are short and precise and I truly enjoy watching them. I can’t wait to see what you have for paid members.

I found it easy to follow your content and your delivery is just gold. Keep up the good work.” – G

“To learn from the best, get free organic traffic, and increase sales.” – Kiet

“I’m building a new business, and SEO is a key element that I’m lacking sufficient understanding of. Your YT videos have been helpful, but I’m hoping the training will help provide a framework I can follow that will contribute to my success.” – Blake

“Learn more about SEO. Looking to scale my business.” – Kim

“Started my first website 2 years ago and was tired of not ranking in google. Hiring out for SEO service is expensive. Hoping I can make a significant difference in my traffic. I would much rather learn this skill for myself. It’s always great to get under the hood to see how things work. If I get a good enough handle on how and what to do I would love to start my own agency and quit my soul sucking day job!” – Jeff

“2 reasons. Learn a process-driven approach. I already do SEO for local businesses and have been able to rank on spot #1 for a few keywords in competitive verticals/cities for some clients but do it intuitively and would like to streamline the activities process to scale. The second reason is to learn more about SEO beyond the local arena (particularly for e-commerce). Thanks” – Ibrahim

“I think you are the leading SEO expert, with systematic approach and easy to understand language. I want to learn from you and get black belt in SEO ( preferably local SEO)” – Zhanna

“Talked with Nathan, and felt that this SEO training would go much deeper than training I have checked out in the past!” – Josh

“I want to make my career bright as 9 to 5 job is not going to make my future good. I want to do something for my wife & son. People make bad mouthing about me just because i dont have money.” – Muhammad Salman

“Because I wanted to learn about SEO for my Web Design Company. I want to expand my skillset and potentially be able to offer SEO services to my clients.” – Eshley

“I’ve followed your advice and free article for several years now. I’m investing in several of my assets and focusing for clients on content/SEO marketing more in the travel space. I needed a structured way to up my game so I invested because I knew your quality, style, and experience would make this a good investment. Excited to dive in more.” – Matt

“I’ve just started a new SEO insights agency in London. My background is primarily content marketing, and as it’s just me now I need to upskill in regards to landing new clients. I think spotting SEO quick wins is a great way to do that. My process for content marketing was always Gap Analysis: putting yourself in the audiences shoes and searching as if you were them in order to spot competitor content faults, what the gaps were and what a new approach would look like. This took into account keyword research, competitor analysis and trend analysis in order to figure out what content to develop. And this will be the bedrock of our offer, but the supplementing this work with more technical SEO knowledge will make me as a digital marketer for more rounded and confident in pitching.” – Jack

“I believe I have good SEO knowledge at the moment but heard some excellent info about Gotch SEO and feel your course will benefit me moving forwards.” – Tom

“Your youtube channel was really convincing. Being a website designer I would love to understand how SEO works and provide it as a service” – Kriszti

“I joined the SEO space a year ago with no training. I invested a ton of time researching articles and tools to help me learn SEO concepts. Although I’ve gained a ton of knowledge, I still have trouble trying to implementing these practices because I tend to be unsure of myself at times. A lot of content out there currently (Moz, SEMrush, Backlinko, Ahrefs, etc.) are very valuable platforms that’ll teach you any SEO concept under the sun, but I think Nathan Gotch makes his content much more relatable in a way I can’t really explain. I also took a big note on the fact that you can have all the knowledge in the world, but if you don’t act on it, then you don’t have experience. I thought that one sentence was a very powerful statement that I took with me. After a couple days on considering signing up for the course, I just went for it. Hopefully, I get some good stuff out of it!” – Ross

“Learn SEO basics and launch my own business” – Martin

“I fell in love with SEO and would like to build my foundation and further my career in the field.” – Alisha

“Want to improve SEO techniques for my products, and learn something new as well :)” – Clinton

“I had subscribed your email don’t know when, but I have received an email few days ago. I watch your given video and I have found the mature martial about SEO. I personally got that piece of experience (SEO Tactics) after huge efforts of months and months by experiencing on different project. I then watch your other related Videos, where I found the same piece to content I had in my previous personal experiments. You have explain things without hiding any steps and points to public. Those were very useful for SEO.

In short, I found a series of strategies for keywords research, content creation, audit, building backlinks. My experience was lacking all these strategies for SEO. So, I join academy to get your pre-defined SEO strategies, resources and polish my SEO skills by your course along-with your pre-build SEO community. Thanks.” – Muhammad Nizam

“To refine my SEO knowledge and be part of a community where I could learn, share and help with SEO topics.” – Carlos

“Hey Nathan, Simon from Germany here again (you know, the guy who can’t tell the difference between his Ctrl and Shift Key ). Sorry for sending an half ready feedback, but I guess you’ll have your fun reading through it.

Where did I end? Oh yea, how you convinced me you are a real SEO expert. Basically it is all about:
– The time you sacrificed for this course (if it is true what you told the public, but i trust you on that one).
– A freaking 365 Days Money Back warranty, never seen that before.
– The way you talk in your interviews -> it is just like you are not really thinking about SEO, it is more like you instantly know the answer, but you try to find a good way to tell and explain your audience/interview partner. I think because of this, you should be an awesome teacher and have a freaking expertise^^

I am really looking forward starting this course. Be sure to have my feedback 🙂

Best regards from Germany and stay safe.” – Simon

“I find SEO very interesting and I would like some tangible guidance on how to ensure my client’s websites are ranking for the targeted keywords.” – Bryan

“I think investing in new skills is one of the best investments of time and money, especially in a skill like SEO, that, if done properly, always brings a big return.” – Nestor

“I’m learning SEO from certain resources on the web and I even started a blog to test all these knowledge. I’ve even have ranked this blog for some keywords, which are bringing around 4000 per month.
With all that. I still don’t have the confidence that I can bring results to a customer. Yes, I can rank a keyword or two but I don’t have the confidence to ask for money for my SEO service. For that, I feel I need to be sure that I can get results to the client.

