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We’ll Grow Your St. Louis Company

Here’s the proof:

113% More Revenue

We leveraged SEO, CRO, and email nurturing to grow a B2B company’s revenue by 113% in only one year. The best part is that we didn’t waste our time posting on social media. We just created incredible top of the funnel content, turned traffic into leads, and then promoted offers to those leads.

1,337% More Organic Search Traffic

Our bread and butter is SEO and it is the foundation of everything we do. We actually started as a St. Louis SEO company (Google “St Louis SEO” to see our results in action).

We grew a “dead” fashion blog’s organic search traffic by 1059% by eliminating thin content, consolidating similar content assets, building powerful top of the funnel content, and acquiring relevant backlinks.

Marketing Results

As a result, this fashion blogger has 10xed her traffic, audience, and revenue and works with brands like Walmart, HelloFresh, and Loft.

93% More Organic Search Traffic

One of the biggest supplement companies in St. Louis came to us because they wanted to work with real pros. We rebuilt their site architecture, improved their transactional pages, built amazing top of the funnel content, and acquired editorial links on relevant, high-quality websites.

SEO results

Within less than 6 months, we grew their organic search traffic by 93% in one of the most competitive industries online.

Our 3-Phase (Proven) Digital Marketing Process

Our process is based on rigorous testing and iteration. As a result, we’ve developed a digital marketing process that no other agency can compete with. Here’s how it works:

1. Attract

We create incredible Top of the Funnel (ToFu) content that attracts social shares and backlinks. Then we promote your content through intelligent link acquisition and paid media targeting cold audiences.

This process builds your website’s authority, grows your brand’s mindshare, increases your traffic, and drives more leads and sales for your company.

2. Convert

Getting more traffic and building your brand online is great, but it means nothing if you aren’t converting it into leads and new customers. That’s why we dedicate phase two of our process to optimizing your website for conversions.

The beauty of better conversion rates is that you can immediately increase your revenue without any new traffic. That’s why we spend a lot of time optimizing this phase of the process.

3. Remarket

It’s been said that 97% of website visitors are not ready to transact with your brand. Our internal data support this. That’s why you need a remarketing foundation to nurture and convert the largest segment of prospects.

We build intelligent remarketing campaigns based on user behavior.

Our ads always align with what stage the prospect is in the sales process.

For example, an ad we’ll serve for someone who visited your checkout page is much different than the ad we’ll serve for someone who just read a blog post. Understanding these nuances in the sales cycle is how we keep your ad spend low while produces unbelievable conversion rates.

We Practice What We Preach

Gotch SEO was founded by Nathan Gotch who is a globally recognized digital marketing & SEO expert. He’s also the architect behind our proven strategy.

Nathan grew his first agency to $60,000/mo (by himself) using nothing but digital marketing. He then grew a white label services division to multiple six figures / year.

And finally, Nathan built an SEO training product (Gotch SEO Academy) that’s grown past 700 students and generates multiple six figures every year.

Nathan’s success is 100% driven through a proven digital marketing process. We will deploy this proven digital marketing strategy for your company, so you can achieve the growth you deserve.

Our Unique Advantage

No other St. Louis digital marketing agency can compete with us because:

We’ve Been In Your Shoes

We’ve built and sold our own products online. This puts us in a unique position because we know exactly what to takes to build, market, and sell a product online. Most agencies have never built or marketed their products. We know what it takes to grow companies from scratch. Imagine what we can do your established company.

You’ll Work with Real Practitioners

We stopped taking on new clients at the end of 2016. What did we do in the meantime? We spent every waking second testing and optimizing our process. We then deployed the process on our projects and exploded their growth.

We pride ourselves on being practitioners first. We then take what works (based on rigorous testing) and apply it to your campaign so you achieve explosive growth.

We Don’t Engage in Shiny Object Syndrome

Today it’s TikTok. Tomorrow it’s ___. Platforms come and go. Our digital marketing strategy isn’t platform-dependent. In fact: our core strategy works now and is designed to work in the future. That’s because we focus on the principles that will never change. Some people call this “marketing” 😉

We Hate Vanity Metrics

Most digital marketing agencies send you reports about how many likes your post got on Facebook or how many followers they added to your Instagram account. We laugh at this stuff because the only thing we know you care about is REVENUE. That’s why our focus is always on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that actually lead to revenue (traffic, leads, and sales).

Our Competition is Always Behind Us

Most digital marketing “experts” get their information from blogs and news websites. That means they are learning about and using tactics that are already dated. We get our information from experience and real life testing, which allows us to always stay ahead of the com

Let’s Get This Party Started

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Nathan Gotch
Nathan Gotch

I’m the founder of Gotch SEO. We’re on a mission to help you enter the top 1% of SEO experts. The 1st step is for you to join our community of over 1,000 other experts inside Gotch SEO Academy.