Manual Web 2.0 Creation: Step-by-Step

WARNING: web 2.0s still work, but they do come with some risk. Super Web 2.0sย are safer, but web 2.0s are risky no matter how you build them.

Borrrrinnnnggg… Yeah, I’m talking about manual web 2.0 creation.

Although it’s not a glamorous form of post-Penguin link building, it is still effective.

Just so you are aware:

Using web 2.0s for backlinks is a grey hat tactic. That means this tactic comes with risk.

With that said, let’s jump in.

Exclusive: Download 50 + web 2.0s where you can get some easy backlinks.

What is a “Web 2.0”?

Web 2.0s are free blogging platforms. Most properties allow you change URLs, images and video, contact forms and a ton of other goodies.

What Makes a Web 2.0 a Great backlink?

Web 2.0s are effective because you are piggy-backing off their authority and trust. Yes, it is a sub-domain and your page authority will start out with a goose egg ZERO.

But there’s one important thing to remember about these properties:

they build Page Authority (PA) FAST.

With only a few strong links, any given web 2.0 can go from a PA 0 to PA 30 +.

In addition to the authority, you are also getting super a super relevant link.

Relevancy is king when it comes to link building. Don’t forget that.

So, the question is: how do you build a quality web 2.0?

Step 1: Prepare to WORK

Since most automated programs can’t post on the best web 2.0s, you will need to do it manually.

You need to remember that your first tier of links MUST BE high-quality.

The days of spamming thousands of links to your site are long gone.

Google wants authoritative, relevant, and trusted links hitting your site. If you fulfill all three of these important goals, then you will see the rankings you desire. It sounds so simple right?

Step 2: Create an Email Address

You’ll have to make accounts for these web 2.0s, so I recommend making a default email for this purpose.

It doesn’t matter if you use the same email account to create the properties.

Step 3: Sign-Up for 10 (or a million) Web 2.0s

There is no specific reason why I chose “10”, but it’s a good place to start.

Depending on your keyword competition, you might need to make more.

If you’re super paranoid, then use proxies when you create the properties. Hide My Ass will do the job.

Step 4: URL Creation

Now that you’ve created your accounts, you will be prompted to create a URL like this:


If your main site is about “NBA basketball” (sorry just got done watching the Lakers), then your URLs should include a specific keyword you’re trying to rank or related LSI words.

Here are how some of your web 2.0 URLs should look:


You see how these URLs look natural? If every web 2.0 you make includes “NBA basketball” in the URL, then it may throw up some red flags.

Diversify, diversify, DIVERSIFY.

I can’t say this enough.

Be RANDOM when you make these properties.

Step 5: Ways to Create Content

That content you place on your web 2.0 is the most important part of the process!

There are few different ways you can approach the content creation.

Deciding on which technique to use depends on your resources and time.

1. Write it yourself (BEST)

Writing unique content for all your web 2.0s is the absolute best thing to do. If you can afford to, you should consider outsourcing it. If your budget is tight, then just write it yourself or consider the following option.

2. Advanced Spinning

If your budget is tight and you need to produce a lot of content, then you might want to consider spinning.

I’m going to be honest with you, I don’t use spun content on tier one EVER. I always use unique content. This isn’t to say spun content doesn’t work. I just sleep better at night knowing my content on tier one is 100% unique. And the trust is, it just plain out works better.

If you decide to take the spinning route, you have to use ADVANCED spinning. Not low-quality one-click spins… An advanced spin will take you at least 2-4 hours to complete.

3. Scraping Content (Not Recommended)
There’s nothing wrong with scraping content for your tier two or three, but I definitely advise against it for your tier one.

I’m not saying it won’t work.

It’s just a risky move if you’re trying to build a long-term authoritative website.

Step 6: Content Guidelines

No matter what type of content creation you decide on, you must make sure your articles are 400 + words.

Try to include your primary keyword throughout the article without keyword stuffing.

We want these properties to look natural. 1-3% keyword density is more than enough.

Step 7: Setting up the Post

Paste your article inside the editor for whatever web 2.0 you choose.

