10 Best SEO Companies in Tampa

Here are the top SEO companies, consultants, and experts in Tampa right now:

1. SEO Services Expert

Tampa SEO Services Expert is undoubtedly Tampa’s best SEO services company, according to our ranking system. It excelled on all fronts, including website responsiveness, loading speed, and total traffic, opening up a clear lead on its closest rivals.

The company is something of an old hand in the industry, having started all the way back in 2005. In the early days, it focused heavily on web design and hosting but soon branched out into other areas, including SEO consulting, content, local business citations, Google Map optimization, and WordPress maintenance.

Currently, the outfit offers customers numerous options to improve their website experience, tune their Google rankings, and beat out the competition.

The company also operates a relatively friendly business model. There’s no attempt to tie you into a contract. You just pay for the service you need, as and when you need them. The agency then publishes real-time results, showing you how your campaigns are performing, so you’re always up to date. For those new to SEO, you get a free consultation to figure out whether it is right for you.

2. Get The Clicks

Get The Clicks got its start in 2002 under its original brand name, Outer Limits Studios. Interestingly, though, the founder, Stephan Boehringer, didn’t have any experience in web design at all when he started up. Instead, he worked for a storage company.

His old employer needed a new website built but had a bad experience. He discovered that local development companies were offering customers a shoddy service and decided that he could do better. Thus, Get The Clicks was born.

By 2011, the firm had grown to become one of the largest SEO firms in the region, with more than 1,100 paying customers. It soon began expanding further afield from Tampa and hiring new people. Throughout it all, though, it maintained its core leadership team, providing clients with continuity and trust.

Our methodology put Get The Clicks firmly in second place. The website experience is buttery smooth, with a mobile-friendly website and a valid SSL certificate. The company’s website has multiple inbound links from authority sources – an indication of its quality. And it has a bunch of five-star reviews on Google, bringing its average score to an impressive 4.9. Weaknesses were few and far between.

3. Scott Keever SEO

Scott Keever, the man behind his eponymous SEO business, has always wanted to work in a fast-paced environment. He loved the thrill of learning new things, putting his wits to the test, and providing customers with value. In the early days, he worked for a Fortune 100 company but realized that he wasn’t able to bring his full talents to bear in that arena.

Seeing opportunities in PPC advertising, he quickly set up a shop in 2011, offering assistance to growing companies struggling with online marketing platforms, such as Adwords.

Keever, however, soon realized that PPC was too narrow a focus. Effective digital marketing requires content creation and link building also. Hence, Scott Keever SEO was born, and it’s been with us ever since.

The agency brands itself as a new breed of search engine optimization companies. It doesn’t operate according to a theory, delivering the same services to all its clients. Instead, it takes a free-form, creative approach, as discussed in its YouTube videos.

Scott Keever SEO performed well on our objective review score system. It has the top traffic score of any company in this review and the joint-highest review score. And it would have featured right at the top of our list had it garnered more reviews and not let itself down with slow page-loading speeds.

4. Tampa SEO Training Academy

Tampa SEO Training Academy is something of a different beast from the majority of agencies on this list. Instead of offering á la carte services, it focuses on providing SEO training for anyone who would like to learn.

Tampa SEO Training Academy

The educational establishment is the brainchild of Tampa SEO Steven Scott, a man with experience in training dating back to the early 1990s. Scott started the Tampa SEO Training Academy in 1998 under the rubric of Starship Computer Services. The basic idea is to give businesses the in-house tools and skills that they need to run their own SEO programs instead of having to pay endless fees to third-party providers.

Our ranking methodology gave Tampa SEO Training Academy full marks on our SEO best practices score. It also got a maximum of five points for its average review score of 5 stars and the high number of reviews that it collected. It fell down, however, on measures of domain authority and total website traffic. Monthly traffic was low, and so too, was the number of inbound links.

5. Tampa SEO Agency

Tampa SEO Agency, not to be confused with the aforementioned Tampa SEO Training Academy, is a full-stack SEO and social media marketing firm. The agency says on its mission statement that it loves helping its client’s businesses grow and engages in the most ambitious digital marketing campaigns of anyone, anywhere in the industry.

The firm has worked with a wide variety of sectors, from healthcare to automotive, and now offers vast experience.

Tampa SEO Agency ranked fifth in our test. The website loading speed was slower than our three-second cut-off. And the company’s domain authority was surprisingly low, coming in at just seven out of a hundred. The reviews, however, achieved the maximum score, suggesting that this is a company that is going to grow rapidly over the coming years.

