How to Use Majestic SEO’s Trust Flow Metric

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Majestic SEO’s Trust Flow is the king of link metrics in 2018.

I’m going to show you how you can use this metric for analyzing your competitors, for perform link audits, and for link prospecting.

Let’s jump right in.

Why Trust Flow is King

As it stands right now, Google will likely never update PageRank again. PageRank was a reliable metric while in existence, but it is no longer an option. Open Site Explorer has it’s own Page Authority and Domain Authority metrics, but they are easy to manipulate. Also, Open Site Explorer updates its link index at a snails pace compared to Majestic. Ahrefs uses its own “URL Rank” and “Domain Rank”. Both are accurate, but still can’t match the accuracy of Trust Flow.

What is Trust Flow?

According to Majestic, “Trust Flow is one of the Majestic Flow Metrics, which is weighted by the number of clicks from a seed set of trusted sites to a given URL, or Domain.” In Laymen’s terms, Majestic determines the score based on the traffic that flows through a link, the relevancy of the linking site, and the links linking to the linking site.

What is Topical Trust Flow?

Based on our testing, Topical rating is based on the relevancy of links going to any given website. This variation of the metric is incredibly accurate and we use it for every link building campaign.

Competitor Analysis

We use Trust Flow to sift through competitors link profiles to see which ones are worth acquiring. As a rule of thumb, we only pay attention to links that are Topically relevant. So, let’s say I wanted to rank for “weight loss programs.”

Before jumping in and analyzing competitors links, we want to make sure that we’re only analyzing competitors that have topically relevant links. A site that’s ranking without topically relevant links is futile and more than likely fueled by spam. Don’t waste your time looking at these sites.

Step 1: Export SERP Results (Open Site Explorer SERP Overlay)

Open Site Explorer SERP Export

Copy the exact URLs from the excel file.

Step 2: Go to Majestic “Tools”

Majestic Tools

Step 3: Go to “Link Map Tools”

Majestic Link Map Tools

Step 4: Go to “Bulk Backlinks”

Majestic Bulk Backlinks Analysis

Step 5: Paste your links and click “Download Data”
Step 6: Remove unnecessary data

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 8.37.42 AM

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 8.38.11 AM

Step 7: Create a filter

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 8.38.54 AM

Step 8: sort based on topic and delete any row that is irrelevant
Step 9: sort by TF and you will begin your link analysis on the first site

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 8.41.18 AM

The process of analyzing the competitors links is exactly the same as above minus the SERP export. You’re going to download/export the competitors backlinks, eliminate the unnecessary data, filter and sort by TF, and add the best links to your prospecting sheet. We only consider sites with a 10 TF or higher to be worthy candidates for link acquisition.

Rinse and repeat for each competitor.

Link Audits (Penalty Recovery)

Using Trust Flow is a great way to identify toxic links during any link audit or penalty recovery.

Links with irrelevant Topical TF = bad
Links with low TF = bad

When doing the audit, I always start with the links that are topically irrelevant and then move onto links that have low or no Trust Flow at all. The links I find during this process will be scheduled for removal and eventually disavowed if they’re impossible to remove, or are just plain hurting the website. Don’t over-complicate this.

Let the Trust Flow guide you!

Link Prospecting

Trust Flow is an amazing metric for qualifying potential link opportunities. It can also be used for finding relevant guest posts, directories, resource lists, forums, expired domains, or pretty much anything. So, if you’re searching for guest post opportunities, simply toss the sites into the “Bulk Backlinks” option and follow the same steps I listed above to sift through them. You’ll now have an amazing list of relevant link opportunities that are going to drive your rankings up.

You can also gather a list of directories to see if they are worth submitting your site to.

For example, when I first heard about the Abilogic directory, I immediately tossed it into Majestic to see if it was worth getting a link from.

Here’s what I found:
Abilogic Trust Flow

This is a super relevant link opportunity for Gotch SEO and that’s why I submitted to it. Not only that, it’s an unoptimized Follow link, it’s a citation, it allows links to multiple pages, and the page where my link resides is actually indexed.

Believe it or not there are Topically relevant link opportunities outside of guest posts and PBNs. Use the Trust Flow metric to guide you.

