Soovle: Ultimate Guide for 2022

What is Soovle and how can it help you with SEO in 2022?

That’s what this guide is all about.

I’m going to show you how to use Soovle to find and qualify content ideas. Plus, I’m going to share how you can replicate Soovle’s success. Let’s jump in.

What is Soovle?

Soovle is a search engine that aggregates results from other search engines.

So instead of having to search on each website, you can get access to all the data in one central location. gets around 82,250 visitors per month according to a similar website.

Their website has also attracted 3,289 linking root domains:

How to Use Soovle to Find Content Ideas

Soovle is a supplementary keyword research tool. It should be used to find broad topics which can be broken down into keyword targets.

Here’s how to do it.

Let’s say we’re in the “exercise” niche.

Go to Soovle and enter a broad keyword phrase related to your industry.

In this case I’ll use “exercise”.

Copy the content ideas that Soovle supplies or download them to a .csv file.

Go to Ahrefs and click on the “Keyword Explorer” tool.

Paste your keywords.

Now you’ll need to filter through these keywords. I recommending setting your filters like so (KD < 40 and Volume > 500):

Then sort the list of keywords so that the keywords with the lowest KD are showing at the top.

Some of these might be solid keyword targets. However, you’ll likely want to conduct additional research to identify even more uncompetitive keyword phrases.

Keep going deeper and deeper to build a solid keyword database.

You can also adjust the filters if you aren’t finding any solid ideas. Every niche is different.

If you don’t have Ahrefs, you can stack Soovle with Keywords Everywhere.

This will give you the search volume for the ideas, but you’ll need to use UberSuggest or the Google Keyword Planner to find additional keywords.

If you do have the budget, I recommend Ahrefs or SEMRush because it streamlines the process.

How to Use Soolve to Monitor Brand Mentions

Soolve simplifies the process of monitoring brand mentions across multiple channels. Just enter your brand name and see what’s being mentioned.

Take a look at the results for Gotch SEO for example. Users are searching “Gotch SEO Academy login”.

That’s an indication that we’ve made it too difficult to find a login page on our website. In other words, it’s signaling that we have a customer experience problem that needs to be resolved.

Users are also searching for “Gotch SEO Academy review” on YouTube.

That’s an indication that it would be wise to have affiliates or influencers do sponsored reviews targeting that keyword phrase.

The last phrase to examine is “Gotch SEO Academy 2.0 download”.

This is an indication that our training is being stolen and pirated. Obviously something that needs to be tackled.

Make it a quarterly routine (at the minimum) to monitor your brand with Soovle.

How Emulate’s Success

It’s no secret that free tools are a powerful way to attract backlinks. Soolve proves this. The SEO industry suffers from tool and software bloat, but you can leverage this principle in other industries.

You can of course create a free tool that adds value. Or, you can acquire an existing tool. With some research, you can find tools that aren’t getting much love.

Then just email the tool owner and ask them if they’d be open to an acquisition.

You might be wondering: what’s the point of acquiring a tool?

First, acquiring an existing tool will also help you acquire their backlink profile. That means you can get a nearly instant surge of new backlinks and website authority.

Look at some of the powerful domains linking to Soovle’s tool:


Secondly, you can promote the tool to get even more backlinks.

The best part?

You don’t have to find an idea and build the tool from scratch. You skip that entire phase and you have a tool that’s already been proven to be popular (based on the link volume it has received)

Use Soovle Today

Soovle is a simple, but powerful tool for doing semantic research in your industry. Take advantage of it.

Also, think about how you can create or acquire a tool in your own industry. That way you can get more backlinks and improve your SEO at lightning speed.