So, my main reason is to is that I want to start an SEO business but I want to be confident in my SEO skills. Thanks.” – Ion

“To gain a deeper understanding of SEO to support my current career and that of some new online ventures I’m driving again. I see SEO being a key part of the success and greatly looking forward to the course.” – Stuart

“I’ve tried free, paid, books on the topic of SEO but I always felt like something was missing from all the information, well bottom line is when gotch speaks he doesn’t sound like he’s trying to sell me and his vocabulary is great. What I mean by that is that all of people teaching SEO ( that I’ve come across ) are try to hard to be pros and they fail at communicating and conveying the message.” – Eli

“I decided to join Gotch SEO Academy because I want to learn how to start my own business using the skills I will learn throughout the course.” – Mekias

“A short few years ago I was doing SEO by building pbns and Google was different. I then bought a restaurant and stepped away from internet marketing for 3 years. I now want to resurrect my marketing services and SEO.

The reasons are 1, I’m ready to start making real money with SEO by doing it the correct way. Student loans, IRS, older vehicle, and more.

I also want to have a lifestyle I deserve. I want to give my girlfriend the things she deserves. I wasn’t too complete my goals instead of kicking them down the road because I can’t afford to do them.

I also want to master SEO this time and stop black hatting and grey hatting techniques. I wasn’t better quality clients. I want to actually have a legitimate agency.” – Adair

“To establish a process for my new SEO business.” – Austin

“I want to be an expert in SEO and learn more and implement it on my work. I think Gotch SEO is a perfect platform for that.” – Reinalyn

“I wanted to be able to learn how to deal with the most competitive industry with SEO.” – Henry

“I have created a website and want to drive traffic to it. I also would like to learn SEO so that I can have a new skill to fall back on during these uncertain times.” – Manjeet

“Four words: to change my life! Reaching for the stars is great, but grabbing them is even better! SEO provides a means to do just that. When you can consistently rank websites at the top of Google, that is raw power… like the engine in a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+! Mastering SEO will turbocharge my finances. And since I want to reach the proverbial finish line as quickly as possible, enrolling in this training was a no-brainer for me. Life is too short to waste time reinventing the wheel. I’m all about gaining an unfair advantage! :-)” – Mike

“I intend to develop a set of time tested skill, which will afford me the ability to earn more in order to provide my family with my ideal lifestyle, without having to sacrifice, spending the desired time with them.” – Adebowale

“Able to be an SEO expert and offer it as a service in the future.” – Francis

“I am managing my own e-commerce website and would like to do SEO for myself and want to do SEO for other e-commerce sites too.” – Hilary

“I’ve been writing Content for clients for the last 3 years. My content is good and I get great feedback, but I want to help clients more. So I’ve started learning both Content Marketing and SEO. I needed a structured way to learn SEO since there’s so much information online and I was getting a bit of information overload. I know the SEO basics (optimizing on-page SEO, links, etc.) but need an advanced course. I intend to leverage the new SEO data to build a client-serving business while testing the information I’ve learned on a couple of new website I own.” – Marvin

“I feel it is about time to change career now from oilfield engineer to SEO expert and finally be able to do what I have always loved to do.” – Akihiro

“To start an ethical SEO and marketing Agency with my 24 year old son.” – Joseph

“I was tired of being confused by all the scattered SEO information on the web, so I am very relieved to have found this course. You seem to be very knowledgable in your blog, going far above and beyond the typical post about SEO. I have dabbled in marketing over the years and have only learned the basic SEO concepts. Currently, my partner is in the process of launching a new business and I wish to help her rank.” – Benjamin

“I have been trying to do SEO for my self from the past 1 year with no results. Sorry some results, 80 visits per day but they are not potential clients. Just people who want to view good photographs.” – Ejaz

“I’m self-taught and I feel as though I’m all over the place. I needed clarity. Once I saw you had SOP’s I pulled the trigger. I’m loving the course thus far, thanks!” – Christopher

“Differentiate the my own learn SEO!” – Sha

“I have been interested in this for years. I have seen the value in SEO, and in researching other instructors in the field, I have found that Gotch SEO seems to be at a mix of good education without going over the head of newcomers to the area of SEO.” – Joe

“I run a small agency that builds websites and have clients that need SEO Services. So I want to be able to offer them SEO that brings result.” – Rutherford

“I’ve followed your videos for a long time, and thought you were a smart guy worth tapping your brain. Been doing web for a while, but now venturing to build some new websites. Ranking for a brand new site is way different than an established one.” – Vance

“Because I am a young millennial starting her own first business and know the importance of SEO in this digital era.” – Marcela

“Hello, I’m interested in digital marketing. So every SEO beginner should start somewhere, I want to make a good career in SEO fields. It’s one of the fastest-growing employment zones in the world and there are excellent chances for anyone wanting to grow a career path in this area. The huge growth in startups and on-demand services over the last decade or so have surely led to a large increase in the need for competent and qualified digital marketing workers.” – Mohammad Kabir

“I will be starting affiliate niche website so I want to learn how to rank a website.” – Md Arifur

“To promote my small entertainment company, secondly to make a little extra money from SEO.” – Jamie

“First of all I am a complete beginner without even a website. I joined Gotch SEO Academy to learn how to rank and rent websites first so that I could gain knowledge and be more confident when I decide to have my agency and work with clients. I hope you could help me. Thank you.” – Komi

“Improve my SEO Skills, so I can rank all my sites on first page of Google. Learn all about Outreach, Link Building, and other business models.” – Bruno

“Bringing SEO in-house.” – Andrew

“I want to see your work, your workflow process, I am familiar with SEO, I had 15 years experience, I like your blog, your thinking and … etc.” – Trifon

“Learn SEO with proper methodology, so I can break into the SEO services industry via running my own local agency. Basically, be able to provide consistently fantastic results to both me and clients.” – Connor

“I know Nathan Gotch is the 1no. SEO specialist in the world. SO I wanna learn something from him.” – Mir

“I’ve fallen into SEO and had some inconsistent success, sometimes massive growth and other times not so much. My clients deserve a consistent experience from a professional who is fully trained and having followed you for a year, I’m hoping to take my knowledge and results to the next level.” – Monty

“I own some niche websites and also do SEO work for client. In a very competitive niche right now and need to sharpen my skills.” – Patrick

