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Austin Belcak

The strategies in Gotch SEO Academy helped me grow my site traffic from 4,600 users/month to 46,000 user/month in 5 months. That lead to an additional 8,000 email subscribers and a 300% lift in monthly revenue for my business.

SEO Training Courses (That Work in 2021)

Learn SEO and Become an SEO Expert in Record Time

Gotch SEO Academy

Learn the proven SEO process that's helped over 3,000 marketers get more first page rankings and organic traffic from Google.

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YouTube SEO Academy

Get access to the proven YouTube SEO process that's helped us go from 0 to 27,000 subscribers and 700,000 views with only 60 videos.

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Chris Labbate

“Anyone doing any case studies around the Gotch SEO Academy? Since last year we are up 25% in organic traffic and our conversions are up 200%!”

Step-by-Step SEO Checklists

Perfect for SEO agencies and experts who need predictable results.

SEO Audit Checklist

Find out why you’re not ranking and start getting better SEO results (fast). I use this exact SEO audit checklist for $2,500 audits.

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Keyword Research Checklist

Just follow our proven checklist and template so you can find, qualify, and prioritize keywords at lightning speed.

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SEO Content Brief Checklist

Never wonder if your SEO content is going to work. Follow this content brief template and checklist and start ranking.

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Site Architecture Checklist

Optimizing your site architecture can produce big SEO results. Follow this checklist to accomplish that goal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are common questions (and answers) about our training:

What is SEO training?

SEO training is the process of learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is an online marketing strategy designed to attract organic traffic from search engines like Google, YouTube, and even Amazon. Any website that features a prominent search engine can be optimized. Our SEO training courses walk you through how to optimize for Google and YouTube.

How much does SEO training cost?

There is a wide range of options for SEO training. You can find cheap training on Udemy, but those courses are designed for absolute beginners. And as they say, you get what you pay for. Our training is not cheap because you’re learning from real practitioners. People who have worked on hundreds of successful SEO campaigns. In short, you’re investing in our experience. That way you don’t have to spend years going through trial and error like we did. Ultimately, a better question to ask is: “How much is my time worth?”

Are your SEO training classes in-person or remote?

All of our SEO training classes are 100% online, which means you can learn SEO and become an SEO expert in the comfort of your own home. We do have some pages for locations like Chicago, Boston, Austin, and Dallas which compares our training versus those in that location.