7 SEO Experiments That WORKED!

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Wondering what actually works in SEO? ūü§Ē¬† Tired of SEO theories (that aren't actually tested)? Want to take your SEO game to another level? These 7 SEO experiments will help.
Here's what you will learn when you enroll today:
  • SEO Experiment #1 - Does content length actually matter for SEO?¬†There is a misconception that every page you are trying to rank needs "1,800" or "2,000+" words. There is a factor that matters WAY more than word-count. I explain what that is (and how you can leverage it) in this experiment.
  • SEO Experiment #2 - Do you need your target keyword in your URL?¬†This experiment probably won't surprise you, but it does prove SEO theorists wrong.
  • SEO Experiment #3 - How well do title modifiers work? Crazy results in this one. The best part is that you get similar results (without any hard work).
  • SEO Experiment #4 - Do you need content and backlinks to get SEO results? Believe it or not, there are others ways to get more organic search traffic without creating epic content or having to get new backlinks. That's what this experiment will show you.
  • SEO Experiment #5 - Can you get more traffic by "merging" websites together? I coined the phrase "The Merger Technique", but does it actually work? That's what you'll find out.
  • SEO Experiment #6 - What happens if you only focus on backlinks? You probably think it's a bad to only focus on acquiring new backlinks. While that may be true in most scenarios, it isn't ALWAYS true.¬†
  • SEO Experiment #7 - Can social signals increase your rankings? This is my favorite SEO experiment in this series because the results are shocking. You'll find what "social signals" I used when you enroll.

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