Top 10 Best Orlando SEO Companies for 2023

Here are the best SEO companies in Orlando:

#1Get the Clicks27
#2Chatter Buzz23
#6MyCity Social20
#7South Street & Co.20
#8M5 Design Studio20
#9X3 Digital18
#10Krotov Studio18
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1. Get the Clicks

Get the Clicks scored a staggering 27 points in our rankings, which puts it firmly in the first place as the best SEO company in Orlando in 2023. Ranking highly for the term and with at least 100 Google Reviews, it is clearly one of the most popular choices for anyone who is looking for an SEO agency in the city.

Get The Clicks

The company was created as The Outer Limits Studios back in 2002. It was, according to the company, “born out of frustration with other web development companies.” Founder Stephan had such a negative experience working with a storage company that was ripped off on the building of their new website that he decided to do better, and with Get the Clicks making it to the top of our ranks, you can be sure that he succeeded in that aim.

Offering SEO solutions including:

  • SEO services
  • Website services
  • Paid search

You can guarantee that Get the Clicks will do everything in its power to ensure, well, to ensure that you do indeed get the clicks.

2. Chatter Buzz

Coming in second with a respectable 23 points, Chatter Buzz is a professional agency that is doing extremely well with its own SEO efforts, ranking highly for the term, running a mobile-friendly website, and keeping its SSL certificate up to date. It also ranks highly for do-follow links and has the highest amount of traffic of any of the SEO companies on this list.

Chatter Buzz

Chatter Buzz says its mission is to “help businesses and brands grow by providing innovative and efficient integrated brand marketing through insights, ideas, and technologies.” This is something that it does amazingly well.

Made up of a team of creatives, technologists, strategists, and creatives, you can guarantee that you’ll be in safe hands when you work with them on your projects.

Whether it’s custom mobile and web development, paid advertising, or content creation and marketing your need, they will find bespoke solutions that suit you and see your business ranking higher, attracting bigger audiences, and converting more people. They know that one size definitely doesn’t fit all, which is why they treat every client as an individual.

3. ProtoFuse

ProtoFuse ranked fairly well for SEO best practices and had the highest number of do-follow links on the list, with no less than 552 links at the time of writing this. They also scored third-highest for the total amount of traffic to their own website, so it is safe to say that they’re a safe pair of hands when it comes to SEO companies in Orlando.


ProtoFuse has been in business for more than 18 years. In the past decade alone, they have supported and created more than 300 websites. Clients who work with them typically see a 50% minimum growth in high-quality leads after an engagement, which is quite impressive; I’m sure you’ll agree.

ProtoFuse gets such good results because they believe in creating conversion-focused websites that encompass everything from good design to great content and as much automation as is practically useful.

4. BrandCoders

BrandCoders certainly deserves its spot as the fourth-best SEO company in Orlando in 2023. Not only did it score a respectable 22 points, but it ranked extremely well for SEO practices – taking a maximum of 5 points – and has a decent number of positive Google Reviews.


The company is a “full-service digital marketing firm that provides boutique-agency attention and big business marketing results.” It is home to a crack team of SEO experts, copywriters, web designers, and programmers who were all picked for their creativity and technical abilities.

BrandCoders has been named as a Top Web Design Agency in the Orlando area by Agency List, so it isn’t just us who think they’re great at what they do.

What exactly do they do? They offer a number of high-quality services, including:

  • Web design
  • Internet Marketing
  • SEO services

They specialize in revamping websites and driving more traffic, and their work speaks for itself.

5. StrategyBeam

StrategyBeam is a team that loves a challenge. They are never happier when they’re tasked with solving tech, marketing, and design challenges. They want their clients to achieve bigger and better results, and they’re willing to put the work in to make that happen.


With 25+ years in the industry, they have worked with thousands of business owners, helping them to increase their sales and see their conversion rates soar. They take the guesswork out of SEO practices so that you can get it right the first time.

Services offered by StrategyBeam include:

  • SEO marketing
  • PPC management
  • Copywriting services
  • Social media management
  • Apartment Marketing

In our research, we found them particularly good at maintaining SEO best practices for themselves -scoring top marks by our criteria. We also found them to have a decent total traffic score of 757 and 349 do-follow links, which would certainly suggest that they do practice what they preach.

6. MyCity Social

Scoring 20 points, MyCity Social can pride itself on being one of the best SEO companies in Orlando. Specializing in local small business SEO, the company prides itself on building strong, lasting relationships with its clients.

