Gotch SEO Academy 2.0

A Proven System for Getting Better Rankings and More Traffic from Google

A few years ago I discovered something remarkable.  

Something so remarkable that it made me rethink my entire SEO and business growth strategy.  

You see...  

I used to believe that SEO was my savior.  

I also thought traffic was the key to growing a business.  

But I was wrong. 

What I realized is that my approach to growing my business was backwards.

I spent all my time and effort obsessing about traffic.  

But little did I know…  

There was something way more important to growing a business. 

I also realized that traffic isn’t the problem.  

In fact:  

Increasing your traffic is the easy part (if you have the right framework to follow). 

Then what’s the one problem holding most businesses back?

It’s the conversion foundation.  

I developed a brand new SEO model after I made this discovery.  

And I’m going to share it with you today.  

But let me rewind.  

This “discovery” started back in 2016 when my SEO agency closed the biggest supplement company in Missouri as a client.  

But before that, my company made one of the most important decisions in our history.  

This decision did two things:  

1. It made our company grow faster

2. It helped our clients get better (and faster) SEO results 

The best part?  

It was a simple decision.  

Here’s what we did:  

We decided to use extreme vetting for our SEO agency.  

What does that mean?  

It means we only wanted to work with businesses that were already in a position to succeed.  

We created a strict criteria for vetting prospects that included several different factors. 

But there was one factor that mattered more than anything else.

In fact:  

This one factor was the ultimate deal breaker.  


If the prospective company didn’t meet this one rule, then we wouldn’t bring them on as a client.  

Our one big rule was simple:  

We only work with companies that already have a proven conversion process.  

This was critical for one important reason:  

If the client already had a strong conversion foundation, then all we had to do was throw fuel on the fire.  

That “fuel” (organic search traffic) is only possible through leveraging the power of SEO.  

Now here’s the sad truth: 

SEO can’t save a bad business with a poor conversion foundation.

That’s the bad news.  

Here's the good news:

Organic search traffic (which comes from doing SEO) is the best fuel to throw on a business that already has a strong conversion foundation.  

There is no better traffic source than organic search traffic. 

I’m going to prove that to you today.  

But before I get into that…  

Let me wrap up this story and why it’s critical your SEO success. 

So, this supplement company met our criteria perfectly.  

  • They were already growing using offline methods.  
  • They had a strong and active social media presence.  
  • And they even had a great CEO with a strong personal brand. 

In short:  

This was the perfect client because they had a strong conversion foundation.  

All we had to do was come in, work our SEO magic, and increase their organic search traffic.  

And because they already had a strong conversion foundation, we knew that increasing their organic search traffic would increase their revenue

So, what happened?

Our client went from invisible, to dominating for some of the most competitive keywords in the entire health and fitness industry such as: 

  • "testosterone booster"
  • "bcaa"
  • "best pre workout"
  • "fat burner"
  • "best fat burner"

And here's their organic keyword position growth:

We grew their total organic keyword positions by 16,000% (not a typo).  

But listen:  

The only SEO KPI that really matters is traffic.  

So here’s their organic search traffic data: 

We grew their organic search traffic by 93%.  

Don’t worry:  

This wasn’t a fluke. 

Here's another client that met our criteria because they already had a strong conversion foundation. 

Not only that, they were already creating content assets. 

All we had to do was build backlinks and here’s what happened:

From that point on, all we did was repeat this process and the results have piled on ever since:

379% More Traffic

188% More Traffic

3,127% More Traffic

508% More Traffic

410% More Traffic

254% More Traffic

10,478% More Traffic

You get it:

This framework makes SEO easier.

Here's what the framework looks like:

Great company (with a conversion strategy) + SEO = More Money

Before I go any further let me introduce myself.

My name is Nathan Gotch and I’m the founder of Gotch SEO.  

Thousands of entrepreneurs and marketers visit Gotch SEO every day wanting to learn SEO. 

My comany has personally helped hundreds of businesses make more money through leveraging the power of SEO.  

I’m grateful for what my company has achieved, but here’s the truth:

It didn't used to be this way.

Not too long ago:  

  • I was working a dead end job  
  • I was $40,000 in debt  
  • And I didn’t even know what “SEO” was

Now you might be wondering:  

How did I go from a broke 22-year old without any experience in business or marketing... successfully using SEO to grow hundreds of companies?  

How did I go from almost getting kicked out of college for my terrible writing skills... having my content featured on prominent publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur and  

The answer is surprisingly simple.  

Let me start with the most important part:  

I’m no different than you are. 

I was raised by single mother and lived in a trailer park at one point in my life.  

Here’s a glimpse of where I used to live in El Monte, California:

I also struggled in school.  

Here’s my awesome GPA from high school: 

Plus, I wasn’t blessed with any special talents or skills.  

But there is one thing I’ve mastered despite all of this.  

This one thing helped me escape my awful 9-5 job as a security guard.  

This one thing gave me the opportunity to live a life I never thought was possible.

And to be honest:  

I wish my parents and school teachers taught me this skill.  

That’s because this one thing will make your business and life exponentially better.  

The one thing you must master to succeed at ANYTHING in life is...  

The willingness to learn.  

My willingness to learn led me to the simple two step business growth process I’m going to show you today.  

But before that…  

I need to cover something very important.  

Is SEO dead? 

Go to Google and search “is SEO”.

Then take a look at the suggested results:

Is this clear evidence that SEO is dead?  

Well, that’s not all.  

If you follow Tai Lopez or Gary Vaynerchuck, you likely wouldn’t even know that SEO exists.  

In fact, Gary Vee said SEO is dead back in 2011. 

Let me start by saying that I have a lot of respect for Gary and the work that he does.  

But when it comes to SEO, he was wrong back then and he’s wrong now.  

Here’s the truth:  

SEO has changed.  


It’s more alive than ever.  

I’ll prove that to you today.  

Before I do, let me get this out of the way:  

The blanket advice that your business should publish more content online is garbage.  


Because the quantity game is a race to the bottom.  

It’s a game that most businesses will never win.  

But I don’t want you to just take my word for it.

I have proof.

On just Facebook alone, there are:  


293,000 statuses…  

And 136,000 photos uploaded…  


Think about that for a second.