At this point, you will need to gather photos and videos for your post.

You can include one photo and one video, two videos, three videos, three pictures… you see where I am going with this?

Keep it random!

To mix it up, sometimes I won’t even include a picture OR video.

After you have inserted your photos and videos, it’s time for you to insert your links.

One link will be for the page you are targeting, and the other be will to a relevant or authority website.

Be random with link placement and use many different types of supporting outbound links.

And after I have a few posts on a single web 2.0, I also like to interlink.

This gives the 2.0 even more credibility because it’s linking just like a normal site would. Don’t worry about securing every last bit of “link juice”.

Worry more about quality and relevancy for your web 2.0 links.

It will pay off in the long run.

At this point, your post should be completely ready to publish, but STOP right there!

We need to talk about filler content before you publish that post.

Step 8: Filler Content

Thought you could just post your article and be good to go? Well… you actually can, but this is definitely not recommended. You want these links to be permanent. Most important, you don’t want them to get deleted.

Single-page web 2.0s are more likely to get deleted.

Keep in mind:

Google will give more weight to a link that is from a site filled with useful content. That is, compared to a site that has one piece of content.

This is when filler content comes in.

Filler content will give your web 2.0s the appearance of an active site.

For filler content you can use scraped articles, related video posts, images, and even random posts about your life.

5-10 posts per web 2.0 is stellar, but even 2-3 posts can do the job.

Make sure you read The Art of the Super Web 2.0 to learn how to create super authoritative web 2.0s.

Step 9: Schedule (If Possible) or Publish Your Post

Some web 2.0s allow you to schedule posts and others don’t.

I recommend scheduling your posts in daily intervals. Do not post all your web 2.0s in one day. Always keep your posting frequency random to make sure things are staying natural.

I recommend posting filler content first on the web 2.0. Then follow it up with the article that you are going to place your link in.

Sometimes don’t post your main article until the web 2.0 is 4-5 posts deep.

Or, post it first.

Be unpredictable.

Finals Thoughts on Manual Web 2.0 Creation

Using web 2.0s is one of many link building strategies you can use to achieve awesome SEO results.

Here’s the truth:

Using 2.0s alone likely will not help you achieve #1 rankings.

You need to diversify your link profile with blogger outreach links, business citations, etc.

I recommend you use web 2.0s to supplement your link building strategy.


Since ANYONE can create a web 2.0 and place a link, the value of the link is lower. That’s why you shouldn’t rely on them as your sole link building tactic!

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Have more questions about manual web 2.0s?

Drop a comment below to join the discussion and thanks for reading!

– Gotch


  1. Wonderful article, thank you! Exactly what I was looking for. ๐Ÿ™‚

    One question please… How many Web 2.0 properties should we create in order to increase significantly the chances of ranking our website? (I guess it depends on the keyword competitiveness – low, medium or high.) Any rule of thumb, resulted from the experience?

    Thank you!

    1. Thanks for the comment!

      That completely depends on the level of competition. If it’s competitive, web 2.0s alone may not be enough to get you on the first page and you may need high PR backlinks. Just build them, track the results, and be patient. Don’t worry about a set of amount because every website and every niche is different.


  2. This was exactly what I was looking for today. You answered about 4 of the questions I asked on someone else’s forum. I appreciate it.

    Do you think the web 2.0’s will be good to go for some time in the future? I know a lot of people are thinking they are going to take a hit.

    Thanks again,

    1. I’m glad you found it Al!

      As far as the future, just like any other link building technique, it will always be effective as long as you’re building high-quality properties and diversifying your link profile. Do NOT just rely on web 2.0s alone. I actually only use web 2.0s now to diversify and to dilute my anchor text profile. Combine web 2.0s with high PR links and you will have a lethal combination.

      It would be very surprising if Google devalued web 2.0s because that means it would have to devalue, (which they own), and many other authority domains who bring them in a ton of revenue. Pretty unlikely ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks for the comment!

