Top 10 Best Nashville SEO Companies for 2023

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1. Horton Group

For over 20 years, the Horton Group has delivered stunning results in the fields of web design and digital marketing. Thanks to their extensive knowledge, particularly for a localized market, as well as a heavy focus on optimizing search engines, they continue to deliver the best service in the Nashville, TN, region. The Nashville SEO company sits a considerable distance above the local competition by scoring an impressive 29 points on our review chart.


The SEO and digital marketing agency’s impressive portfolio covers significant local institutions such as Metro Nashville, TN Public Schools, and companies across a range of business sectors. Nash Painting, The Chocolate Bunny Boutique, and The Nissan Stadium are just some examples. The diversity also shows that they can provide search engine optimization for companies of any size, from startups to global giants.

Unlike some companies that focus on ego-inflating numbers that don’t matter, Horton’s is a Nashville SEO company that aims solely to help brands rank “in the Google searches that matter most to your bottom line.” It’s easy to forget that the success of search engine optimization (and other digital marketing strategies) campaigns is based on financial returns (and increasing online presence). The Horton Group will help your business hone in on conversions.

You can see progress in just a few weeks through on-site and off-site strategies, followed by further moves to keep the site in the #1 spot where it belongs.

2. Bell Media

Bell Media is a digital marketing agency that has been featured in the Inc. 5000 list no less than five times, while it is also a confirmed Premier Google Partner and Accredited Professional by Bing Ads. Their reputation within professional circles and track record are enough to clinch the #2 spot on our list. The Nashville SEO company should ring a positive note from your outlook too.


While these Nashville SEO experts provide a range of web marketing services, including web design, its most significant influence is search engine optimization. The Nashville SEO agency works with a wide range of clients across the Beauty, Finance, Education, Legal, Airport, Property Management, Home Services, and Retail sectors. Regardless of your company’s background, it’s likely Bell Media will boost the skills and experience to implement a winning strategy.

Crucially, the Nashville SEO agency delivers results that enhance financial outcomes like increasing a landscaper’s costs per lead by 70% or helping a professional HVAC company rank on Google’s first page for multiple key terms. In addition, Bell Media can demonstrate the many reasons why their modern approach to on-site search engine optimization (keywords and mobile optimization) and off-site (outreach and Google My Business optimization) marketing are suitable for your brand. All of which influence search engine algorithms.

An increase in organic traffic from hot and warm leads can be expected within three months too.

3. Atomic Design

Atomic Design lives by a simple promise to “build websites that convert.” From mobile to marketing, every aspect of the online strategy is deployed exclusively with this goal in mind. After all, it’s what business owners crave. It is a philosophy that has led to a string of five-star reviews, multiple web design awards, and the #3 slot on our list of the best Nashville SEO agency.

Atomic Design

The Atomic Design mantra focuses on simplicity, providing easy management for clients, and precise results in all aspects of search engine optimization. Having launched the web design business in 1996 before expanding to add search engine optimization in 2001, the company has an established presence backed up by a solid track record for using an agile methodology that reflects the evolving landscape to deliver consistent results.

Partners and integrations include WordPress, PayPal, WooCommerce, and Google Analytics. As a result, this allows this Nashville SEO company to develop strategies that boost web visibility and brand reputation while keeping consumer habits and experiences in mind at all times. They cover all the critical components of search engine optimization, focusing on keywords, backlink placements, and technical crawlability. And the truth is that each of these actions influences search engine algorithms like Google.

As a result, they developed a defined four-step process to Attract, Impress, Convert, and Grow.

4. Speak

Speak, also known as MadeBySpeak.com, focuses on design and technology to drive brands throughout Nashville, TN, to increase traffic, trust, and conversions. Over its 21-year history, the company has helped communicate the brand message of over 500 companies. And it continues to deliver strong returns in 2023.


Among those 500+ clients are Graceland, Omaha Zoo, Lyon College, and many local, national, and international companies across multiple industries. In addition, as a company with over 40 members, they branch out into other areas for a comprehensive approach to branding and marketing. It can work wonders for startups while also allowing them to borrow elements from each aspect.

For example, mobile App creation and video production can support on-site SEO and backlinks placements. Nonetheless, the local search engine optimization strategies focus primarily on technical search engine optimization, business listing management, and authority management.

Speak thrives on engagement rather than just visibility, which can support your bid for growth.

5. 2 The Top Web Design & Marketing

Given that the company has actively educated over 4,000 search engine optimization enthusiasts through their local SEO master sessions, it could easily be argued that 2 The Top has done more for Nashville’s collective digital presence than any other company on the list. Still, it’s only enough to secure the #5 position as a top Nashville SEO agency.


Having opened its doors in 1997, 2 The Top delivers what it promotes. Over 23 years, the company has developed and perfected its A.C.E. (Architecture, Content, and Engagement) strategy. So is it honestly as groundbreaking as the company would like to suggest? Probably not. But that should not detract from the fact that it gets results. So naturally, their professional touch is built to surpass the results gained from their students, enabling your website to climb the charts quickly.

A focus on localized results includes business directory listings management and appearing prominently on the Google Maps section of searches. The Essentials package, which covers the A.C.E. strategy, also consists of an audit followed by expert insights to highlight areas of improvement.

