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Who am I?
I’m the founder of Gotch SEO.

Gotch SEO reaches thousands of entrepreneurs every single day through our popular SEO blog and we’ve helped of business increase their organic search traffic, leads, and customers through SEO. My work has been featured on Search Engine Journal, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and many other prominent publications.

Okay, enough about me.

Let’s talk about how I can help you
Stubborn Client Campaigns

Every SEO (no matter how good they are) has run into at least one head-scratching campaign. You think you’re doing everything right (and you’re doing what’s worked before), but the campaign won’t budget. That’s when I can come in, give you a fresh pair eyes, and identify what may be holding your client’s campaign back.

Your Own Website

Running an SEO campaign in house can be challenging without the right guidance and framework. I can give you the framework and actionable steps you need to take to increase your organic search traffic as fast as possible.

Your Career

I went from a broke 22-year old without any experience in business or marketing, to build a six-figure SEO agency within six months. I can help you. Whether it’s getting clients, growing an agency, building training courses, or marketing in general, I’ve experienced and had success in it all. I’m still learning, but I do have a lot of experience under my belt that can help you out.

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