  3. Gotch,

    I’m back again man. Your site has been my go to place for SEO info. When you’re making these sites do you have an intro and then some kind of order to the posts? Or do you just start throwing any content on it as long as it’s relevent?

    1. That’s awesome man! It makes me really happy that the information I provide helps ๐Ÿ˜›

      As far as content, unique articles with about 400-500 words is preferable. “Unique” doesn’t necessarily mean hand-written. Spun content works perfectly fine as long as it’s a high-quality spin. The point is, just make sure you use relevant, readable, and unique content on every single web 2.0. Avoid trashy scraped content.

      1. Hey Gotch,

        there are a couple of spinners out there, do you have a particular favourite? If so why?
        Ive been tempted but never pulled the trigger on any..

        Think I need to stop trying to write content as if its a 4000 word article for a main site, and be happy to let spun content run on tiered links…

        I think a few more beast articles and Ill give in ha

        Love the articles btw, and they writeup-you can tell your passionate about it and not just spouting content back you have read elsewhere

        good work sir

  4. Great post Nathan (and a great name to match haha)!

    I found your site searching in Google for “Do web 2.0s still work for SEO?” I’m currently testing this out myself on a couple of affiliate sites I have and was keen to hear the experiences of other SEO experts out there.

    I tend to stick to high PR links which work incredibly well, but was wanting to mix it up a little and test a couple of the older and more commonly spammed link building strategies to see if they still have any merit.

    I think this is a great site with a ton of valuable content, keep it up!

    1. Thanks for the comment Nate!

      PR links are the way to go, but web 2.0s are great “supporting” links. Web 2.0s alone won’t get you crazy rankings in a competitive niche, but are still worth the time as long as they are quality.

      Thanks again!

      – Gotch

      1. Hey Gotch,

        I’m new to SEO.

        What to you mean by PR links? If you could give me some examples, that would be great.


        1. Hi Jimmy,

          “PR” stands for PageRank, which a measure of authority for a website. Since Google doesn’t update it anymore, you should consider using Trust Flow or Domain Authority as measures of authority

      2. Hey Gotch,

        I’m trying to rank on low competition keyword. I wanted to ask if you can clear something up.

        I understand that Web 2.0s start of with PA of zero. When you state that their properties make them gain authority quickly, do they do thing on their own over time?

        Also, similar question, when you state that with only a few strong links any Web 2.0 can go from PA 0 to 30+, these are tier 2 backlinks linking back to the Web 2.0s? If so, what kind are the easiest to build? If not, can you clear that up for me?

        As these Web 2.0 gain PA, the more you move up on your ranking correct? (That was prob a dumb question but I wanted to ask lol)

        By the way, AMAZING info! Thanks again!

        1. Hi Jimmy,

          Since the web 2.0 properties are on high-authority domains, the PA will increase quickly. To increase the PA you’ll need tier two links. More authoritative links = more authority for your site = higher rankings

  5. Hi, I am new on Web 2.0. I have read all your article. I is helpful for me. Thanks for sharing. Keep posting good article. thanks.

  6. Hello.
    Nice article and thank you for the help.

    I got a question though.. what if I DON’T spin MY original article and just repost it in different platforms, would this help or is against search engine rules?

    I mean.. is my article, can’t I post it everywhere I want?
    Thanks for the help!

    1. Hi Omar,

      thanks for the comment! I don’t recommend submitting the same article to many different web 2.0s because Google will probably only count the first original article and discredit all the others. Taking the extra time to either spin the article or just a write a new one is worth it.

  7. Good post.

    I’m been messing around a lot with High PR links. Thought about implementing 2.0’s into my strategy.

    If you don’t my asking, around how many posts will you put on each 2.0?

    1. Hi Scott, thanks for the comment. You’re taking the right approach by using high PR links because they are the best. To answer your question and to be really annoying: it depends. I create larger web 2.0s for higher paying clients and single page web 2.0s for lower paying clients. In my experience, they work pretty equally. If you have the time and resources, I recommend going with the larger (multiple post) web 2.0s because they will stand the test of time and are better for long-term results. Hope that helps!