In total:

There are 4.7 million pieces of content shared every single day on Facebook alone.  

Plus, there are 95 million photos and videos shared every single day on Instagram as well.  

But that’s not all. 

According to multiple studies from Edgerank Checker and Social Oglivy, the organic reach for Facebook pages is less than 2%.  

That means if you have 1,000 likes on your company page, then only 20 of your “fans” will actually see it.  


It’s better than zero.

It's just hard to justify the time and capital investment when there is an alternative that is far superior.  

More on this in a second.  

Here’s the big takeaway:  

The odds are stacked against you on these platforms (on the organic level).  

Does that mean you should avoid these platforms altogether?  

No way.  

But I’m here to say that investing your time and resources into SEO is the best option for most businesses.  

Not only that...  

This data should make you question the idea that you should publish more if you want to grow your business.  

Still not sure?  

Like I said before, I don’t want you to just take my word for it.  

Here’s more proof.  

Take a look at Apple’s Twitter profile:

Notice what’s missing?  

They have NO content.  

Let’s do the math on that:  

Apple Tweeted zero times in 2017.  

Apple made $229,000,000,000 in 2017.  

Clearly Apple doesn’t think Twitter is valuable for growing their business.  

But what about organic search?  

Let’s took a look:  

If you average out Apple’s top 5 branded keywords, they get around 55,000,000 searches per month.  

Let’s say they those branded terms generated a 30% CTR (which is a low guess for branded terms), they would get 16,000,000 organic search visitors every month from Google.  

Then let’s say Apple converts 1% of that traffic.  

That’s 165,000 sales per month from organic search traffic.  

Now of course, this all hypothetical.  

But let’s compare this to Twitter.  

Apple’s Twitter account has about 1,760,0000 followers.  

And according to According to SignUpTo, a user with 10,000+ followers gets about 0.45% CTR.  

That means for every Tweet containing a link, Apple would get approximately 7,900 clicks.  

Just to match their organic search traffic per month for one keyword such as “iphone 8”, they would need to Tweet 2,101 times per month.  

To match their top 5 keywords in organic search, they would need to Tweet 6,962 times per month.  

So, the question is:  

If Apple values organic search over social media, then what does that say?  

Social media marketing gurus have lied to you. 

They’ve led you to believe that: 

You need to be in everyone’s face and you need to shout louder than your competitors…  

…if you want your business to survive and get attention in this marketplace.  

They’re wrong.  

Listen carefully to what I’m about to say:  

  • More content does NOT = more attention  
  • More content does NOT = more traffic  
  • More content does NOT = more money for your business  

Apple proves these points.  

But now I want to go back to something I mentioned earlier.  

I told you I would prove that SEO is more alive than ever.  

Now is that time.  

I could just tell you that SEO is one of the best ways to grow any business.  

In fact:  

I could tell you with tremendous conviction and certainty because I’ve used SEO to grow hundreds of business.  

But I don’t want you to just take my word for it.  

Here’s the proof that SEO is more alive than ever: 

1. Trends

Go to Google Trends and compare “SEO” to ANY other channel online.  

Here’s "SEO" vs. "Facebook Ads": 

Here’s "SEO" vs. "Content Marketing": 

Here’s "SEO" vs. "Social Media Marketing":

You get the point.  

No channel online is more popular than SEO.  

That’s because it’s a proven channel for systematically growing any business online.  

But there’s something else that a lot of people don’t consider.  


Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. get all the publicity.

That’s because they’re new and exciting.  

It’s also because we, as humans, love new things.  

We also suffer from shiny object syndrome.  

And we're experts at over-complicating nearly everything we do.  

So, what happens?  

Instead of focusing on marketing methods that are proven and time tested, we look for the newest and greatest thing.  

Instead of going all in on what works, we get distracted and focus on “new” and exciting opportunities.  

We all suffer from this (including myself).  

But one day, I decided to jump out of the hamster wheel.  

I also decided to remove myself from the social media marketing guru echo chamber.  

The truth is:  

When you’re in the weeds and you’re hustling to grow your business, it’s hard to step back and reassess what’s going on.  


I broke my mesmerism and realized that the best way to grow my business was right in front of my face.  


I was already using SEO to grow my business. 

BUT... at the same time, I was also:  

Trying to grow my Facebook audience.  

Trying to grow my email list.  

Trying to grow my Instagram account.  

And trying to do WAY too many things that didn’t produce any ROI.  

I finally said enough is enough.  

I decided to go all in on what's proven to work. 

I decided to focus on the one channel that gets the best return on investment and time.

That channel is SEO.  

This brings me to the next point.  

2. Traffic

Pop quiz:  

What’s the best place for your potential customers to find you organically (online)?  

Is it…  

A) Social Media B) Search Engines C) Email  


If you answered “B) Search Engines", then nice work because there’s data to prove this.  

Go to Similar Web and examine the top 5 most trafficked websites. 

What do 4 of top 5 most trafficked websites have in common?  

They are either search engines or feature a prominent search engine. 

Google is by far the most popular website and search engine in the world.

On average, Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second.  

That’s 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion search per year.

That’s not even the crazy part.  

These numbers are based on actual searches conducted.  

This isn’t how much traffic actually gets.  

That number would be much larger.  

Then you have Youtube, which is by far the most popular video search engine in the world.  

After that, you have Amazon, which is by far the most popular e-commerce search engine in the world.  

And lastly, you have Yahoo, which the second biggest traditional search engine.  

You get the point.  

Understanding how to get organic traffic from search is a good use of time and resources.  

But that’s not all.  

3. Industry Growth  

According to Borrell Associates, over $65 billion was invested into the SEO industry in 2016.  

This number is expected to rise to $79 billion by 2020.  

More-and-more capital is flowing into the SEO industry because companies are discovering how powerful it is for growing revenue.  

In short:  

The time for you to use SEO to grow your business is right now.  

But listen:  

Maybe you’re not someone who owns a business.

Or, maybe you’re someone who wants to become an SEO.  

Or lastly: 

Maybe you’re someone who wants to learn SEO so you can make a bigger impact at your company.  

I have good news for you.  

According to Indeed, the average salary for an SEO specialist is $62,000 per year.  

