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Leonard Parker
SEO Agency Owner
Chris Dreyer
CEO of Rankings.io
Kyle Klaver
Shopify SEO Expert
Ian Hamshaw
SEO Agency Owner

The course is SO thorough and packed with an incredible amount of value. I’m so glad I enrolled, and I’ve gone from page 15 to page 2 in one month.

Jacob Landis-Eigsti
Jacob Le Video Production

Thanks to Gotch SEO Academy, we have landed our 1st huge SEO client at $2,100 per month.

Doug Brown
Marketer at UsLogo.net

Nathan is the real deal. All his free videos, content and templates convinced me he could help take my SEO skills to the next level. Also, The Gotch SEO Academy community has been amazing. It’s so much easier to succeed when you’re surrounded and supported by like-minded people. The quality and value of the information I’ve learned have given me more confidence in my SEO skills.

Nick Dyer
SEO Agency Owner

Gotch SEO Academy is absolutely invaluable. Not a unique situation, but I have my hands full with a full-time job and a wife and three kids. I think it can be very difficult to launch and sustain a full-time SEO company when juggling FT job and family. There is a VERY thin margin of error in terms of time and money. Gotch SEO Academy has been a game changer for me, providing me step by step instructions on how to create and launch an SEO business. While I was already aware of some of the content already, having already been in SEO for a few years, there have been so many golden nuggets I’ve never thought of before on my own. The tools and docs provided are gold. The processes and techniques in the course are fantastic. Confident that this course is going to turbo charge my SEO business right out of my day job and finally allow me to provide (spoil) nice things for my family.

Jeremy Schwegmann
SEO Agency Owner

Nathan is also active in the group which makes it even better. You basically have access to one of the best SEOs in the industry. This alone is worth the price! Other than all this, I immediately took action with what I learned in Gotch SEO Academy on one of my affiliate sites, all I’m going to say is that from the past year I’ve gotten a 380% increase in organic traffic. The site went from making $100-200/month to $1000+/month on autopilot.

Alan Silvestri
Founder at BlackSwanDigital.net
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