Bot Blocking

Keep in mind, Majestic and the Trust Flow metric are not always 100% reliable. People using private blog networks have the ability to block Majestic from crawling their websites. That means when you perform a competition analysis, you will not see the links. Unfortunately there is really no solution to this issue unless Majestic figures out a way to get through the bot blockers. Only a small percentage of people doing SEO use private blog networks to rank, so you may or may not run into this.

PBN Deindexing = Irrelevant Topical Trust Flow

We have extensively tested this and conclude that the #1 factor that gets private blog network websites deindexed is when the content and outbound links do not match the Topical Trust Flow of the domain. For example, a network site with a Topical flow of “Society / Religion” that has content about Garcinia cambogia and is linking out to a website about health/supplements has a very high possibility of getting deindexed.

Obviously Google isn’t using Majestic’s metric, but they are using relevancy as a way to eliminate networks. Private Whois, different personalities, internal links, and whatever other garbage people say “protects” networks is just fluff. The only consistent strategy that protects a network site from being deindexed is to have content and outbound links that are relevant to the domain’s Topical Trust Flow.

If your website is about “health” and all of your PBN sites have “Health” as your Topical TF, it’s nearly impossible for Google to find your network unless you get a manual review.

Moral of the story: if you’re going to use a private blog network, make sure the content, outbound links and Topical Trust Flow are relevant to your money site. Not only does it keep your site safer, but your network will be way more effective.


I guarantee if you start using Trust Flow as your guiding metric, you are going to see some pretty crazy results.

Have some questions about Trust Flow?

Drop a comment below!

Thanks for reading,

– Gotch

Nathan Gotch
Nathan Gotch

Helping over 700 marketers get real SEO results at Gotch SEO Academy.


  1. I will appreciate you for your an Excellent unbias post and your clear clarification.Google recently updated its algorithm which not counting the numbers of backlinks on priorities and can also determine fack backlinks in this scenario I am Curious what the result your basket of backlinks providers fit in new algorithms or not? What was the accurate impact on SEO? I am not sure but love to read your comments.

  2. Hey,
    I have observed that many Digital marketers recommend improving the Majestic Trust Flow metric as it has some of the best SEO benefits.

    So far, I have tried building backlinks from High-quality sites and Internal Linking.
    Could you suggest me some other ways to improve the Majestic Trust Flow metric?

  3. Hi thx for informative article. I’m a newbie and built my website 4 mths ago. had Majestic TF 5. this week its ranking higher but I checked TF and its suddenly dropped to zero! have no idea why can u shed any light plse?

  4. Hey Nathan,

    Nice article, and very well put together. As an SEO professional, I enjoy reading great content from other professionals like yourself. Do you think fixing W3C validation errors contribute to positive trust flow?

    I noticed you had a broken link on your website pointing to My website is very similar, maintained, and updated daily, so feel free to use it as an alternative if you’d like.

    Thank you,

  5. Thanks for this! It’s an extremely useful guide 🙂

    To clarify, are you using URL TF (as opposed to Domain level TF)?

    Maybe I’m not using the correct terminology, as I’m using URL Profiler to access Majestic data…


  6. Thanks for sharing such a great article you focused on every point which plays a important role in Majestic SEO. i want to share this post on my website.

  7. Hey Nathan,
    Really awesome blog but I have a question…
    How did you export the SERP results… All did it export all the top 10 websites or single website?…

  8. Hey Nalin,

    Thanks for the comment. TF and your organic search performance are not correlated because TF is a third party metric. You can use their metric as a guide, but it doesn’t determine how you’ll perform

  9. Hey Nathan,
    I was checking my site’s trust flow. It was less than 10. I have a couple of questions if you don’t mind me asking:
    1. Does a low TF eventually lead to lower rankings in Google? Just like a low DA means lower rankings.
    2. While using majestic to find TF, do I enter the root domains without https or with https?

  10. Thanks Nathan Gotch
    But I am really confused with backlinks. Can you please write another post explaining how to build a backlink. If you reveal it using through images that will be good for me.

  11. There is much more to determining the quality of a link opportunity outside of those metrics. But if I had to choose, I would pick Trust Flow. However, my blogger outreach service using DA because it’s the most widely known third party metric

  12. hey Gotch
    so if we use expired domain with previous topic Arts/Music as new website for IT/Seo articles – we will get our TF highly decreased in a few months?

