SEO Certifications

Get ahead by becoming a certified SEO expert.

“The coaching calls are invaluable. If I understood the value of the coaching calls before joining … I would’ve paid double.” – Jared Tangir, Agency Owner

SEO Agency Certification

Want to become an SEO service provider? Follow my proven blueprint that’s perfect for beginner entrepreneurs without sales or business experience. This is the best place to start if you’re making less than $10,000/mo.

SEO Specialist Certification

Our SEO Specialist Certification is perfect for beginners who need a foundational understanding of SEO. Learn the core skills you need to prepare for the next SEO level.

SEO Expert Certification

Once you’ve nailed the foundational principles, it’s time to test your knowledge with the SEO Expert Certification. You’ll learn our proven step-by-step system in this part of the program. This is the exact system we use for every SEO campaign.

SEO Master Certification

The SEO Mastery certification is the hardest to earn because you must demonstrate that you can actually drive SEO results. Only 1% of members earn this certification (that’s by design).