And some SEO specialists are paid well over $100,000 per year.

Not bad for a skill that doesn’t require any formal education.  

The truth is:  

If you understand how to grow businesses by leveraging the power of SEO, you’ll never need to worry about job security again.  

But what if you’re someone who doesn’t want a boss?  

And you’re someone who wants to take a leap of faith and live life on your own terms?  

I have good news for you as well.  

Businesses are willing to pay at least $500 - $4,000 per month for SEO.  

I’m telling you this from experience.  

When I was an unknown SEO, I charged businesses $500 per month.  

But as my authority grew and my portfolio expanded, I was able to demand higher prices.  

In fact:  

I remember closing my first $2,500 per month client like it was yesterday.  

I even took a picture to remember:  

At this point, my company’s minimum retainer is $4,000/month.  

It feels funny saying that because I remember when my goal was just to make $3,000 per month.  

You get it:  

The opportunity to grow your business using SEO is bigger than ever.  

The opportunity for you to turn SEO into a career is bigger than ever.  

But at the end of the day, simply knowing this isn’t enough.  

You need to take action.  

You need a blueprint to follow.  

But not just any blueprint.  

You need a blueprint that’s been tested, refined, and proven.  

That blueprint is Gotch SEO Academy 2.0.  

Here’s what Dan said about being a member: 

Then there's what Angie said about being a member:

400 + people have joined the course and are already getting amazing results.  

But I’m someone who’s obsessed with helping people get results FAST.  

That’s why I decided to rebuild the course from the ground, up.  

Hence the 2.0 :)  

In this upgraded and new version of Gotch SEO Academy you’ll learn my simple two step business growth blueprint, which is:  

  • Build a strong conversion foundation  
  • Use SEO to get more traffic  

After you learn this framework, you’ll be able to grow any business you want.  

Do you know how powerful that is?  

There is no skill more valuable than the ability to grow a business.  

Gotch SEO Academy 2.0 is a blueprint you can follow step-by-step to grow any business you want.  

The best part is that what you’ll learn is repeatable.  

Plus, I’m always updating the material to make sure you’re getting the most cutting edge SEO strategies.  

Can I show you what you’ll see in the course?  

Alright, here it is: 


Conversion Mastery

Phase 1 will show you my exact conversion framework step-by-step so you can turn your organic search visitors into leads and paying customers. Here's what you'll learn:

  • Discover the KPIs that actually matter in SEO (and how to use them to predict the future success of your SEO campaign).
  • How to create lead magnets that convert well over 50% (Yes, there's a step-by-step formula you can follow)
  • Get access to my funnel that can help you get "free" advertising
  • See my how I counter prospects that say "No" and turn them into paying customers
  • Learn my 9 persuasion methods that I use on a daily basis to push prospects into action so they share my content, link to my content, and buy my stuff. I've never shared these with the public.
  • BONUS: Get access to the exact strategies I've used to get over 50,000 people to join my email list.


User Experience Mastery

Phase 2 will show you how to build a website that both users and Google loves through optimizing your site’s technical and UX performance. Here's what's inside:

  • Learn how to perform a proper content audit so your website becomes a lean, ranking machine (clients pay $2,500 for this process alone).
  • Get access to the site archictecture blueprints that will turn your website into an authoritative powerhouse. Plus, l'll show you several examples of websites "doing it right" that you can model.
  • I'll also show you step-by-step how to fix high-impact technical issues such as site loading speed, mobile friendliness, and so much more. You'll also learn how fix micro technical issues that most people don't even think about.
  • Discover the User Experience "Killers" that will murder your rankings.


SEO Content Mastery 

Phase 3 will show you exactly how to create SEO content that consistently ranks on the 1st page of Google. This is what you'll see inside:

  • My exact SEO content development process that's responsible for thousands of 1st page rankings.
  • See the content strategy I use for every website and the two methods I use to capture content market share.
  • Learn the 3 actions you must take before creating your first SEO content assets (99.9% of people don't do this).
  • Discover how to do effective keyword research that doesn't waste your time. You'll also get access to over 30 different methods I use to find keywords (that your prospects actually care about).
  • Get access to my exclusive content blueprints. These are blueprints I've developed by analyzing and being a part of thousands of successful SEO campaigns. 
  • Learn how to create SEO content yourself or learn to outsource your content creation.
  • See exactly how to optimize your content so that Google's algorithms salivate over it. Plus, I'll show you my favorite underground tactics for driving more traffic to your SEO content assets (without creating any new content).


Link Building Mastery

Phase 4 will show you step-by-step how to get more backlinks to your content and website. Here's what's inside:

  • Learn my link building workflow that makes getting new backlinks easy.
  • Discover the 6 characteristics of a perfect backlink (following this will help you get the most bang for your buck).
  • See my favorite method for prioritizing thousands of link prospects.
  • Learn how to optimize anchor text so you can avoid getting penalized, but still get amazing results.
  • Get access to the best methods for finding thousands of link opportunities within your niche.
  • Discover my favorite tactics for reclaiming backlinks that are rightfully yours.
  • See how to qualify your link prospects so you never waste your time on bad opportunities.
  • Learn how to actually build relationships with your prospects so you can get more backlinks (and build your network).
  • Get access to the exact outreach tactics I use to get backlinks consistently
  • NEW: See my email promotion framework that I use to promote every new content asset so that it gets immediate traction (I call this the "unfair advantage")

The core Gotch SEO Academy 2.0 training course is more than enough to get you results, but I've decided to give you even more. That way you can get results even faster. 

Here's what else you'll get when you enroll today:

Agency Starter Kit (New)

Agency Starter Kit will show you how to start or grow a client SEO business.  

In short:  

Getting SEO clients is the single fastest way to grow your income online.  

In fact:  

I went from $0 to six figures in less than 6 months using the methods you'll learn in this course.  

Growing your income fast is awesome, but there's something else about client SEO that's super powerful:  


Cash flow gives you leverage.  

What do I mean?  

It means you can take cash (that you didn't have before) and use it to invest into more scalable business models.  

That's what I did.  


If I had to start my journey all over again, I would start with client SEO.  

Cash flow is power.  

And you will be getting access to my blueprint that helped me generate ridiculous amounts of cash through client SEO.  

