The Art of the Super Web 2.0

super web 2.0Do you want to build web 2.0s that stand the test of time? This guide is the only guide you need.

In my previous post, Manual Web 2.0 Creation: Step-by-Step, I showed you how to create super basic web 2.0s. These are still effective, but if you’re more risk averse, then you need to start building super web 2.0s.

Exclusive: Download 50 + web 2.0s where you can get some easy backlinks.

What is a “Super” Web 2.0?

A web 2.0 becomes “super” when it becomes more than one page.

Are They Safe?

Creating web 2.0s for the sole purpose of placing a backlink is a gray hat tactic. That means there is risk using this tactic. With that said, if you mix in other quality backlinks, then you will reduce your risk. Like I explain in this article about PBNs, gray hat backlinks should comprise a small portion of your link profile. Think of these backlinks are your “risky” investments.

How to Build a “Super” Web 2.0

Let me start out by saying that this is a tedious process. But, if you want to reduce risk, then you should have no problem with the amount of work involved. The good news is you don’t need a ton of these properties because of the quality and relevancy.

Think of this process as if you were creating a real website. Your days of playing with single-page web 2.0s are over.

Let’s get started.

Step 1: Sign-Up for 5-10 Different Web 2.0 Platforms
Good news, I have compiled a list of 50 + free web 2.0s where you can start getting links form today. All you have to do is share the post below and you will unlock an excel document with all the sites and the domain authority (DA) for each. Go now:

Exclusive: Download 50 + web 2.0s where you can get some easy backlinks.

* Make sure you verify your email address after creating the accounts or your property will be deleted or inactive.

Step 2: Create the Blog(s)
Here are some steps I routinely follow when creating a new web 2.0:

Place your target keyword in the URL: some people freak out about doing this. But there is no need to because it’s no different than creating an exact match domain. To make the property more “natural” consider adding extra words like: “” or “”.

But if the exact match subdomain is available, you should take it.

Example: “”.

Change the title and site description: the title should obviously be whatever you named your website and should include your target keyword. Create a unique description for each blog with the keyword naturally placed inside. I might write something like “We are your source for target keyword”, “Don’t look anywhere else for target keyword, because we have you covered”.

Step 3: Create About and Contact Pages
Creating these two pages instantly makes your blog much more legitimate. For the “About” page, simply write a few sentences or a paragraph about this blog or about your keyword. This should be easy considering you’re an expert in your field. If you’re an SEO agency, then create a more general about page.

Here is an example from a web 2.0 I created for one of my clients:


Sometimes I take on a unique personality of a “person” and my voice for the blog is in the first person, like you see above. Other times I make it seem like I’m a business by speaking in plurals such as “We blah blah”. Mix it up to keep thing natural.

From the About page, you should internally link back to your homepage sometimes because this is what most people do on real blogs. Now, create a “Contact” page and write a simple sentence like “Please contact us today if you have any more questions about primary keyword”.

Step 4: Create the “Welcome” Post
Your first blog post on the web 2.0s should be a “welcome” post. Don’t over-think this. Just write a paragraph or a couple sentences about your newly-created blog.

Here is a simple example below:


I recommend scheduling your welcome posts for each web 2.0 on different days when possible. Don’t post them all on the same day. The best way to remedy this if you don’t want to schedule them, is to just work on developing one web 2.0 per day.

Step 5: Populate the Blog With Relevant Content (Filler Content)
At this point, you’re going to transform your web 2.0 into a super relevant resource that Google and anyone who stumbles upon it will appreciate. “Filler” content is the relevant content you will be posting the web 2.0 other than the article, which will host the link back to your site. Deciding how much filler content you want to use is completely up to you. I will typically use anywhere between 3-8 relevant posts to avoid any consistencies.

Some ideas for web 2.0 filler content:

  • Videos: videos are my go-to because they are the perfect filler post. Simply go to YouTube and search for videos in your industry. Embed the video in a post and write a decent title, and boom, you have a new blog post.
  • Pictures: this works in a lot of niches, but some it might not. Simply go to Google and search for images related to your industry. Get 3-5 and create a blog post about them. Write a sentence or two explaining why they are pertinent to your industry.
  • Quotes: when possible, quotes are an awesome form of filler content. Many niches won’t be able to utilize this tactic, but if yours can, then take full advantage of it. Search Google for your keyword + quotes. Copy the quote and write a super brief blog post about it.
  • * Infographics (Thanks to Mike from Boost Rank SEO for the suggestion): Infographics are awesome filler content when available in your particular niche.
  • Write Actual Content: if you have a lot of time on your hands or you’re only working on one website, then this is best route to take. You can either write about relevant topics or speak about them in a natural way using Dictanote a free speech recognition software. It’s clunky, but it works and can help expedite your filler content process.

* I highly recommend you schedule these posts out through the month(s). This way you will have fresh content being published on the web 2.0s, which makes them even more natural. One new post per month on your web 2.0 properties is plenty. If you schedule out posts for the next 6 months or so, Google will love your web 2.0 and you will never have to worry about it getting delete or anything like that.

Step 6: Post or Schedule Your Seed Article
Okay, so you have filler content posted and scheduled out, you have a nice about and contact page, and you have created a solid welcome post. Now you’re ready to post your actual article that will host your link.

Guidelines for the web 2.0 article:

  • 400 + words minimum (more is better)
  • 100% Unique – unless you understand how to properly spin an article, then I recommend writing a 100% unique piece of content.
  • Relevancy – this article should be 100% relevant to your target keyword. If your target keyword is MacBook Pro, then it should be about MacBook Pro and not a general article about Mac.
  • Keyword density – your KW density should be around 1-3% in the article and in the most important locations: title, first sentence, and last sentence.

Gather 1-2 images for the blog post (Use Google)

  • Here’s a trick: when you save the image to your desktop, save it as your keyword. Back to the MacBook Pro example, I would save the image at “MacBook-Pro”, so that when I upload the image to the web 2.0 it will have the keyword in the URL path. Only do this for the first image you use in the article and don’t forget to place your primary keyword in the ALT tag. If you decide to use a second image, I recommend using keyword variations for the URL path and ALT tag.

Go out and find a relevant YouTube video for the article

  • Avoid using a video you already used on the web 2.0 for filler content

Find one authority resource about your target keyword

  • You’re going to link out to an authority in your niche or to an article about your topic written by an authoritative website.

Now you’re ready to put it all together. I don’t need to explain how to create a blog post, but the only thing you need to keep in mind is to never have two web 2.0s that look the same visually or in format.

For example, if you placed two images in your first web 2.0 article, then only place one in the next web 2.0 you create. If you placed an image as the first form of media in the one web 2.0, then place a YouTube video first in the next one. You get the point. Be random and do not look systematic when you create these properties.

Place your link first

  • After all your hard work, you deserve to place your link first. Always insert into a different spot in every web 2.0, but try to keep it near the top of the article.

Insert authority and internal links

  • It doesn’t matter the order that you do this, just place them somewhere in the article after your primary link. I generally link back to the homepage from the article.

Anchor Text

  • Deciding what type of anchor text to use on this web 2.0s is up to you. I generally try to create 10 of these properties so that I can delegate the anchor text appropriately. Exact match anchors 10%, brand name anchors 30%, URL variations 20%, partial match or LSI 20%, and generic 20%.
  • Remember, Google can understand the relevancy of a link without needing an exact match anchor. As long as your article is super relevant and you have followed the steps above, Google will recognize the relevancy and reward you for it without having to blast exact match anchors.

There is one little trick I like to use when I’m not using exact match anchors. Let’s say I’m using a generic anchor text like “click here”. I would write a sentence such as “If you’re looking for PRIMARY KEYWORD click here”. Your primary keyword doesn’t always have to be right next to the anchor, but generally, you should have very close by.

Increase the Strength of Your Super Web 2.0s

Okay, so you have spent a ton of time creating these super awesome properties, but as you probably know, the blog post that hosts your link will be a Page Authority (PA) of zero. Fortunately, because of the high domain authority that you’re creating these blogs on, it is super easy to increase the Page Authority for your blog post.

Just to make sure we are clear: Domain Authority is the actual strength of the domain like Page Authority is the calculation of strength for any page that is made on like or

I focus on increasing the authority of the page where I posted my article, which would look like this: Don’t go crazy with tier two backlinks. Just focus on quality.


That’s a wrap guys. I hope this article helped you learn more about how I create super web 2.0s and now all you have to do is get to work.

Thanks for reading and make sure to drop me a comment below if you have any questions, which I’m sure many of you will 😉

– Gotch


  1. Good stuff man! Love your posts. A few questions:

    1. How many do you recommend per keyword in say a local, medium competitive niche?
    2. Do you do all the tier 2 links manually? Would using properly, spun content and using something like Ultimate Demon work for solid tier 2 links (article directories and wikis)?
    3. What’s your go to strategy for building high PR links (guest posts, buying expired domains)?

    Again thanks for the awesome article! I’ll make sure to share it!

    1. Stephen,

      Thanks for reading and I’m glad you liked it!

      1. It’s hard to say because every niche is different. With web 2.0s, you have to build some and gauge. I would probably building 10ish for each keyword I’m targeting.
      2. I usually just outsource high PR blog posts or web 2.0s. I think you’re pretty safe using Ultimate Demon on tier two, just don’t go too crazy and make sure the content is spun really well.
      3. Expired domains are my go-to with mix of guest posts

      Thanks again man!

      1. Dear sir,
        I don’t understand about these lines “With web 2.0s, you have to build some and gauge. I would probably building 10ish for each keyword I’m targeting.”
        Kindly help me
        Thank you

        1. Haris, it means if you’re targeting one keyword, you build a certain amount of web 2.0s to start out with. So 10 for example. You see how your rankings are doing, and if they aren’t improving or they are stalled, then you can build more or strengthen your current properties with tier two links.

          – Gotch

      2. Hi Gotch,
        Can you please share me some good guys you outsource your work to? Web2.0, blog comments, etc. Thanks very much!