  8. Thanks Gotch! I created a few already, I decided to keep them small’ish. 2-3 posts and a handful of youtube videos as individual posts. Overtime I’ll prob add more written posts.

    The only difference is I decided to get them indexed/make them more powerful with Blogger “forgotten domains.” i.e old blogger accounts that carry link juice, similar to an expired domain, but they are open for register and no longer in use. I have a list of like 100 and don’t know what to do with them… I don’t plan to go overboard with this method, but I feel a handful of “super powered” 2.0’s can’t hurt.

    I look forward to checking out that monkey program and will use your aff link.



    1. Scott, that’s a really awesome idea with the expired blogger accounts. Just be careful because it is owned by Google ๐Ÿ˜‰ But as long as your properties are quality, you will have nothing to worry about. I’m actually going to write a blog post about how to create super web 2.0s, so stay tuned for that as well. I appreciate the support man!

      1. True dat!

        Look forward to check out the Super 2.0’s! I’m all for using high quality PR links, but sometimes I feel like finding them and building them suck the life out of me.

        Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions!

  9. Usually I don’t read all post but I must to read it because it was not just important for me but also written properly.
    However I’m still hungry, I have an authority site mean a blog for a specific niche having 50+ Posts and I do want to increase traffic. On Page is done while currently doing Off-Page.
    And the time is now to use Web 2.0 sites.
    So What I should do. Because I’m not going to rank 1 keyword (1 Post) but more.
    If my strategey could be to create 50 sites on 1 web 2.0 site.
    I’m not getting clear myself. should it be? or?

    1. Thanks for the comment! I highly recommend a new set of web 2.0s for every keyword you’re targeting. For example 10 web 2.0s keyword #1 and another 10 for keyword #2.

      1. Wow, that many huh? I’ve heard, but have no data to support it, you do not want to use more than 2 of the same link for any given site.

        For anyone just catching up the conversation, PR links don’t really apply to this rule if you have your network on different c-class ips.

        However with 2.0s, i’m under the impression you should not have two from the same same account, (i.e two weeblys or wordpress 2.0s pointing at your webpage) The reason being you’ll have diminishing returns.

        Would you have more than (2) 2.0’s point at a single website? Or did I misunderstand the rule of thumb, and you do not want more than two of the same 2.0s pointing at a single page/post in your site.

        1. If I was targeting Gotch SEO with web 2.0s, I would create 1-2 web 2.0s on 10 different platforms (Blogger, WordPress, etc.). I break my “rules of thumb” all the time and sometimes create multiple web 2.0s from the same account. Never had any issues out of the hundreds I have created, but it’s still a safe practice to have multiple accounts. For one account on WordPress for example, I might target 10 or more DIFFERENT websites. Hope that makes sense. Just don’t overthink it. As long as you’re creating quality properties and following the steps, you’ll have nothing to worry about

          – Gotch

  10. Hello,

    i cam on your website while my search for seo techniques.
    I just wonder, could be a problem to build about 10 blogs on wordpress, blogger etc.., wouldnt it be considered like micro sites?
    Could that be considered like greyhat or maybe these days blackhat.

    Thank you in advance and please, keep posting about seo…

    1. Thank you for the comment Ivica! Yes, web 2.0s are considered to be “micro sites” and there is nothing Blackhat about it if you’re providing value. In fact, it’s one of the most whitehat techniques you can use, as long as you’re not creating lazy/ugly/low quality properties. Take pride in your work and you will never have any issues.

      – Gotch

  11. Seriously, the best SEO post I have ever read! So much info crammed in there, alot of which I didn’t already know and you also highlighted a lot of mistakes I’ve been making.

    You sir, are a champion!

  12. HI!
    Really great guidelines. I needed this because I’ve been a little analysis paralyzed with having to do them. I have great content, know how to spin properly, and will just get started.

    What’s the dealio with monetizing web 2.0. I’ve heard both sided but wondering if I put good content I think some allow affiliate links, some revenue share, etc.