“I am wanting to build a digital marketing agency. I’ve been following your content for a while and have read as much free content as possible. I’ve invested in a couple of other courses as well but I feel like I need to really learn the craft before outsourcing. My dad is an attorney and I built his site a few years ago. It’s a basic Wix site with not much to it. My goal is to start applying what I learn here to that site and get some proof so that he can refer business to me. Looking forward to the journey!” – Zach

“I got interested in digital marketing an I found SEO the most fun, so I looked up od Google and Youtube and I found one of your videos and I said, okay let’s do this.” – Ivan

“I want to learn professional-level SEO audit and also want to start my own SEO business.” – Md Alam

“There is so much info out there that seems to take you in circles, leaving you more confused, like trying to read a book with every other page missing just can’t be done so I came across Gotch SEO and decided to go with my intuitive nature rather than my logic and so far everything is going great, Nathan has clear communication that is easy to understand.” – Rene

“First of all, I want to improve my SEO knowledge. I follow you on Youtube the last couple of years so I decide to enroll in your course and learn. Secondly, I want to improve my site as well as my client sites. So that I can rank their sites and mine too.” – Md Ashikul

“Because I want to start my own Agency.” – Usman

“I’m a retired insurance exec and I started writing articles for insurance agents (a huge audience) for their websites. Content turned into web development and web development turned into SEO so now I’m doing all three. I started using Ahrefs after getting serious about SEO but didn’t like their tutorials. I found you on youtube and the rest is history. HERE I AM!” – Sonny

“Build expertise; improve our web site’s ranking; earn money on the side.” – Bob

“I am a freelancer, trying to expand into an agency. I wanted SOP’s, Mastermind Group and Client Acquisition System.” – Siddharth

“The main reason that I decided to join was that Nathan seems incredibly knowledgeable, and his pricing structure is ethical. He seems really interested in actually helping people and he is clearly different than the countless ‘get rich quick’ schemers that love to waste people’s time.” – Jamie

“I wanted to assist businesses while simultaneously earning an income for myself.” – Khush

“To gain a competitive advantage over the competition.” – Darrel

“I am restarting my journey with SEO.” – Brian

“I am a copywriter/content writer looking to expand my value and offerings by becoming more proficient in SEO. I’ve done free trainings online but they haven’t been as in-depth as I’d like.” – Stefanie

“I have previous experience in SEO and my recent ventures in Finance and Marketing have taken me away from the day-to-day learning and grind of SEO. I’m a local St. Louis guy who actually knew about your program and company for quite awhile and wanted to get back on my feet with the latest and greatest information.” – Cody

“The main reason I’m in another SEO/lead gen training and I have ADHD the training is subpar and the guy goes too fast and I feel none of it is in order well at least to me. In any event, it has led me here.” – Aryi

“I would like to rank my business website on first page of google, I have been looking for a good course about SEO on google, but there are just nothing like yours. I went to youtube and I find Nathan, to be honest, I don’t follow you because y have found other expert for other things and I know the best option is going direct to the website hoping to find a complete course option to buy and I did. Your website it’s awesome and ready to convert with your videos reviews helps a lot to make a quit action and try your course. I hope to learn a lot and rank my website following what you do!” – Celso

“Mainly to help me start my own agency and help on the business side of things.

I also enjoy the SEO lessons although I already have enough knowledge in it as I’ve ranked quite well, but I believe there’s always room for improvement especially as Nathan shows the in depth details and processes in order. Whereas a free YouTube video is often very general.

Also for safety reasons. To know there’s some place I can go to to ask questions if I’m stuck at something.” – Toni

“I’ve been managing the PPC accounts for an e-commerce client (Shopify) and now they asked me to help them with SEO.” – Ivan

“To grow my SEO knowledge to build an agency of my own.” – Anthony

“To learn more about SEO and produce better results for my clients.” – Aidan

“At 74 I am starting a new business. I am a BC (before computers) manager, I wish to embrace online technology with enthusiasm and an open mind.” – David

“Link building methods and more advanced tidbits that I can add to the arsenal. Always love learning from other SEO experts and seeing how their lens differs from mime sometimes.” – Darryl

“I really wanted to know how to create niche websites and rank them.

I want to have incomes in clickbank, CPA companies, and local businesses. This looked like it could help me in all those areas!

I’m excited to get this info implemented and hopefully having results by my birthday in December!” – Montray

“Even though I have a good general knowledge and have managed to get first page rankings for a few sites, I know very little of how to do a audit and no system that I can follow. I would like to start my own agency but realise that if I get a client, even though I know what’s what like on page and off page, if the client started asking me about what’s the best way to move forward I realised I have no structure. Listening to your youtube videos I could see you know your SEO, looking forward to going through the training.” – Michael

“Very impressed with the systems and processes you have set up.” – Joe

“I currently work in a PPC agency and I am quite good at PPC and although we also do SEO it’s quite hard to learn everything there.
I have access to plenty of tools but what to do with them is the hard part.
I was looking to join Income School’s course, but after watching hours of your videos I realised your technical approach fits my style more. Like I would rather have a process in place for everything and one that makes sense, as SEO is mostly based on that, than blindly following someone’s advice.
I also took my first client which is a mid sized ecommerce and I’m currently doing well with their SEO, but I want reassurance that my knowledge gained from various sources is best practice.
I am planning to start my own ecommerce at some point and I am close to being prepared, but I want to be 100% I have a good process in place.
I am also looking to get a couple more clients for SEO, but I want to be more of an expert before that.