        1. Hi Vincent,

          I have a couple VA who work for me, but I’ve found the highest quality workers on Elance. If you’re looking for pure link building services, I highly recommend the Black Hat World marketplace

  2. Hi Gotch,

    Another great article! Well done! It’s clear to me you’ve put a lot of effort into this post and I very much agree with the strategy, although time consuming it works fantastically!

    Looking forward to the next post!


  3. Thanks for writing this, Gotch. I’ve already referred to it once today.

    My two cents; use infographics for filler posts. Much better than random images (and might actually *gasp* be useful).

    1. Thanks for reading Mike. Solid suggestion! So solid, that I have added it to the post along with your link of course 🙂 Thanks man

      – Gotch

  4. Wow Gotch, very impressive post! You actually teach how to use the technique you use in one of your money methods..again am impressed.

  5. Hello Gotch,

    Thanks for sharing informative post. I have started following your strategies to my first blog. I never been a blogger till day but now i am handling my official blog with the help of your posts.

    It helps me a lot to learn new things in Digital marketing.

    Thanks again

  6. I’ve been following this and it’s working nicely. How about making a massive blog network with 2.0’s, posting fresh content and using them for all your clients (in the same niche that is)? Or is it better to keep them all seperate?

    Also is it important to keep the linked article on the homepage?

    (You need a subscribe to this thread option for your comments so we know when someone responds.)


    1. That’s awesome Stephen, I’m glad it’s working! As far as making a blog network with the web 2.0s, I wouldn’t suggest it. The main reason being that you could invest a bunch of time trying to building up the strength of the web 2.0, adding content, etc. and it could be deleted in a second because you ultimately don’t have control. If you’re going to put your effort into something of this nature, I would buy some strong domains and build a real blog network that you have complete control over.

      Keeping the article on the homepage is only important if you’re building tier two backlinks to it, but I would focus my tier two links to the actual article page.

      – As far as the subscribe option, I’m going to fix that 🙂

      Thanks Stephen!

  7. Hey there Nathan….I do have a question for you regarding using PDFs for SEO. Do you add them to your web 2.0 sites and if you add filler content with them?

    1. Hi Kimberly, I actually do use PDFs in my link building strategy to diversify my profile. I don’t normally post them on the web 2.0s I’m creating though. I’m going to write a blog post about how I utilize PDFs for SEO soon!

  8. Hi Nathan, when signing up for the blogs does it matter that they’re all created together or is it just the date of the welcome post that needs to be staggered?


    1. Hey David, sorry for the late reply. I would try to make everything as random as possible. You can change the post dates on most of the web 2.0s, so just do that. Thanks for the comment!

  9. Hey Nathan,

    I was wondering do you make the web 2.0s with posts or pages? You seem to mention both pages and posts in this article without really clarifying which one to use?

    WordPress by default makes post permalinks include the date /date/keyword/. So I was wondering if this takes anything away?

    1. Hi John, thanks for the comment. I create posts for the blog entries and related content, and pages for the About and Contact information. As far as the URL structure, data/keyword is perfectly fine. I usually modify it so there are no filler or stop words in the URL. Let me know if you have any other questions John

  10. Hey great article.

    Will you only post ONE contextual link per 2.0 to your money site? Or will you ever add a contextual + image link in same article?

    Will you ever link to another page on money site in a later article from the same 2.0?

    Also wow 10 web 2.0s each site, that’s a lot of writing. Do you recommend the best spinner for this magnitude of web 2.0s?


    1. Hi Alex, thanks for the comment. You can add as many links as you want, but the more you add, the spammier it looks. I will sometimes add a second link to an internal page at the end of the article, but 90% of the time, I only use one link. It is a lot of writing if you’re creating articles manually, but you have the right idea about using the Best Spinner. Completely 100% manually written content for your backlinks is always going to be the best, but if you don’t have the time or the resources, then using highly-spun content (sentence, word, and paragraph level spinning) will work.

      Hope this helps my friend.

      – Gotch

          1. Should we also scrub the spun and or the manually written content to ensure the article is 100% unique?

  11. Hey Nathan I have followed your guide and made a few web 2.0s taking into account your anchor text post. I am also manually mining deleted pr domains for my own PBN.

    This is my first site im trying to rank to page 1 with SEO. Its an EMD so I cant use brand anchors.

    – So far I am using naked URLs, exact anchors and partial keyword match on my PBN sites
    – On top of that I am building web 2.0s (as you suggest) and using naked urls and partial match
    – I am finding relevant blogs and commenting using alias name and generic (check it out, click here) only

    My comp isnt super high. With simply one pr 1 exact anchor blog contextual link I bounced from page 8 to page 4, although it dances around a lot.

    Anyway I was just wondering what you would recommend I “add” to my link building strategy or if I should just build more 2.0s and mine more pr domains?

    I have 0 link building tools for tier 2 links. I was just wondering if theres any other type of links you would point at money site such as profile links, wiki links, social bookmarks, etc….or if they are just not worth the time?


    1. John,

      your strategy is solid and it looks you’re actually taking action, which is awesome. I recommend adding some PDF links (,,,, HQ directories (,, press releases, and some quality article directory submissions (,,, to diversify your link and anchor text profile – only use naked links and generic anchor text for these links.

      For the generic links make sure you use the co-citation strategy in my anchor text post.

      And keep up the niche relevant blog comments because the relevancy and nofollow links are important.

      As far as tier two, don’t waste your time. I stopped building tier two links a long time ago and I’m ranking no problem. Just make sure your tier one is high-quality (looks like you already have that covered). Good job, and let me know if you have any other questions.

      – Gotch

      1. Hi Nathan,

        Great info on web 2.0’s.

        Do you know of a niche relevant blog commenting service?

  12. hi, I really like this approach as you creating quality content that will stand the test of time.
    I was just wondering about how you set the posts up. So you have a welcome post as a “sticky” post on the home page and then your main article with the link to your money site as just one of several other articles in a blog type format on the home page?

    1. Sean,

      I’m glad you like my approach because it works really well. I don’t usually sticky the welcome post, but the other parts are correct. The article with my links is sometimes the most recent and sometimes not. Like I always say, I try to avoid any patterns.

      – Gotch

  13. Hi, Nathan. I need to know something. I am already following your web 2.0 techniques. If I get many links from the same web 2.0 from various content is there any problem? And I am generating content using translator. After generating content i revised the content whether there is any misspelling or any grammatical mistakes.

    Hope will get your answer soon.

      1. I just want to ask the linking from web2.0 to money site,

        1) should i link (all) to my homepage ? or any relevant page within the money site is fine ?
        2) should i put exact KW as my anchor text for all the web2.0 that I build or just put the KW as natural as possible ?

        Looking for your reply. Cheers!

  14. Hi Gotch,

    first time visitor here and I have just read through your post which was great and then the various comments that have been made and I have a couple of questions for you.

    1.With reference to scheduled filler content, is it feasible to use quality, on topic, articles from top article directories as well as Youtube videos etc?

    2. You originally mention building Tier 2 links to the Super web2.0 properties to improve PA but end up dismissing doing so in your reply to John…so my question is…is it a do…or a don’t?

    1. Hi Danny, thanks for commenting!

      1.Yes, that would be a great idea. Obviously, unique content is best, but the article directory content will suffice as filler content.

      2. It’s simply a matter of preference. I don’t personally focus on tier two links because I would rather focus on my tier one. This isn’t to say that tier two links don’t work, I just don’t personally spend my time in this area. Hope that makes sense.

      – Gotch

  15. Hey Nathan,

    Very detailed guide to making web 2.0’s. Im also making them this way right now.

    Just got one question, what about the personality’s of each web 2.0 blog.

    Say that I am going to make like 5 web 2.0’s for 1 website. It’s a blog about a product and its like personalized to myself. So its connected with Google+ etc.
    If im going to make the 5 about pages, is it smart to use different names etc so Google thinks that all the web 2.0’s are from different people. Or do you think its better to take your own name en photo for all the 5 web 2.0’s?

    So if you are using different names and such is it smart to buy like 5 different stockphoto’s from heads of people and pretend that you are them on that blog?

    What do you suggest?

    Thanks for answering.

    1. Harry,

      thanks for the comment. Personally, I would create a unique personality for every web 2.0. That is unless you’re creating “branded” web 2.0s like I mentioned in “Does Google Trust Your Website?“. When I create unique personalities I literally just search Google with random names like “Ashley” and then pick the first photo that looks like a selfie. I don’t ever use stock photos because that screams “SEO!!”

      Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

      1. Hey Nathan,

        as always, great content!
        However, can’t you get into trouble from using random photos that you find on the internet to create a unique persona? Also, can’t you get into trouble from using Google to search for keyword related images to use in your web 2.0’s?


        1. Hi Johnny, thanks for the comment and good questions. The question is: by who? The Google police? Don’t worry about that man. If you’re really paranoid, make sure you sign-up for the web 2.0s with a fake name (obviously) and use proxies to create them.

  16. Nathan, is it necessary to power the strength of my Web 2.0? I built 2 Web 2.0 with to SEO a keyword. The problem is all the main articles of each Web 2.0 has Page Authority is zero (0).

    What’s your solution for my circumstance? Thanks Nathan!

    1. It’s not entirely necessary, but it can certainly help if you do it correctly. You want to hit your properties with high PR links because it will increase the PA easier. I’m not a big fan of hitting tier one web 2.0s with more web 2.0s because that’s really counterproductive. Stick to high PR dofollow comments and cheap blog networks to see the best results. Just make sure you don’t go crazy with anchor text. It should still be diversified even on the tier two level.

      – Gotch

  17. Hi Nathan,

    thanks for that inspiring post! But you left me with one question: You place the link to your site in a regular blogpost? Wouldn’t it be better to place it into a static page instead of a single blogpost regarding the linkjuice (better from the mainpage as from a single blogpost).

    Many thanks in advance!

