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Real Testimonials

1. “Nathan. You are the best! You took my law firm website out of the Stone Ages and now it is doing great!” – John Medler, CEO

2. “Nathan delivered more than he promised! What outstanding results we achieved by teaming with Nathan and Gotch SEO I absolutely would recommend him for any size company looking for top-line results.” – Tom Schmittdiel, Marketing Director

3. “Like many business owners, I was skeptical of hiring someone to do SEO and had been burned by “gurus” in the past. But let me tell you… working directly with Nathan and Gotch SEO not only exceeded my expectations, but it ACTUALLY got my clients serious results in some very competitive niches. Nathan is easy to work with and super transparent. If you’re looking for an SEO company that will get your business legitimate long-term results, then I highly suggest you get in contact with Gotch SEO right now.” – Tom Cruz, CEO

4. “We worked with Nathan and his team on a website for our company and definitely made the right choice. GOTCH SEO came in on time and on budget with the SEO services and marketing solutions we needed. The project exceeded expectations.” -Steven Ellis, CEO, Baseball Media

5. “Nathan is always willing to share his wealth of SEO knowledge, and the Gotch SEO team are among the best worldwide at ranking websites organically. You’re in safe hands with Gotch!” – Will Coombe

6. “Your blog and your ebook on SEO are so awesome! Best one i’ve ever read, i think. Loved your views on negative SEO – monitor backlinks daily & never stoop to their level. You are super knowledgable and transparent with your techniques, it’s very hard to find. Wishing you the best of luck with your SEO course! I’m sure it will be one of the best out there.” – Daria Lukina

7. “I picked up an editorial link package from Gotch SEO for a client of mine. It’s a local business, in one of the biggest cities in North America. The metrics were outstanding, for the price I paid I expected the links to be so-so. I ordered 5 DA 10+ links, the sites I ended up landing links on had an average DA of 19. Permanent, safe links on real websites. Pretty damn hard to beat for $99/link. The package took our client from #8 to #5 for target keyword.” – Daniel Thompson

8. “Outstanding Job +++
– Custom theme
– Clean web 2.0 property with 6 posts
– SEO friendly main URL
– Nice and neat category structure of the content
– Unique and related, high quality content (1000+ words)
– Rich content (related images, link to authority site)
– Custom About and Contact Page
– TOS and privacy policy page added

Top Notch – Overall 10/10 +++” – Nikolay Stoyanov

9. “Top of the line Service – Great quality service and excellent value. I was very impressed with what I received – the sites look professional and well maintained. Everything looks natural and they were relevant to my keywords. Thanks very much!” – Evan

10. “Quality – This is how Web 2.0s are supposed to be built. Gotch’s checklist is the same as mine. Couldn’t have asked for more.” – Mike

11. “Bravooo: Amazing, fast delivery and highly optimized natural linking. Worthy. will Order more very soon.” – Abdul

12. “Awesome –  I was one of the lucky guys who got the giveaway. The Web2.0 was set up on WordPress with a new theme. Around 1000 words of content (excluding about us, privacy policy etc) populated on blog ( with 2 videos and 3 images, which is written in a better way than I did in my actual money site. The web 2.0 can be monetized as such if you want to. This is a high quality service that can be an asset in your link building campaigns.” – Jafeer

13. “The Bomb – Gotch delivers a premium Web 2.0…you won’t find a better service around.” – Brad

14. “Excellent – the best I’ve seen so far in terms of a web 2.0 building service. Oh and very quick too!” – NiallR

15. “This is the highest quality manual web 2.0 service I have ever found. Period! Nathan puts a lot of time and energy into each property to ensure they are 100% natural, unique and relevant to your target website. If you are an SEO provider they are so good that they will impress even the pickiest client!” – Nate Whitaker

16. “Nathan’s Web 2.0 property bundle is the best I have ever purchased. Bold statement, but true. Even VA’s that I’ve used in the past have not created the quality that Nathan supplied us with. The content, the interlinking were all a 1st class service.” – Ken Albrecht

17. “Nate is one of the best SEO experts I know. He’s a total beast and he always delivers what’s promised. I highly recommend Nate and Gotch SEO for their SEO services. They’ve got the knowledge and the tools needed to rank. Nate is actively involved and giving back to the SEO community and is a pleasure to wok with. I recommend his team for your SEO needs.” – Manuel Gonzalez

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