I hope this helps 🙂

I first discovered you on YouTube, so keep making those videos – they seem to he inspired by ahrefs’ format, which is quite good.” – George

“I work in a marketing agency. I have had a fair amount of success with SEO. I try to implement everything I learn. I have gone through the process of writing my own content, from the research stage to the implementation stage. I have joined this course to fill gaps in my SEO skill set. I am also looking to build a step by step process. I chose your course because after watching many of your YouTube videos, I realise that you have a very similar process to me. I feel as a result that I will be able to learn a lot from you.” – Darrell

“I work in house as the head of digital marketing for a software company and have recently been learning SEO to improve our online sales. I also am starting to work with other clients providing SEO services and am looking into getting started with affiliate marketing. I was watching your videos on Youtube while I was researching on a few things I was unclear about, and it seemed you had some insights I did not find elsewhere while studying the subject, so I decided to give your course a try!” – Ali

“A priority for our business this year is to expand our digital/online presence including E-Commerce getting MUCH better at SEO is an important part of this.” – Bob

“I own a small party rental company and I’m looking to help my business grow with the tools I learn in the course.” – Ryan

“I am following Nathan videos and now enrolling to learn best SEO practices and other digital marketing skills in real time! I want to practice with real experts like Nathan. Want to adopt best practice.” – Muhammad Azam

“I have a small language school, the last 10 years we have been having difficulties getting customers.
Our SEO strategies 10 years a go dod bring us 10,000 organically visitors a month, today we get only 2,000 and that’s with paying a lot of money on fb ads and google ads, we are on the verge of closing the school, and let everyone go, so I need to save the school, for employees and for teachers working there.” – Jean-Michael

“I am about to graduate with my Graphic Information Technologies degree this May. I wanted to narrow in on a specific career path and discovered the possibility of pursuing SEO. Your videos have seemed to be the most legitimate I have found and I think you will make a great teacher.” – Nick

“To learn SEO so that I can implement it and sell it as a service (I want to create a company in Marketing/Advertising). – Priscilla

“I’d like to learn SEO that I can create my own websites(SEO optimized) and help my parents to grow their furniture business in Poland.” – Adrian

“Respect Nathan’s SEO tips and would like to learn processes and structured approach in more detail. Also keen to interact with like-minded SEO’s in a private community.” – Mark

“Learn with simple steps the many questions I have , I try different programs and without providing names some people make me more confused, I hope I can find what I’m looking in your program.” – Fabiola

“I want to be an SEO expert to increase my client’s traffic and explore these results. I want to produce 2 things: quality and big results.” – Victor

“I learned about Gotch SEO academy while searching through some YouTube videos. I felt like Nathan had a good energy, and he seemed very knowledgeable. I have been learning SEO in bits and pieces, and I really wanted a front to back training on the process. I want to start my own SEO company, so that I can have location freedom, to go where I want. Based on what I saw from Nathan’s YT videos, it seemed like this was the right choice. I am looking forward to learning more from this training, and growing my online business as a result.” – Anthony

“I’ve been following your blog for quite a while and just thought I would check it out it was a cost-effective solution at this point in time. Thought maybe I would learn some new tricks.” – Jeff

“I’ve been in SEO for the last 10 years but very frustrated by the conflicting and often times, unclear advice given by all the gurus. I test out their advice and get very limited results. I wanted a clear-cut, step-by-step process to getting consistent results. I liked the fact that you offer SOPS which I’m excited about. I also like the fact that you offer an affordable monthly membership unlike many other rip-off merchants out there! :)” – Greg

“I have a website to sell our sourcing agent service. I learn SEO to get more leads for my website and grow my business.” – Edward

“Doing SEO for 1 year and spend way too much time figuring out the constantly contradictory ‘best of’, ‘how to’ and ‘earn a gazillion in 30secs’.” – Alan

“I want to improve my sites visiting and maybe would like to deal with SEO as a freelancer.” – Roland

“To learn the correct way to help my clients improves search engine rankings and grow their business” – John

“I have tried a lot of free tutorials online and your YouTube Channel gave me results I haven’t had from other tutorials. It’s a signal to enroll fully!” – Fernan

“I started a Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning Business in 2007. I set up my website, on my own, in 2016. I have an SEO company providing me with some help, and I also try SEO on my own. I admit that I don’t add much to the cause, but together, we haven’t gone anywhere. I use the example of an airplane on take-off … I’m going down the runway, but I can’t get the wheels in the air.

I set goals every year (to grow), but I’m just getting by paying bills. I have lots of debt. And realistically, I won’t be able to weather the cost if an emergency should come my way.

I need traffic and conversions. I want to grow the business … hire others to provide the service, and I’ll focus on SEO. I want to compete in my industry. I need Quality Help and Direction!” – Art

“Just to know what I am doing, get few more ideas especially with backlinking and also get together a system that I can replicate as I have set a goal to launch not less than 20 niche sites in the next 2 years. I am definitely not a beginner, but I don.t consider myself an expert too. Also, I am joining this t also have an idea of what other people are achieving in terms of their ideas and financial successes so I can use that to motivate myself. Also would like to see what number of staffs colleagues are employing per niche site. I definitely won’t be ready to take in clients for the next 3 years. All I wanna do is steal multiple niches from behind. So, it’s all personal and selfish.” – Michael

“I run a digital marketing agency (www.seolympic.com), it’s going pretty well, but there’s always room for improvement, so I joined your academy to learn more about SEO.” – Makkai

“I joined Gotch SEO to improve my knowledge of SEO. I believe I have a lot to learn in this course. I would love to learn all about white hat SEO and grow the niche website I am planning to start.

Also, I am planning to start my own agency here in Japan because most of the agencies here are lacking of SEO knowledge and they using both gray and black hat SEO.

So I am looking forward to this great course and I am ready to grow! :)” – Kazu

“My website ranking is unstable all the time. A few months ago, my website rank on page 1 for all the competitive keywords such as SEO service in Malaysia, SEO agency Malaysia and so on. But, most of the keywords ranking has dropped to page 3 -4 now. Only SEO Expert Malaysia back to page 1. So, I need a solid strategy to make sure my website ranking is stable.” – Hang

“I have been or I’ve being trying to be an affiliate marketer for a Motor Club offering Roadside Assistance. I’m building a niche website for this niche. I built a few pages for the first time last year. I would like to get as much traffic as possible for my niche website and also would like to offer SEO services to local businesses once I could prove I’ve been driving traffic to my website.” – Robledo

“Have been studying/applying SEO for several years as a side project (about 12hours/week), but not entirely satisfied with the results obtained. I am thinking of making SEO a full time activity.” – Andrea

“Build a profitable blog and become an SEO specialist.” – RC

“I’ve been doing SEO for a few small clients and getting good results. I want to move to larger clients with bigger budgets which means I need to learn to compete with much bigger competition.” – Adam