    Greetings from Germany

    1. Tobi, thanks for the comment! Yes, I place the link in a blog post because it’s more natural in my opinion. There probably isn’t much of a difference, but I prefer using posts since that’s what a normal website would do, and save pages for trust signals such as contact, about, and privacy policy pages.

      – Gotch

        1. Hi Tobi, yes that’s not bad idea. You want your article with the link to your money site to remain on the homepage of the web 2.0, so this is a good option. I usually keep all 5-6 posts on the homepage, and throw my linking article in between just to keep things more natural (and disguised).

          – Gotch

  18. This post along with your 2014 link building guide has really helped with my sites. I’m taking your advice from your book and trying something new haha. I decided to try a bit local seo. Overall its seems pretty common sense to copy competitors links and try and mimic their local listings.

    Just wondering if I could ask you:

    1. How do you get away with adding a site to a local directory/business listing before you have a client? They usually require address, telephone, business name, etc, etc. And Im making a “find(profession(city/state).com” type site, so its impossible to have a client prior to ranking. Nor would I want to before proof of concept.

    2. I think either buying a powerful generic or acronym named expired domain and completely re-branding the whole site, or trying to find a relevant site is crucial here. Its almost impossible to find a profession based site that hasnt had badly done local seo drop. I have been able to find clean sites such as “” although they are weak. I am just wondering how relevant does an aged domain have to be to link out for local seo? Like better to pick up a DA 30 and completely re-brand, or buy a “” DA 15 with 10-30 total links and use that to rank your “find miami” site?

    I know you do a lot of local seo, just wondering if I’m on the right track here.

    P.S sorry for abusing your comment box, with this irrelevant post lol.

    1. Martin, thanks for the great comment!

      1. I have never personally done this and it might not be the best idea. You can rank the sites without the directory listings. 90% of my clients are on the local level, but instead of ranking them in Google Places, I rank them above Google Places first because it’s way more powerful.

      2. In all honesty, I would just start clean if it were me. Like for example, I have a site that is “find(city)” that I’m either going to sell ad space on or just sell to a local dentist. It’s really easy to rank new websites right now, so you might want to take that route. Also, you’ll be able to choose a valuable domain name as opposed to rebranding an old site.

      Don’t apologize for your comment! Let me know if you have any more questions

      – Gotch

  19. 1. Ah that awesome I was really hoping I could avoid directory listings.

    2. I completely agree with making a fresh main site. What I mean was buying the expired domain for a PBN solely to rank this site.

    Im not even sure if I’m correct I just felt relevance may matter more here. So instead of using my generic health PBN to link to my (profession)site, that also hosts my niche sites that are on it as well — I figured either rebranding a powerful pbn solely for this profession or finding a weaker domain like “” because its at least city relevant may be the way to go?

    This is what I’m not totally sure on. Thanks gotch.

    1. Martin, thanks for the response. Yeah, that’s totally something that you’re going to have to test. I do know some SEOs who use expired domains for ranking purposes because you’re piggy backing off the established authority of the domain. I personally never want the baggage of another site, so I always start fresh.

  20. Hi Gotch!
    I still have a small question when i test my SEO strategy. Does a high Web 2.0’s high ranking for a specific keyword help my money site rank high on Google (with the same keyword)? My Web 2.0 is at 24th position on Google and my Money site is 23rd 🙂 Thanks for your suggestions!

    1. Hai, thanks for the comment. Yes, that’s exactly what you want! In fact, a portion of my link building strategy is dedicated to ranking my backlinks (I’ll write about this soon). The more links you have ranking in the top 100 for your target keyword, the higher you will rank.

      1. Thanks Gotch for your comment. I’m looking for your article about this problem. When will you publish it?

  21. I read from you somewhere from you about creating branded web 2.0s that point back to your site, is this what is called syndication? Can you elaborate on this please.

    1. Hi Sherwin, creating web 2.0s is not the same as syndication. Syndication is creating a one press release and distributing throughout hundreds of outlets. Building web 2.0s on the other hand, is creating unique content on every single property.

  22. Great article! We’re looking to build web 2.0’s as part of our SEO strategy at the moment and your guide really helped, an excellent resource which we will definitely be referring back to while building our Web 2.0’s. Just one question, forgive me if someone has already asked this as I’ve not read through all the comments, have you noticed much difference between using spun articles on the web 2.0’s (70%-80% uniqueness) and using 100% unique content?

    Again, great post!

    1. Thank you for the comment! Don’t be scared to use your name next time 😉 – to answer your question, I do typically have better long-term results using completely 100% manually written content. Manually spun content with 3-4 sentence revisions, paragraph spinning, and word-level spinning should get you the same results as manually written content. I just sleep better at night knowing with manually written, so that’s really the only reason I do it.

      If you’re creating a “Super Web 2.0”, then you’ll definitely want to use quality manually written content.

      Let me know if you have any other questions and thanks for the comment

      – Gotch

  23. I really enjoyed your post and learned a lot but I have a question.
    I have a growing health blog with content about parenting, nutrition, fitness, skin care and food. How do I set up web 2.0 properties? The blog is in the health and wellness niche but each article has completely different keywords than another article.
    So how do I structure my web 2s? Say I want to set up 30 different web 2.0 properties. My questions are:
    What would be the best subdomain name? If I set up e.g. wordpress site what would be the best name to use: ? Should “myawesomewebsite” be some general health and wellness term that fits for all articles since my website is about all sorts of keywords?
    Also should I use the same “myawesomewebsite” name for all web 2s or should I vary it?
    Should I use a different persona for each web 2.0 property?
    Also can I post article with different keywords to the same web 2.0 property? For example can I post article about nutrition and parenting to the same web 2.0 property?
    Somehow I can’t my head around how to organize it properly.
    Would love your feedback.

    1. That’s great to hear Loren and thanks for the comment!

      Here’s the simplest answer: if your keyword is “fitness”, then create web 2.0s with subdomain names as “”, “”, “” etc. You can repeat the titles across different web 2.0 platforms – the most important part is that your content is unique on every single platform.

      As a rule, I build new web 2.0s for every keyword. So, I would personally create 5 web 2.0s for health, 5 web 2.0s for fitness, and 5 web 2.0s for nutrition.

      Let me know if you have any other questions, thanks!

      – Gotch

  24. Thanks a lot of this post! I was seeking for something as useful as this, keep up the good work. 😀

  25. Hi
    Question about creating WEB 2.0 accounts. Do you use different email addresses for each account?
    I’m going to create a step by step checklist on how to create these Web 2.0’s. I’ll share it with you when i am done

    1. Hi Johnny, no I don’t create different email accounts for each property. But I DO create an email address for sets of web 2.0s. For example, if I’m creating 20 web 2.0s about “dog toys”, I would only use one email address for that set to verify the properties.

      – Gotch

  26. I realy liked your post. I know a lot about SEO but was not aware how to do. You have given me the path to drive. I need your advice, correct me if i m wrong:
    I am creating 5 web 2.0 with following URL:

    Am i right in selecting domain name for web 2.0.
    I m planning to target showbiz industry, can i make showbiz relates posts on all 5 web 2.0 but all are different like celebrity news but different news about different celebs so that no one matches with other. I am confused that as all web 2.0 will be about showbiz news, won’t it give alarming signal to Google?

  27. Hi
    I downloaded web 2.0 file but it has just and
    Also if i write articles in english, then translate it using google translator in other language such as polish and submit it to polish blog. Is it right?

    Can i use guest posts links from fiverr?
    You are so generous that you are teaching us like a school teacher.

  28. Hello! I do not speak English and therefore I use a translator to communicate with you! I have a few questions on the topic of Web 2.0
    1) I want to create 10 Web 2.0 It is better to do 10 different platforms, or you can use one?
    2) I want to write one unique article and qualitatively to multiply it for all 10 web 2.0 I need to optimize each of the 10 articles under different keys in each web 2.0? Can write me how to use spinning tex
    on different web 2.0?

      1. Dear sir,
        I want to asked a question that why wordpress,weebly and many other web 2.0 websites links other than blogger and tumblr don’t show in backlink checker why…??
        Is Google don’t crwal it…
        Thank you

          1. Hi Nathan,

            I also face this problem too! I use majestic seo to check my backlinks for web2.0 , there is no result in backlinks result.

            I plan to power up my web 2.0 with senuke. I will schedule it with 14 days doing web 2.0 , 14 days doing social bookmark , 14 days do PDF submission. Is it work?

            Another question is all the tier 2 links should I target to homepage or specific page (to increase PA)?

            Sorry for my poor english again.


          2. Hi Lecheng,

            Most web 2.0s won’t show up in Majestic because they don’t have much authority initially. Building quality tier two links can help. You should hit both the homepage and internal pages to spread authority across the entire web 2.0

  29. I really liked reading your article as its helped me to make link building strategy in a new & safe way to avoid any risk.

  30. Dear sir,
    My ranking is not increasing.My main keyword Position still remained at page 8 and not increasing since 2 days.And some sub keywords began to go down.
    Now what i can do?
    Can i build 2nd tier links??
    After building super duper web 2.0 network can i add my link multiLe in multiple article??
    Or one blog network gave only one backlinks???
    Thank you

  31. Hey what’s up Nathan!

    Great article man on web 2.0’s !

    Here’s my questions.

    #1. So just to clarify, for every keyword you want to rank for on your money site, you create web 2.0 sites to help rank for that keyword? 5-10 you said? If so, Holy crap! LOL

    #2. You stated that in each web 2.0 you post content relevant to the keyword of the web 2.0 url. So for example if it was “Dog Training” all your web 2.0 urls would have “dogtraining” and then the posts within “filler” and “main article with link” would be variations of dog training tips, dog training strategies ? Hope I understand this correctly…

    #3. If given keyword on money site isn’t ranking you either add more web 2.0s for given keyword or diversify with other strategies ?

    #4. I’m having a hard time finding a person that will let me guest post. Is there a script you follow or something when reaching out to them? Or do you offer an exchange? I feel doing an exchange would cancel the link juice since your giving it back… AM I wrong?

