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Hey guys,

So I’ve decided to permanently shut down our link building services and all other services which include the blogger outreach service, citation building service, curated links service, SEO audit service, and 1-on-1 SEO consulting.

Now the question is:

Why am I closing a division of my business that’s been growing consistently for 3 years?

There are a few reasons:

1. We are dedicating 100% of Gotch SEO’s energy and focus on Gotch SEO Academy

In 2017, I shut down all of my client SEO contracts despite the fact that I was making over $60,000/mo doing client SEO. Most would view this decision as “insane”.

But this was a necessary decision so that I could dedicate all of my time and energy towards Gotch SEO Academy.

I was willing to make less money for a short period of time because I knew that teaching is what I truly love doing and it’s best way I can serve people.

But the truth is…

Even in 2018, I was still one foot in and one foot out.

While I was no longer doing full service SEO, my team and I were still operating our link building services.

That’s why on February 28, 2019 we’ll be permanently closing these services.

2. It’s a conflict of interest

It doesn’t feel “right” for me to educate someone on the process of building backlinks and then turn around and try to sell them my company’s link building services.

That’s not genuine.

Plus, it makes me a lazy teacher because I can say “just use our service so you don’t have to do it”.

That’s not cool.

My job is to teach people how to do SEO and how to get results on their own.

That’s it.

Anything that takes away from that is unacceptable for me personally.

This doesn’t mean I’m against buying backlinks. I just personally can’t sell them because it doesn’t feel right.

3. I love punching fear in the face

Back in 2013, I packed my stuff and drove to St. Louis to pursue an SEO career. I was $40,000 in debt, had no job, had no clients, and had to live in my now mother-in-law’s house.

I applied to work at every SEO agency in St. Louis and only received one call back and interview. I didn’t get the job. Not to mention, I was applied for an SEO position when I was still in California and didn’t get hired then either.

I’m not going to lie… I was fearful at this time.

“What if this doesn’t work out?” “What if I have to get a normal job and I can’t do SEO (or what I actually want to do)?”

In hindsight, I’ve realized that:

Those thoughts are nothing more than lies. Fear doesn’t want you to succeed.

But here’s the interesting part…

Every time you push through the fear, those little thoughts get weaker and weaker.

That’s why back then, I decided that instead of trying to get hired as an SEO, I would take on clients instead.

And I’ll be honest… I had a chip on my shoulder. I wanted to teach the agencies that ignored me a lesson.

I’ve grown up since then, but it was definitely a driving force.

Within 30 days of making my decision to take on clients, I moved out of my mother-in-law’s house and got an apartment.

For all you stalkers, 14480 Tramore Dr, Chesterfield, MO 63017 is the address to my old apartment.

old apartment

If you do some stalking online (just search “tramore” + “gotch SEO”), you’ll be able to find business listing using my old address.

Any way…

I went from $3,000/mo doing client SEO to making $18,000/mo + in less than 6 months working from that tiny apartment.

Now you might be wondering:

What’s the point of this story?

Well, hopefully it helps you to get an inside look into my journey because I know that can be super helpful.

But it’s also personal reminder to me that I’m conquering the third stage of fear in my career as an SEO and entrepreneur.

  • Stage 1 Fear – Deciding to take on clients (and not get a “real” job)
  • Stage 2 Fear – Deciding to fire all clients
  • Stage 3 Fear – Deciding to ONLY focus on Gotch SEO Academy

4. Focused energy works

Despite only be 50% focused on Gotch SEO Academy in 2018, last month (January 2019) was the biggest month I’ve ever had in my business (WITHOUT clients)!

So, while firing my clients may seem “stupid” in the short-term, it’s paid off in the long-run and will continue to.

Not only does focusing help your business, but it’s also better for your customers (which is all that matters).

I can now dedicate 100% of my time and effort on training, coaching, and supporting every single person who’s already in Gotch SEO Academy and who decides to join in the future.

That’s exciting.


Phew… I had get that off my chest, but here’s what’s going down over the next two weeks:

1. I’m going to do a “blow out” sale

That means you can save 20% on our blogger outreach service, citation building service, and curated links service for the next two weeks.

Use coupon code: “lastchance” (without the quotes)

2. This will also be the last time you can book 1-on-1 SEO consulting or audits

I’m also going to shut down all SEO consulting and SEO audits for the rest of 2019. There’s a chance I won’t accept new clients in 2020 either.

So, if you want my 1-on-1 SEO help or you need my team and I to audit an SEO campaign, then you need to jump on it in the next two weeks.

Like the link building services, use coupon code “lastchance” (without the quotes) at checkout to save 20%.

