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I've spent over 5 years refining and developing my SEO audit process. This process has been tested across hundreds of SEO campaigns and today I want to share it with you.  

Here's what you'll get when you sign up:

1. Complete SEO Audit Template ($997 Value)

This template is designed to streamline your SEO audit process. Every single step has instructions and guidelines so that anyone can conduct a proper and effective SEO audit.  

Meaning, you don't need to be an SEO expert to do this audit. You just follow the steps and you'll discover what's holding your website's (or your client's) SEO performance back.  

The template by itself is worth at least $1,000 because it's the exact template we use when clients hire us to do an audit on their website.  

But I'm also going to give you access to something else.

2. On-Page SEO Checklist ($197 Value)

Use our 80-point on-page SEO checklist to create perfectly optimized pages. You can use this checklist for every single keyword-targeted page you're trying to rank. You'll find this checklist on tab #2.

3. Step-by-Step SOP ($497 Value)

The template is great, but you need to know how to find issues and the thought process for determining whether something is right or wrong. 

That's what the step-by-step SOP will give you. This SOP shows you exactly what to do through every step of the audit. The beauty of this SOP is that it allows anyone to conduct an expert-level SEO audit.  

But that's not even the best part.  

The best part is that you can use this SOP to train a team member, a VA, or anyone working for you. 

That way you can delegate the SEO audit process, which will save you hundreds or even thousands of hours if you're running an SEO agency.  

This SOP alone is worth well over $1,000 because of the countless hours we've poured into making the most effective process possible. 

4. SEO Audit Demos ($2,991 Value)

Did you know that clients pay my company at least $997 to perform the SEO audit checklist you're about to invest in?  

Well, here's what's interesting...  

ANYONE can go through the SEO audit checklist, but it takes tons of experience to understand the findings and then know what to do next.  

Now let me ask you:  

Would it be helpful if you could watch me explain my SEO audit findings to a real client?  

That's possible with my private SEO audit demos.  

In short:  

You get access to (x3) video walkthroughs I sent to clients that paid $997 for an SEO audit.  

Video #1 is an analysis of a client who is running an information business that's monetized through sponsored posts, ads, and affiliate offers. In videos #2 and #3 I share my SEO audit findings for two law firms.  

Here's what people are saying about these demos:  

We're going to continually add new demos and you'll get access to ALL of them when you invest today. Otherwise, you'll have to pay a higher price in the future because we'll raise the price when we add new demos.  

5. SEO Recommendations ($497 Value)

Are you doing SEO audits for clients (or future clients)?

You’re going to get access to my in-house SEO audit template and procedure.  

But there’s a problem:  

What do you do AFTER you’ve completed the audit?  


What do you send your clients?  

Better yet…  

What do you send your clients so you look like an industry-leading SEO expert and professional?  

Well, I have good news.  

You can get access to my in-house SEO Recommendations list.  

These are the exact recommendations I send to clients after the audit is completed.  

The truth is:  

Most websites are struggling with the same SEO issues.  

And for that reason we’ve been able to “systemize” our SEO audit reporting process.  

In short:  

This SEO Recommendations list will 10x the speed of your SEO audit process.

That means you can spend more time selling and growing your income.  

The “Recommendations List” is categorized based on what actions will get your clients the best results. That means “Level 1 Actions” will have the highest impact while “Level 3 Actions” will have the lowest impact on SEO performance.  

I’ve personally hand-crafted these recommendations based on my 5+ years of working on hundreds of SEO campaigns and SEO audits.  

You’re basically stepping into my shoes and demonstrating high-level SEO expertise.  

That means clients will trust you more.  

And what happens when they trust you more?  

You retain your clients longer and you’re able to close more deals (easier).

 All you have to do is copy and paste my expert-level SEO recommendations and you’ll “Wow” your clients and prospects.  

Can you imagine never having to waste your time creating custom SEO audit reports?  

That’s possible when you get my recommendations list.  

Your investment guarantees you lifetime access to my recommendations. We’re constantly tweaking and refining these recommendations based on new situations we’re encountering. 

That means you’ll also be on the cutting edge of SEO.  

So, just to review.

Here's everything you're getting when you sign up today:

1. SEO audit template ($997 Value)

2. 80-point on-page SEO checklist ($197 Value)

3. Step-by-step SEO audit procedure ($497 Value)

4. Private SEO audit demos ($2,991 Value)

5. In-house SEO recommendations ($497 Value)

Total Value = $5,179

But listen:  

Performing an SEO audit is the most important piece of a successful SEO campaign.  


Because it uncovers issues that are holding your site's performance back.  

That means that your website is likely on a shaky foundation if you haven't done one (the right way). After you find and fix the issues you'll uncover using our template and SOP, your website and business will be on a stronger foundation.  

The stronger your foundation is, the better results you'll get when you begin to develop SEO content, optimize UX/UI, and acquire more backlinks.  

Because I know how important SEO audits are, I want to share this template and SOP with as many people as possible. That's why for a limited time, I'm going to give you opportunity to get access.  

Instead of investing the total value of $5,179 for my SEO audit template, step-by-step SOP, and all the bonuses, I'm going to give you access to everything for...

Only $97 (One-Time)


 Still not sure?  

Well, here's why you have nothing to lose when order:

100% Money Back Guarantee

I'm so confident that this SEO audit template will help you that I'm offering you a 100% money back guarantee for life. If you truly believe this template isn't valuable, I'll refund your original investment AND I'll even let you keep the template.  

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"I recently did an audit for my client (using your template and SOP) and I have A LOT of work to do! All the hours watching YouTube videos, reading blogs, and "quick analysis" software does not stack up to the value offered in this SEO Audit Template. Thank you for offering this at such an incredible value." - Ted Rozalski

"I really love the template! Your work allows people like me to learn a work and change their lives. I have the opportunity to perform website audits accurately, quickly and professionally! It does not matter if you're an expert in SEO because you will have a step by step guide for performing complete and professional audits. Thank you Nathan for sharing your work with us!" - Giulio Gualtieri

"I'm loving this template. It gave me so much more clarity on how to start auditing a site. Basically I want to become a SEO specialist. I'm self taught and I'm getting work experience as well and this template felt like it was a missing puzzle peace that gave a lot of clarity." - Roberts Silins

Roberts Silins

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