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"I highly recommend Nathan if you want to learn SEO (and not feel like your head will explode in the process). He takes the concepts and makes them easy to understand. He also doesn't talk down to you. And if you're really nice, you can get a t-shirt :)" - Erik Heyl

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Chris Labbate

“Since last year we are up 25% in organic traffic and our conversions are up 200%!”

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"Thanks for providing such as great SEO audit on my site. I thought I have fixed most of the issue with my own SEO audit. It is surprising to see that there are still so many things to be fixed. Your audit is comprehensive and detail. I love the fact that you provide a detailed summary and recommendations on how to fix my site. You prioritize the criticality of the fixes that are urgently needed my attention. RECOMMENDED service! ++" - Jianquan Ong, Affiliate Marketer

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"The strategies in Gotch SEO helped me grow my site traffic from 4,600 users/month to 46,000 user/month in 5 months. That lead to an additional 8,000 email subscribers and a 300% lift in monthly revenue for my business." - Austin Belcak

"Gotch SEO is the best investment in my education I’ve ever done!" - Jamie Lee, E-Commerce Store Owner

"Anyone doing any case studies around the Gotch SEO? Since last year we are up 25% in organic traffic and our conversions are up 200%! Im sure these numbers would be even higher if I had more time to allocate to implementing the course material, very impressed over all with these visibility gains." - Chris Labbate, SEO Expert

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"Gotch SEO is absolutely invaluable. Not a unique situation, but I have my hands full with a full-time job and a wife and three kids. I think it can be very difficult to launch and sustain a full-time SEO company when juggling FT job and family. There is a VERY thin margin of error in terms of time and money. Gotch SEO has been a game changer for me, providing me step by step instructions on how to create and launch an SEO business. While I was already aware of some of the content already, having already been in SEO for a few years, there have been so many golden nuggets I’ve never thought of before on my own. The tools and docs provided are gold. The processes and techniques in the course are fantastic. Confident that this course is going to turbo charge my SEO business right out of my day job and finally allow me to provide (spoil) nice things for my family." - Jeremy Schwegmann, SEO Agency Owner

"Nathan is also active in the group which makes it even better. You basically have access to one of the best SEOs in the industry. This alone is worth the price! Other than all this, I immediately took action with what I learned in Gotch SEO on one of my affiliate sites, all I’m going to say is that from the past year I’ve gotten a 380% increase in organic traffic. The site went from making $100-200/month to $1000+/month on autopilot." - Alan Silvestri, Founder at BlackSwanDigital.net

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"I picked up an editorial link package from Gotch SEO for a client of mine. It's a local business, in one of the biggest cities in North America. The metrics were outstanding, for the price I paid I expected the links to be so-so. I ordered 5 DA 10+ links, the sites I ended up landing links on had an average DA of 19. Permanent, safe links on real websites. Pretty damn hard to beat for $99/link. The package took our client from #8 to #5 for target keyword." - Daniel

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"Working with the Gotch SEO team has been the easiest and best third-party link building experience I've ever had. At first, I was a little hesitant, having been burned and disappointed by this sort of service in the past, but after a few highly successful test runs I am convinced that these guys really know their stuff and I totally trust them to build relevant high-quality links for my e-commerce businesses and clients. The link metrics we got were awesome, and the quality of the content was really high. The topical relevance of the linking domains was on-point. Really, just everything was spot-on. The support team is very responsive, fast-acting, professional, and super friendly, as well - Nathan especially, who handled all my orders and questions personally and made sure I was in good hands. I've since completed a handful of link building orders with Gotch, and plan on doing many more in the future - these guys are total pros." - Mike Bowman

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"For the past 5 years GotchSEO is my #1 resource when it come to SEO training and link building strategies. Nathan Gotch is my only go-to expert and your actionable SEO and content marketing step by step advice has helped me achieve higher rankings for my websites and clients' site." - Ndifreke Atauyo

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"I am a big fan of you!! Till now I am implementing all the strategies only by following your blogs regularly. All the information that you are giving here are in a premium level. I am using your materials to execute the process for my SEO clients. Very happy with the results!!" - Sathish Arumugam

"I loved how Nathan has described step-by-step guides on conducting SEO for beginners and amateurs too! I loved the sheets which makes your process simple and easy. I would vouch for Nathan any day!" - Punit Mahajan