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Looking for a St. Louis SEO company to help you get more traffic, leads, and customers from search engines like Google? We can help.

Who Are We?

Gotch SEO was founded by Nathan Gotch, a globally recognized SEO expert. Thousands of entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketers visit Gotch SEO every single day to learn how to do effective Search Engine Optimization. Our work has been featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur,, and many other publications. But enough about us.

Why You Should Work With Gotch SEO

With a sea of marketing and SEO agencies to choose from, we pride ourselves on being different than the rest.

Here’s how:
1. We Use SEO to Grow Our Business!
We “walk the walk” and “talk the talk”. That’s why we rely on SEO to grow our own business. 99% of our leads come directly from Google, Bing, and Yahoo. We don’t just say we know SEO, we demonstrate it.

2. We Have Real Results & Testimonials
There are lots of companies that say they are good, but we have the results, case studies, and testimonials to prove it.

You have probably seen it already, but almost every “SEO company” also offers a slew of other services like web design, PPC, web hosting, etc. We pride ourselves on NOT being the Walmart of digital marketing services. That’s why we only offer SEO. That means we live, eat, and breathe it on a daily basis. We aren’t worrying about web design or how a PPC campaign might be performing. We are solely focused on getting your business SEO results.

Think about it:

Would you hire a plumber to help you lose 10 pounds?

Of course you wouldn’t. You would hire a personal trainer who specializes in helping people lose weight.

A jack of all trades is average at all things.

4. We Use a Proven System
We don’t theorize or hope for SEO results. We use a tested, well-oiled strategy for getting SEO results on a consistent basis. The best part of our strategy is that it doesn’t “manipulate” or try to chase algorithms.

5. We Believe You Must Give to Receive
Our SEO campaigns are successful because we believe that businesses must DESERVE to get organic traffic. Manipulating your way to SEO success will send your business crashing and burning. That’s why we focus our efforts on evergreen SEO strategies. With an evergreen approach, your business will continue to flourish long after we are done working with you. We truly believe that the more value you put into the marketplace, the more value your business will receive in return. That’s what Google loves. When you do things that Google loves, it rewards your business with search engine traffic.

6. We Love Communication
We understand that clear communication is essential for both our relationship with you and for achieving your strategic objectives. That’s why our communication policy is “frequent and often”. We are your team and we are in this together. Your growth means everything to us.

Now that you understand why we are different, let me explain HOW we will get you results when you work with us.

Our Proven SEO Process

Our SEO strategy is content-driven. Here’s how the process looks:

Audit – The first part of our process is to analyze your website. This allows to find technical or User Experience (UX) issues that might be hurting your search performance.

Research – The second stage to find keywords, link opportunities, and to analyze your competitors. This is critical phase because it lays the groundwork for all future actions.

Strategy – The third stage involves creating a strategy for improving your site’s rankings and organic search traffic. This means prioritizing what actions will get you results the fastest, creating an editorial calendar, prioritizing your link opportunities.

Optimization – The fourth stage is when we take action and optimize your website, so it’s ready to dominate Google.

Creation – The fifth stage is when we develop a base of content assets that will be used to rank for long-tail keywords and to attract backlinks naturally to your website.

Link Building – The sixth part of the process (which is on-going) is to begin acquiring backlinks to your website and content assets. This will build your website’s authority, so it’s easier to rank in Google (and keep your rankings).

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