Web design and marketing strategies offer additional opportunities without compromising the capabilities of optimizing search engines.

6. SnapShot Interactive

SnapShot Interactive can consider itself a little unlucky to feature in the bottom half of this list, especially as it joins the two SEO agencies above on 21 points. An impressive home back that incorporates a video background instantly creates the impression that this is a truly interactive and innovative company. While some of their best work is in other areas, their search engine optimization game is strong.


The SEO agency has worked for the likes of Belmont University, David Adams, and CrossFit ProVita. Their SEO program covers competitive analysis, search engine marketing, analytics, and social advertising. The company promises to work “continuously to achieve the highest measurable results,” which means retaining the boosted status for years to come.

SnapShot Interactive is quick to promote the need for a fluid and ongoing search engine optimization strategy. While this does require a long-term commitment, the continued content and off-page SEO strategies, including review generation, are built to establish sustained results for your brand.

While SnapShot provides a robust SEO-only strategy, we’d argue that it is best for businesses looking for a comprehensive rebrand.

7. Nashville SEO Company

It’s probably not going to win any awards for the most imaginatively named business on the market, but the Nashville SEO Company naturally ranks very highly for a host of localized SEO terms. It’s called SharpNet, but the domain name makes much sense. After all, it would be a little naive to trust a business with your web presence if they cannot even take care of their own.

Nashville SEO Company

Nashville SEO Co. specializes in its industry-leading SEO, certified Google ads management, and search engine optimization-friendly web design. Compared to some services, it is a more streamlined approach to digital marketing. However, for any company that wants to climb the SERPs, this can be positive. The experienced search engine optimization professionals have supported companies of varying sizes and sectors for over 22 years. They are also vastly experienced in both local and organic SEO.

The Nashville SEO Company can identify keyword opportunities following an audit while creating citations for use on over 225 directories, including dozens of Tennessee-based ones. In addition, technical search engine optimization that extends to page speeds and mobile optimization is supported further by transparent communication.

The Nashville SEO Company delivers quick progress for sustained success in the local arena. While its services are somewhat limited, measurable upgrades to traffic and conversions are clear.

8. MedForward, Inc.

MedForward, Inc. is an SEO, web design, and digital marketing company that is dedicated solely to companies working in the healthcare sector. The company’s vision is to deliver “premier medical marketing consulting services,” focusing on gaining website visibility and organically driving traffic.


The Nashville SEO agency has worked with several hospitals and healthcare businesses in the local area—a unique approach has core values that revolve around quality and collaboration. The company’s multi-tiered policy to search engine optimization covers ranked keywords, inbound links, and (crucially) press release creation and distribution. In addition, the agency works with both Google and Bing analytics and toolkits.

MedForward, Inc. also works with integrations like RealSelf while also registering the site with healthcare directories. When highly focused management on industry and local trends supports, climbing the SERPs and Google Maps listings for medical keywords becomes a lot easier. Of course, it’s not very useful to outside companies, but healthcare firms can see huge rewards.

Given its targeted audience, we can put it any higher than #8 on the list. If yours is a medical firm, though, it’s certainly a great candidate.

9. Timeline Web Design

While primarily a web design agency, Timeline‘s SEO services remain among the best in the city of Nashville, TN, and are tailored to organic or local traffic generation. A varied portfolio covers Timeline Beauty Center, Sid’s Cycles, and Topline Gutters, among many, many others. It shows a versatility that should give your S.M.E. confidence in a service that has operated for several years.


Timeline works to promote web visibility across Google, Bing, Yahoo, and YouTube. The company also demonstrates a desire to satisfy visitors as well as search engine crawlers. Essentially, it creates on-page content that adds value and information while simultaneously scoping out opportunities for keyword placements and other positive steps.

The SEO agency is very transparent, not least in informing clients that instant results are not likely. It takes a few months for actual progress to show. Nonetheless, the strategies put in place can fire a website onto the first page of the SERPs. Crucially, brands can expect to stay there due to the ongoing process and the use of exclusively white hat ideas.

Timeline focuses on getting your house in order with an on-site design feature first. Backlinks and off-site search engine optimization follow.

10. Astute Communications

Finally, rounding off our list of the best Nashville SEO services is Astute Communications. Alongside Social Media and Advertising elements, the company’s Engage strategies focus on SEO. The results-driven agency focuses on satisfying over 200 search engine metrics to provide a holistic approach to web visibility. And it works well.


The company starts campaigns with an SEO audit while also providing clients with insights into how SEO works. In truth, though, you want results. While Astute takes the long route, there’s no doubt that measurable progress provides a source of smiles. In addition, their extensive expertise in technical, content, off-site, and on-site search engine optimization will lift the company’s ranking.

Aerial Innovations, the Nashville Recovery Center, and Vintage Millworks are just some of the beneficiaries in an eclectic mix of companies to choose the Astute route to SEO. As a Google Partner, the SEO company knows what works in 2023 and focuses on driving organic traffic that converts to sales.

While the majority of clients use a comprehensive package, SEO-only plans are possible too. Either way, Astute remains an exciting opportunity for brands throughout Nashville, TN, and beyond.

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