  13. Hey Nicholas,

    That’s an interesting situation because I rarely see placements with such lopsided metrics. With that said, be careful not to make decisions to quickly based on Majetic’s metrics alone. You need to examine the actual linking website, it’s link profile, and even examine the backlink using other tools such as Ahrefs. Backlinks are hard to acquire, so don’t pull the trigger too quickly without being 100% sure it’s a bad link.

  14. You won’t be able to get the same exact functionality for free, but you can use Open Site Explorer (it’s not as good)

  15. I am pretty sure I got this, but i just want to be on the safe side. Lets say I go to Majestic and download my linking profile. Then sort it by Domain Trust Flow. I will see links that are a 0 Domain Trust Flow, but the Topical Trust Flow is 29. Is that still a bad link? I am assuming yes because the Domain Trust Flow is 0. I just want to make sure I am looking at this the right way. I am going to get rid of the spam BS links that are on my site using the Google Disavow Tool (if the websites won’t take the bad links down) and I don’t want to get rid of links that are helpful.

  16. Hi Nathan,
    I just subscribed to your emaillist 🙂
    Nice welcome video you made,you dont see them a lot.
    Does semrush do the job as well?
    I use semrush weekly to check for toxic links (its free to do it once a week)

    Thanks for the info about majestic and looking forward to learn a lot more from you.


  17. Is there any other tool which gives the same functionality for free?
    I want to analyze my new SEM Updates blog. But, currently I am not looking to purchase any subscription as its small blog as of now.
    Suggest some alternatives.

  18. Hey Mike,

    Yes, I definitely use TF. However, to get the most accurate analysis, I blend metrics from Ahrefs, Majestic, and Open Site Explorer. Since they each use different crawlers, you can get a broader and more accurate understanding of link opportunities.

  19. Hey Nathan,

    Interesting! I’ve only just got into SEO and wanted to know how to vet my link prospects quickly.

    Do you only ever use TF to determine the quality? I read somewhere that you can use TF/CF to get a trust flow ratio.

    Would love to get your thoughts

  20. Hey Karl,

    Thanks for the comment. There is a time component because Majestic needs time to crawl and categorize new backlinks or loss of backlinks

  21. helpful for me. i started create backlink by commenting peoples blog. but can i ask. which is the faster way for me? is the dictionary submission can help?

  22. Great info thanks. I wonder if trustflow isnt also a time “thing” like in real life where it takes time to build trust. Ofcourse it does naturaly but just mean nomather what we do it will still take “the time” to get the trust?

  23. Hey Razvan,

    Thanks for the comment! I’m not a fan of disavowing, so it’s hard for me to say

  24. Great post! Recently I disavowed all inbound links coming from web directories.
    Do you think is a good approach? I think I dropped a few positions in SERPS after that but maybe is good on long term as I read on most seo websites that directory listings are penalized.. I had my site listed in a few hundred directories not more… most of them from the targeted country.

  25. Great in depth stuff on trust flow. I’ve just created a majestic account and was wondering about the complete ins and outs of trust. Thanks for explaining.

  26. Good article, shame that all the seo tools prices are quite high. Having Majestic, Ahrefs, Moz, Semrush etc at the same time is very costly. I know that having them all gives various benefits, but also causes big confusion (that metrics are different). Personally I use ahrefs and majestic only for TF, CF checks. Would like majestic to have same features as ahrefs, right now they only close on pricing.

  27. Hey friend,

    Thanks for the comment. I recommend using both and Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR) metric as well. This is the most accurate way to gauge the quality of link opportunities (without doing an deeper analysis)

  28. Yes Nathan, I have been using Majestic TF metrics and see a serp movement for my important keywords. what about PA/DA Metrics from Moz ? Which one more important ?

  29. Hey Murtaza,

    Thanks for the comment. I’m not totally sure what you’re asking here

  30. Would just like to say I found this article genuinely really helpful. Been looking into our TF as it’s 0, but we have an OK CF – we need to change this pretty quickly. Will be working on quality from the above process this week. Thanks for the advice.