But I'm not done. I'm also going to give you access to...

  • Troubleshooting Library (New) - This is a library of solutions to any roadblock you may encounter along your SEO journey. In short, this is invaluable.
  • SOP Library (New) - Get access to step-by-step procedures that you can give to a team member.
  • Link Prospects & Linkarati Database (New) - Get access to our private database of link prospects and linkarati. These databases can save you huge amount of time when you need to get more backlinks.
  • Private Rolodex (New) - You'll also get access to your approved vendors and tools. That way you don't have to vet vendors and end up losing thousands of dollars on bad ones (like we have). Plus, I'll show you exact tools we use to consistently grow businesses online. 
  • Live Q&As - Have questions about your SEO campaign? Confused about what to do next? No worries because our live Q&As will help you through the entire process. You can ask me anything about SEO, business, entrepreneurship, or even what my favorite sports teams are ;). I also do live SEO audits in the group on student's website. This is a fun experience because you get to see a real SEO expert in action and you an learn from other people's mistakes. 
  • Proven Templates - Staying organized during an SEO campaign can be a struggle. BUT it's much easier (and pain-free) when you have proven templates and workflows. When you enroll today, you get access to our exclusive in-house templates that we've refined over the years. 
  • Lifetime 20% Discount on All SEO Services - Our white label SEO services can help you scale your SEO efforts. These bonus is invaluable because it can save you thousand of dollars overtime.
  • Private Mastermind Community - Want to be around people who will help, motivate, and even inspire you to get better results in your business? That's what our private mastermind community does. You will not only get the support you need to be successful (I would have died to have this when I was starting), but you will also build relationships with likeminded people. Trust me. It's hard to find people who A) are motivated entrepreneurs and B) are serious about bettering their lives. Our mastermind group gives you access to these rare breeds of people.  


I’m not going to try to persuade using "estimated value" for everything you’ll be getting access to once you enroll.  


Because you’re the only person who can decide how much Gotch SEO Academy is worth to you and your business.  

I know I would have paid more than my student loan ($25,000) to learn the framework inside Gotch SEO Academy.  

The reason is simple:  

You'll never be broke if you understand how to grow a business.  

Gotch SEO Academy is the bridge you need to become someone who can increase organic search traffic whenever you want.  

And then, you’ll have the power to grow any business you want.  

Think about how powerful that is.  

Here’s a fact:  

Business pay me a minimum of $4,000 per month or $48,000 per year to execute the exact strategy you’re going to learn in Gotch SEO Academy.  

And people always ask me…

"Why do you show people how to do what you do...?" 

"Doesn’t it create competition for you...?"  

And they’re right.  

The information and resources I’m giving you does create competition for me.  

Here’s why it doesn’t matter:  

I realized a long time ago that my capacity to help people was limited if I only worked 1-on-1 with businesses.  

So, that’s why I decided to create this course because I know that there’s no limit to how many people I can help with this information.  

Plus, I wanted to create something that I would have died to have when I started. 

I mean seriously…  

If I had the information and resources you’re getting in Gotch SEO Academy, I would have saved years of trial and error.  

And I would have been able to achieve my goals in half the time and with half the effort.  


I know this may sound strange, but I WANT you to be my competitor. 

Because that means you got results and you grew your business using the information and guidance I gave you. 

And I’ll be honest... 

Nothing makes me happier than watching someone else succeed.  

My personal goal is to help as many people as I possibly can achieve the same results I have and more.  

So, at this point, you know that the SEO is on pace to become a $79 billion industry by 2020.  

You also know that businesses will hire SEO specialists for at least $62,000 per year.  

And that businesses pay my company $48,000 per year to execute the exact strategy you’ll learn inside Gotch SEO Academy.  

Now you’re probably wondering...  

How much do you need to invest to get access to the Gotch SEO Academy training material?  

Well instead of paying the $48,000 per year for me to do your SEO, you can get access to my exact SEO framework when you choose an option below:  

Enroll in Gotch SEO Academy 2.0


  • Unlimited Consulting with Nathan Gotch
  • 5 Bonus Accounts
  • Agency Starter Kit
  • Gotch SEO Labs
  • Troubleshooting Library
  • SOP Library
  • Link Prospect Database
  • Private Rolodex
  • Lifetime 20% Discount on All White Label Services
  • The Complete Gotch SEO Academy 2.0 Training Program
  • Access to Private Mastermind Community
  • Lifetime Access (Includes All Updates)

12 monthly payments of $297 



  • Unlimited Consulting with Nathan Gotch
  • 5 Bonus Accounts
  • Agency Starter Kit
  • Gotch SEO Labs
  • Troubleshooting Library
  • SOP Library
  • Link Prospect Database
  • Private Rolodex
  • Lifetime 20% Discount on All White Label Services
  • The Complete Gotch SEO Academy 2.0 Training Program
  • Access to Private Mastermind Community
  • Lifetime Access (Includes All Updates)

12 monthly payments of $97 


I also want you to know that your investment is backed by our:

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

I'm so confident that Gotch SEO Academy will help you get better at SEO, that you can try the course for 30-days and if you don't love it, we will give you your money back. No questions asked.

That’s right.  

You don’t have to show us proof that you did the work like a lot of other courses try to do.  

That’s because we only want the absolute best people in our community.  

People who are willing to take a leap of faith and who are willing to take the necessary steps to get results. 

I’ll be honest: 

There’s one type of person that we DO NOT want in our community…  

It’s a consumer.  

A consumer is someone who joins our course, consumes all the material, but takes NO action at all.  

The Gotch SEO Academy community is only for action takers.  

People who are willing to put one foot in front of the other.  

People who are willing to take control of their life and business by being a person of action.  

If you’re someone who wants to be known as an action taker, then I would love for you to join Gotch SEO Academy and our community. 

It’s important for you to take action today and enroll because... 

Pricing Increases Are Coming!

As I told you earlier, I am obsessive about upgrading, improving, and make Gotch SEO Academy more valuable for our members.  

The more valuable Gotch SEO Academy becomes, the higher the price will be.  

So, the price to enroll in Gotch SEO Academy will be higher next time we open. 

I promise... 

This isn’t some type of scarcity play.  

