How Ruan Marinho Grew His SEO Agency to $100,000/mo

Ruan Marinho is the founder of the SEO agency, Develomark, and a long-time member of Gotch SEO Academy.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

1. How Ruan broke beyond the sticking point (for most people) which is $10,000/mo

2. One tweak that differentiates his service offering

3. The most important action for pushes through plateaus

4. How to create SEO proposals (that work)

5. Top 3 recession-proof industries for offering SEO services

6. What Ruan’s vision and goals are for Develomark

7. Ruan’s top 3 business growth tips for members of Traffic 2x

And so much more!

Want to learn how he did it? Check this out.