  31. Hi,
    Nathan I fully agree with your take on TF , but the thing that I find difficult to understand is the fact that for a single keyword, domains with different dominant Topics and Trust Flow values rank on the first page. So for example, if I write a keyword it becomes very difficult to identify which topic I should target when filtering. Although you know that a keyword belongs to the health and fitness category but it is not necessary that the pages ranking for it have high TF values in this category. Can you kindly explain this discrepancy? I would really appreciate it.
    Thank you

  32. Thank you for the comment Rene. Has your organic search traffic dropped? If not, then I wouldn’t focus on third party metrics.

  33. Great article as always, Nathan!
    The development on my Trust Flow has been bothering me lately and I hope you could give me some insight on that behalf:
    The Trust Flow of a website of mine has been dropping from 30 to 0 in an instant. Only one new backlink has been added that time. The referring website has a Trust Flow of over 50 though.
    How is that possible?

  34. Thanks for the information. Just started seo and trying to figure all this stuff out. Topical trust flow seems to be quite important, and only becoming more important in ranking.

  35. Hi Nathan,

    Just to draw your attention. You mention your link report service a few times in this article, but the page doesn’t seem to exist anymore. (error 404).

    Nice article by the way!


  36. Hi Nathan,
    Great post about to know more about majestic. What is more important now? TF and CF or PA an DA? Some people says that they choose TF and CF for get backlinks before another metrics like DA and PA. What do you think about? Thanks.

  37. Quite insightful stuff about trust-flow, and you have nicely touched upon various aspects of improving the credibility of the website. Thanks Nathan!

  38. Yura,

    Thanks for the comment. Properly vetting domains requires much more than just looking at a single metric

  39. Hey Nathan,
    Thanks for your post. I think CF can easy task to increase, but TF will increase only with good and authority links. I have a question that if your backlinks getting visitor/click from the link given website, is it a good way to increase TF?

  40. I noticed our TF has dropped almost 20 points in 2 weeks. I guess I am having a few late nights especially when TF means so much to advertisers these days.

  41. Hi Nathan, thank you for sharing this wonderful tips on how use the trust flow metrics. I am new to this metrics and I was doing search on trust flow topics and I found your site on the top of the search result.

    You really made it clear how to use this metric and for what purpose.

  42. I have to say Nathan, I read a lot and stay very active on forums and your knowledge in the SEO community is top notch. TF is being talked about, but not going into detail like you did here. Thanks for sharing this great content.

  43. That’s a good question. I focus on the domain’s TF since most inner pages don’t have much authority at the onset

  44. Really good post again!
    I always really really want to know about majestic tools for SEO, Majestic has a lot of details.
    Thanks for sharing.

  45. When looking at the TF of a link should we be looking at domain TF or page TF? I have quite a few links we’ve built recently that have lower page TF, but very high domain TF.

  46. I was once so “not-wise” to buy doubtful backlinks from Fiverr that now got deleted one by one. Majestic is a huge help understanding the misery and getting rid of it. Great article, keep up the good work, there are plenty of people that need such information! Regards

  47. A really good post. Majestic SEo is a wonderful tool. And this new etric really does give a lot of insight about the backlink you have earned from a particular webpage. And also helps analyzing the quality of the backlinks your competitor has been getting. So it helps you to beat your competitor, while sniping their backlinks.

  48. Thank you for the comment Tian. I’m going to be honest with you: you’re focusing on the wrong stuff. Focus on results, not metrics

  49. Whats the ideal ratio of TF/CF? For example a site with 5TF 10CF and another site with 5TF 20CF, which one would perform better in Search Engine?

  50. being a single user and not IT educated person we thank gotch seo, because once the website is created by an agency they don’t provide service and then run away and we are stuck, thanks for helping in all ways it takes the time to repair things but posts like this help us to save our blog and get ahead.

  51. AIt’s always a pleasure to read your great posts filled with tips – really! I will implement all the tricks asap to my sites, and hope for the best

  52. Hi Martin,

    Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, I don’t know either. Has your organic search traffic dropped? If it hasn’t, then I wouldn’t worry about fluctuations in Trust Flow or any third party metric

  53. Should have learn about Trust Flow and Citation Flow before hand. When i released my free theme in dezzain, all my theme did not have ‘nofollow’ link on footer. I think this messed up my TF and CF ratio. now the site had about 0.7 TFCF ratio. i read somewhere i believe that higher than 1.0 is a good trust flow ratio.