3. This isn’t some type of marketing ploy

The deadline to invest in our link building services or get 1-on-1 SEO help from me is on February 28, 2019. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS.


Thank to everyone who’s used our services throughout the years. I’m so incredibly grateful to have served you and I wish everyone the best of luck in their SEO endeavors!

5. Get started

Here are links to all the services we offer (and will no longer be offering after February 28, 2019):

Blogger Outreach Service – Get contextual links on real blogs without effort.

Citation Building Service – Business listings for local businesses.

Curated Links Service – Get contextual links in aged content on real blogs.

SEO Audit Service – Find out why your SEO campaign isn’t working (now with video walkthroughs from me).

1-on-1 SEO Consulting/Coaching – We’ll work together to improve your SEO and digital marketing performance.

Use coupon code “lastchance” (without the quotes) at checkout to save 20%.

You get unlimited uses of this coupon until the deadline.

Have some questions before you order?

Email me directly at nathan at gotchseo dot com and I’ll help you out.

Thanks again for everything guys & gals.

P.S. I have some insanely helpful stuff coming out soon. One thing that I’m really excited to show you guys is a new product that’s going to save you massive amounts of time and help you scale your SEO client services (faster than ever). BOLO.

– Gotch

About the Author

Nathan Gotch

Nathan Gotch is the founder and SEO director at Gotch SEO. Listen in to our new podcast, The SEO Life or watch some of our actionable SEO training videos on YouTube!


  1. “Burning the ships on the beach and never turning back” sounds very familiar Nathan , Good luck with the academy this year

  2. Okay, so I have a few thoughts and by the way, I love your academy and your love to Educate others. I started way back in 1999 and it was a long Journey and knowledge was sacred and not shared for a very long time. I had to learn by trial and error.

    First, I understand wanting to shift your focus to what you love. Buy why just let your clients go? I hope you sold them or referred them to your students. For the sake of the client who was getting real SEO services :).

    Second, if you have a link building service in place, once again why just stop and not pass this on or sell this to one of your students to at least have a solid service of link building. To be honest I didn’t even realize you had this as a service.

    Third, your training videos helped me in several ways. I was able to confirm that I was on the right track with my SEO knowledge and gain some new insights or better yet a better process to organize myself and that is a huge value in this business. I was also able to get a few ideas on how to grow clients and or expand my client growth. I found another training academy (not for SEO) and made a connection there and I am now a source of referral for their clients when they are ready for SEO services. This plus finding clients through outreach has been great as well. I am a process-oriented person so I was able to create a few other ideas.

    If you are wondering if the Training academy here is worth your time and money I have to say YES for sure. Not taking this course is a waste of time. Just don’t try and burn through the course quickly, take 45 minutes a day to train and apply what you learn. If you do more than this you can lose focus and end up missing out on something that will help you grow in your skill and grow your business.

    1. Hey Darren,

      Thank you so much for the kind words! Also, those are all valid questions. For challenge #1, I referred the clients out to some vendors I trusted and for question two, I’ll be doing the same

  3. Hey Nathan,

    I’m also concentrating on teaching SEO, blogging and YouTube marketing to students.

    Doing SEO work for clients is really time-consuming and sometimes frustrating for me.

    Anyway, in the “5. Get started” section, I think the year is wrong:

    You wrote > February 28, 2018

    It will be > February 28, 2019


  4. That’s a bummer! I’ve just received a message from you asking me to give a testimonial so I can get a $20 credit for your link building services, haha.

    Good luck on your venture Nathan!

  5. Looking you 4 yesrs, that was incredible. All you said -working. In Ukraine SEO more chipper but realy works. Thanks

  6. Hey Nathan,
    Congratulations on going after it!! You’re a great teacher!
    What’s the apartment number of the old address? JK 😁

  7. Nathan, well this also seems crazy, but you obviously know what your doing! I do applaud your choice and this is why this is the only SEO training Ive ever paid for. The reason was because YOU are teaching it. So as a current student, I guess Im glad your doing this! It should mean only more great training and resources from Gotch SEO academy.

    I mean really you are not teaching people to go and buy links, you are teaching people how to build valuable content assets and earn links. Keep up the good work and look forward to applying more of your excellent SEO training.

  8. Hey,

    It completely melts me when I read your post. Sometimes life taught you a hard lesson but when time passes hard lesson will give you a significant path of your life. Just like you discovered you are not happy with existing work and teaching would be more fruitful because you learn lots of new stuff which client doesn’t teach you.

    Best of luck 🙂

    Rameez Ramzan

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