Success Stories

Siddharth Sharma

Founder of SIDDATWORK®
Gotch SEO Academy Specialist

“The Gotch SEO academy has been a game changer at SIDDATWORK®.

We had the design and dev chops but we wanted to get into the SEO game.

So we compared several courses, talked to a ton of folks on SEO Twitter, and finally settled on Gotch SEO Academy.

My research told me that there wasn’t a more comprehensive, detailed, scale-focused and results oriented SEO course out there.

And I was not wrong! 🙂

The course has various levels and helps you build your foundation from the ground up. Nathan Gotch, the founder (an SEO OG really) does weekly coaching calls. I don’t know if you can get that sort of access anywhere else!

To study something first and then get all of your questions answered every time is sort of an unfair advantage! But GSA gives you that I have personally used the academy forum many times and keep going back. You also get to bounce ideas off other experienced and mature SEO academy members.

But the proof is in the pudding. So all of the money I invested into the course, I made it back in first 9 months itself! And that’s from someone who has never done SEO before.

Take that!”

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