How to Find the Best SEO Jobs in Chicago (Top Websites, Tips, and Salary Information)

Are you looking to kickstart or advance your search engine optimization (SEO) career in Chicago? Look no further!

We have compiled a list of the best websites and resources to help you find your dream SEO job in the Windy City, along with insights into the local salary expectations.

4 Best Websites to Find Awesome SEO Jobs in Chicago

1. SEOJobs.com

As a specialized job board, SEOJobs.com focuses solely on SEO employment opportunities. The website is family-owned, USA-based, offering job listings from in-office roles to remote, work-from-home positions.

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With affordable pricing and free options for job postings, this platform is an excellent starting point for finding SEO jobs in Chicago. Visit SEOJobs.com for a dedicated and user-friendly experience.

2. LinkedIn

With over 450 SEO job listings in Chicago, LinkedIn is a powerful platform for professional networking and job hunting.

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Create a compelling profile, showcase your skills and experience, and connect with industry professionals to increase your chances of landing your ideal job. Explore LinkedIn’s SEO job opportunities in Chicago here.

3. Indeed

Indeed is a popular job search engine listing over 350 SEO jobs in Chicago.

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Ranging from SEO specialists to SEO managers and copywriters, Indeed is an excellent resource for finding diverse opportunities in the SEO industry. Start searching for SEO jobs in Chicago on Indeed.com here.

4. Built In Chicago

Built In Chicago is an online community dedicated to Chicago’s startups and tech companies.

Built In Chicago is the perfect platform if you’re interested in working with a startup or a tech-focused organization. Find exciting SEO job opportunities at Chicago-based startups and tech companies here.

How Much Do SEOs Make in Chicago?

According to Built In Chicago, the average base salary for an SEO Specialist in Chicago is $80,750, with an additional cash compensation of $7,838, bringing the average total compensation to $88,588.

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Median salaries range from a minimum of $60,000 to a maximum of $120,000.

However, Salary.com reports the average SEO Specialist salary in Chicago, IL, as $50,719, with a typical range between $46,395 and $56,185.

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These salary ranges can vary depending on education, certifications, additional skills, and years of experience. Nearby cities have similar salary ranges, with only slight variations.

3 Tips for Landing Your Dream SEO Job in Chicago

In addition to knowing where to look for SEO job opportunities, presenting yourself as the ideal candidate is essential.

Here are some tips for creating an impressive resume, optimizing your LinkedIn profile, and acing an interview for SEO roles in Chicago.

1. Focus on Your Resume (4 Actionable Tips)

Tailor your resume: Customize your resume for each job application, emphasizing the skills and experience most relevant to the specific SEO role. Use keywords from the job description to increase the chances of getting noticed by applicant tracking systems (ATS).

Focus on results: Highlight your accomplishments in previous SEO roles by quantifying your achievements. For instance, showcase how your SEO efforts increased organic traffic, improved search rankings, or boosted conversion rates.

Showcase your skills: List relevant technical SEO skills, such as keyword research, link building, content optimization, and analytics tools. Also, mention soft skills like communication, collaboration, and time management.

Include certifications: If you have completed any SEO-related courses or certifications like Gotch SEO Academy or Google Analytics, be sure to include them on your resume to demonstrate your commitment to professional development.

2. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Use an SEO-friendly headline: Create a clear, concise headline that includes relevant keywords, such as “SEO Specialist,” “Digital Marketing Professional,” or “SEO and Content Strategist.”

Write a compelling summary: Craft a well-written summary highlighting your experience, expertise, and passion for SEO. Include your key accomplishments and the value you can bring to potential employers.

Showcase your work: Use the “Featured” section to display examples of your SEO work, such as successful projects, case studies, or articles on the topic.

Get endorsements and recommendations: Contact colleagues, managers, or clients to endorse your SEO skills and provide recommendations that attest to your expertise and work ethic.

Engage with the community: Share relevant content, participate in discussions, and connect with SEO professionals and influencers in Chicago to increase your visibility and demonstrate your commitment to the field.

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3. Acing an Interview for SEO Roles

Research the company: Familiarize yourself with its website, products, and services, as well as its SEO and content strategy. Prepare to discuss how you can contribute to their ongoing efforts and align online marketing campaigns with their goals.

Be ready to showcase your technical knowledge: Be prepared to answer questions about SEO best practices, tools, and strategies. Demonstrate your understanding of on-page and off-page optimization, keyword research, and Google’s latest algorithm updates.

Discuss your problem-solving approach: Employers value candidates who can think critically and solve complex SEO issues. Be ready to discuss past challenges and the steps you took to overcome them.