“I’m SEO Specialist. I have joined to learn something new.” – Kacper

“Like you Nathan, I am working at a job that I absolutely hate. I was searching for something that I could do to sell my knowledge and skills instead of my time. I have big goals I want to accomplish and much I want to give back to others. I want to build something great and eventually free up time and become financially independent. I came across SEO back in September and have not been able to stop learning. I went from Kevin David (scammy content) to Jordan Steen. Didn’t quite get what I needed there but I was lucky to find Ruan Marihno. I am currently in his course but not a fan of the layout. I’m tired of waiting and ready to take action but refuse to play with clients’ money until I’m confident I can produce results. I’ve come across your channel and it appears that you are the real expert and provide no bs. I like that. I hope this course is what I am looking for because I’m ready to go all in! Thanks, Nathan for organizing your years of experience and offering it to folks like me.” – Dalton

“Well, I’m making money from Blogging. So I thought Your Academy Will help me to upgrade my skills.” – Harinderpreet

“I have a niche website and I want to learn as much as I can about SEO.” – Ari

“Want to become a SEO Expert.” – Tony

“I’ve been dealing with SEO for a long time. Got to your mailing list via Coursera. I like what I’ve seen in SEO school so far. You have already cleared up some ambiguities with me on certain topics ;-))” – Thorsten

“To become an expert in SEO and to start a business helping other businesses get better results on google.” – Antoine

“I have worked in sales and I would like to switch to becoming an SEO professional.

I am also a music producer and would like to grow my following using SEO.” – Jordan

“I want to learn as much about SEO as possible, and possibly offer SEO agency services for clients.” – Darnell

“I was having knowledge of SEO from 2014 but not in structural format. I have overwhelmed knowledge but not know how to implement.” -Ankit

“1. to learn from experienced and proven optimisers
2. to be in a community of organic performance practitioners, sharing insights, mistakes, and success
3. to be updated with the latest discussion on SEO
4. giving local SEO perspective- I’m from Singapore, with good market insights on APAC
5. business opportunities
6. Networking
7. Build relationship with You – Nathan Gotch” – Ariff

“Tired of paying out thousands a month for SEO.” – Mark

“Starting my own SEO agency.” – Patrick

“We’ve been in business since 2003 but our site is virtually invisible on Google.” – Rex

“To learn the best SEO techniques.” – Abhi

“I’m a self-taught SEO specialist looking to learn from fellow experts in the industry. After moving from specialist to expert I plan to pass this same knowledge on to my team where we can grow and bring SEO success to our current and future clients!” – Dan

“Nathan does a terrific job of youtube presentations and I would like to learn what I can from him.” – Steve

“To upgrade my SEO skills and to build niche websites and make money.” – Raghu

“I follow your videos on youtube and I like them very much and when I saw the possibility of entering through a monthly payment I could not miss the opportunity.” – Jose

“We have previously outsourced various aspects of our client SEO campaigns but have received often poor results. Whilst we have a working knowledge of SEO, we want to be the best and expand our knowledge.” – Danny

“I have always wanted to start a digital marketing agency. I found Facebook ads to be one path, but I appreciate the seniority of Google and believe that it’ll be around a lot longer, thus more sustainable as a core to the business I want to start.” – Giovanni

“I’ve got an existent website that I’d like to build out with SEO in mind. Along the way, I’m looking to teach myself core SEO principles.” – Konstantin

“Grow traffic to my own sites. I am stuck and can’t grow them more” – Ricardo

“I need promoting my clients.Any type of help will do :-)” – Ohad

“I want to combine UX Design, Copywriting, and Sales Funnels with best SEO practices.” – JJ

“I wanted to join the Gotch SEO Academy to get the training from an expert so that without wasting any time I can start doing SEO step by step in a proper manner to get the organic results in a better time.” – Ashish

“I do SEO audits and want to keep learning. I have used ideas from your free content and found it to be really well done.” – Ryan

“First off, gotchseo.com has been one of the really few places where I have been looking for information regarding SEO – the approach and mindest towards this topic and business overall are top-notch!

I’ve been doing SEO around 3-4 years so I would say that I have pretty decent fundamentals.

The reason(s) why I joined to Gotch SEO Academy is that I want to ramp up my game and for most, I want to enhance (or to validate) my processes.

I’m happy to take part this time as I missed the enroll last time :)” – Tony

“I just started my own law firm after 12 years in practice. I don’t even have one-tenth of the resources that the major advertisers are putting into their websites every month. I hope this will help my visibility at least a little. Plus, I am trying to focus on learning things that will help with business development and it’s hard to imagine anything more helpful or practical than this.” – Drew

“We have a bus tour business in Australia and we have been at position 8-10 on the first page of Google for our keywords for some time and can’t seem to get to the top 5 positions. I thought I knew what I was doing with SEO but in the last 12 months I have seen competitors with less backlinks overtaking us so I know there is more to the story. I am hoping Gotch SEO can help teach me SEO in 2019/2020 and I am hoping the community will be able to help me with questions regarding the implementation. I am also hopeful I might be able to be lucky enough to get Nathan’s expertise with some of my questions which is why I opted for the 1 hour coaching. It would be good to be able to have the 1 hour consultation, take some time to implement the suggestions then be able to have a 2nd hour coaching down the track to check the implementation/fine tune it. I am scared of “not doing it right” as some of the emails showing snapshots of the videos inside Gotch SEO seem very technical and scary. I’m willing to give it a go though as we need to do something. Achieving consistent top 5 rankings for our keywords are a key goal for me in 2020and key to the success of our business so we will do whatever it takes.” – Suzanne

“I work for a company that develops websites and have for many years. I want to learn to do SEO and maybe go out on my own as a consultant. I thought this might be the way to get started. I will find out soon.” – Bridget

“Your personality, loss-leader approach, and added-value combined, made it easy for me to break through all the noise.

