Who is Nathan Gotch? Here’s How I Went From a Broke Security Guard to Making Multiple 7-Figures Online with SEO


“Are you going to be a security guard for the rest of your life?”

These are the words that have motivated me to this day.

Back in 2011, I was a college student who was being “forced” to be a lawyer.

But I had a different idea.

I was obsessed with the internet since middle school when I would spend every waking hour (outside of school) playing Counter-Strike.

Little did I know that the Internet was more than just a vehicle for entertainment.

So that’s why in 2011 I searched the most important words on Google:

From that point forward, my life has never been the same.

My first attempt to make money online was doing paid surveys.

I was making ~ $1 per hour.

That didn’t work.

So then I started writing essays for college students (sorry college professors).

I spent all day writing but was making pennies.

Unfortunately, that was fail #2.

But then one day, I stumbled upon a course called Web Colleagues.

It would supposedly teach me how to make money online.

The total investment?

A whopping $47.

$47 was a big investment for a broke college student, so I debated and debated.

The funny thing is that I’ve invested tens of thousands in training, books, and coaching since then.

Regardless, I manned up and enrolled.

While the course quality was rough by today’s standards, I’m so grateful for what it exposed me to.

They showed countless ways to make money online, but there was one that really stood out to me:

You can make money online through blogging.

So I brainstormed what I could blog about, but there was one problem:

I had no experience or skills in pretty much anything other than baseball and counter-strike.

So I took a leap of faith and start a baseball pitching blog.

I spent months tinkering with useless stuff like the design, the images, and even writing (and rewriting) blog posts.

Here’s the truth:

I didn’t have a damn clue about how to get traffic to my blog!

So back to Google I went.

I searched and I searched and then I made the second most important discovery of my life…

I discovered that you can get free traffic from Google using SEO.

I immediately start implementing all kinds of outdated SEO tactics like:

  • Building web 2.0 backlinks
  • Getting directory backlinks
  • Building links with software like SENuke
  • And even send bot traffic to my website

Let’s just say it didn’t work super well.

I continued searching and discovered the idea that “Content is King”.

That was the missing piece.

So I started creating in-depth blog posts about different pitching topics.

The funny part is that I did little, to no keyword research at all.

I was just creating content based on my experience.

And then it started to happen.

I started getting organic traffic to my website and then BOOM:

I made my first ever affiliate commission promoting a baseball pitching program.

I still remember the night it happened.

It was a Friday night and I was leaving to go bowling with my girlfriend (future wife).

And that’s when I saw the commission for $43.

While it wasn’t enough to buy a Lambo, it had a much more profound effect on my life.

It proved to me that you can A) make money online and B) you can be your own boss.

I eventually sold my baseball pitching blog to a former MLB player for five figures.

While that was cool, but it was pennies compared to what I’ve done since.

The truth is learning how to make money online through blogging was only the beginning.

What REALLY changed my life was discovering SEO.

That moment when I saw real free traffic coming to my website was a game-changer.

I knew that if I could consistently rank on Google and drive traffic to websites, I would never need to worry about money again.

So I set a small goal:

I want to be my own boss and make $3,000/mo online.

It took me two years to reach that goal (2011 – 2013).

Then I set my sights on the elusive $8,333 / mo goal (which is 6 figures per year).

The crazy part is that I hit that goal in less than six months. Here’s my PROFIT from 2014:


Then I hit:

$15,000 / mo

Then $30,000 / mo.

And then $60,000 / mo.

I’m not telling you this to brag.

I’m simply showing you what’s possible.

The truth is, you can have anything you want in life as long as you learn a valuable skill.

The more valuable the skill, the more you will earn.

SEO = an extremely valuable skill.


Because it can help businesses make more money.

And any skill that helps businesses (or people) make more money is lucrative.

And that’s why I decided to grow my income by offering SEO services to businesses.

That’s how I was able to grow my income at a rapid rate.

I believe client SEO is the BEST way to make money online for anyone who’s starting out.

The reason is simple:

You only need a couple of clients to kill your day job and work on your own.

Think about it:

If you get just TWO businesses to pay you $2,500 / mo for SEO, you’ll be making $5,000 / mo.

And once you build a portfolio, you can start to demand higher retainers.

That means you can get paid $5,000 / mo for SEO as I do:

Now obviously anyone can tell a story online.

And unfortunately, the Internet is filled with fake gurus promising all kinds of stuff.

That’s not me.

And I’ve worked hard to separate myself from that crowd.

Everything I’ve shared today is REAL.

You can ask my wife (please don’t because that’s awkward), but she’s been there by my side since the beginning.

She was the one who told me to “Stop changing your WordPress theme!”

But in seriousness, she’s been by my side through it all.

My family is my “why” now.

The Gotch Family

My “why” used to be that I never wanted to worry about paying bills again and I wanted to be debt-free.

I achieved those goals a long-time ago.

Now my motivation is my family and a burning desire to help as many people as I can reach their goals.

Here’s the crazy part:

You know I struggled to get traffic to my first blog.

Well, since that point, I’ve helped thousands of clients achieve systematic #1 rankings on Google.

And I’ve helped countless agency owners and SEO practitioners start, grow, and scale their SEO businesses.

It’s all been possible because I use a repeatable system (Gotch SEO Academy) for getting #1 rankings and more organic (FREE) traffic from Google.

But don’t take my word for it.

Here are hundreds of results, case studies, and testimonials from my clients.

You’re in good hands.

But if you’d like to see me in action, check out my YouTube channel that has over 37,000 subscribers and over 1,000,000 views.

I’ve also been interviewed countless times:

Interviews with Nathan Gotch





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