    Ever since i tried to add ‘nofollow’ link in my themes (old and new) but i guess the damage is done. sometime its hard to control who linked to your site or root domain. trying to disavow low quality but that’s one SUPER hard task to do.

    anyhow, thanks for this reading, Nathan 🙂

  54. Thanks Brother I Got Knowledge After Reading Your Post Surely i will subscribe you to get me seo go on forward by your tips

  55. Hi Nathan,

    Great blog post – thank you.
    I was wondering though, when exporting my total backlink data, what is more important to look at – Source or Target?
    For example some backlinks are showing a source citation flow of 0 but the target citation may be 40+
    Many thanks!

  56. Hey Bill,

    Thanks for the comment. It’s definitely a good metric to use to determine the quality of a link

  57. Hi Linda,

    Thanks for the comment. Use all third party metrics you have at your disposal including TF, DA, PA, and DR.

  58. It is a good step, but there is much more to an effective SEO strategy than simply increasing your TF

  59. Thanks for the information. Just started seo and trying to figure all this stuff out. Topical trust flow seems to be quite important, and only becoming more important in ranking.
    Thanks again,

  60. Thank you for this Most Valuable article. I understood the clear procedure to follow and what to do next for my websites that are not ranking. In many ways i thought SEO is main factor but by reading your article i am thankfull to you

  61. Great article nathan thank you for sharing keep doing the good work … website has trust flow 0 and ciation flow 29 give me some tips to increase trust flow ..

  62. Hello,

    finally I got it. I thought that SEO on its own is not enough to climb to the first page of google, but building and increasing the CT, TF of category I want to be seen/on first page is the neccessary step. Am I right?

    Thanks mate!

  63. Thank you for this article. It gave me clarity on what to do next for my websites that are not ranking.

  64. Thanks for the comment Daniel. Yeah, I wouldn’t worry about the day-to-day fluctuations of KPIs or metrics.

  65. My trust flow always seems to go up and down as it sees fit which can be a pain but at least I’ve slowly learned how to avoid as much as I can for now. Majestic and Moz are always my GoTo websites to visit each day.

    Thanks for posting also.

  66. I like majestic site but i have low budget ,so i cant pay their high price subscription every month .
    I hear that there are some sites which offer majestic , Ahrefs and Moz accounts and also other sites accounts for low price /month
    I cant remember exactly which the site offer this service , can you help me and tell me the best sites which offer this

  67. Hey Alex,

    Thanks for the comment. It’s best to link to websites that are on the same topic. Keeping relevancy tight is most effective

  68. Great article. One quick question. It is clear there is a lot of importance with the topical trust flow to determine whether a site is worth using as a link. But once we own that domain, do we need to only link that to a site in the same topic or can I link that to any site? In other words, we choose the site because it has great topical trust flow, do we have to carry on that flow with our new links from the site to the next for a PBN?

  69. Nathan, brilliant article. I didn’t know that traffic volume affects how TF is calculated.

    This is the second time I’ve ended up on your blog. Also the second time, I’ve failed to subscribe for updates. I see an SEO course or push upodates – don’t want either, but a heads up when a new post is live, would be welcome.

  70. Hi Sir,
    I want reduce flow score this category Shopping / Classifieds, can you let me know How to reduce this flow score.

  71. Nice Article I like it for Giving such a nice information to me because I was confused about google changes their policies about SEO quickly with their new tactics and algorithms

  72. thanks for such a nice information for newbies like me because google changes their policies about SEO quickly with new tactics.

  73. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for the comment. Yes, I have, but don’t take Majestic’s metrics to heart. Your site’s Trust Flow will not dictate how well you rank because Trust Flow isn’t a metric Google uses… If you believe your rankings dropped because of link loss, then you simply need to replace the links. There is a good chance your Trust Flow dropped because of the link loss as well.

  74. Just saw a drop in rankings i attributed to a competitor’s linkbuilding.. I noticed I lost a few links but not all of them, and I checked out Majestic and the fresh index is now showing trust flow 0 – where i had 21 before – and it shows 21 in the historic index.


    ever seen this before?