    Great post! When the student is ready the teacher will appear.

    1. Thanks Mark! You can do whatever you want with the web 2.0s, but I use them solely for link building and relevancy. Most platforms allow you to place affiliate links, AdSense etc, but I save all that good stuff for my money site.

      – Gotch

  13. 100% Great Read, even at 2am in the morning. I do have a question…what do you think
    adding another buffer layer in order to protect the money site? ie:

    1st Tier: wordpress > Money Site
    (send high quality link building to 1st tier)
    (high quality web20 design by professional)

    2nd tier wordpress > 1st tier
    (send med quality link building to 1st tier)
    (lower quality design by self)

    3rd tier blogger > 2nd tier
    (send low/junk quality link building to 2nd tier)
    (lower quality design by self)

    what do you think about this?
    and do you know anyone that can create high design
    quality web20 sites as it just so happens as I am in
    the market to have my 1st tier professionally made…..


    1. I know this is not related to Web 2.0, but since you are a smart seo guy, then I will
      ask the question here…Is it safe to build multiple sites on the same host/IP, even
      though each domain has its own content, and none of the sites link to each other.

      I would love to hear your thoughts on this….


      1. David,

        That’s tough to answer because I’m not sure what you’re doing with the domains. If for example, you’re hosting a several niche sites on a shared hosting plan on HostGator or something like that and they have no correlation to each other, then you will have nothing to worry about. I host a bunch of my personal sites on one hosting plan, which of course, are all on the same IP. Just don’t link them together and you’ll be good.

        – Gotch

    2. David, thanks for the comment!

      The web 2.0s are perfect for your linking directly to your site as long as they are quality. The further you go down in the tiers, the less quality content you need.

      For example:
      Tier 1: high-quality unique content
      Tier 2: medium quality content
      Tier 3: low-medium quality content (okay to use scraped or spun garbage if you want)

      I don’t really build link pyramids anymore because they don’t seem be necessary anymore, but that’s how I would do it.

      And by the way, if you’re looking for the best manual web 2.0 service online then check this out: (you won’t be disappointed).


      – Gotch

    1. Thanks for the articles David, but creating web 2.0s isn’t “syndicating” content. It’s creating unique content, not repurposing content that already exists. So, those articles aren’t relevant. But while we are on the topic, syndicating content won’t help you rank well in Google and it’s a form of lazy link building. Just to be clear, “syndicating” content is when you write a blog post and then repost that same article or a slight variation on a syndication website like Ezine Articles.

      Hope that helps to clear things up. Thanks!

      1. Hi, I was not trying to connect syndication with web2.0; I thought I would share
        something new about googles plan, and my sites do have syndication. I read their article a little better, and they do not have a problem with syndication as long as you provide some value to your syndication ie: millions of porn sites that pull in the exact same titles and add nothing else of any value to their site, another example would be millions of amazon affiliates pulling down the exact same product titles, and adding nothing else, because a product page is no value as it is pulled from amazon, and google can only see the title, everything else is zero, or of no value to the consumer…..

  14. Hi, this is a pretty solid strategy for getting good quality backlinks. You said in a few of your comments that if you’re trying to rank in a more competitive niche you will most likely need high PR backlinks as well. What exactly do you mean by high PR backlinks? Guest posting? Paying for links on a private blog network?
    Also, what software do you use/recommend for spinning articles?

    1. Hey Sean I’m glad you liked it and thanks for the comment. High PR links can come from a lot of different places like: donating to a charity, reached out to authority sites, broken link building, guest posting, and of course PBNs. The key is to try to get contextual link from a high PR property. Sidebar and footer still work if you know how to use them, but are weak in comparison to a contextual link. As far as spinning, I use the Best Spinner. Thanks!

  15. Appreciable work!

    Nice article. Thanks for this information.

    It mentioned very useful information regarding web 2.0 in such a way that anyone can understand.
    Simple and very effective way of explanation.

  16. Thank you for this great post, it was very useful for me.

    I’ve got a question, do you think we should change the IP? because i think that Google will easily discover that all of these web 2.0 sites belonging to one person !!

