How to Hire a St. Louis SEO Agency

If you are looking for a St. Louis SEO company to grow your business, then keep reading.

I know how you feel…

Finding an SEO company is hard.

There are hundreds of companies to choose from and many are saying the same thing.

So, how do you go about choosing one?

Let me show you how.

1. Understand the Methods

First, what are the company’s SEO methods?

In SEO, there are many different ways to achieve success. The problem is that some of those ways are short-term techniques that lead to traffic loss in the future.

Using short-term, dangerous, strategies against Google’s guidelines is Black Hat SEO.

The problem is that most SEO companies will never admit to doing Black Hat SEO when you first speak to them.

There is a solution.

You have to ask them specific questions like:

Do you follow Google’s search guidelines? The answer should be yes.

Do you believe content is the foundation of any long-term, successful SEO campaign? The answer should be yes.

What kinds of backlinks are you going to build to my website? If you hear anything such as:

  • web 2.0s
  • article directories
  • web directory submissions
  • private blog networks (PBNs)

Also, don’t believe SEO companies that claim to have “trade secrets”. This just means they are using Black Hat SEO techniques and it is embarrassing to show you.

That brings me to the next most important point when trying to hire a St. Louis SEO company… Transparency.

2. Look for Transparency & Communication

SEO companies are notorious for having terrible communication with clients. They will sign you on a 6-month contract and you will have no idea what’s going on. Good companies are not only transparent, but they are also great communicators.

For example, my SEO agency values communication and transparency above all else. We WANT you to know what we are doing because we are proud of the work that we do.

Clear communication and transparency starts the second you contact with any SEO company. If you call, do they answer their phone? If you use their contact form, how long does it take for them to email you? Once you finally talk, is it clear what their strategy is for getting you results? Or are they trying to “muddy the waters”?

Remember, if a company is unresponsive out of the gate, how will they be when you sign a contract?

3. Question the Track Record

This should be obvious, but any company you choose should have a nice track record of success. There are new, inexperienced SEO companies popping up on a daily basis. Working with an inexperienced company will hurt you more than help you. Many inexperienced companies are also the cheapest companies.

4. Understand Price

“You get what you pay for.” I know you have heard that phrase before… Although every business is well aware of that phrase, many still go with the cheapest SEO company.

That decision ends up costing businesses thousands of dollars.


Because inexperienced, cheap SEO companies will violate Google’s guidelines. When you violate Google’s guidelines, your site gets a penalty. A penalty makes your search engine traffic disappear overnight.

So that decision to hire a cheap SEO company seemed like a good idea in the beginning. But when you get a penalty, you will regret it because you will have to hire a competent agency to get it removed.

Here’s the truth:

SEO agencies that know how to get results WITHOUT compromising your business cost more.

Think about it:

Would you go to the cheapest eye doctor to work on your eyes? Why would you go to the cheapest SEO company to work on your business?

My business is my baby and I would never want to do something to harm it.

I know you feel the same way.

To see average costs of hiring an SEO agency, click here.

My agency charges between $1,000 – $10,000 per month for SEO. Our final price depends on:

  • Whether you are targeting local or national terms
  • The quantity of keywords you want to target
  • How aggressive of a campaign you want

At this stage, you have the knowledge to hire a great company. But, there is one last important point you should consider.

5. Recognize Their Reputation in the Field

Many SEO companies do not practice what they preach.

They offer SEO services, but don’t even use SEO to grow their own business.

I’m proud to say that my business gets  99.9% of its leads FROM search engine optimization.

I practice what I preach and I have one of the most popular SEO blogs in the industry. In fact, my SEO blog has grown so much that I won’t be offering SEO services to businesses for much longer.

That means you need to contact us now before we stop taking on new clients.

Why wait?

Every single day your site isn’t visible online, is another day you are losing money. Even worse, it’s another day your competitors are taking business from you.

Don’t wait.

Get in touch now and finally work with a St. Louis SEO agency that

  • Follows Google’s guidelines
  • Uses white hat SEO strategies that will never compromise your site
  • Values communication and transparency
  • The SEO industry respects

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