  75. I’d already learnt about how to steal competitor’s backlinks but going through this article made a lot of things further clearer to me. Trust Flow is really important that I learnt first time and to be honest, I just kept ignoring the TF untill now.

  76. Thank you Nathan, it’s very useful for me. I always really really want to know about majestic tools for seo, Majestic has a lot of details.
    Thanks for sharing

  77. Hi Sean,

    If I am using press releases for SEO purposes, it would be diversify IPs and anchor text, increase percentages of “NoFollow” links, and to increase the quantity of linking root domains.

  78. Ok, so what is the goal of press releases then?

    Secondly, following your guide on “Link Audits (Penalty Recovery)” above and the advise to get rid of

    Links with irrelevant Topical TF = bad
    Links with low TF = bad

    How do one factor in links from press releases here? Thanks for the response.

  79. Sean,

    Thanks for the comment! Yes, press releases likely won’t have Topical Trust Flow Topics similar to your site. However, that’s not really the goal of a press release anyway, so it doesn’t matter. Let me know if you need more clarification

  80. Quite an informative article here. However I would like to clarify about the topical relevance of backlinks from press releases? Will such backlinks not dilute the TF since apparently the links from the PR sites will mostly not be topical relevant to ones niche and I can recall you did recommend press releases backlinks in your ebook – “How to build backlinks in 2015”. Thanks.

  81. Ahref’s metrics are pretty accurate and comparable to TF. However, Moz’s metrics are only updated every 90 days and their crawler(s) is inferior to Ahrefs and Majestic. You can blast a site with spam and increase it’s PA and DA very easily. Majestic’s Topical Trust Flow is hard to manipulate because it’s based on link relevancy. Hope that makes sense.

  82. I mean why you say that DA and PA are easy to manipulate and “URL Rank” and “Domain Rank” are not as accurate as TF? I need some more proven reference.

  83. Thanks for your article. This is what I’m looking for. But actually the reason to choose Trust Flow does not convince me much. I agree with PR but would you mind to give any reference to the “depreciation” of DA-PA, URL rank-domain rank?

  84. Hi Douglas,

    Thanks for the comment! Majestic doesn’t know what links you disavow because that’s done internally. As far as their spider is concerned, the link is still live. So they will probably count it. In Ahrefs, you can mark what links have been disavowed. For example, I’ve been getting hit with negative SEO for months and those links aren’t showing up in Ahrefs. That’s because I’ve disavowed them in Google Search Console and in Ahrefs. Majestic doesn’t have this feature as far as I know

  85. GREAT article. Does disavowing the link look “deleted” to Majestic? Is there a negative impact from disavowing links that are either really low trust or simply not topical?

  86. Hi Frank,

    Yes, we run into this problem on the daily. Unfortunately, there really isn’t any way around it. You have to check all variations of the URL to get an accurate picture of the domain

  87. hello Nathan, I am new to SEO and using the majestic SEO tool for checking the expired domains which I am looking to buy. But the thing that is bothering me is that when I am typing the url without “www.”, the trust flow shown on majestic is different than it is when I type the url With “www.”. Why is it so?
    your reply is much appreciated

  88. Thanks Nathan. I purchased a couple domains with high tf but these domains are no longer aged. Im curious if Ill still benefit..

  89. Hi, thanks for great post. Can you explain the different between URL Flow Metrics and Domain Flow Metrics on Majestic? The Domain Flow Metrics is always lower than URL Flow Metrics. Which one that i can trust when i find expired domain?

  90. Sergei, seriously dude!?!? Your interpretation of Nathan’s post is misguided at best. I have every reason to believe that Nathan, when doing link analysis, would certainly look at ONE particular aspect of TF and CF … and that would be the ratio between them i.e. TF20 + CF20 = a perfect ratio of 1.1.

    TF20 + CF30 = an acceptable ratio (just) of 1.5.

    TF20 + CF40 = Forget it. Walk away and find a better one.

    Now, youre probably going to come back and ask me “WHY?”

    With respect, thats for you to find out. It is the sort of thing you would learn in a good SEO course – and to. Be fair, you could almost certainly find the answer by simply GOOGLING the damn thing.