    1. Hi Ahmed, there’s no need to worry about IPs because you’re creating the web 2.0s on different websites all together. The only IP Google can see is that of the actual web 2.0. For example, the WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, etc IPs.

      If you’re really paranoid, then just make sure you’re using proxies when developing your web 2.0s

  17. Great info, Nathan. I have a feeling that the web 2.0’s themselves might actually rank reasonably in my niche. Wouldn’t that be slightly weird?

    Cheer, Paul

    1. Thanks for the comment Paul. That’s not weird at all, I actually have a web 2.0 ranking top 3 in a low competition affiliate niche. It’s a WordPress web 2.0. Thanks!

      1. Thanks a lot your reply, Nathan. I guess I have to keep a couple of things in mind when creating the web 2.0s:

        – I wouldn’t want to come across as spammy to potential clients.
        – I wouldn’t want to tip off my competition.
        – My real blogs (they don’t exist yet) should be perceived differently than the SEO ones.

        Any hints are greatly appreciated. Cheers, Paul

        1. Hi Paul, just focus on keeping things as natural as possible. If you create the web 2.0s correctly, your clients will love them.

          Let me know if you have any other questions!

          Thanks man

          – Gotch

  18. Hey Mr Gotch Great Blog its very simple to follow.

    In an earlier comment you said you will assign 10 web 2.0s per keyword per site you want to rank?

    So I have a site right now with 5 pages (the money keywords) that I all want on page 1 of the SERPs.

    This would mean I would have to make 50 web 2.0s (10 for each page/keyword) in total all pointing to the 5 different pages on my site, correct?

    In this scenario would you write 5 good articles for each keyword and spin them each 10 times using the best spinner to make up the 50 web 2.0s?

    Also wondering if google can catch on since there will be 50 2.0s all directed to the same domain with unique articles that all articulate the same things?


    1. Dean,

      the 10 web guideline isn’t mandatory, I just like doing it that way because it’s easy to track anchor text diversification. If you’re going to be targeting that many pages, you might want to use two links per article on the web 2.0s just to save time and resources. Just make sure you link to one page at the top of the article, link to a relevant website, and then place your second link.

      Try to always drop the relevant link (or two) in-between yours because it looks much more natural.

      If you decide to take the two link approach, you might want to consider creating super web 2.0s because they are much safer.

      Just remember to be RANDOM and have no pattern to what you’re doing. Have this mindset when doing any form of link building because Google bases it’s algorithm on common patterns.

      As far as content, The Best Spinner is a good option to save time and money.

      Thanks for the comment!

      – Gotch

  19. Thanks Gotch! Just wondering about the interlinking, it is said that Google has clamped down on link wheels?

    In this case, do you mean interlink like a link wheel all the web2.0 properties?

    1. Thanks for the comment Lester. Not sure where you got the interlinking part from, but you should never interlink your properties or use link wheels.

  20. This comment is going to sound very noob, as I am new to SEO, so apologies in advanced. I am trying to rank for numerous local keywords for a wedding niche.

    1. I create a blog on WordPress using i.e.
    2. I post articles to the wordpress/web 2.0 blogs. How many do I post and do articles all need to contain proper keyword density for the keyword “city name weddings”
    3. If posting multiple articles to the WordPress/web 2.0, should the articles be different topics? Or use the same article, but spun differently?
    4. If you post 7 articles…one per day for a week. Do you continue to update that web 2.0/blog after that period, or has it served its purpose?
    5. Once all of that is complete, do I just wait? Or do I need to submit (or the others) to Google to be crawled?

    1. Adam,

      thanks for the comment, and don’t ever apologize for that! Trust me, I was there once and totally understand how confusing and convoluted SEO can be.

      1. Yes, WordPress or any of the ones I listed – there are many more as well that aren’t listed

      2. How many you post is entirely up to you. The more articles you have, the more powerful and safe your web 2.0 is. KW density will really only matter in the article your inserting your link in.