I am a UX Copywriter and SEO compliments those skills very well. I’m looking to possibly use the power of SEO to rank and rent domain names for certain types of local businesses.” – JJ

“I want to learn practical SEO after reading all theory.” – Matthew

“Looking for nuggets to make our client SEO campaigns more fruitful.” – Matt

“2 reasons. Help with an EMD, and systematizing client SEO processes.” – Doug

“I have been studying SEO for a while now but want to start learning at a deeper level and to have resources to start a freelance business. I also would love to belong to a facebook or slack group to bounce things off the rest of the group (if there is such a thing in this course).” – Lisa

“The reason I joined Gotch SEO Academy is because i want to learn SEO from someone who has ranked many competitive keywords to save my team from fake gurus on internet. Nathan Gotch is amazing and I see his website ranked for one of competitive term backlinks and luckily I got a chance to be part of his community. I am sure I will learn a lot on SEO from his training and correct my previous mistakes in SEO and improve rankings of my niche websites.” – Tarun

“I work at a company called BrightLocal and I wanted to develop my SEO consulting skillset. I also have a few side gigs that I would like to drive SEO results to.” – Andreas

“To help get my local SEO clients the ranks and results they deserve.” – Ian

“I join the gotch SEO academy because I want to improve ranking for my SEO clients.” – Antonio

“Get into the world of SEO from a proven mentor and learn SEO techniques to rank niche sites, initially, then bigger sites, to promote products and hopefully make a living out of SEO.” – Leonardo

“Before I realized you had the academy, I read an article from you about PBN’s. I’ve read a bunch of back and forth on them, but nothing good enough to convince me they should only be at MOST a PIECE of the puzzle, until I read your article. Then, I kinda looked around your site for courses or offerings you had.” – Seth

“In the future I want to make SEO professional and not just by the way. I hope for a strong plan that guides me through the processes. I also hope for a good and strong exchange with other SEO interested people.” – Siegfried

“Learn your SEO process.” – Despina

“So, I could learn, and not spend thousands of dollars on a course. And I like Nathan’s style of teaching.” – Erik

“To learn SEO so that I can maximise my SEO results for two companies that I own and to avoid being ripped off by poor SEO agencies.” – Peter

“The main reason for me in joining Gotch SEO Academy is to learn all about SEO and have a structured, step by step methodology to achieve consistent results so that I can start my own digital agency.” – Jay

“To learn the science behind ranking niche/affiliate sites.” – Adam

“Love seeing whether my skills are with or before time in the SEO industry by seeing what others are sharing.” – David

“Looking to expand SEO skills especially in the back linking area.” – Shane

“Actually I am tired with my 9 to 5 job. Now I am trying to figure out the online industry specially seo industry. That’s why I joined with GOTCHSEO ACADEMY.” – Mdeunus

“I’m in a information-overload status which paralysed my decision and action taking. You bring clarity by teaching me your system and process. Thank you!” – Vijay

“Your videos on youtube are thought out and planned well. There also structured well, so it’s easy to consume and understand. I figured your course would be at the same level or even higher. You’re not just a youtube SEO guy slapping videos together, you actually have qualities of a good teacher.” – Noel

“First because Nathan is really good with SEO and second cause I need to get my skills up to date. Its been a while since my last training session.” – Marcio

“Well it’s a long story… Let’s Just say I have always wanted to learn SEO, I thought I found someone local to teach me, Instead, he manipulated me and took my money. I’m March I said to myself I need to learn and implement SEO.
People have always put me down, but I’ve always found a way to l succeed.
If I don’t put 100% into this then I have failed.” – Anthony

“I’d like to learn a new skill that I could use to generate additional income.” – Michelle

“Polish my SEO skills, keep my knowledge up to date and see if I can use the info in this course to help me better sell SEO packages to my clients and see what can be systemized or automated.” – Véronique

“I want to learn and earn online money. Although I am into online marketing since 2016 especially doing SEO for a couple of my own websites but never had confidence.” – Karan

“I want to help clients get better sales results and I want to get started with SEO for niche sites of my own. So far my focus has just been on setting up websites and woocommerce, newsletters, managing the websites, etc.” – Christa

“I decided that the offer for the Academy was the best way to catch up on present strategies for SEO.” – Dave

“Own a digital marketing company tired of outsourcing all the work.” – Harry

“I own an e-commerce website that sells motorcycle gear and accessories mainly on the french market. In the 12 past year we have worked with many SEO consultants and agencies, and I have come to the conclusion that they are not trustworthy, and that they don’t really know what they’re talking about. Their only purpose is to make as much money as possible from their clients. This is why I want to learn everything you have to share, and rely on myself starting from now.” – Jeremy

“To learn more about SEO – I do some work in the area already but your Blueprint is attractive as my process is very loose right now.” – Aaron

“Because I want to learn a proven system that has a process, so I can generate results faster and rank not only my own page on page 1 for multiple keywords, but also to be able to replicate those results for clients that I work with.” – Vincent

“Learn more about your SEO proccess and get questions answered.” – Danny

“I like how in tune you are with how difficult it is to learn how to actually do SEO and that you teach it in a systematic way. I just don’t have the time or patience to try out all the easily available SEO how tos other so called SEO gurus that don’t really get into detail as how to actually do it and what the impact or priority of it will be. I need results and to learn by doing instead of by theory and you cross all the checks of what I am looking for in a SEO mentor. All the noise in the SEO community you basically cut through and teach fundamentals that are proven to work.” – Dale

“Because I like to know things and I’ve been following gotch around for a long time. Learned lots of things.” – Peter

“In a new digital agency startup where it seems I’ll be specializing myself in SEO. Additionally, I have a rental business on the side that will benefit from my new SEO expertise.” – Damien

“I am Dinesh Vel, I am from India, Digital Marketer, SEO expert by passion, Running lot of niche websites, Was inspired by Nathan Gotch sir, His precious knowledge have inspired me to take actions, I want to shine like sun in this industry, Hope Academy will sharpen my SEO skills. Looking forward to make relations with lot of new members. Thanks alot! Hoping to learn and grow together.” – Dinesh

“I own a personal finance website, and I’ve seen a competitor’s website skyrocket to page 1 for lots of high-volume “money” keywords in our niche. This website is outranking older, more authoritative sites for many of these keywords, and I want to do the same.” – Logan

“I am a Digital Marketer, Web Entrepreneur, SEO Expert, I just want to sharpen my SEO knowledge to very much advanced level.

I was following Gotch sir for a month as a Subscriber on YouTube channel, His knowledge and way of approach on SEO inspired me a lot.

And I am from India, I literally joint this course to know what are the opportunities are there in this field, What other people are doing abroad.

Joint because of only one reason if a guy can provide that much value in a free youtube video, How much he could provide on a paid course is unimaginable.