    Thanks so much Nathan you rock brother!

    Brandon Lukas

    1. Hi Brandon, thanks for the comment!

      1. Yes, that’s right. Usually 5-10 depending on the competition of the keyword
      2. That’s exactly right. Everything needs to super relevant!
      3. Exactly. If it’s not ranking either build more properties, build some tier two links to strengthen them, or go out and get stronger links from other sources other than web 2.0s. It’s always a good idea to diversify.
      4. Unfortunately, I don’t do any guest posting 🙁

      Let me know if you have any other questions, thanks again

      – Gotch

  32. Great guide, I noticed that I dropped in the rankings for my page a few weeks ago and on analysing my competitors backlinks stumbled across PBN for the first time, immediately peaked my interest! I can’t afford to put together a PBN at this stage but I’m hoping that the web 2.0 can help as my keywords are all low to medium competition.

    I have just a few questions and I don’t know if anyone can help out with…..

    1. Can I use this to rank for untargetted keywords, I’m a wedding photographer so for instance my main keyword would be xyzplace wedding photographer, but building 10 or so web 2.0 could I rank for abcplace wedding photographer?

    2. I’ve been reading about the latest roll out of Panda in the last couple of days, will this roll out render these links as worthless and spammy and cause more harm than good?

    1. Hi Martin, thanks for the comment.

      1. Yes, you can use web 2.0s to rank for many keywords. HOWEVER, you’ll need to build tier two links or get other strong links if you’re in a competitive industry.
      2. Panda targets on-page issues, not links. As long as you build web 2.0s the way I explain in this post and vary your anchor text, you’ll be safe.

  33. Hi Nathan,

    This advice seems great and I have just finished my first Super web 2.0 with plenty of posts schedules so I won’t have to add anything to it for a while, so thanks for the information on that.

    My question is, do you optimise the on page SEO for the web 2.0s? I know the linked article is optimised with the keyword etc. but do you do anything with the meta tags and things like that?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Rajesh, thank you for the comment and great job on getting those set up.

      For on-page, you just want to make sure the web 2.0 is super relevant to your money site. So creating relevant META information is a good idea. Just make sure your keyword density on the properties isn’t too high. Staying around 1-3% is pretty safe

      – Gotch

  34. So let’s say I am writing 3 articles each targeting a different niche keyword. Can I create 3 Web 2.0 from WordPress, weebly, and tumbler for each article, or is that too many of the same Web 2.0 back to the same domain. Should each article/keyword inch get different Web 2.0 providers linking back.

    1. Hi Jason, as long as they are targeting different pages on your site it usually doesn’t decrease the effectiveness. You should still try to build them on different properties if possible to increase IP diversity

  35. Hi Nathan,
    This is my first visit to your site and i will definitely come back!
    My question is, FOR TIER 2, is it safe to make blog comment links from blogs that are not related with the niche?
    For example, i have a health niche keyword and i make comment link from some technology blog.
    Tnx and sorry for my bad english 🙂

  36. Thanks for this great post. Have been reading on different ways to improve your ranking and site authority and this article has been very helpful. Have been able to pick up some vital stuffs that i’ll be using.

  37. First of all, you are a godsend. I am trying to do some free SEO and make some start up capital for bigger ventures with a small site. Your site is jam packed with so much useful information. That’s why I love SEO bloggers. I have a few questions aboutl SEO if you don’t mind.

    1.) Is it okay if we make Web 2.0s from the same IP address (e.g, our regular IP address)? I heard that you must treat Web 2.0s like a PBN so that Google doesn’t find footprints and penalize your sites.

    2.)Can I put up random content on the Web 2.0s or does it have to be relevant? I have around 15,000 high quality, random articles.

    3.)My site never ranked and I have pretty bad anchor text optimization because I bought a fiverr linkwheel from a reputed seller. Here is my anchor text distribution:
    I have read your Panda 3.0 recovery and it seems I should just disavow all the links. I used a tool called Linkquidator and it said my links were mostly pretty good. It was all low risk links. I have around 700 links, so not that much.

    Or should I just let it go? I want to hold on to this domain at all costs because it has a good brand name and easily expandable. Please give me your opinion.

    Sorry for barraging you with all these questions. Thanks again!

    1. Charlie, thank you for the kind words!

      1) Although it’s pretty unlikely that Google could ever have this information since you’re going through a third party website, it’s still a safe bet to use a VPN or Hide My Ass

      2) Relevancy is the most important factor! Keep your web 2.0s HIGHLY relevant to see the best returns.

      3) Yeah, that looks pretty rough. Was it making you money and how much does it mean to you? Personally, I would just drop it and start fresh. If you really still love it, then just clean up the link profile and 301 redirect to a new site.

      – Gotch

  38. Really an excellent and awesome guide my friend. This was good and amazing I have now learnt all the process of this by your help. But also please tell this thing that the indexation of that web 2.0 is necessary or not? I mean if the link of our web 2.0 blog is indexed in Google than it is alright? Or is it necessary that link should be present in Google Webmaster Tools? Please just clear me this topic I shall be very thankful to you 🙂

  39. You say not to link out to your money site more than 2-3 times per Web 2.0 property.
    My question is:
    My main website has a blog with many posts, I’d really like to link out to quite a few of my blog posts but that would be way more than 2-3 links out to my main site. Do you mean 2-3 links to the Homepage of the main site or the site in general.
    I’ve had Blogger, WordPress, Weebly and Tumblr for some time now and have always linked directly to my main site blog posts from them. I admit Tumblr is my largest property with many posts but each Tumblr blog post links directly to a relevant post on my site, should I stop doing that?
    Also I sometimes use my Web 2.0’s to link out to directories, my YouTube channel, Pinterest and Google Plus page and don’t link to my money site at all, is this safe?

    1. Catherine,

      Thanks for the comment! I mean 2-3 links to the site max – that includes homepage and internal. You of course, can link as many times as you would like, but it’s just my personal preference. It really depends if the web 2.0 is branded or it is just a keyword-rich web 2.0. Branded web 2.0s like are a hub for your brand and therefore you can link to any of your assets as many times as you want. As long as you aren’t using aggressive anchor text.

  40. Hello Nathan.

    This is an awesome post (guide). I will follow the instructions to build some Good Web 2.0 for my websites. I have a question though :

    Is it safe to link to my money website in all the web 2.0 articles ? Can I put the links in the filler content also ?


  41. One of the best posts I’ve read in 2015 (even though the article is from 2014). I have also been trying to link using web 2.0 but they have largely been ineffective. The most effective one is blogspot. However, I think I can finally make them relevant by following your guideline

  42. Hello Gotch,

    This is the best post that I’ve red about Web 2.0s but i have a question which i think you may help me with:
    Please which one is better between creating Web 2.0 link building and PBN because i keep asking myself which one is better, but finally i guess Web 2.0s are way better because of their High DA. But i guess is better to ask a professional than solving these questions myself

    Thanks Gotch, I look forward to hear from you!

  43. Hay Gotch! Great resource indeed. I have 2 questions too:

    1. You said that you prefer to do your T2 to the post that has the link. Would it be good if I create a SILO structure starting from my money site (MS) link post? So this way it would be: the post with the MS link -> category page -> post 1 -> post 2 -> … -> post with the MS link.

    2. Would it be fine if I use 3 links in my MS link post? 1 for the MS, 1 for an authority site related to niche, 1 for interlinking (silo)?

    1. Umra,

      Thanks for the comment!

      1. You can definitely do it that way. In fact, that would be an awesome way to distribute authority throughout the entire web 2.0.

      2. That’s actually the best strategy: 1 money site link, 1 relevant authority link, and 1 or more internal links.

      Let me know if you have any other questions, thanks!

      – Gotch

  44. You said that you make 10 Web 2.0s per keyword. What does that mean? If your site is targeting 10 keywords, you make 100 Web 2.0s?

    Another question. Can you make like 4 Weebly Web 2.0s? Would that be beneficial?

  45. I have a few questions 🙂

    1) Does this still works after all the updates?

    2) From the list of 50+ web 2.0 you give us, do all of them allow me to create about us, contact us (a mini site) if not, how do I make a mini site out of some web 2.0 that do not allow more than one page? or all of them allow more than one page?

    1. Hi Michael,

      Thanks for the comment!

      1. Yes, but it is slightly more risky. I’ll be explaining this in the next few weeks

      2. Most do, but a lot of sites change their policies pretty often

  46. I always been mystified by link building… With this post, I having some valuable knowledge!

    Thank you, Gotch! Thank you very much!

    Awesome article!!!

  47. Awesome post!!! I just wanted to ask you, Is it possible to rank a just by using web 2.0 with the tiered backlinking method? Or it is necessary to also create a PBN of high authority? Thank you a lot Nathan!

  48. Awesome posts..
    Filler content is really a new ides for me..i never heared about filler content before….
    just one question, if create a 3 filler posts of images, then in each post, i should link every image back to my money site ?
    second i posts three to 4 filler posts, then how much the minimum main article could be? one main article and and 4 filler posts are enough ?

    1. Hi Imran,

      No, you don’t need to link the images back. It’s filler content, so it really shouldn’t have any links going back to your money site. Links going to authority sites are fine

  49. Hi Nathan, you mention high pr dofollow blog comments for tier 2. How do you go about finding them? Also, what do you do for content for your web 2.0 sites? If you have a lot of them it could start getting expensive to have articles written. Do you ever use spun articles on tier 1?

    1. Hi Daniel,

      In all honesty, I use vendors who take care of this task. Email me if you want them. I never use spun content on tier one and I recommend you don’t!

  50. Gotch thanks for the help!! I wanted to ask you another 2 questions lol. the first one. You say you use aged web 2.0s, how do you find these? and the other one is, What do you think about building super web 2.0s for tier one and two, and using Gsa to give both tiers supporting links? as you said not doing thousands of links a day but maybe giving each site like 20 supporting links more or less each day. Thank you a lot for the help Gotch!