It’s just the truth.  

As value increases, so does price.  

But at the end of the day… having to pay a couple hundred or even a couple thousand dollars more to enroll next year isn’t a big deal compared to something else...  

Your time.  

You can always make more money, but your time is not renewable.  

Why does this matter?  

It matters because of the decision you’re going to make.  

And there are really only a few decisions you can choose.

1. Decide to enroll in Gotch SEO Academy 2.0 right now

I’m a little biased but this decision is the best one.  


Because what’s the point of waiting?  

You’re here because you either want to use SEO to grow your business or learn SEO so you can build a career.  

Do you want to grow your business as fast as possible?  


Would you rather wait to start making more money?  

I haven’t met any business owner that wants to wait.  

The truth is…  

If your business isn’t growing, then it’s dying.  

You, me, and no entrepreneur has the time to wait to grow our businesses.  

Choose growth.  

Choose prosperity.  

Choose to join Gotch SEO Academy now so you can use SEO to explode your business this year.  

There is the other option...

Which is:  

2. Wait to Enroll  


You can wait until the last minute to enroll, but what’s the point?  


You either want to grow your business using SEO.  

Or, you don’t.  

If want to use SEO to grow your business, then enroll now.  

If you want to build an SEO career, then enroll now.  

If you want to be someone who is valuable in the marketplace because you have an amazing skill, then enroll now.  

I’m not going to lie to you:  

There is a third option.  

You can also...  

3. Try to learn SEO on your own…  

...just like I did.  

Because I took that route, I'm in a perfect position to tell you that it's a horrible path to take.  

I’ve been doing SEO consisntely since 2011.  

I could have escaped my awful 9-5 job and been where I am today in HALF the time if I had the right SEO blueprint.  

Why did it take me so long?  

Because I had test, fail, and waste countless hours and money trying to figure it out.


I eventually figured it out, but it was a painful process.  

And believe me...

...I would have done it much differently knowing what I know now.  

What would I have done differently?  

I would have invested in a course like Gotch SEO Academy 2.0 so I could get results faster and not have to waste as much time failing.  

As bad as it sucked for me, I’ve already done all the failing and time wasting for you.  

It’s funny because recently I almost fell back into the same trap.  

I was trying to learn how to run Facebook ads.  

And of course, like my stubborn self always does, I was trying to learn on my own. 

I digested almost all the free information I could about Facebook ads. 

And guess what...?  

I still felt clueless and I wasn’t getting the results I wanted.  

Fortunately, I caught myself early and decided to enroll in a Facebook Ad training course.  

Within a couple weeks of joining that course, I launched multiple profitable ad campaigns on Facebook.  

Now Facebook is one of my favorite sources for growing my company outside of SEO.  

The course I joined helped me bypass years of failing and it helped me save thousands of dollars on failed experiments.  

And most importantly:  

I saved hundreds (maybe even thousands) of hours trying to learn on my own.  

You have the opportunity to do the same right now.  

You can save time, money, and effort when you use a proven SEO framework like the one you’ll learn in Gotch SEO Academy.  

Enroll now to get started.

Another decision you could make is to forego learning yourself and...  

4. Hire an SEO agency

There are many great SEO agencies out there, but they are the exception.  

Most SEO agencies will empty your pockets and will leave your business worse off than before.  

Executing an effective SEO campaign requires the right knowledge and framework.  

That’s what you’ll learn in Gotch SEO Academy.  

But to hire a company like mine to execute the framework you’ll learn, it’s going to cost at least $4,000 per month.  

Or, $48,000 per year.  

And that number can swell depending on how competitive your industry is.  

At the end of the day, no one knows your business like you do.  

No one has the expertise that you've acquired.

That’s why it’s challenging for an external agency to get results.  

  • They don’t have the expertise to create expert level content.  
  • They don’t understand your prospects like you do.  
  • They don’t know the market dynamics of your industry like you do.  

Most businesses shouldn’t hire an SEO agency.  


They should do it in house or train team members using a proven framework like Gotch SEO Academy.  

Keeping your marketing in-house is usually the best bet.  

All you need to do is enroll in Gotch SEO Academy now, go through the material, and take action.  

It’s a small one-time investment and you’ll have lifetime access.

What’s easier to get an ROI on?  

$48,000 or $997?  

I’m not great at math, but I think the latter would be easier.  

Take advantage of this opportunity and enroll today.  

Now of course, there’s the final decision you could make, which is… 

5. Do nothing.  

That’s what most of the world does.  

They sit back and let life come to them.  

They sit back and watch their business stagnate.  

They sit back because they’re afraid of things they don’t fully understand.  

I know that’s not you.  

I said this before and I’ll say it again:  

I only want action takers to join our community.  

Action takers are the people that change the world.  

Action takers are the people that live the life they want.  

Action takers focus on what they can control.  

Let me tell you a quick story:  

Back in 2011, I was going into my senior year of college and had no clue what I wanted to do with my life.  


I was studying for the LSAT because my family was pushing me to become a lawyer, but deep down inside, I knew that wasn’t what I wanted.  

I didn’t want a traditional job or to be status quo.  

So, one day I decided to open Google and search what many people before me have done:  

“How to make money online”.  

This search opened my mind to a new world.  

It showed me that it’s possible to make money on my own.  

This was the game changer.  

After several days and nights of research, I stumbled upon a course called Web Colleagues.  

This course claimed that it would show me a few different ways to make money online.  

It was a whopping $47 to join this course.  

That felt like a fortune at that time.  

But of course, I’de drop $50 on a video game without even thinking twice.  

Isn’t it weird how we’ll spend money on things that don’t move our lives forward (without even thinking about it)?  


I decided to take a risk and buy the course.  

In hindsight, the course wasn’t great.  

But at the time, it was the most eye-opening thing I had ever seen in my life.  

I learned more valuable information in a poorly made $47 course, then I did with my $25,000 + college education.  

The point is:  

My decision to take a risk is why I’m talking to you today.

My willingness to learn is why I’m talking to you today.  

You have to take risks if you want to make a change.  

But here’s the cool part:  

There’s no risk when you enroll in Gotch SEO Academy 2.0 because your investment is backed by our 30-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.  