      3. If you post more than one article, they should all be different than the original. Do not spin the original and paste it on the same web 2.0.

      4. 7 unique articles would be excellent and your web 2.0 will probably be fine for years. Sometimes I don’t build web 2.0 any bigger than a page and I have never had one deleted.

      5. Don’t submit it to Google, just read this post: How to Get Backlinks Indexed 100% of the Time

      Let me know if you have any questions!

      – Gotch

  21. Great Article. Do you have any more tips on the advanced “Spinning” section? Is the concept to make one large article, and then edit it in different ways for different posts?

    1. Hi Paul,

      thanks for the comment. I didn’t go too deep into the advanced spinning portion because it will require an entire article by itself haha But yes, you create one article, manually rewrite each sentence 3-5 times, and then use a program to spin each word. This creates a massive syntax, which can produce over 1,000 unique articles. I’ll write a post on it soon ๐Ÿ™‚

      – Gotch

  22. Hi Nathan,

    me again with yet some more questions.
    1. Aren’t bare Web 2.0 links quite weak?
    2. Wouldn’t it be better to build a lot of Tier 2 links to our Tier 1 Web 2.0 links to boost their power?
    If yes, how would you go about to do this today?
    I’ve heard about tools such as GSA search engine ranker or Unique Article Wizard. Would you recommend any of these tools to build fast and easy Tier 2 Links?
    Thanks in advance.



    1. Hi Johnny,

      1. No, they aren’t weak when they are bare because a) you’re getting massive relevancy to your site and b) the sites you’re building web 2.0s on are authoritative and trusted.

      2. In my experience, it just depends on the niche. Sometimes tier two links are necessary when the competition is stiff. Either way, building tier two links is either going to improve your rankings or fortify them. So it certainly doesn’t hurt.

      To be honest, I create web 2.0s because of the relevancy factor, not so much for the “link power”.

      You can use GSA for tier two, but there’s a big learn curve. When I create tier two links, I just outsource.

      Tier two links that work the best:
      – cheap blog network posts
      – high PR doFollow blog comments
      – mass web 2.0s backed by tier three links
      – 301 redirects if you want to get nasty

  23. Nathan, thanks for posting what seems like real top-notch stuff.

    If we’re working on a shoestring budget as I am now, do you know of a FREE Spinner which may be good enough to get the job done?


      1. Gotch, thanks man. You’re a star. I’ll give that a shot.

        Just one more question please, if you wouldn’t mind:

        Would these one-page web 2.0 sites get any ranking from Google?

          1. No! Not Fiverr link spam. When I say aggressive, I mean you can build more links and have a little more dense anchor text. For tier two links, I would stick to high PR dofollow blog comments and blog networks because they are the strongest. You can use mass link spam on tier three, but it’s not entirely necessary

  24. Hey There, a wonderful Article as I am just working on web 2.0 directories I was still confused how to do it or even I am going right?

    This made me sense surely i am going to share your post just because it gave me a brief Idea regarding SEO..!

    Well what should I got for next after web2.0? can you put dofoollow links list over here? will be helpful thanks..! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks for the comment Abdul. Just signup for my free newsletter and you’ll get a huge list of sites where you can go and get dofollow links from ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. When you say get dofollow links, do you mean the backlinks that we’ll create from our own web 2.0 blogs…. i.e. backlinks from “” ?

        I’d be grateful if you could clarify this please. Many thanks.

      2. Hi Nathan,

        In a previous reply you said “stick with high PR dofollow blog comments”……It’s not easy to find that type of blogs ….do you have a simple way of doing this plz?

        1. Hi Rob, there are few ways, but it’s definitely not easy to find them because they becoming rare.

          1. Buy Scrapebox to find them
          2. Try this clunky tool:
          3. Take a look at this list
          4. Type “dofollow blog commenting list” in Google and you’ll get a ton of sites
          5. Just outsource it – there are a ton of cheap services I use to take care of this because I would never waste my time building tier two links and you shouldn’t either!

