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Austin Belcak

The strategies helped me grow my site traffic from 4,600 users/month to 46,000 users/month in 5 months. That lead to an additional 8,000 email subscribers and a 300% lift in monthly revenue for my business.

Austin Belcak

What is Gotch SEO Academy 3.0?

Here's everything you need to know:

1. Repeatable SEO System (That Works)

First off, Gotch SEO Academy (aka GSA) isn't "just another SEO course".

It's a complete step-by-step SEO system that you can use to consistently dominate Google rankings for any niche.

In fact, the following results are possible because of the simple SEO process you're about to discover:

These results are possible because we don't hope and pray for it -- we use a repeatable system that's tested across thousands of successful SEO campaigns.

And you'll have full access to it when you enroll, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.

You'll also get:

2. Proprietary Learning Experience

We believe the best way to master SEO is through total immersion. That's what our proprietary learning experience gives you:

Globally Recognized SEO Training

Learn from someone who's been doing SEO professionally for nearly a decade. I (Nathan Gotch) am your teacher for this training (not some silly bait 'n switch).

And learn at your own pace with unlimited access to our state-of-the-art learning platform:

Real Community & Friendships

Say goodbye to Facebook group drama and say hello to a dedicated private community of motivated SEO pros.

Ask questions, find answers, and get all the support you need without annoying ads, private messages, or distractions.

Certifications (That Actually Mean Something!)

Every member has an opportunity to earn the SEO Specialist, SEO Expert, and SEO Mastery certifications (in that order):

These certifications are challenging but anyone who's willing to put in the work can achieve them.

That's why each one comes with your name on a certified diploma because they actually mean something:

Proprietary Systems, Processes, and SOPs

These are the exact systems we use to drive results for our clients and to train team members.

They are organic and always up-to-date because they have to be!

Say goodbye to outdated courses and say hello to real-time, in-the-trenches SEO guidance.

Exclusive Alumni Directory

Once you're certified, you'll also get listed in our public Alumni Directory.

Only legit GSA members who have earned their SEO certifications can be listed here:

3. Weekly SEO Coaching

Every Tuesday and Thursday, I personally give live SEO and business grwoth advice based on our students' unique situations in a small group coaching call.

To put this in perspective, I charge $1,000/hour for 1-on-1 consulting.

When you enroll in Gotch SEO Academy, you're getting 104 hours of coaching every year (that's a $104,000 value).

That's not the typical fake "value" from fake "gurus" you'll see thrown around the Internet.

That's how much it would cost to hire me 1-on-1 (not taking on any new clients right now).

Here's some proof from my Stripe account:

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn a proven SEO system and get coaching from a globally-recognized SEO expert.

SEO Systems = Growth

Join us and start systemizing your SEO process.

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Is This You...?

  • Do you find yourself doing SEO tasks that you know you shouldn’t be doing?
  • Do you land new SEO clients and then proceed to throw stuff at the wall and hope it works?
  • Do you suffer from imposter syndrome because you’re not 100% confident that you can get your client the SEO results they’re demanding?
  • Do you struggle to keep up with all changes in SEO?
  • Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the flood of the new SEO tactics, strategies, and hacks?
  • Are your days jam-packed with fulfilling your SEO campaigns leaving little, or no time to acquire new SEO clients?

You're not alone!

In fact, these are some of the biggest challenges that our members faced before joining our program.

Here's are 7 of the most common reasons why they decided to enroll:

1. I want to learn an actionable SEO process that works in the real world and cuts out all the fluff and useless theory. I also want to stop using black hat tactics and start doing legitimate SEO.

2. I want to stop suffering from imposter syndrome and want to deliver incredible SEO results for my clients and agency.

3. I want more first-page rankings so I can get more traffic and grow I business. And I want to get "under the hood" and see how things work.

4. I want to become an SEO expert so I can make more money, quit my soul-sucking day job, build a career, and change my life.

5. I want a proven SEO system and SOPs so I can train and build a successful SEO team.

6. I want to grow my SEO knowledge and improve my SEO skills so I can earn more income, prove the haters wrong, and have something to fall back on during uncertain times.

7. I want to start an SEO business so I can be my own boss, work from home, achieve financial freedom, and live the lifestyle I deserve.

Gotch SEO Academy helps you achieve all of these goals (and more). All you need to do today to get started is submit your application.

Save Time & Get Consistent #1 Rankings

Use the proven system and unlock your growth.

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GSA Members Get Big Results

Here are their stories:

Chris Labbate

“Since last year we are up 25% in organic traffic and our conversions are up 200%!”

Chris Dreyer

There are so many courses out there trying to sell you SEO instruction. It’s very clear that Nathan Gotch is an expert and Gotch SEO Academy is ahead of the game.

CEO of

Doug Brown

“Thanks to Gotch SEO Academy, we have landed our 1st huge SEO client at $2,100 per month.”

Doug Brown

Get Systematic 1st Page Rankings

Follow the proven system and achieve SEO mastery:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? Here are some answers:

1. What's new?

In short, everything.

The training is 100% new and built to systemize the SEO process. This is the exact process I use in my SEO agency. It's scalable and it produces consistent results.

I guarantee you will not find a better system.

But that's all:

You're also getting access to weekly coaching with me to help you master this system and give you personalized help.

I've done over 60 coaching sessions and I host them twice a week.

I can say this with 100% conviction:

There is NO other SEO program like this.

And I'm just scratching the surface for what you'll get when you enroll.

2. Can I join without applying or booking a call?

No. Everyone goes through the same application process. This program is unique because we DON'T allow anyone to join.

Our criteria for enrollment is simple:

✅ You're obsessed with SEO and will do what it takes to learn

✅ You're an action-taker, not a consumer. While some members have said our training is "better than Netflix", this isn't for your entertainment. This program is about getting results. The only way you get results is by acting on the information.

✅ You can actually afford the program. You need to give yourself space and patience to learn. This won't happen overnight. If you're stressed about the investment, you won't be in a good place to learn.

✅ You understand that this is an INVESTMENT, not an expense.

Speaking of investment:

3. How much does Gotch SEO Academy cost?

This is the wrong question. Here's the truth:

The real "cost" is not knowing how to do SEO the right way.

When you can't produce systemic SEO results...

  • You will lose clients and your revenue will drop
  • You'll struggle to grow because you can't retain clients
  • Your operation won't last because results are the foundation of success

But the other thing to think about is this:

The "cost" is the gap between where you're at right now and the goal that you want.

For example, let's say you're making $15,000/mo and you want to get to $30,000/mo.

Well, if you knew how to get there, you would have done it already.

That $15,000 gap between where you're at right now and your goal is the cost.

If I helped you bridge that gap, would it be worth it?


I know it would because I've helped countless agency owners, consultants, and freelancers double, triple, or even quadruple their revenue.

And I invite you to achieve the same and more.

Achieve Your SEO Goals (Faster)

Use the proven system and unlock endless growth.

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