Ask insightful questions: Show your interest in the role by asking thoughtful questions about the company’s SEO strategy, team structure, and long-term goals.

Follow up: After the interview, send a thank-you email to express your appreciation and reiterate your interest in the position.

By following these tips, you’ll be well-prepared to create a lasting impression and increase your chances of landing your dream SEO job in Chicago.

Latest SEO Trends and Their Impact on the Chicago Job Market

Staying updated on the latest trends in SEO is crucial for professionals seeking jobs in this dynamic field. By understanding the impact of emerging trends like voice search, artificial intelligence (AI), and content marketing on the Chicago job market, you can better position yourself for success.

Voice Search

With the increasing popularity of voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple’s Siri, voice search is becoming more prevalent.

This shift toward voice-based queries demands a new approach to SEO, focusing on conversational and long-tail keywords and optimizing for local search.

As a result, companies in Chicago are seeking SEO professionals who understand voice search optimization and can help them stay ahead of the curve.

Artificial Intelligence

AI and machine learning is transforming the SEO landscape, from keyword research and content optimization to link building and data analysis.

As a result, employers in Chicago are increasingly interested in hiring SEO professionals who can leverage AI-driven tools and strategies to improve their search rankings and drive organic traffic.

Staying updated on AI-powered SEO tools and techniques can help you stand out in the competitive job market.

Content Marketing

High-quality, relevant content remains at the heart of any successful SEO strategy.

As search engines continue to prioritize user experience, content marketing becomes even more crucial for driving organic traffic and improving search rankings.

As a result, SEO professionals who can create and optimize engaging, informative content that resonates with the target audience are in high demand in the Chicago job market.

To capitalize on these trends and enhance your career prospects in the Chicago SEO job market, consider the following steps:

Update your skillset: Invest in continuous learning and professional development by taking SEO courses, attending webinars, or reading industry publications to stay current with the latest SEO trends.

Showcase your knowledge: Discuss your expertise in emerging trends in your resume, LinkedIn profile, or during interviews. Share examples of how you have successfully implemented voice search optimization, AI-driven strategies, or content marketing campaigns in previous roles.

Network with industry experts: Attend local SEO and digital marketing events, conferences, or meetups in Chicago to connect with professionals and stay informed about the latest developments in the field.

By staying updated on the latest SEO trends and understanding their impact on the Chicago job market, you’ll be better equipped to secure your ideal job in the ever-evolving world of search engine optimization.

Now that you know where to find the best SEO jobs in Chicago and have an understanding of the local salary expectations, let’s address some common questions about the field:

6 FAQs About SEO Jobs in Chicago

1. What are SEO jobs?

SEO jobs involve optimizing websites and content to improve search engine rankings, drive organic traffic, and increase online visibility. Roles in the industry include SEO specialists, SEO managers, content strategists, copywriters, and more.

2. Is SEO a well-paid job?

Yes, SEO professionals are generally well-paid, with salaries varying based on experience, job type, title, and location. For example, entry-level roles may start at around $40,000 per year, while experienced professionals can earn over $100,000 annually.

3. How can I start my career as an SEO?

To begin your career in SEO, learn the fundamentals through online resources, courses, and certifications (like Gotch SEO Academy). Build a strong online presence, create a portfolio showcasing your skills, and network with industry professionals. Gain experience through internships or freelance work before applying for full-time positions.

4. Is SEO a stressful job?

Like any job, SEO can be stressful at times. Staying updated with the latest trends, algorithms, and best practices can be challenging. However, it is also a rewarding and exciting field that offers diverse growth opportunities.

5. Is it hard to learn SEO?

Learning SEO requires dedication and time, but with the right resources and a willingness to learn, it can be mastered. Many online courses and resources can help you acquire the skills needed to excel in SEO.

6. Does SEO require coding?

While coding skills can be advantageous, they are not required for most SEO roles. Understanding basic HTML and CSS can help you analyze and optimize website structures. However, many aspects of SEO, such as keyword research, content optimization, and link building, do not require coding knowledge.

Start Applying for SEO Jobs in Chicago

Finding the best SEO jobs in Chicago is a combination of knowing where to look, staying updated on industry trends, and presenting yourself as the ideal candidate.

By utilizing the top websites, refining your resume and LinkedIn profile, and understanding the local job market, you’ll be well-prepared to launch or advance your career in the dynamic field of search engine optimization.

Keep learning and networking to stay ahead in this ever-evolving industry, and soon you’ll be well on your way to landing your dream SEO job in the Windy City.

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