33 Pinterest Statistics for 2022 (Every Marketer Needs to Know)

Pinterest is one of the most important social networks for marketers today. The statistics in this article highlight why this is the case.

Are you using Pinterest as part of the marketing services you offer to clients? Pinterest provides users with a massive digital board where they can pin photos, drawings, recipes, infographics, and countless other pieces of content. It’s highly attractive to users of all ages. The statistics below showcase why Pinterest could be key for any marketing campaign.

Is Pinterest Dying? Here Are 33 Stats That May Prove Otherwise

1. Pinterest has more than 416 million active monthly users. This means that the network is one of the top 12 used within the US (Statista)

2. While Pinterest began as a social network largely used in the US, today over 50% of users are from international locations. Marketers can and should attempt to appeal to this audience (Newsroom.Pinterest)

3. The company has witnessed double-digit growth in a wide variety of international locations including Canada, Iceland, Germany, and Newzealand. On an international level, the network is growing more rapidly than Snapchat and Twitter (SocialMediaToday)

4. According to research, 145 million people can be accessed through adverts on Pinterest on a global scale. There is definitely a massive potential here for marketers to reach an audience (WeAreSocial)

5. There are a total of 2 billion searches on Pinterest each month with the average user completing 8 searches each per month. This also includes 200 billion pins being saved to more than 4 billion boards throughout the platform. It’s important for marketers to be aware that the social network also acts as a search engine. This should be incorporated into any marketing campaign (Qz)

6. 600 million monthly searches on Pinterest are visual. As such, it does make sense to focus on this type of content when building your marketing campaign on this network. It is also the only social network that provides this option and 62% of millennials want this option. That highlights another reason why Pinterest could be poised to grow massively in the future (PinterestBusiness)

7. The majority of Pinterest users around the globe are female, Statista states the total number is 77%. Males make up 14% of Pinterest users while 9% of people didn’t specify their gender (Statistia)

8. 80% of women in the US decide what to buy for their households. They use Pinterest to gain ideas about their future plans. Marketers can benefit from this using Promoted Pins to encourage users to purchase items for their homes (Business.Pinterest)

9. In six months 52% of people using Pinterest spent $500 on beauty products (Social Media Today)

10. Despite largely being dominated by females, marketers should not forget about men completely when creating content for Pinterest. 50% of the new accounts on the social site are now coming from men.

11. This has also led to more dads using the website. Indeed, about 40% of fathers in the US alone now utilize Pinterest. This is another sign that the idea that only women use Pinterest is quickly becoming a myth (Business.Pinterest)

12. Dads aren’t simply browsing the network once they join either. A lot of dads are active users. While women are more likely to explore beauty products dads are 3x more likely to search share boards compared to a male pinner. They also complete active searchers and will typically complete a direct search instead of simply browsing. As such, they should be a key audience marketers are targeting (GroNowMarketing.com)

13. Ultimately, this is going to lead to a 30/70 gender split as early as 2022. It’s time to rethink who your target audience is on this particular network (SocialMediaNZ)

14. A high proportion of Pinterest users access the site in the evening, with 6% of night owl pinners using the site at 11 pm. As such, you may want to plan the publication of content around this type of time. This could also be tied to that international audience (Blog.Rjmetrics)

15. Another key point to consider about the typical user of Pinterest is that most have a high income. Indeed, 40% of pinners earn more than $100,000 per year. The disposable income on Pinterest is likely to be high and this provides a fantastic opportunity for marketers (IgniteSocialMedia)

16. Those who live in high-income homes are twice as likely to use and buy things from Pinterest than those from low-income homes (PewResearch)

17. Another key point to consider is that 10% of Pinterest users earn more than $125,000 per year. This suggests that there is a small, active base of customers that you could target for luxury products and expensive services. Active pinners tend to have a 9% higher income compared to non-users (Pew Research Center)

18. Pinners will typically spend 14 minutes on the site for each visit. This is far longer than some of the other average sessions for social networks, rivaling the likes of Facebook. This suggests users are searching for rich content that delivers value to them. To ensure that you are making the most of the opportunity here, it is crucial to ensure content is highly engaging. You need to appeal directly to your target audience (Branex)

19. How important is pinning? On Pinterest, pinning can and often does lead to conversions, far more than other social networks. Millennials will purchase something that was pinned 47% of the time. This is 9% higher than Facebook and 14% higher than Twitter (GroNowMarketing)

20. In the US, over half of the people born between 1983 and 1998 use Pinterest every month (Sec.Gov)

21. Marketers are typically highly aware of the importance of the 18-25 demographic. The median age for users is 40. However, the majority of active users fall well below this age. Pinterest can also reach 80% of women in the US even though user levels of nowhere near this number. The reason for this? Users are finding pins on Google Image Search (Review42)

22. These millennials spend 17% more than those that don’t use Pinterest (Business.Pinterest)

23. Women aged between 25 and 34 are Pinterest’s biggest audience base (Hootsuite)

24. Although there are many platforms available to access Pinterest, 85% of users prefer to access the app via their mobile phones. As such, marketers should be focusing on mobile-friendly content that loads rapidly on typical devices. Data levels should be kept low to ensure this is the case (OmniCoreAgency)

25. Promoted pins provide a solid ROI for marketers. These are pins that are Ads and that businesses pay the network to promote. They can appear in both the home feed as well as search results that users view. On average, a marketer will earn $2 for every $1 that is spent on promoted pins (GrowNowMarketing)

26. Customers that buy through promoted brands are also highly valuable to businesses. Those new to a particular brand generate more than 70% off Promoted Pin sales. This means that you have a chance to secure a long term customer and increase brand loyalty (WordStream)

27. During six months between March and August this year, Pinterest received a high number of visits, 1.10 billion in total (Similar Web)

28. Certain social media networks are more beneficial to wider known brands. On Pinterest more than 97% of queries carried out are unbranded. Essentially, when using the site, users do not search for particular brands on the platform. They are actively interested in discovering new products and ideas. This also means buyers are in the early stages of the marketing funnel. Your strategy for content should reflect this. Instead of opting for a hard sell, marketers should show what the product can do (Business.Pinterest)

29. People use Pinterest for a variety of reasons including interacting with friends and family. However, a third of social media users on the platform in the US claim they use it to follow brands. As such, it could be a key tool for boosting business awareness (Statista)

30. As well as following brands 77% of Pinterest users claim they have successfully discovered a product or service. This is another key example of why searches are unbranded and highlight the clear marketing potential (Business.Pinterest)

31. In total 48% of users on Pinterest mark shopping as their most common activity. This comes just after viewing photos at 57%. Sharing content, viewing news, or networking all come below the shopping experience. It’s another way Pinterest completely veers off from behavior on other social networks (Emarketer)

32. Marketers already understand the massive potential that Pinterest provides. More than 28% of marketers globally use Pinterest to market to their company (Statista)

33. Many social networks are becoming volatile for users. Twitter in particular is earning a bad reputation for being filled with confrontations. Many users view Pinterest as one of the last bright parts of the online world. Indeed, 90% believe that Pinterest is filled with positivity. Getting active on Pinterest could boost a brand’s identity and reputation with customers (Newsroom.Pinterest)

We hope these stats highlight why Pinterest could provide such a massive benefit for your marketing business.

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