  51. Great content. I’ve read it at least six times. Two questions.

    1. In terms of creating the web 2.0s, should I stagger their creation? Or can I create, say, 5 accounts in 2 days and start building out content on them?

    2. Is it still permissible, in your opinion to use the same email address to create those 5 accounts?

    P.S. I started using an iPhone app called Recogniser (I’m not affiliated) to create content- it transcribes speech and lets you edit on the fly and then email to yourself- so I’m creating 600 word articles with relative ease and scheduling them for publication on the 2.0s.

    1. That’s awesome Ryan, thanks for the comment!

      1. Drip feeding any part of the process is a good way to eliminate footprints
      2. Yeah, it’s not a problem because Google can’t see what you used to register since they don’t own the sites

      Sounds like an awesome app! I’ll check it out 🙂

  52. Hi, Nathan!

    I made one web 2.0 property in, and what can I say… It works! I only use URL variations as anchor text in main article pointing to my money site, my site got a a great boost, it jumped from 55th position to 45th… I will try to create more of these web 2.0 properties and I will update you on this!

  53. Hey Gotch, thanks for this blogpost, I’ll be following your advice. I have one concern though, I’m targeting a quite small keyword and all EMD web 2.0’s are avaliable on all platforms. Should I go with it for every single 2.0? Wouldn’t that be suspicous?

    Thanks again for a great article!

  54. Hi Nathan,

    All the blog posts should be targeted to one URL with variation anchor text? Or should we target each blog post to each URL?

    Thank you.

  55. Hi Nathan,
    I have question regarding filler contents. I created web 2.0 blog and filled with filler contents by scraped articles, some videos youtube. But my web 2.0s have not get indexed and I think they will not get indexed. Should I worry about that or just wait and only the unique article hosted my backlink need to be indexed?

  56. Hi Nathan.
    When i need to post Main article with a target keywords? 1week After welcome post or 1 month after filler content.
    For example we create blog (about contacts , welcome post). Then i post main article , filler content and waiting. Or 1-2 filler content then main article (1 month after welcome post), then 1-5 filler content.
    Do SBN works in Europe,Ukraine?

  57. Hey Nathan,
    I cant believe you are still answering questions on this post from so long ago, thank you for your dedication. My question is, what If I have a blog that’s targeting very low competition keywords in several niches? Lets say 5 low competition keywords in each niche. Does it makes sense to build 5 or so relevant web 2.0’s to each group of those low competition keywords as long as they are from different domains? Or will my link profile get unbalanced with web 2.0’s?

  58. Hi Nathan,

    Thank you for awesome post. It helped me a lot. I have one question, please help me:

    In case my main site is: and my web 2.0 is so s you mentioned “From the About page, you should internally link back to your homepage”. Does that mean I need to link back to my main site?

  59. Hi Gotch,

    I have questions, please help me if you don’t mind:

    1. How many backlinks that I should put into one seed article. If I should only put one backlink in seed article so this text makes me confuse:
    “Deciding what type of anchor text to use on this web 2.0s is up to you. I generally try to create 10 of these properties so that I can delegate the anchor text appropriately. Exact match anchors 10%, brand name anchors 30%, URL variations 20%, partial match or LSI 20%, and generic 20%.”

    Why I need to create 10 of these properties while I should only put one backlink?

    2. If my money site already have review articles so what type of content I should post on web 2.0s?

    Thank you so much.

      1. Hi Nathan,

        Thank you for the reply, it helped me a lot. One more question is can I create many web 2.0(s) on the same platform (e.g: WordPress)?

        Hung The.

  60. Awesome post. We have just started this process for our web design area of our business and will use this as a reference. It’s good to have a plan but also to change it up. A nice, cheaper alternative to the PBN. Nice info Nathan.

  61. Amazing post, thank you, did not know where to start and I will use the information from your post to get the seo of my site!

  62. I have lots of question to ask but mainly two questions are..
    – Super Web 2.0 is secure way to create authority to your money sites?
    – Should I create backlinks for Web 2.0?

  63. I’d really appreciate your feedback on this question:

    I have 3 Web 2.0s linking back to Website A. I have another website, Website B, on the same topic as Website A. Can I use those same 3 Web 2.0s to link to Website B since both sites A & B are on the same exact topic? Or should I create a new round of Web 2.0s for website B?

  64. Hi Gotch,

    What,s your recommended length for the Youtube filler content?
    Can I use just 2-3 sentences?

  65. Hi, Thanks for an amazing blog on SEO. I am totally inspired by your posts to take up SEO myself rather than outsourcing it. I have few questions, it would be great if you could respond to them.

    1. How many articles do I need to create 10 web 2.0 properties? 10 unique articles or I can get 1 unique article and hand spun it to generate 9 alternative?
    2. What if I use SENuke/ Instant autofill wizard to make accounts on these web 2.0 websites and later fill in filler content and my article manually? will it leave footprint?
    3. Can I use article builder to generate filler content for my web 2.0 properties?
    4. Can I use SENuke to create 2nd tier links to these web 2.0 properties?

    Thanks again, will wait for your response
    Tabish Shams

    1. Tabish,

      Thanks for the comment!

      1. 10 properties = 10 unique, manually written articles. Avoid spun content on tier one
      2. I wouldn’t use any automation on tier one
      3. That’s probably fine for filler content, but it could decrease the value of your web 2.0s. Unique content is always best on tier one. Even if it’s filler
      4. It should be fine on tier two, but just be careful with link velocity and anchor text distribution

  66. This is very useful information Gotch. I’m in the process of learning how to use IFTTT to create a series of high quality Web 2.0 backlinks to local niche sites I have built in order to rank them on page 1, and the local 7-pack on Google, using Google My Business and Citations, with the intent on renting the sites to local businesses. I am using a persona to create the the money site, then using the same persona to create the Web 2.0s. My question is, when creating the Super Web 2.0, should it be created with the same persona as the rest, or should this be someone entirely new, a different persona? Basically, would it be logical from Google’s perspective, that the “owner” of the local business, a plumber for example, be the one to create the Super Web 2.0 too? Thanks. I look forward to your response.

    1. That sounds like a good idea Michael. As far as the personas, they should be unique for each individual web 2.0 because it decreases the footprint and appears to be more natural

  67. Great Tutorial, Nathan. Many thanks for it. I read many of your articles but now I do have a question:

    In your anchor spreadsheet for the first 30 links, say for a branded domain, you have two exact matches, eight LSI/Partitial matches and many other achor link types. Now how does fit they in with the WEB2.0 structure you have given?

    In other words, you have for web2.0 a certain percentage for each anchor type. How often do they, say for 10 properties, do appear in that spreadsheet? How often is web2.0 used there? As far as I understand, in tier 1, exact match and partitial match anchors are reserverd for PBNs or high PR dofollow links, not web2.0, yet in web2.0 you have at least one exact match anchor. Can you please put the relation of that 30 links related to the occurrences of web2.0 there together? I hope you understand what I mean. Please let me know. I’m a great fan of your work. Sorry for my English. I’m not from the U.S. 😉

    Many thanks/Rainer

  68. Hi Nathan. Thank you for your reply. I did read the article (and many other of your tutorials), and the anchor one is excellent (too)! It fits exactly with your normal and super web.20 tutorials. Unfortunatelly, I have some problems how ALL of your web2.0 properties fit with your anchor cycling strategy (which is well explained and outlined in your 30-links spreadsheet sample). I do not know how often, say 10 properties, do appear there. I know the percentage for building web2.0 but web2.0 is only part of another group (with their own percentage together): Like PBN’s, Guest Blogging, High PR links, comments, PDF etc. Can you please explain that? Your own case studies have in fact a lot of different percentages, if you compare those backlinks in the latter group together.

    If you can’t explain it, I may ask you again from another point of view later. One piece of information is missing too. Can you please provide it: In your anchor cyling spreadsheet sample you are covering initially 30 links. Can you please tell me HOW FAST or SLOWLY do you build those 30 links? Within 1 month, 2 months or even more? Some of your article suggest you may even go for a longer period. Please let me know. Many thanks in advance!
    — Rainer

    1. Hi Rainer,

      The anchor text percentages are a general guideline to follow. You’re over analyzing it more than necessary. My preference to build links slowly and watch the progress. Just take action 🙂

  69. Hmm…Yes, you may have right. Building one backlink at a time sounds reasonable. But you do it intuitive based on years of experience. Years I do not have yet in this respect. I found your tutorials as some of the best on the market. But I also read at Moz etc. Thanks Nathan to take the time to reply.

  70. Hi Gotch, 1st thanks fro the detailed post, i have bookmarked your website.

    I am making notes as per your post but now struck at one step:

    For exampe I have 7 web2.0 sites

    All are based on somewhat related money keyword (Online Dating Sites is my money keyword) so i made web2.0 urls like

    Now my question is each will have different filler posts. for example i have thought of using below niche based keywords on this web2.0 site

    Filler post topics

    Online Dating Advice
    Online Dating Tips
    Dating pros and cons
    online dating etiquette

    SO the question is will i be able to use the same topics for rest of my web2.O properties like, or we would need to choose other topics for the filler posts for each web2.0 sites?
    Each web2.0 will be on different Fake names (for about us and FB, twitter profiles)? If i have 5 web2.0 sites then i would need five fake names?
    To make it authenticated, i planned of creating web2.0 accounts once in a week, sometimes twice and again once.
    I will be posting filler posts once in a week for each web2.0?
    My linked article will be after welcome post and five filler posts?
    After welcome post and five filler posts and one linked article, should i leave them or i should continue posting articles about Niche related keywords but will not link to money site?

    My 7 web2.0 will be around one keyword Online Dating Sites. but i have more keywords so should i follow the same process for other keywords? For example my next keyword is “International Dating Sites”. so i will created 5 to 6 web2.0 around this keyword, welcome post, fillers posts and then linked article? Thats it?