MyCity Social

MyCity Social focuses on select markets, which means they can build their skills in those areas above and beyond what many other SEO companies can offer. Sectors they focus on include:

  • Attorneys
  • Industries
  • Health and beauty
  • Fitness
  • Home repair
  • Restaurants
  • Medical
  • Retail

If you operate in one of the above industries and you’re looking for a simple SEO process, they are one of the best companies you could possibly team up with to boost your profile and increase your conversions.

7. South Street & Co.

Securing 20 points in our rankings, South Street & Co. is a fine marketing agency with a passion for its work. The company was established in 2014 when one creative-minded woman believed she could help small business owners do better online by delivering more effective marketing strategies. Since then, the company has worked with hundreds of satisfied clients and delivered some amazing outcomes.

South Street & Co.

It is not surprising, then, that the company scored top marks for best SEO practices in our research, nor is it surprising that South Street & Co. is generally positively reviewed on Google.

The company, headed by Kaitlyn Study, offers a wide range of SEO and marketing services, including:

  • Consulting
  • Social media
  • Web design
  • Product photography
  • Logo design
  • Blogging
  • SEO
  • Email marketing
  • Hashtag help
  • Print Designing

So, it is fair to say that whatever help you need with your company’s SEO and marketing, the team at South Street & Co. can help.

8. M5 Design Studio

M5 Design Studio ranks well for best SEO practices which is always a good sign when you’re looking for the best SEO companies in Orlando. They also do well when it comes to pulling in traffic, with a total traffic number of 784, and they have generally received decent reviews on Google, with mostly 5-star reviews.

M5 Design Studio

The company is a small one, but what they are missing in size makes up for in creativity and passion for its work. Home to an effective team of developers and designers, they specialize in:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Branding
  • Web design
  • Graphic design

However, they offer an extensive list of services that includes WordPress maintenance and Business branding and identity, amongst other things. A quick look at their portfolio will show you that they have extensive skills and a knack for creating projects that really pack a punch.

M5 Design Studio values its customers and puts clear communication at the heart of its work. They also aim for originality in everything they do, which means you’ll always get a bespoke solution when you work with them.

9. X3 Digital

X3 Digital says that they don’t just build links; they build relationships. They’re pretty good at building links, though, which is why they have secured a place in our list of the top 10 best SEO companies in Orlando, with a not-too-shabby 18 points in total. They scored 5 out of 5 for SEO best practices and, at the time of writing, have a Domain Rating of 57, which means they know their stuff.

X3 Digital

One of the best things about X3 Digital is that they aren’t afraid of hard work. They know how much research time and effort go into ranking highly on Google, and they are ready and willing to ensure that they go above and beyond to achieve that for their clients.

They’re passionate about growing your online presence which is why they offer a number of services, including:

  • SEO
  • Web design
  • Apps
  • Paid search

It’s also why they have assembled a crack team of content marketing lovers and web fanatics who live and breathe SEO — what more could you ask for? A company that will at least triple any marketing ROI, perhaps?

10. Krotov Studio

Just making it into our top 10 with a score of 18 points, Krotov Studio is an effective Orlando SEO Studio that ranked well for Domain Rating and quality of Google Reviews. The company claims it can:

  • Boost growth in keyword ranking 6x
  • Increase organic traffic growth by 398%
  • Increase top 10 rankings by 1105%
  • Increase visit duration by 129%

Those are some impressive stats for your consideration, but they are not surprising because Krotov Studio is constantly striving to provide the highest quality SEO services they possibly can. They work extremely hard with businesses to really understand their audiences so that they can succeed in the long as well as short term.

They will analyze your website against your competitors and find the most profitable keywords for your niche so that they can build the best possible SEO package for you without breaking the bank, whatever sector you operate in.

Scoring Criteria

In order to bring you a definitive list of the best SEO companies in Orlando, we have undertaken in-depth research into the matter. Using important data and metrics, we have been able to create a solid formula for ranking local SEO companies. Although we use data that is publicly available, by bringing it all together in one place, we have made the process of finding the right SEO company in Orlando far easier for the average person.

In our bid to find the top 10 best SEO companies in Orlando, we have accessed companies on a wide range of factors, including:

  • Domain authority
  • Number of Google reviews
  • The average Google review score
  • Total website traffic
  • Site Security
  • Number of do-follow links
  • Loading speeds

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