    I am a 14 year veteran SEO specialist and while I agree with much of what both Nathan AND Alyssa had to say from diametrically opposed ends of the spectrum, the fact remains that at least in MY experience, TF is a very powerful indicator (albeit just one spoke on a very big wheel we call… SEO

  91. Hi Nathan, i just wanted to point out that the article on majestic itself suggests that we should use trust flow in combination with citation flow, but in this article you only focus on trust flow as main quality defining factor. Question is, why? 🙂 Why do you disregard citation flow in your research?

  92. I think what he is asking is what qualifies as a “bad link”? What is a minimum TF that a decent link should have or off to the disavow list it goes?

  93. @ Jeremy Yes That’s what iam asking about .Because some backlinks like has good TF CF and domain TF CF will be lesser. So do we consider this url as link opportunity ?

  94. I think what he is means.. the backlinks URL.. does we count the SourceTF or DomainsTF.. Example. = SourceTF = 10 = DomainTF = 15

  95. Hi Lecheng,

    It all depends on the quality of the links! I don’t know what domain it is, so I can’t tell you whether it’s worth it or not 🙂 – If you want, shoot me an email and I’ll let you know whether or not it’s worth spending your money on

  96. Hi Chris,

    Good question. Unfortunately, Majestic isn’t perfect and its crawler will often miss links that Ahrefs won’t. The opposite is true as well. Majestic may pick up links that Ahrefs doesn’t. It’s always better to as much link data as possible!

  97. Alyssa,

    Thanks for the in-depth comment!

    I’ll keep this short because you’ve obviously already made up your mind on the metric. We use Trust Flow as ONE of our metrics for determining the value of a link opportunity. We ALSO use Aherfs (because it has more comprehensive link data) and Open Site Explorer. With that being said, I agree with you that you should never rely on ANY metric by itself because all metrics can be manipulated.

    Due-diligence is always necessary when prospecting for links or buying expired domains. I explain how to determine the value of an expired domain in my free ebook here. You’ll see that we rely on much more than Trust Flow before buying any domain.

    By the way, great article on your site!

    It’s always important to point out the flaws of tools that many of us use on a daily basis. We’ve always had great success with using Topical Trust Flow and are well aware of the many flaws of Majestic’s crawler. However, at this point in time, it is the most accurate metric. Perfect? Not even close.

  98. Hi Nathan,

    I have been referencing your posts for quite some time now and have learned a lot of great stuff (thanks!) but I have to disagree with the bulk of this post.

    Trust flow is NOT King and it’s just as easy to manipulate as domain authority, if not easier. We took one of our sites from TF 0 to TF 54 in about a month or less but that does not mean it’s suddenly a good domain. The problem with saying trust flow is king is that people believe it so everyone is making important decisions (like buying expired domains and domains at auction) based on the trust flow of those sites when in reality it is an extremely unreliable metric and because they are blind to it they’re not getting results.It’s true that many great sites ALSO have high trust flow but using this metric blindly and advertising that it is king can mislead a lot of people. We once bought a ton of domains with high TF, linked them to our site, only to see no ranking improvements and that’s because it’s not all about TF. Here is my post on an opposing view of why the trust flow metric is pure and complete garbage where I go into all of the reasons in detail:

    I also have to disagree with heavily basing linking decisions off of topical trust flow. Let me give an example of why this is also inaccurate most of the time: Topical trust flow doesn’t reflect what the page is about, it reflects the topical trust flow of the domains linking to that page. Let’s say you are link building in the cleaning industry and you want cleaning-realted backlinks. Cleaning sites don’t get links from other cleaning sites, they get links from things like directories that often have a completely irrelevant topical trust flow such as news or computers / tech. Many people would not get a link on a site that has that topical trust flow when the content of the site is 100% relevant. If you look at many top blogs they’re getting links from all over the place and their topical trust flow is a mess, but those sites are doing just fine.

    This really all comes down to not relying off trust flow, topical trust flow, domain authority, or any metric for that matter, but carefully analyzing each site you want a link from (or to buy as a PBN) and looking at it through the eyes of Google… does a link from this site make sense?

  99. A great read, Nathan! I came across your post while I’m wondering which metric should I use and whom to pay: Moz or Magestic 😉

  100. Thanks Nathan for very informative post about Trust Flow metric.I have a doubt Mr.Nathan what is criteria for considering Source TrustFlow of a particular backlink and Domain Trust flow…

  101. Hi Nathan,

    If tropical trust flow greater than citation flow , it is considered good?