I am a Hard Worker, Smart Thinker, Need someone to guide me to SEO to advanced level, That’s why chose GOTCH sir as my mentor. Thanks a lot.” – Dinesh

“Big picture: I’ve been watching your videos and reading your blog for quite some time. I really appreciate your approaches and the way you explain things.

More immediate: Need to improve my link building skills. Plus I’m sure I’ll learn a ton I didn’t anticipate learning.” – Patrick

“I want to improve my SEO skills. Primarily SEO content and content promotion. I’m looking for any advantage to grow and scale my agency.” – Kyle

“Currently ranking on the first page for many competitive keywords, I want to take my SEO to the next level and I’m hoping the academy will help me get there.” – Ramzy

“I have had my solo digital marketing company for over three years now. It was always intended to replace my full time job. And even though I love SEO and digital marketing in general, I have learned that with a full time job and a family, I have only been able to maintain a few clients (3 or less) at a time. I have never come remotely close to being able to go full time and quit my job. After family and job, there is only enough time to ‘tinker’ with my business. So I end up on the treadmill many of us are so familiar with. Recently, I learned I am an INFP in the Myers Briggs Personality Type test – which means I am very prone to Shiny Object Syndrome, among other obstacles to entrepreneurship. While it’s not all bad to have an eComm store, a content niche site serving display ads, and a solo run agency in terms of learning how to do operate these sites – it is absolute folly to try to do all of these at once, with FT job and family, as mentioned before. And as expected, each of these ventures have not achieved any measure of real success. So in terms of GotchSEO – I remember seeing your interview with Daryl Rosser a few years ago now and remember being very impressed. And even though I have realized the necessity of focusing on one thing, it has been so hard to actually do. Two weeks ago however, I decided I need to focus on my SEO company. It has the best opportunity to safely transition out of my job, and probably the most stable as well. At some point in the future, I still look forward to expanding my other projects, but has to be one at a time. Learned the hard way that juggling different projects does not work for the salary/family man. 🙂 So having decided to focus on my SEO company, I realized I needed help with a lot of aspects. I needed coaching, a blueprint, more training; everything. So I started exploring on youtube on how to get on fast track in developing SEO business the correct way, and as fast as possible. Found another video, Rosser interviewing Steve Brown. He was in my shoes in many ways. But he was asked what essential tools he used, what has benefited him the most and one of his answers was Gotch SEO. And having remembered my impressions of Gotch from the interview long time ago, I realized that I had to join asap! So here I am. Wasn’t planned, but my first day of my week long vacation started yesterday, the first day of the free trial. Excited to learn and do a ton of damage this week. 🙂 Will surely be a subscriber for some time.” – Jeremy

“I work as an SEO Analyst for a Dental Marketing company and am looking to increase my skillset so I can open my own Agency/Get a better job.” – Brian

“Firstly I bought your SEO Audit template to simplify my own daily work for clients. It was very helpful and I decide to buy entire course hoping I’ll find many other helpful scripts and template in order to have a method for better organization and scale my projects.” – Francesco

“I am very familiar with local SEO, but I have been contacted by a few large companies that compete nationally and I want to know a systematic approach and step by step PROCESS for how I can bring a national company amazing results. I figured your course would give me that confidence…and help me to also compete nationally.” – Dalek

“Want to start a SEO business focusing on medical practices & businesses.” – Geoffrey

“I am running my own business related to Immigration and student Visas. I am new to the business and feels like the only way to success is to do marketing otherwise it will be difficult for me to compete with established businesses.” – Shahab

“I wanted to do a career shift into Digital Marketing, and really dive into everything I need to know about SEO. I think this course/program will help me immensely and help me gain confidence in my new line of work.” – Marika

“To improve my technical SEO knowledge so I can be as prepared as possible before launching my agency.” – Dimitar

“I have a ton of self-created content, but I have not effectively SEO’d it. :)) I found you on youtube suggested video and loved your teaching style and quality of video.” – Christine

“After many years spending on digital marketing and different channels (adv, social media) I want to become an SEO specialist and gets on client SEO.” – Giulio

“I wanted an “academic upgrade” on my SEO knowledge. I have 2 friends in the course & have heard nothing but good things about Gotch SEO. I genuinely enjoy SEO & want to learn from Nathan Gotch.” – Jonathon

“Looking to expand our agencies offering to clients and to further develop my knowledge in SEO!” – Josh

“Improving my business to have more happy clients!” – Kenny

“I’ve been running a small digital marketing agency since around 2010. I basically do the A to Z for clients, from hosting, graphic & website design, post launch, and support to marketing (SEO, GMB, Video, Articles, etc.).

My reason for joining is three-fold:

1. Learn your systematic, step-by-step process to drive traffic to my own web assets that bring in leads on a consistent basis.
2. Apply that process for the clients I work with to rank their sites faster
3. Grow my agency 100% this year from what I learn

I’m confident in what I have learned and have applied in the industry so far, but am looking to improve on that and take things to another level.” – Patrick

“I’ve learned a lot on my own through self-study. Still have questions. (Still learning!) Look forward to working with a white-hat expert, and expanding my knowledge (esp. your ‘ranking without backlinks’). Big motivation: I don’t want to waste time doing things wrong.” – A. Zelina

“I have a few goals in mind but I want to be very good at the technical SEO and use it to fall back on as a last resort stand alone sale. For example I can hustle to do SEO for one page or one site, if I need quick money. In reality though I plan to become the GMB and Local SEO expert for Electricians. I have one customer who is willing to work with me so that I can create a blueprint and iron out the systems and processes to be able to quickly onboard other electricians and get them ranking effectively and consistently and in a way that I can scale. Then it will only take 10 or so monthly customers to replace my 6 figure IT income. The other one I am working on is a solar company I trust who has paid me $500 for one lead but it took 6 months to finish the project before they paid me. They agreed to pay me $200 per lead instead if I do not want to wait and they will give me a quarterly bonus if at least 30% of those leads close deals.” – William

“I want to help people with the business and at the same time make a business for myself, where I control how much I earn, by how hard I work.” – Ian

“To develop a structured SEO process that I can resell to clients. Right now, I’m doing case by case and it’s impossible to grow without a structured process. Also, Linkbuilding. It’s the challenging part to structure.” – Philippe

