Do Social Locker Plugins Work?

Social content lockers are annoying… they don’t work… and Google is going to destroy your rankings (Warrior Forum).

Terrible advice from forums backed by zero testing and theory is the reason why so many people don’t have success with SEO. Please take all advice you see online with a grain of salt.


No words, no theory, and no presumptuous statements can beat cold hard data and facts. I do my best to give you guys strategies that are proven to work.

Not some theory I came up with, but have never tested.

So, if you just survived that rant of mine, I’m going to show you whether or not social content lockers actually work.


Crazy right?

My Social Locker Results

The results below are over the course of about a month. Check it out:

As you can see, content lockers don’t just work, but they’re amazing for generating social shares and buzz.

Now after looking at those results, you’re probably wondering how I get such high conversion rates on my content lockers?

Simple: give overwhelming value and use basic sales persuasion in your copy (more on this in a second).

How to Make Social Content Lockers Actually Work

I see a lot of blogs using content lockers, but they aren’t using them to their full potential. The biggest problem is that the lockers aren’t creating any type of intrigue or aren’t offering anything of substantial value.

There must, and I repeat, there MUST be an incentive that entices a person to share your content.

A good incentive or an intriguing piece of content are the two most effective strategies.

Create a Simple “Must-Have” Resource

As you’ll notice in my most recent brand signals post and on my free eBook page, I have some very appealing offers underneath the social lockers. These are two of my highest converting pages because the offers are relevant, created by me, and make your life a heck of a lot easier.

Always make the “must-have” resource relevant to the topic and think about what you can create that would make your reader’s life easier. It’s that simple.

Must-Have Knowledge (Fear of Loss)

Acquiring new knowledge is something that drives a lot of people, but nothing drives someone more than the fear of loss / the fear of missing out on something. I employ this strategy on my anchor text guide by locking the content half way through the guide. The reader will benefit massively by reading the first section, but the real meaty content is beneath the locker.

Your readers are willing to share your content because they fear they’re going to miss out on valuable information that can / will help them.

Pure Intrigue

My SEO case study #3 uses the basic intrigue model. Although there is value in the results I’m hiding under those lockers, the real driver is the reader’s perpetual need to feel complete or “finished” in their minds. If they go through and read the entire article, but don’t unlock the results, they will feel incomplete and even feel like they are missing out on something (because they are).

The intrigue comes in many shapes and sizes, but it will always depend on the relevancy. If you’re a personal injury lawyer, something like “Share to Unlock the Biggest Lie in the Personal Injury Industry,” would work well.

Simple Sales Persuasion

I know people get scared when they hear the word “sales”, but the truth is you’re always selling. Whether it’s to sell your product or service, sell someone to share your content, or even selling to make a girl like you. You’re constantly selling, so you might as well try to get better at it. You’ll notice that on almost all of my social lockers I use embedded commands.

If there’s anything you get out of this article, please understand this concept I’m about to show you.

It will help you get more conversions in ANYTHING you do online or even in life.

Read this sentence: “I wonder how quickly you are going to subscribe to my newsletter.”

Super harmless, right?

Break it down: “I wonder how quickly < you are going to subscribe to my newsletter >.”

“You are going to subscribe to my newsletter” is an embedded command.

To see an example of how I used this sales persuasion technique, look at the image below:

Start using simple embedded commands when you’re trying to get anyone to act and you’ll see a spike in your conversions.

Becoming a Fan vs. Sharing

There are two options you can implement with the social locker plugin I’m currently using. You can have the reader share the post or have them follow you on social.

Getting someone to follow you on social is important because they can be a long-term advocate of your business and a potential customer in the future. However, getting someone to share your content on their account allows your content to get more exposure and have more eyeballs looking at it.

I’ve tried both techniques, I prefer the social share option for a few reasons. A) it’s an easy way to get social exposure, B) social signals are important for SEO reasons, and C) it’s a smaller commitment for the reader. For some reason, it’s much more challenging to get someone to actually follow you on social compared to them just sharing your content.



Q: “Will social lockers hurt my rankings?”
A: Google can still crawl the content with the plugin I’m using (Not an affiliate link). As long as Google can crawl, it’s not going to hurt your rankings.

Q: “Don’t content lockers annoy people?”
A: People that make these types of statements are no different than people who say email opt in popups are annoying and don’t work. What’s annoying for you, isn’t necessarily annoying for everyone else. If you do everything based on what YOU think, you’ll never have any success because what we think for ourselves isn’t true for the rest of the world. Believe it or not…

Do Social Lockers Work? YES!

There are many ways to get social shares for your content, but social lockers are a great way for new websites to get more social activity. It’s challenging to get social shares when there are goose eggs on all of your share buttons. Social proof plays a big role in how we interact online and social lockers can help you get the social momentum you need.

Like I always say, go out and test it!

Do you have some questions?

Leave a comment below because I would love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading!

– Gotch