    Thanks in Advance. You rock.

    1. Achelle,

      Thank you for the comment. Each web 2.0 should act as its own unique blog. Meaning, it should have it’s own unique personality, unique content, and its own social accounts (if you go that far).

  71. Thanks Gotch but i have still few consfusions which you can resolve. I know you are a busy guy 🙂

    Here are my questions once again

    I will be posting filler posts once in a week for each web2.0?
    My linked article will be after welcome post and five filler posts?
    After welcome post and five filler posts and one linked article, should i leave them or i should continue posting articles about Niche related keywords but will not link to money site?

    My 7 web2.0 will be around one keyword Online Dating Sites. but i have more keywords so should i follow the same process for other keywords? For example my next keyword is “International Dating Sites”. so i will created 5 to 6 web2.0 around this keyword, welcome post, fillers posts and then linked article?


  72. Hello Gotch
    Great post , i like your posts a lot of gold nuggets
    Wanna ask you about blogger blogs : can i create about 4 in the same Gmail ?
    Thanks Nathan

  73. What do you think about using web 2.0’s as coffer filters?
    For examples blasting them with GSA links. Than linking the 2.0’s to your money/client sites.

    1. Hi Isaiah,

      Thanks for the comment. I’m not a fan of “blasting” anything to be totally honest. It’s more effective and less risky to build strong PBN links to your web 2.0s

  74. Excellent article. Really helpful to the SEO noobs like me.

    Couple of quick questions:
    Is it ok to register all 2.0’s with the same email address?
    I’m using EMD for my money site, but its regionalised. It doesn’t make sense for me to use the target keyword in the url and the site title as surely this will be a dead giveaway and leave a

    Thanks for the advice.

    1. Jon,

      Thanks for the comment!

      Yes, it’s fine unless you’re super paranoid. Relevancy isn’t a footprint, so you’ll be fine! Just be smart about anchor text.

      1. Seriously? I wouldn’t presume to understand googles algorithm, but surely a bunch of 2.0s like this,, all linking to would set alarm bells ringing and justify a manual action at the very least?

        At which point the registration with the same email address is discovered!!! 🙂

        I dont know, all seems risky to me, but then I’m all new to this.

  75. I have a question for you; let’s say I have 5 keywords I want to target and they all full under fitness. Would you advise using 5 keyword articles on one tumblr blog (with filler articles of course), or making 5 separate tumblr accounts, each with filler articles but only one keyword article? Over all the web 2.0s this would massively increase workload, but thoughts?

  76. Hi Nathan, a question: Would you link from a Super WEB2.0 (set) with a single EXACT ANCHOR MATCH but NOFOLLOW to your target home page (or subpage) OR do need this POWER link to be DOFOLLOW? As far as I know, there exist WEB20 properties who do allow DOFOLLOW. Or, is Web20 exact match with nofollow OK? I’m aware that dofollow with exact match might be the most powerful combination..still, is nofollow accetable in this case or would it be a waste of linking power? Thanks.

  77. Hi,

    I have followed you on twitter but I didn’t get the site list as stated here “With a simple “Like” or Follow you will get get instant access to 50 + free web 2.0s for building awesome links.”

      1. Hi,
        i have the same problem. BTW the twitter link did not work in Chrome on Mac. With it worked with safari.


  78. Hi Nathan, although I read many of your tutorials, I really would like to get an answer to my previous Web2.0 question on August 28. Can you? Maybe I missed something, but I like to get your feedback if possible. Thanks in advance.

  79. thanks a lot for your great stuff here. but i have to ask for a very important something for me. english is not my first language and i have developed a really good way that depends on translated content from any other language that can result in 90% unique, readable, optimized, good quality content. even if i re-translate it to its original language again, google cant find them in their original language. the question here, can i use such this content in building a lot of web2 since i can get a lot of them easily without need to spun them. thanks a lot

  80. Hi, Gotch. thanks for one more useful post. I have one question that if I do not use PBN for tier 1, only quality web 2.0 for MS, and I redirect 301 PBN for each each web 2.0. is it ok ? thanks

  81. Hi
    Just have a few questions
    1. Can I use the same article for web 2.0 which I’ve posted on my blog.
    2. Can I use my company brand name as the URL of the Web 2.0 like and add content on regular basis there?

  82. Hi Gotch thanks for your post but some of the posts you wrote and the comments in the section really got me confusing.

    In the post you said to use 10% EXACT match anchor and rest secondary lsi and related terms as you say so but in comment number 1 on your reply you said you will build 10 for each keyword you targeting!!

    That means from the view i understand, suppose your main keyword will be “payday loans” and the anchor you will be using in web 2.0 will be its variations like cheap payday loans, advance pay day loans, cash advance loans and some general anchors like click here and read more.

    Then you mean, you will create 10 different web 2.0 for the anchors / keywords like cheap payday loans, advance pay day loans, cash advance loans etc ???

    Can you make it clear 🙂

    1. Hi Shashank,

      Thanks for the comment! That’s right, I build 10 for a single keyword. That doesn’t mean I use 10 exact match anchor text. It would mean that I use one exact match anchor text out of the 10 web 2.0s that are built. I hope that makes sense!

    1. Hi Mike,

      Good question and yes, they certainly have. I’ve said this before, but web 2.0s should NOT be a primary link source. They are fine as a supporting links, but everyone’s focus should be on acquiring relevant editorial links.

  83. Quick question. I’ve been building Web 2.0s with this guide to a keyword with no competition. I noticed that the web 2.0s are indexed in Google. HOWEVER, they are NOT showing up when I look at my money site’s “Links to my Site” section under Google Webmaster Tools. Do I have to get them to show up under this section to see their benefit? Or is the indexing enough to see any benefit that I’d be getting from them?

    1. Hi Bellin,

      Thanks for the comment! The only thing that matters is that they are indexed. Google doesn’t show all your link data in Google Search Console, it’s only a sample

  84. Hey, I have a quick question. I came across this on creating my first 2.0 using wordpress. It asked if I want it to be private or if I want google to index it. Which is best practice? Thank you!!

  85. Hi Gotch,

    Obviously, all your points are good, but please update this post with some more useful info like while creating Web 2.0’s whether need to keep it as Private Blog or Public…For a moment I got this doubt… Correct me if am wrong.


  86. Hi Gotch,
    I have two question for you regarding this blog post. Do you think that it is useful if I buy some web 2.0 properties form fiverr for example that have high PA. Or do you think it is better to create brand new properties and strengthen them with links? Also, do you use any proxy servers to access your properties and add content or this does not matter very much unless you are super paranoid? Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Nikolay,

      I personally wouldn’t do that because I like having control of my link building. It doesn’t hurt to use a VPN or proxies, but in all honesty, it probably doesn’t make a difference at all. Google doesn’t have internal IP data of the web 2.0 platforms.

  87. Gotch,

    Thanks a ton for this info. I was blogging and learning SEO two years ago. Then I took a break and all hell broke loose. You’re site has been a great way for me to catch up on everything going on.

    I’ll be sticking around.


  88. Hi Gotch,

    Thanks for this information. I’m learning SEO and this is very helpful.
    The question that i have is:
    what should we do if we are trying to traget multiple keywords?
    For example I’m targeting baby gifts, baby clothing and baby shower gift.

    Do I need to create separate WEB 2.0 blogs for each keyword? For example, do i have to create 3 separate web 2.0 blogs on and 3 separate web 2.0 blogs on and so on and so forth?!

    You advise would be appreciated.

  89. Thanks for the inspiration. Most of this I must admit I already knew, but sometimes you just need that extra push to get the wheels turning. Thanks again, may just have to stick around here for awhile. lol

  90. Thank for your great post. I feel so lucky to find it. Can i ask you two question. I want use the same web 2.0 for all my inner pages. Is there any problem with this? And how to index backlink quickly?

  91. Hello,

    I know you talk alot concern content, links, backlinks, etc. but why do people make it a big deal? I know there are a lot of google fear spreading around, and google wants you to be in fear. for instance, I visit a few forums that has good authority, however, not all of their content does not have any authority value what so ever, in fact, some sites have millions of pages content that provides nothing, not only that, can you imagine how many spammy links go back to these authority sites? So basically you have to become an authority before you can let your site go producing non value content, and attracting millions more in spammy links, however, if you are the little guy, how can you expect to exceed forward when google is always pushing the small guy back while at the same time that “authority” site full of junk and spam links moves forward. But for the new guy, he has to produce the right content, and the right links out of fear of getting slapped just once to the point of most likely never being able to come back online again with that same domain.

    Would love to see your feedback on this…


  92. Nathan, I setup my very first Web2.0 today on wordpress. It is amazing what text looks like when you transfrom it into somethat that sells, even if you do not appear to be selling, in fact, i think it is good enough to let google on it. I am sure there are others that can design much better then me, and I did not design anything, only used some images/videos on hand, moved things around until it fit, whala. Now I am going to go deeper with this, why do I need 1 or more web2.0 properties when there high legit sites out there? I know this because I ran across listings anywhere from on-page wiki right to being on such sights as CNN, BuzzFeed, and other high value sites, so why do i need web20 when I can link legit site profiles to my money site? Is it not ok to direct link, even if you feel the PR is legit, and of good quality? I know web2.0 properties are much cheaper to build, and the high pr sites charge much more then the avg dollar. I am just trying to get a good visual on this, and this is just something that I can not visualize. thanks

  93. Hi Gotch, first thank for you detail instruction.
    I have a problem that Google is not indexing my backlinks on 2.0 websites (they are about 1+ month old).Should I wait or doing something to index these 2.0 websites? Thank for your time

  94. This is indeed a great article and super easy to understand. I am going to implement these techniques. And I hope it will definitely work. Thanks Gotch.

  95. Hello, Nathan

    Awesome web2.0 guide:). I am on my way to try rank few longtail keywords with low competition, hope this strategy is still work new days.