At this point, you might have a question or two before you decide to enroll.  

That's okay because I all the answers for you:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the training live? 

All the training is pre-recorded and produced. You can go through the content at your own speed. 

What format is the training in?

99% of the training is video content. We do have subtitles for non-native English speakers.

How long is the course? 

The course has hundreds of videos, but we've condensed it to make it as lean and as efficient as possible. That way, you can get results faster. I hate theory or useless information, so you won't find that in this course. Our course is 100% actionable content. How long it takes you go through the course doesn't matter because...

Do I have lifetime access? 

You have lifetime access to this course and all the future upgrades. Like I mentioned before, I'm obsessed with constantly improving the course content so you can get stay on the cuting edge and continue to get amazing results. Keep in mind that this might be the last time I offer lifetime access. 

Will I need to purchase additional tools?

You can get results with the information using nothing, but free tools. We do recommend a few paid tools to streamline your work, but they aren't necessary. 

How do refunds work?

After you enroll, you have 30 days to request a refund if you feel the course wasn't the right fit. We will prompty refund your money. No questions asked. 

How do "accounts" work?

You have the opportunity to invest in multiple accounts. That means each member of your team will get their own unique login information and they'll be able to progress through our course at their own pace.

Still have some questions?

No worries.

Here's what some our members say about Gotch SEO Academy:

Gotch SEO Academy Student Stories

Leonard Parker

Founder of

"Gotch SEO Academy is a must for any SEO, regardless of your business model or level of experience. As a new agency owner, I already knew the high-level things I should be doing to help my clients rank, but I was missing a process. Nathan’s materials helped me with that.  

Now, I have a step-by-step process I need to improve a client’s rankings.  

Also, Nathan’s priorities for any SEO campaign, namely ROI, revenue generated, Domain Authority growth, were very insightful. All this time I had only been concerned with rankings!  

Also, I love the private Facebook group. Several times I wake up with an SEO question, and after posting to the group, I get a response within a few hours (usually from the master himself!). I also love reading the questions from other Academy students, and I learn a great deal from their questions and answers.  

As an agency owner, some days it’s difficult to set aside a block of time to study SEO. Nathan’s videos eliminate this issue. They are bite-sized, meaning I can fit in a video between meetings or even while I’m cooking. Very useful! The investment has already paid off, as I have been able to focus more time on sales and new client acquisition and delegate the actual SEO tasks to my team.  

With your membership, you get access to Nathan’s library of SEO resources, which are huge time savers and handy for entrepreneurs. I know I will continue to reap a positive ROI as I can now focus on growing my business and not the day to day fulfillment.  

Thanks Nathan for putting together an amazing course. Highly recommended!"

Stephen Alberts

Business Owner at Review Rail

Matthew White

Owner at

What first drew you to the SEO industry? What first drew me to the SEO Industry was a friend of mine in a previous company I worked for.

I found it fascinating that he was able to bring in so much business, without the need of paying for advertising. He showed me some of the basic stuff he would do to optimize pages based on a keyword, and it fascinated me that search engines would look for this to tell what a page was about and rank for it.  

What encouraged you to join Gotch SEO Academy and learn with us? I was searching google and trying to learn as much as possible about what I could do to rank my site, and reading books I downloaded for my Kindle. I was always going around in circles because everyone had their own opinion. I found myself continually re-doing work because another source would have a completely different outlook on everything.

This was very frustrating because I felt like I was getting nowhere!  

After a few weeks, I somehow stumbled upon Gotch SEO and started reading article after article, taking as many notes as I could because Nathan made everything so EASY to understand in comparison to anything I had learned from any other source and it kept me so engaged. I found myself reading all night, and one day I saw a page on Gotch SEO to notify when Gotch SEO opens it Academy and was super excited to be a part of it.  

What has the value of a Gotch SEO Academy education meant to you? Gotch SEO Academy has provided me with the highest proven results I have ever experienced. I find myself all the time in awe looking at my graphs continually climbing, and for the first time, I have ranked my page for various keywords on the first page!  

Gotch SEO Academy has opened so many doors for me I never thought could be possible and I am always reminding myself how grateful I am to have Nathan as a teacher.  

What are your plans for the future? My plans for the future are to open up my very own SEO Agency. Currently, I am in the process of building up my portfolio and performing case studies to provide proof of concept to my future clients. So far SEO has opened many doors for me, and I could never have predicted possible.  

Is there any advice you’d like to share with new students who are aspiring SEOs? Guys and Gals if you’re looking for a solution to get past all the headache and learn everything you would possibly need to excel in the SEO industry stop looking, you found it! Join this incredible Academy and don’t look back. If you truly put in the hard work and listen to everything Nathan has to say you will definitely without a doubt achieve surprising results.

Kur Win

Niche Site Builder

Andre Milne

SEO Agency Ower

"Gotch SEO Academy has proved to be most useful for me in respect to all of the opportunities to obtain links via resource pages, forums and so on.

The large amount of detail alone, is worth the investment. In addition, I particularly enjoyed the on-page optimization and site architecture lessons. Lastly, the follow up questions that were asked in the private Facebook group have always been answered which is very reassuring and helpful to me."


SEO Agency Owner

Kazim Musa

SEO at

What first drew you to the SEO industry?

“Love of algorithms” is the reason why I choose to be in SEO industry. I started to as front-end developer for a fashion bags company and soon realized that no matter what I do visually it makes no sense if I am not getting any traffic. I started my research and soon discovered the need for SEO. This the toughest game to be in but if you get good at it Google starts rewarding you with good rankings and so I am obsessed with it 🙂  

What encouraged you to join Gotch SEO Academy and learn with us?

This question is quite simple. Anyone who is in the SEO knows Nathan Gotch and his approach towards digital marketing. So when I found that he had a course I made sure to apply. I was lucky to enroll in the course a day before it was closed down due to restructuring.  

What has the value of a Gotch SEO Academy education meant to you?

The value is tremendous! I work as In-House SEO specialist for one of the biggest sheds manufacturing company in Australia. Our company’s annual turnover is close to a billion dollars and the main source of revenue is organic traffic. So, I have to extremely careful with my approach, however, I don’t need to worry because all training I received is white hat.  