    For example,

    Trust flow is 15 while citation flow is 10. This website is worth buying?

    Thank you.

  102. Trust is what I use for the heart of building my PBNs. I heard people are using a certain google search syntax to find PBNs with blocking bots

  103. Josh,

    I’m glad you found my blog as well! Thanks for the comment and you’re spot on about checking the subdomain and root domain separately because the metrics can be much different

  104. No software is perfect, but if you use a combination of Ahrefs, Majestic, Open Site Explorer, and Google Webmaster Tools, you’ll have a pretty good picture of your current link profile

  105. I’m glad I’ve found your blog.

    Yes Majestic found less backlinks than Ahrefs, in most cases. But its metrics, especially TF, are the most accurate, relevant and spam resistant these days. Just don’t forget to check both www and non www metrics when you measure CF and TF..

  106. Hi Nathan,
    Is there any other software to check the exact number of links that have been built to the money site? I have done 100 backlinks with senuke (testing purpose) and all are indexed. Is it mean that Google take all the backlinks as consideration?

    Thank you.

  107. Hei there Nathan

    Great article as always, much more value here than on many other SEO blogs. I was wondering if you are offering any 1 on 1 coaching or something similar for SEO? I have many questions that I would like to get an answer to. Thanks in advance!

  108. Hi Nathan,

    Recently I found one questions. Sometime Google index your backlinks but Majestic didn’t count that specific backlink. I have powered up the links with senuke. Is it anything I have done wrong?

    Thank you.

  109. John,

    Thank you for the comment and good question!

    Relevancy of your backlinks is very important and will drive the best results. However, I comment on my friends and fiance’s blogs all the time and they’re in completely different industries. It’s not going to hurt you as long as the percentage of irrelevant links is low. I would say like most other things, you should use the 80/20 principle. 80% = relevant, 20% irrelevant (if necessary). I have a client who has an HVAC business and we’re able to get relevant links all the time. You’re looking at “relevancy” on a micro level. Of course it’s going to be difficult to get links from only HVAC websites, but it’s not that difficult to get links from energy and home improvement websites.

    Start super targeted with your link acquisition, but you’ll need to branch out into a more general topic once you’ve tapped into all your resources.

  110. Hi Greg,

    Good question! The easiest way to increase Trust Flow to any page is to hit it with links that have relevant Topical Trust Flow. This formula will apply to any page or website and it works everytime

  111. Nathan, I read your articles and understand what you say about relevancy. But why are you the only one saying it “really” matters? I have an ac repair site, very difficult to find “relevant” sites to link to, unless i create them. Very tough to find “relevant” blogs to post on. … But if something is interesting to me and I comment on it, my site will be punished? If I get my friends to like my pages and toss my link out there – but they’re just social profiles – I’m going to get punished? I find that hard to believe. I don’t think there’s as hard a line as you make it out to be.

  112. Thank for the tips Nathan.
    What do you advise to increase the TF of the URL of your abilogic site that you posted? It’s usefull to increase the trustflow of the inner page where your domain appear ?

  113. Great article, Majestic is one of my favourite SEO tools. I’m liking the site redesign as well.

  114. Been following your posts for a few month now and all I have to say is thanks Nathan! Your posts and analysis are always on-track All the best yo you mate

  115. Yes Nathan, I have been using Majestic TF metrics and see a serp movement for my important keywords. what about PA/DA Metrics from Moz ? Which one more important ?

  116. Thanks Mic! There are definitely other factors that go into the deindexing of PBN’s, but based on our testing, the factor I highlighted in the article is a pretty big one

  117. Really good article. I am using Majestic Metric from about 1 year and from this time it is much easier to rank website. Quality does matter and building PBN without this metrics is like being blind.

    But I can’t fully agreed about deindexing PBNs. I have build in the same way my PBNs and only 20% has been deindexed. Possible that they are using additional criteria to find PBNs.

  118. Its hard for me to remove bad links, is that right, i keep making more good quality backlinks? Will that help me to increase trust flow, Right now, Trust flow is : 11 and Citation Flow : 14.. What you suggest for me about this link and website?

    Thank you in advance!

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