  96. Hi Man!

    Thanks for this post. It is very useful post. This question is rendering in my mind that if I took web 2.0 high page authority, like blogger, wordpress, tumblr, etc has only 1 page authority when i create them. But i have huge collection of my own high page authority web 2.0 sites. Most of them are 30+ Pa and Da 82 or 90 something like this.

    So it is useful to take links from these high page authority web 2.0 sites. or I have to create new web 2.0s with page authority 1.

    I will be very thankful to you for reply.

  97. Hi Nathan, suppose in your comment section have three field require to fill up. Name – Email – Website. If I comment as like now, using the details Name – Email – Website, and put my website URL into the website filed, and if I don’t add any link into the comment. Is there any helpful result even I put the web URL into Website filed. Suggest me please….

    1. Hi Rony,

      Thanks for the comment. Yes, it helps! Niche relevant blog comments are a perfect way to diversify your link and anchor profile, build relationships, and even sometimes send referral traffic to your website.

  98. Awesome article Gotch, and good to know this is still relevant and feasible today. I’m going to be implementing this strategy along with an outreach campaign centered around infographics and new content (a lot of the stuff in the niche I’m working on is REALLY outdated in the SERPs, and I’m pretty confident we can blow it out of the water). I am curious though – do you include a pic of -someone- on every About Us page? I mean it’s easy enough to snag a random photo for that, but did you have any method to the madness?

    1. Hi Steve,

      Thank you for the comment. You are making a good decision to diversify your link acquisition approach. As far as the pictures, it’s totally random haha

  99. Thanks for this great post. Have been reading on different ways to improve your ranking and site authority and this article has been very helpful. I translate to better understand 🙂

  100. Thanks Nathan, great post. I have few questions, would you please help me.

    Do we need to use private proxies for building link for web 2.0 sites and accessing it later?
    What about article directories, whether they are still working or not?


  101. Great article, I’d known a bit about web 2.0s before but this makes things a lot clearer. Is it better to be linking my web 2.0 posts to my the home page or individual blog posts on my primary blog? Or should I be doing this for both if I want them both to rank well?

  102. Hi Gotch,

    Wonderful article, i was searching for creating web 2.0 blogs for my niche blogs and found this, it is really very useful, some points i would like to clear, do i need to create multiple email addresses for different web 2.0 blogs ? or i can use a single email address for every web 2.0 blog, 2ndly is it really necessary to create blog from different locations using some proxy/hidemyass or i can use my local ip to create blogs and further creating posts on my web 2.0 ??


  103. Hi Nathan, thanks for the in depth guide. I am just a beginner in tiered link building and planning to build some web2.0 links to my money site.

    I have a question. If I build T2 links to my web2.0 (T1) sites using automated tools like GSA or others, the backlinks would not be coming from relevant sites …

    1. Will that increase the risk of google penalizing the web2.0 property ?
    2. How to verify, if a web2.0 property has been penalized or not ?

    1. Thanks for the comment!

      1. yes, you increase your chances of getting penalized when you use automated link building tools
      2. the web 2.0 will likely get deindexed and you will have a manual action notification in Google Search Console

  104. Awesome Post! I wonder how much research and time you have spent writing such great posts. I read mostly all.
    I have a one question though. Pardon me if its foolish…
    Here it is Gotch- Can we use same web 2.0 for ranking other keyword on a different domain or do We have to repeat the process of Tier 1 Tier 2.. ?
    Can we target different keyword with these same web 2.0 to a different post on the same domain for which these are made?
    Waiting for a reply
    Thanks in advance Gotch. 🙂

  105. Hey dude
    I am impressed, i am still reading all of your articles posted on this site.
    have a few questions

    For example i have a main site related to “cookie recipes”
    and i have created 10 web 2.0 blogs.what will be the topic of this blogs? what i am going to share in these blogs?
    all of them will have content about cookie recipes? or they will have random topic

  106. Does this still work in 2016? Would you still recommend this method? Have you ever been penalized for your web 2.0 properties?

    1. Ann,

      Yes it still works, but there is risk. I personally haven’t been penalized for using web 2.0s, but my agency has needed to removed manual actions that were a direct result of using web 2.0s.

      1. Hi Gotch,

        So should we avoid doing web 2.0s for 2016? Because you mentioned there are risks. and then how to mitigate those risks?

  107. How big would you build a Web 2.0. Would you make it 10 pages, 20, etc.
    If you did make a property 20 pages how many articles on the site would you let have a link to your real blog.
    I have a couple of web 2.0s that are about 10 pages. I think 4 of those pages have my real blog’s links on them. They all have about me, contact, category navigation, and all the little blocks that have Latin in them are gone too. They are real. My posts range from about 300 words for a small article (no links on these) to 800+ words(at most this would get 2 links. I prefer only one money site link per article with maybe an authority site link if the article is big enough to support it.

    But I don’t know how big to go. Or if there is a proper ratio of money site links to the number of posts. Is a 50 post web 2.0 with 20 money site links too many. I don’t have any that big.
    I am looking for a rule of thumb, if none exists, good reasoning is always helpful.

      1. well, I found a lot of articles that says that web 2.0 is not risky. and your comment about this risk now this makes me curious. This is the first time I found someone says web 2.0 it’s risky. but it makes sense when too much web 2.0 link to money site.

        maybe “G” implementation of a new algorithm for spam web 2.0 in 2016.

        whatever, Web 2.0 still powerful but need the “art”.

  108. Nathan,

    I’ve read your article and trust me you have mentioned everything really well about Web 2.0. But I have a tricky question and I need a little help of you. I’m working in a Niche (Infusionsoft Consultancy). Which have no competition so far but I want to get traffic for my site. Any suggestion please?

  109. Hey Nathan, great blog i must say, it is not the simple guru stuff you see all over the internet but rather usefull and well thought out information.
    I have one question for you,it is about the filler content of the web 2.0’s. For let’s say 10-20 web 2.0 each to have 5-10 post that is allooot of handwriting content. I am just beginning on this road but it seems like a lot to me and after 3-4 2.0’s my head stars to hurt and i am running out of things to write about.
    My question is can the filler content be duplicate and just try to index and build up the main article, or does the whole 2.0 has to be indexed, every single post?
    Because you said what counts in the end is the main linking article, so why so much effort in the rest of the posts?
    Once again great blog i read most of it and so far it is my favourite seo blog.

    1. Thank you! The only reason you put effort into the filler content is reduce your risk. It’s not entirely necessary, but it can certainly decrease the probability of a penalty

        1. Nathan answered this in his post, you need to build tier 2 links. You can use more web 2.0s, do follow blog comments or social bookmarking, just make sure they are high quality ?

  110. But Do you thing Web 2.0 have the power to outrank bigger competitors in SEO.

    Expired web 2.0 blogger, tumblr, wordpress can compete Private blog networks ?

  111. Hi Nathan
    I love to read your posts,
    Talking about Senuke ,If you are going to use it , what is the safest approach or strategy will you use ?

  112. I think, the Web 2.0 sites can easily be tracked by Google these days. And if these are tracked; Google will penalize your target site for Link Manipulating.

    What about buying domains and hosting with C class IPs and make a Tier 1 Link Wheel those has no connection with one another?

    What do you think Gotch?



  113. I’m not yet doing any marketing or SEO related activities. But having a interest in doing amazon affiliate marketing I’m learning SEO. And this article has given me a clear idea about Web.2 . Thanks Gotch!

  114. Looking forward to trying this out!

    I know it may not work as well as a PBN but I don’t have the money to invest in one at the moment.

    I also believe it could benefit a PBN if I was to create one in the future. Is this right?


  115. I just got turned on to your blog the other day from doing a couple Google searches. I was in the SEO pretty heavy a couple years back and am getting my feet wet again. Your articles are stellar. Each one gets better and better.

  116. One question please. I have a plan to create 50+ web 2.0 using super web 2.0 method. How many sites can I link? Can these web 2.0 be general niche or they have to be niche specific. I mean articles I post on these web 2.0 to link money site can be anything or niche specific. Just want to get maximum benefit out of my super web 2.0

      1. Sorry for my lake of understanding and bad English. I read it again and the only thing I didn’t understand so far is If I can link more than one money sites If the niche is same? For instance, one money site is and another so can I create separate posts for both and give them a backlink.

  117. Hi Nathan,

    Thank you for the great article! I love your stuff. Ihave a question. How many of the same web 2.0 (for example would you build to the same money site? Can I build out every web 2.0 platform 5 times (in different ways) and all link to the same money site?

    Thanks in advance!


  118. hi

    Your script of sharing on facebook/twitter does not work and I can not get the 50+ list of web 2.0

    Can you please send the list on my email? And, ofcourse, another way to like/share your content.

  119. hi thank you lovely article your website will helping me lot of in my seo knowledge

    i have some questions
    i am ready to create high quality web 2 site with my target keyword like this

    1. my target keyword was seo tips so then i have to create web 2 site like this

    2. i have to create good welcome post and about and contact page

    3. now i have post some quality filler content posts in seotips.Livejournal.Com with (video, images,pdf some) time schedule was one month

    4. now i have to link with my targeted keyword to my website with high quality content

    My questions was

    1. i am doing above things right or not ?
    2. in the process can i use any other website links in Filler Content ?
    3. if my keyword difficulty 30% then how many Filler Content i need ?
    4. i am running web site and opening webmaster tools and google analytic in one IP address the web 2 sites also can i create the same IP address or different IP address

    Thank you very much

    1. Thank you for the comment.

      Don’t overthink it. Google can’t see the IP you are creating the web 2.0 from. It only sees the IP of the host site. The better your web 2.0, the less it is to get deleted

  120. Hi Nathan

    I have a question, can we create a subdomain with website name instead of keywords because sometimes we have long tail keywords and word limit for subdomain is short. What to do in that case.? One more question, how many backlink should we get from one web 2.0 site?