What are your plans for the future?

I am moving toward becoming a marketing data analyst and foundations in SEO will provide the foundation to get there (I hope).  

Is there any advice you’d like to share with new students who are aspiring SEOs?

Please don’t get bogged down with multiple SEO training and advice. This course will provide you with all you need to do SEO for any company in any niche in the world. Also, don’t be scared to fail, in the SEO world every one has failed at first and learned from mistakes and now become an “expert”. Best of luck and remember SEO is not dead it has evolved and it is the most important future skill to have.

Marcel Jong

SEO Freelancer

What first drew you to the SEO industry?

I was introduced to SEO by newly made friends I met at a co-working space in Bali. I started working there as a freelancer on Upwork but were introduced to a group of new people and made the switch to SEO based work for them.  

What encouraged you to join Gotch SEO Academy and learn with us?

I’ve read a lot of different articles and was following a bunch of websites like Moz, Ahrefs, SearchEngineLand etc etc. However, I’ve always felt I was reading a lot of random article that were not really applicable for me at the time. Interesting, yes – Useful, not so much. 

I was looking for SEO courses for some time but didn’t want to make any rushed decision. Then I ended up being drawn into Gotch SEO Academy.  

What has the value of a Gotch SEO Academy education meant to you?

The biggest value I get from being a member of Gotch SEO Academy is simple: hands-on theory. Nathan explains the ins and -outs of a certain topic, provides a template of workflow that works best for him with that and you basically put it in to practice yourself immediately.  

I came to realise that reading something is useless once you do absolutely do nothing with it. Absorbing information is good but putting it into practice is so important and I love the fact that Gotch SEO is focusing on that part a lot.  

What are your plans for the future?

My plans are to complete the current course within one month from now and put everything single thing I learn into practise, experiment with it and see what works best for me and what I love to do.  

I know that Nathan is launching a bunch of new courses in the coming months so I’m excited to get started with that as well and keep practising and doing SEO myself.  

Furthermore, I want to start by developing my own SEO niche service where I focus on a specific industry that I love working in.  

Is there any advice you’d like to share with new students who are aspiring SEOs?

Start, act! Better today than tomorrow.  

Just start doing SEO. Whether you do it for a client and you get paid for it or maybe you’re simply running your own website in order to experiment with it but don’t get paid for doing it. Regardless, you’ll learn a lot and putting the things you’ve learned into practise is the most important aspect I reckon.

Alan Silvestri

Founder at

What first drew you to the SEO industry?

I first got into SEO as a way to make a few extra bucks part time. I had been dabbling with internet marketing for a while, I’ve tried kindle ebooks, amazon FBA and a few other things but nothing grabbed my attention like SEO when I found out about it for affiliate sites. I started building my own sites and learning about SEO from blogs and podcasts until it became a true passion.  

What encouraged you to join Gotch SEO Academy and learn with us?

At first I was hesitant. I had been buying and going through multiple online courses (most on SEO) during the past few years, but very few of them had proven to be really valuable. The majority of them had very basic info and a messy structure. I’m a pretty organized dude and I hate scattered information, that’s probably one of the main reason I buy online training programs, to have everything structured and organized. That said, I had been following Nathan and his blog for a while and I really liked the way he writes and explains things. I considered him one of the few SEO bloggers I could really trust, and decided to give his course a shot. 

What has the value of a Gotch SEO Academy education meant to you?

The true value of the Gotch SEO Academy for me has been the easy to follow structure. I like the short and digestible videos, the pdf workflows, the excel spreadsheets and now I feel like I finally have a framework of the whole SEO process that I can apply in every industry no matter the topic or niche. A few other things I really enjoy and find valuable are the community and the support by Nathan himself. The Facebook group is always very active and I use it whenever I need quick info on something. Nathan is also active in the group which makes it even better. You basically have access to one of the best SEOs in the industry (and I consider him one of the best along with guys like Brian Dean and Ryan Stewart). This alone is worth the price!  

Other than all this, I immediately took action with what I learned in Gotch SEO Academy on one of my affiliate sites, all I’m going to say is that from the past year I’ve gotten a 380% increase in organic traffic. The site went from making $100-200/month to $1000+/month on autopilot. Not bad at all!  

What are your plans for the future?

I just resigned from my full time job this month and starting November 10th I’ll finally be working on SEO full time (been doing it as a side hustle for the past 3 years). I want to transition into client SEO to increase my cash flow and try new things. I’ve created my SEO agency website (if needed where I blog and provide SEO services for a particular niche.  

Is there any advice you’d like to share with new students who are aspiring SEOs?

The most important thing I can say to new students and aspiring SEOs, is to “take action on what you learn”. That’s really the number 1 thing, Information is NOTHING if you don’t use it, plus, the more you take action, the more (inevitably) you’ll fail, the more you’ll fail, the more you’ll learn and gain confidence. It’s just the only way… with the Gotch SEO Academy, you’ll just fail much less! 🙂

Mike Peyzner

Founder at

What first drew you to the SEO industry?

I wanted to learn how to improve the rankings for our family business and improving our SEO seemed like a great way to do it. I’m relatively technical and with time I plan to understand this subject well.  

What encouraged you to join Gotch SEO Academy and learn with us?

I love that its a detailed course based on researched techniques from an experienced person. It was clear that there’s a lot of respect for Nathan Gotch in the industry and I like that the approach is based on White Hat techniques.  

What has the value of a Gotch SEO Academy education meant to you?

It has meant that I’m able to follow a step-by-step process for educating myself on effective SEO. It’s helpful that I can just go from one video to the next and not be distracted – it’s a well organized educational process.  

What are your plans for the future?

I plan to implement what I learn in the course and hopefully see improvements in my SEO activity. I also plan to continue to educate myself as this field is always changing and growing.  

Is there any advice you’d like to share with new students who are aspiring SEOs?

I suggest that you carefully select your teacher or educational course and then stick to it. There are so many ways to do things that the biggest challenge is being distracted by all the different strategies.

Jamie Lee

E-Commerce Store Owner

What first drew you to the SEO industry?

