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Natalia Novikova

SEO Specialist

Natalia Novikova

What first drew you to the SEO industry?

Passion for Digital Marketing

What encouraged you to join Gotch SEO Academy and learn with us?

Nathan’s free Youtube training added an enormous value to my knowledge. So when I found out about Gotch Academy, my decision to join was unquestionable.

What has the value of a Gotch SEO Academy education meant to you?

In no time it develops an actual skill. This training gave me more knowledge in digital marketing than my bachelor’s degree in the same field.

What are your plans for the future?

Continuing growth in the SEO industry

Is there any advice you’d like to share with new students who are aspiring SEOs?

Go for it! If you want to grow your business – Gotch Academy is a gold mine! Nathan gives you everything you need to succeed – from knowledge to technical guidance to personal advice in biweekly sessions that you get for free! All you need to do is buy the course and go through the training. So don’t waste time and join Gotch Academy today!

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