  121. Hello Nathan,

    I have a few questions but first I just wanna say thanks for your incredible SEO insight. You’ll never understand how much your blog has helped me lol. I can’t wait to join your SEO Academy so I can take my SEO to another level. If all goes well, I should be able to join within the next two releases.

    Now, for the questions:

    1) How important is IP address diversity when publishing Web2.0 properties?

    What I mean is: I assume all Web2.0’s on a certain domain will all have the same or extremely similar IP address, so for example should I limit myself to 2 or 3 per domain?

    2) If a page was last cached by Google a month ago, and I’ve since added a link to that page. Is Google unaware of that link until the next time they cache the page? In short, is the cache date the last time a page was crawled?

    3) How do you keep your sanity when reading full articles and then putting a well thought out and relevant comment that never or takes forever to get accepted? Do you know any ways to find auto accept comment opportunities or know if a blog auto accepts? I don’t spam or copy and paste comments so that’s not why.

    Right now I’m sporting maybe a 1 in 5 acceptance rate so I have to write 100 comments if I hope to get 20 accepted.

    1. JM,

      Thanks for the comment. We excited for you to join!

      1. Yes, you should how many times you use the same platforms because the IPs are the same.

      2. Yes, the page needs to be recached for it to be recognized

      3. That’s strange. I’m not sure why that’s happening. Most blogs accept real blog comments pretty quickly

  122. Nice Post.
    Nathan, I do not understand your sentence “I personally don’t link out to my money site more than 2-3 times per web 2.0”
    Are you talking about complete web 2.0 website? Or You are talking about a post.If i have a web 2.0 blog with 20 posts So
    How many links should i acquire from this complete blog?

      1. so based on what you are saying, can I summarize it this way:
        1. create a web 2.0
        2. create 1 post that is linked to your money site,
        3. create another post linked to some major related site, like wikipedia
        4. continue keep adding new posts to your web 2.0, but without any more links


        1. Hi Frank,

          Yes, that’s pretty much correct. You can add other links within the post that is hosting your link. In fact, I recommend it because that’s more natural

  123. many web 2.0, such as blogger, allow you to have a “favorite link” widegt added so that you can place your desired links in it. These links will be visible in every post on the side bar.

    what are your thoughts on using these widgets in web 2.0 PBNs?

    thanks in advance

  124. Hello there, I’ve been looking at your website for a while now, it’s really helped me with my SEO so thank-you!
    I do however have a few questions, if you would be so kind as to answer them.

    I’ve submitted my web 2.0’s to be indexed, they are now indexed in google when searching ‘site:….’ Does this mean that the links on the web 2.0’s have been indexed too?
    Only 1/8 are showing up in (2 weeks later) in smallseotools backlink checker, and majestic/moz aren’t catching them…
    I’m guessing that even though the web 2.0s have been indexed in google, it might take a bit of time for the on-page links to index properly, and to see the effects on the ‘money-site’, is that correct?


    1. Hey Mark,

      Thanks for the comment. Yes, that’s usually what it means. Those tools don’t pick up web 2.0s well unless you build tier two links to them (to build their authority).

  125. Bro, I am a big fan of GOTCH SEO. After reading this article i am speechless. Today I learnt the exact method to create web 2.0 backlinks. Thanks for providing this guidance for free. 🙂

  126. I have a question answer it clearly .

    1) i make web 2.0 blog , In my post is this good to add link that come to my homepage of site , and keyword post .
    Or i only put keyword post link ? Is this good ? is this effect ranking of home page ? Or i only put post link ?

    2) In web 2.0 blog i have 4 posts , In each post i put the link that come to my post.. is this good ? for to rank my keyword . Or i put 1 time ?

    i am addicted to read your posts , i have few more questions . waiting for your precious reply . GOTCH cheers

    1. Hey Liza,

      Thanks for the comment.

      1. It’s best to link to a page that has content
      2. only link to your site 1-2 times from each web 2.0 (unless it’s branded)

  127. Hi,
    I loved your post. I had some confusions and now they all are gone. I am launching health niche sites and going to make web 2.0 for backlinks. My question for you is about “Link wheel”. Is it working or not?

    Best regards

    1. That’s an old school tactic that you should probably avoid because of the footprint it leaves

  128. Helpful article. But little disappointed because in the last you said tier two backlinks for tier one, but how to create those links? Please share the 3 tier link building formula.

  129. Hey Gotch found your blog and I instantly became a big fan. Thanks for the great content. I have 2 questions for you.

    1. If I create a super web 2.0 backlink site on a certain niche and I have 8 money sites (all different .com and different main keyword) of the same niche can I link that one 2.0 back to all 8 money sites. Obviously creating a different main article with keyword for each money site inside that 2.0. Also upping the filler content from 5-10 post a much larger amount. Will this work or should I just stick to the 1-2 backlink to the one money site.

    2. If I have 8 money sites on the same topic and same niche just focused on a different main keyword. Could I send a backlink from one money site to the other? Example: money site 1 sends a link to money site 2
    money site 3 sends a link to money site 3
    Will this be ok for seo or is this something i should stay away from?

    1. Michael,

      Thanks for the comment!

      1. I personally wouldn’t do that because it’s too big of a footprint
      2. Once again, I wouldn’t do that either because it leaves a big footprint

  130. Hi Gotch, very insightful article. Have a question though, is it advisable to put my own video which is ranking #1 & which is embedded on my website too as a filler content on a 2.0! Thanks.

  131. hi Gotch,

    this is again a very good tutorial and I am using web2.0s in a pretty similar way. Imho it is important to treat those properties similar to a website and produce high-quality on them.

    And there are a lot more ways to power them up, if you are interested, just contact me :).

    – Philipp

  132. Hello,
    Thank you very much for articles on this site. All the content is help me a lot to improve my knowledge about SEO : )
    I have a doubt about my links on a web 2.0..
    Let’s say i created One web 2.0 with 10 articles on it.. Should i put 1 link (to my main site) in each artcle? This mean: i have 10 articles and 10 backlinks to my site? Or i just need to put one link of my main site in 1 of the 10 articles?
    Plz let me know and thank you so much for great content here 🙂

    1. Thank you for the comment Jorge. No, I wouldn’t link to your money site anymore than 1-3 times per web 2.0

  133. Hi Nathan,
    First, i would like to thank you for this amazing post… i had a problem getting traffic to my website and after doing research i found out that backlinks is one way that one could leverage to create authority that eventually builds traffic. I must admit that i have never understood how to create backlinks until i landed here today. This article explains everything that i needed to know about backlinks. However, my question is between creating lets say a hundred tier one and creating a few tier one and several tier two or three if its possible which option is likely to be more effective?

  134. What would you use for anchor text when making 3-4 super web 2.0s as tier 2 properties? The first tier is a brand new post on an established site with thousands of links, but I just want to give the PA a little boost. Can it take an exact match or two? Partial match only?

  135. found a lot of articles that says that web 2.0 is not risky. and your comment about this risk now this makes me curious. This is the first time I found someone says web 2.0 it’s risky.

  136. Really liked your content.Web 2.0’s are unnecessarily being targeted for being blackhat and for not working.They are always working for me.

    And btw,can you write a post or include a follow up about how to create links for the Web 2.0.Do you just blast comment links or follow a specific approach ?

  137. Hello!
    I appreciate your guide, what you posted is great. I am just a newbie in SEO, and I just start building the first website. Please help me find where to start? I see there are a lot of things to learn, so what should I start first (I mean starting building backlink for a new website such as some prerequisites, formula, or rules…). I don’t want to lose at the first step, so if you have a post as detail as possible, you are my saver. Thank you very much!

    1. Thanks for the comment Nick!

      Learn how to create super valuable content – that is the best place to start

  138. But so should I submit these sites to google to index? Then I should create gmail account for every site 😮 ? Isn’t that risky? Should I change my IP or I can work with same IP ?

  139. Today only I came across GOTCH SEO. Found great articles.As a beginner I was wandering to get my mentor like you. I have read many of on page seo technique. But don’t know how to start with link building. I started profile link building in social media’s and some images & document sharing sites . I stuck in that. Now Web 2.0 is a great place to resume my link building .Your articles are in depth and touches the core of the title. Thanks for giving us a great blog.

  140. I read the full article, site and then I edit all of my websites.
    This looks now awesome and hopes helpful for link building.
    Thanks for sharing with us …..

  141. Hi Nathan,
    Yours posts are very interesting and lively. Especially I like the way you explain every concept. I also would like to thank you for the backlink lists – excel file download which you have provided. I appreciate your efforts in collating them as well as sharing it to us. Thank you & best wishes!

  142. Thanks for the article Nathan!

    What if the web 2.0 posts are written in English but our target website is in another language? Will the web 2.0 page still be worth a backlink or you suggest to make language relevant 2.0’s?

  143. Hey Nathan,
    I downloaded your list of web 2.0s and noticed that was not listed. Is there a reason for this or is not good for driving traffic to your own site?

    1. Thanks for the comment Alison. Medium is great for driving referral traffic. The only reason we left it off the list is because the links are NoFollow

  144. Curious about the part where you mention increasing the Page Authority of a web 2.0. It seems you’re saying that placing the target keyword in the URL and writing good content will increase the PA but wouldn’t only links do that? Wouldn’t that suggest that as long as DA is good then PA is just a bonus and doesn’t really matter as far as any link is concerned? I’m stuck in the metrics matrix over here.

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    3 should same article have two to three anchor text linking to main site.

    3 should we link to home page or some content of main site?

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    1. Hey Anshul,

      1-3 backlinks per web 2.0, vary the anchor text, and vary what pages you’re linking to.

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    1. No I don’t recommend linking your web 2.0s together because it leaves too big of a footprint

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    1. Hey Andrea,

      That means you need to drive backlinks to the page that is hosting your backlink (tier two links)

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    Erik the Viking

    1. Hey Erik,

      Thanks for the comment. I would recommend using higher quality backlinks (outreach based)

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    1. Hey Luke,

      I don’t personally use this method anymore because of the risk, but I would use a combination of Google Sheets and Asana

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