I was drawn to the SEO industry because my partner purchased an eCommerce business and we paid many people to do SEO. My partner only believed in Blackhat SEO while I was drawn more to Whitehat SEO. Have a couple of years of using Blackhat SEO guys, I released that it wasn’t sustainable. Around this time i was looking for a career of my own but we were travelling the world living in different counties so I could never think of anything except eCommerce which is what we were already doing. So I thought that if I could work out how to rank any eCommerce website we could sell absolutely anything. So I started reading up about it and found Gotch SEO.  

What encouraged you to join Gotch SEO Academy and learn with us?

I liked Nathan’s story and his blog. It was honest and easy to read and extremely informative without any hidden intentions (other than driving more traffic) and the fact that his site was ranking number 1 for all the keywords I was typed in to google, it was very hard for me to not believe in Gotch SEO.  

What has the value of a Gotch SEO Academy education meant to you?

I find value in this training through the easily broken down content and the community. I am very new to SEO and because of the layout and support of the course, I am now addicted to SEO. The interest I have had for other courses and interests in the past have frizzled out due to it being uninspiring. At Gotch SEO Academy, I find Nathan and the students to be very inspiring. I very much enjoy watching Nathan’s strategies unfold and work, like this one. I like how he takes action on all of his strategies and shows us how he does it and then answers any questions regarding it. It’s a nice community for like minded people, I find this hard to come across.  

What are your plans for the future?

My plans for the future include the following:  

  • Apply Gotch SEO strategies for my current eCommerce site to maximise the fullest potential of this site
  • Learn how to manage and monitor my campaigns and create my own systems successfully
  • Create a new niche eCommerce site from scratch and generate 5,000 per month traffic
  • Purchase a well established eCommerce site in 18 month

Is there any advice you’d like to share with new students who are aspiring SEOs?

It’s the best investment in my education I've ever done!

Douglas Brown

Marketer at

What first drew you to the SEO industry?

On the first day that I came to work US Logo, Inc. in Wichita, KS. on November 9th, 2015, I was asked to sit in on an SEO marketing meeting. This alleged SEO marketer was charging us $1500.00 per month to SEO and $2500.00 to build a new site. Month after month there were no results. I was asked by TJ Smith, the owner of US Logo, to build the vehicle wraps side of the site while the marketer was to build the US Logo products side. Mighty Wraps website was finished over Christmas break. A couple of months later the marketer was still not making progress. He was not meeting his deadlines, he was not showing up to scheduled meetings, there was still no result after 4 months at $1500.00 per month. We took over finished both sites and I started using Yoast SEO in WordPress to SEO the site. A month goes by we started hitting some numbers in analytics. My employer fired the marketer. By May 2016 we hit about 300 local visitors a month according to SEMRush. By December we had hit over a 1,000 local. Just before October that year I started reading articles and was attending webinars. I was starting to fall in love with something I wanted nothing to do with. We started selling our SEO product to a couple of clients of US Logo’s. The honest way of doing SEO was working. But by February of 2017, We had hit a road block. I had been attending SEO summits and was reading a lot of Gotch SEO blogs, but something was missing.  

What encouraged you to join Gotch SEO Academy and learn with us?

We had been following Gotch SEO through his emails and I was reading his blogs. Daryl Rosser did an interview with Nathan last winter. In the interview, Daryl was asking Nathan a ton of great questions. And when he started talking about firing clients that are stressful and not appreciative of the good traffic, the clients that keep him up all night, or the clients that call in the middle of the night I started paying attention even more. Later, in May, I talked my employer into buying the Gotch SEO Academy for us. I was hitting a road block and hungry for more info. We did it. We paid good money to learn a more detailed approach to SEO. It wouldn’t have been very easy to spend that kind of money for something that we didn’t know much about, but Nathan brings a character of authenticity and honesty in himself and his SEO practices. Honest SEO is something we took pride in. Of course, We did not understand buying links and other black hat methods.  

Thanks to Gotch SEO Academy, we have landed our 1st huge SEO client at $2,100 per month. We did this for a huge marketing firm that has 90 days to produce results for their $2,500 per month client. They came to us and asked if we’d analyze the client’s site. We used the first methods in module 1 and 2 using Screaming Frog SEO. I came up with 5 solid pages of changes that desperately needed to be done for this site to rank. They hired me. US Logo couldn’t have done that without the teaching of Gotch SEO Academy. My road block was demolished!  

What has the value of a Gotch SEO Academy education meant to you?

The value of the education that we have obtained and still are obtaining has given us a knowledge curve that outdoes a lot of the seasoned competitors in our city. It has given us great confidence that we can rank anybody’s Website in any niche if given the chance. We are proving that with a roofing company that we are helping. It hasn’t been easy, but this roofing company was paying a company out of Kansas City that was using paid advertisements with their SEO. After a year the roofing client was not getting the results he deserved. Last February US Logo took him on as a client. Now we’re moving up to Page 2 and 3 on many of the pages that were not ranked at all. We are proud of these results. We’ll see what happens in another month or two. I was told the other day that taking on roofing clients was a bad idea, I guess with an education from Gotch SEO Academy it’s not such a bad idea!  

What are your plans for the future?

Our plans are to build a successful web/ SEO marketing company inside of US Logo in Wichita, KS. The web pages are being written as I type. As we grow we plan to take this knowledge to build a local in-house web / SEO team. Our focus will be to take in customers that need our services and that have a good product or service that needs to be marketed. We will be able to do this and more with a caring attitude and an honest approach to SEO.  

Is there any advice you’d like to share with new students who are aspiring SEOs?

My advice would be to not let anyone tell you, “you can’t!” Give good advice and always put others before yourself. There is a reward in that. Go the extra mile, but don’t let anyone take advantage of you. Study your niche thoroughly and stay up to date. Learn to code if you don’t know how. And lastly, sign up for Gotch SEO Academy! It will change how you do SEO. Thanks, Nathan Gotch!  

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  • Unlimited Consulting with Nathan Gotch
  • 5 Bonus Accounts
  • Agency Starter Kit
  • Gotch SEO Labs
  • Troubleshooting Library
  • SOP Library
  • Link Prospect Database
  • Private Rolodex
  • Lifetime 20% Discount on All White Label Services
  • The Complete Gotch SEO Academy 2.0 Training Program
  • Access to Private Mastermind Community
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