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Training and systems are necessary, but to be in the top 1%, you need a coach. Enjoy this free coaching call from Gotch SEO Academy:

“The coaching calls are invaluable. If I understood the value of the coaching calls before joining … I would’ve paid double.” – Jared Tangir, Agency Owner

What You’ve Missed

Nathan Gotch has completed over 14,801 minutes of coaching calls. Here’s what you’ve missed:

#Topics Discussed
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267How To Handle Losing Clients & The Feeling of Imposter Syndrome in SEO, Nathan’s Thoughts on Link Acquisition For Clients, Local SEO Strategy For Plumber Targeting Multiple Cities, What Platform Should You Use For AI Content Creation?
266Accuracy of Ahrefs & Semrush, 80/20 GBP Strategies For Local SEO, SEO For Healthcare & Acupuncture Websites, Nathan’s Preferred Vendors For Buying Expired Domains, How To Choose a Niche For Your SEO Agency
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264SEO Expert 2.0 Update, How To Decide Priorities For New Clients, Nathan’s Thoughts on Search Intent, Creating Effective Case Studies For SEO Marketing, Comparing SEO Audit Tools, Link Building Strategies For Ecommerce Site
263GSA Alumni Badges, SEO Client Acquisition For Beginners, Should You Niche Down Right Away?, SEO Strategies For Franchise Sites, What If There Are No Primary Keywords?, Optimizing Category Pages For Ecommerce Sites
262The Best Free SEO Extension, Creating Dedicated Pages For Keywords, What To Do If Your Ahrefs DR Drops, Nathan’s Thoughts on Building Topical Authority, Do City Pages Work For SEO Anymore?, GBP Tips
261New GSA Alumni Pages & Linkable SEO Certifications, Nathan’s Thoughts on Google’s SGE, Niching Down in SEO & Choosing Your Niches Carefully, Targeting Specific Locations & Niches, SEO Strategies for Automotive Dealerships
260Real Estate Website’s IDX Issues & Potential Solutions, Delegating Link Building To VAs, SEO Audit Pricing Strategies, SEO Benefits of Social Media, Niching Down for an Ecommerce SEO Agency, Using AI Tools For Content Creation
259Nathan’s SEO Pricing & Business Growth Strategies, Local SEO for Orthopedic Practice, SEO Time Investment & Outsourcing Tasks to VAs, Jared Tangir’s Ultimate Backlink Outreach Strategy Using Hunter.io