6. Socius Marketing

Socius Marketing sees the work it does through a philosophical lens. The somewhat interesting name Socius comes from the Latin for “partnership” – an indication of how the firm sees its business model. The company believes that clients should get more than just a bill in the mail from their SEO provider. Instead, it believes in engaging in activities that will actively improve its growth prospects and generate results.

Socius Marketing began in 2006 by people who previously owned businesses themselves. It is not just a bunch of specialists or technicians. Those who run the firm understand the predicaments of regular businesspeople.

Our objective scoring system rewarded Socius Marketing considerably for its excellent third-party review scores. However, like so many local SEO companies, its domain authority and backlinks – as measured by Ahrefs – were low, dragging down its total points tally.

7. Bayshore Solutions

Coming in at number seven on our list is Bayshore Solutions. This Tampa-based SEO outfit got its start back in 1996, but it was a very different company twenty-five years ago. Back then, it was all about launching websites. Now, though, the company offers the full suite of SEO services for its customers and employs more than fifty people.


The company’s mission is to help clients connect with and inspire their audience. The agency believes in building a culture of teamwork and winning business through integrity and innovation.

It performed admirably across our review criteria, scoring well on SEO factors and review scores. Despite its size, though, Bayshore Solutions did not do so well when it came to website authority, picking up just seven out of a possible fifteen points.

8. We’ve Got Your Customers

We’ve Got Your Customers was founded by its CEO, Scott L. Smith, and is on a mission to help its clients grow their businesses. Interestingly, the team comprises just four people as of April 2020: Smith, a graphic designer, ahead of tech, and a copywriter. It is, therefore, a boutique operation, providing something of a niche service.

Currently, the agency offers its services to a broad range of local businesses, including tree trimmers, painters, carpet cleaners, and dentists. It came in at number eight on our list for a simple reason – the lack of traffic flowing to its website. Other than that, it scored well.

9. Zelen Communications Inc.

Coming in at number nine on our list is Zelen Communications Inc., a firm that prefers to focus outwardly on its customers instead of talking endlessly about itself.

It offers a range of marketing services, including online marketing, reporting and analysis, creative solutions, brand evolution, and media strategies. The company’s work includes everything from building websites to creating flyers.

Zelen Communications scored top marks in our SEO Best Practices benchmark. It also did well on the third-party scoring system, gaining a total of eight points out of a maximum of ten. Like so many other agencies in our list, however, it missed out on ranking higher because of low website traffic and a small number of do-follow links.

10. Actuate Media

The final entry on this list is Actuate Media. This agency takes a bit of a different tack from mainstream SEO companies. Its primary focus is on building transparency and providing customers with abundant information on the success of its marketing campaigns.

The company likes to focus on results. It doesn’t just track traffic but also prospects that convert when they reach your landing pages. And it makes use of intelligent marketing systems, too, like Tableau, to boost the performance of your site.

Even though Actuate Media came last on this list in terms of points scored, it still did much better than the vast bulk of entries in our report, scoring well on website performance and average review scores. Again, its downfall was a relatively traffic-free website – not something you expect from an established SEO firm. Clutch.co. reports an hourly rate somewhere between $50 and $99.

Scoring Criteria

When it comes to ranking SEO companies in Tampa, you shouldn’t just take Google’s word for it – or anyone else’s, for that matter. Instead, it pays to consider as many objective factors as possible when deciding on who to pick.

For that reason, we collated publicly-available information on a broad set of factors that contribute to the experience of the agency.

We ask the following questions:

  • What is the agency’s average review score on Google Reviews?
  • How many Google Reviews does the agency have?
  • How many people visit the agency’s website every month?
  • How many domains refer to the agency’s website?
  • What is the Ahrefs domain rating?
  • Does the site load in less than three seconds?
  • Is the site mobile-friendly?
  • Does the site have an SSL certificate?
  • Does it rank in the top ten?

The domain then receives a score out of five, depending on the extent to which it fulfills these categories.

In this analysis, Tampa SEO Services came out on top with a score of 28 points. It scored the full five points for having pages that loaded in under three seconds, a mobile-friendly website, and an SSL certificate. It also scored the full five points for ranking in the top ten, amassing more than 45 Google Reviews, and attaining a review score of 4.8 stars out of five.

Actuate Media came in at number ten with 18 points. Still, there were a further ten agencies operating in the Tampa area who didn’t make the cut, according to our analysis.

Start Your Journey Today

This guide is ideal for anyone looking for an SEO agency in Tampa. We’ve identified what we think are the most promising candidates, but each company is unique. You may find that some of the lower-scoring firms are a better fit for your business model and corporate culture.

Judge for yourself and pick a winner.

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