“Getting Better SEO Results for me and my clients.” – Michael


“I´ve seen your free course, I couldn’t end it but I found tons of info. I watched your vid with ruan on youtube and I heard about your new paid course. So the last thing I found really complete your course with bonuses that I find intereseted like affiliations.” – Nestor

“To learn additional strategies and techniques to increase my skills in SEO. I was also extremely interested in learning additional ways to grow and scale a SEO company.” – Milton

“I want to open my agency to help Startups, shopify, SEO affiliate marketing.” – Pak

“I not only wanted a course that could take me from beginner to expert, but more importantly – I wanted a course that would provide me with systems that I could pass on to people to enable me to scale my agency. I know that GOTCH does this.” – Adam

“Feed up with snake oil SEO salesman.” – Wayne

“Upgrade my SEO knowledge and learn better ways to organise client SEO.” – Tuhin

“We are a new SEO agency in Tokyo Japan. I want us to have turnkey processes for improving client’s SEO.” – Jeff

“To learn SEO and open agency.” – Shah

“Enjoyed the Free mini course, if you gave away that much in the free course, I knew the full course was going to be good~” – Christopher

“I joined because I want to help grow the company I work for and either take an equity stake in it (which they’ve hinted at offering) or start my own agency in the future.

I was a project manager at the company and I noticed their own inbound marketing wasn’t so great. Also the product itself — our SEO services — was outdated and needed improvement. I asked them to make a new position for me to handle both issues.

I’m still a novice at SEO but I do know a bit more than my company does. I want to keep growing my own knowledge so I can help my company and myself.

I also have a few side businesses (I’m an author and a writing coach) and I promote both through medium.com and guest posting. I want to bolster the marketing for both of those with SEO as well.” – Ayodeji

“I joined Gotch SEO academy because I want to further increase my SEO knowledge to better rank my business. I enrolled in another plan recently but it left some things up to chance and doesn’t seem to be put together as much as this course is. I would like to build my skills on my own website and later start my own SEO company.” – Jason

“I joined Gotch SEO to enhance my skills and get prepared for Client SEO.” – Abdul

“To improve my knowledge of SEO and build up my national brand website.” – Adam

“To learn SEO (from someone who I believe knows what they are talking about) in order to, to start with, do my own SEO on my own websites. It will be fun, cheaper than paying someone to do it and done right by someone I can definitely trust ie myself.” – Roger

“I’m a student of Ruan Marinho’s

I’m friends with Jonathan Henderson.

I purchased your SEO Audit and was impressed by its structure.

I’m seeking systems and structure so I can build a client SEO business.

Been involved in SEO for 2 x years and I’ve been impressed with your FREE content Nathan.

You built your trust and authority with content marketing, little tripwire offers and got me over the line with your landing page (very good) and testimonials.

You ticked the boxes marketing your product and I’m very impressed with what I’ve seen with your course thus far.

Exciting times sir.” – Aarron

“I’m a web designer and sold an attorney on doing their SEO so I need to learn what to do. plus I want to know SEO for building websites. finally, I like the idea of building niche websites for myself as well as including SEO services along with my web design services.” – Glenn

“I want to learn SEO, start an agency, quit my 10pm-6am job and spend time with family.” – Tosin

“To bring SEO in house for the organization I work for.” – William

“I primarily consider myself a design consultant and front-end developer, but I have a couple of clients who have transitioned into long-term retainer engagements that are involving more content creation and SEO than I typically handle.

I want to make sure that I’m handling those aspects of my work correctly so I can produce good results for my clients.

If all goes well, I’m potentially interested in expanding my service offerings to include more ongoing SEO, as well as using what I learn on my own website in the future.” – John

“To dominate in Local SEO and create passive income.” – Mike

“I am the EOLE Paris’ owner, and I believe SEO can impact my business on the long term.” – Alexandre

“It appeared that the value of learning SEO, step by step, would be met by this course. After reviewing the course as an Ex-Microsoft curriculum writer for the MS Learning team, not so sure the value to content will be worth the cost.” – Chad

“I want to further my small knowledge of SEO and potentially take on an SEO role at my marketing firm.” – Jesse

“To get very specific information on what services to offer clients and exactly how to provide those services. I had the site audit already, but felt I needed more background and details.” – Lisa

“Hi Nathan (or VA that screens these and passes the meaningful ones along to Nathan),

Have followed your work for years. It’s a work of art to see all marketing elements work together harmoniously. Marketing principles/psychology (in general), persuasive content, pixel-perfect design, meaningful funnels…even the sales page of the academy is pretty irresistible. Well done.

I joined as I’m working to build a very disruptive digital agency, productizing a lot of services and leveraging all the new marketing channels available that seem to be built for product-based businesses especially (Facebook DPAs, retargeting strategies, etc.). “Downtown agency results without the downtown agency price tag” is the idea, delivered via winning systems, processes and scalable strategies.

I tell people I’m a digital strategist, and I am, but SEO has become my passion. I started growing weary of weak Facebook groups, conflicting sources of information, etc. I became aware of all the things I don’t know, and wanted to position my agency effectively to not only improve our own SEO but to serve clients better and have the ability to better execute various side projects and cashflow plays. (Ever been research a niche for a client and stumbled across a huge complimentary opportunity? Of course you have, lol.)

This is probably the most I’ve ever written that I didn’t have to write. Just wanted to tip my hat to what you’ve done. Even if the course sucks, the sale was so well-executed (over the course of years) that I’ll consider it money well spent just to experience it. On top of that, the fact that I never spoke directly with you or anyone on your team makes it even more impressive. Again, legendary work in my book.” -Kris

“The number 1 reason I joined is that I was very impressed with the quality of your mini course. Being a very organized person myself, I loved how thorough and organized it was. The handouts were very useful. I had another SEO course in mind and your presentations convinced me to go with you.” – Geri

“Wanted to learn your SEO techniques. I’ve been following you off and on. I’m not an SEO newbie as I’ve spend money on other SEO courses in the past. Also looking to bring more value to my current and future SEO clients.” – JR

“I’m not great at link building, especially not “resource” style content. Mainly do data-driven, agency style content and it does do well, but I can’t translate those skills into freelancing as easily. I’d like to build more links for my clients basically.” – Faisal

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