Why Some Beverly Hills SEO Companies Don’t Get Results

Why Some Beverly Hills SEO Companies Don’t Get Results

At one point or another, you may end up working a Beverly Hills SEO company that struggles to get you the results you expected. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but the following are the most common we see.

1. Wrong Keyword Selection

Keywords are the foundation of any SEO campaign and are what your customers will use to find your business. Some companies speed right through this process without adequately researching the keyword landscape. Deciding what keywords to target can make or break your campaign, so it’s something that has to be taken seriously. The best keywords to target are those that will bring your business the best return on investment. An effective SEO company will segment the keywords into two different groups: low hanging fruits and dream keywords.

Low hanging fruits are keywords that won’t require a ton of resources to rank for. “Dream” keywords are the most challenging ones and require consistent, long-term effort to conquer. “Low hanging fruits” are referred to as long-tail keywords in the SEO industry and should be the focus in the initial stages of most campaigns. If everything goes according to plan, your website will rank for the long tails, start bringing new revenue into the business, and give you the resources you need to tackle the more challenging segment of keywords.

2. Weak Competition Analysis

Having an idea of what keywords is important, but it a crap shoot if you don’t analyze the competition. Analyzing the competition from an SEO perspective involves analyzing the top 10 results for any given keyword. Analyzing the competition allows you to see if a keyword is worth pursuing and it will also give you insights into whats working well. Often times, good companies will reverse engineer some of the competitions effective strategies. This is referred to as mirroring. It works because the “proof is in the pudding”. Meaning, if your competitor is ranking, then it’s for a specific reason. Competition analysis is a critical component of the SEO campaign and should be taken lightly.

3. Not Content Focused

Content is the only thing that has guaranteed staying power. Your rankings in Google will fluctuate in Google on a daily basis, social media strategies are constantly changes, and paid advertising is always evolved. But despite us living in a completely organic marketing environment, content is the only thing that stays unchanged. GOOD content can bring your business new leads and customers for years without you needed to do anything. Every SEO company should understand the importance of producing high-value because it establishes your business as the “authority”, it produces results in advance for your customers, and it builds massive goodwill and rapport that will last the lifespan of your business. Content marketing is a big deal and it should not be underestimated.

4. Outdated Techniques

Back in the day, you could spam links and stuff keywords on your site and it would work like a charm. Try that now and you’ll get a Penguin or Panda penalty from Google. Believe it or not, some SEO companies are still using outdated spam techniques on websites like yours. Getting penalized will end up costing your business thousands of dollars to repair the damage.

5. Thinks Social Doesn’t Matter

Social isn’t a fad or something that’s going away anytime soon. It is a strong ranking factor in Google right now and any SEO company that isn’t putting emphasize on it, is losing the battle. Be weary of any company that doesn’t mention the word “social” in their overall SEO strategy.

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