          1. Hi Nathan, Thanks for your answers – I shall try some of them soon –

            But is it not useful to have a variety of backlinks since they will look more natural to Google or am I misunderstaning your point?

          2. Hi Rod,

            yes, diversifying your links on all tiers is a good idea. I typically only stick to blog networks and dofollow blog comments on tier two. This is just my preference based on the results I normally get.

            As far as tier one links (links going directly to your site) – yes, there should be a ton of diversity here. The excel file that goes with my free eBook provides a ton of different links you can use to diversify your link profile.

            Let me know if you have any other questions, thanks!

      1. My name sometimes can become “SEO Tools” when I’m trying to flip etc ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Hi,
    Very nice article!!!
    I have a question though…

    When you EMBED YT videos let’s say to your blog and when you build backlinks to this same blog, does this link juice flow to the embedded YT videos and help them ranking in big “G” ?

    Also, I was checking with firefox nofollow plugin my blog and all the article links are nofollow (links to my website)

    Where is the d0Follow link (or does blogs have any d0Follow links anymore?) to help pass the link juice to the money site?


  26. Hi Nathan,

    What’s your opinion on using international / American web 2.0 sites for building links to non-American websites with another language? E.g. Dutch or Italian content with a link to a Dutch or Italian website.

    1. Hi Thomas, that’s not something I’ve really worked with, but in theory: relevant content in Dutch linking to relevant website in Dutch = increased rankings. But since I think theorizing is dumb, I just recommend you test it out ๐Ÿ™‚

      – Gotch

  27. after making web 2.0 blog. and after posting. we have to create high quality backlinks for our web 2.0 blog ??
    or just normal backlinks will work fine ??

  28. Hi Nathan,

    2 quick questions for you.

    When I use web 2.0s to build my tier 1 links, let say I want to create 50 web 2.0s manually based on the specs. as listed in your article ie. each web 2.0 has 5 filler posts before posting the article, have contact page and welcome page…etc:-

    1. do i use different names on the contact page for each property for example, for my first web 2.0, I use Tom Jone, for 2nd web 2.0 property, I use Tim Cook….so for 50 web 2.0s, I use 50 different names and 50 different gmail accounts to create all these 50 web 2.0s ?

    Am I correct to say that or I just simply use the same name for all the 50 web 2.0s ? Which is correct and more effective ?

    Also, do I hyperlink to my money site on my about me page, that is if I am using 1 name for all my 50 web 2.0s right, else, it will not make sense to link to my money site if I use 50 different names for my web 2.0s ?

    2. now after creating my tier 1, I will use anchor text mix of naked links, brand names, exact match, long tail keywords.

    So I decided to boost my tier 1 web 2.0s properties with 500 high PR blog posts + 600 web 2.0s, so what kind of anchor text should I use for this tier 2 boosting ?

    Should I use the same anchor text mix as my tier 1 or should I use an entire variations of the main keyword ie. use all long tail versions or related keywords as anchor text ?

    Also, for such boosting say 500 high PR blog posts + 600 web 2.0s, how many keywords should I use as anchor text – 100/200/300/400/500 ?

    Looking forward to your reply.



    1. Hi Rafael, thanks for the comment and good questions.

      1. Yes, there shouldn’t be any patterns to your properties. Make the names random. However, if you’re creating branded web 2.0s like this: – then it’s okay to use your real name because you’re not trying to hide the fact that you’re promoting your brand.
      2. You should diversify your anchor text on all tiers to be safe. You can be a little more aggressive on tier two, but don’t go crazy.

  29. Hi Nathan,

    Many thanks for your reply.

    1. I don’t suppose I will hyperlink to my money site in my about page if I am using 50 different names to create all my tier 1 web 2.0s properties, right ?

    Again, I should only link to my money site if I am creating a branding exercise for my web site, right ?

    2. When you say “You should diversify your anchor text on all tiers to be safe.” are you suggesting that I use totally different sets of keywords for the tier 2 as compared to those of my Tier 1, just to clarify ?

    Would variations of the long tail keywords for my tier 2 do the job effectively ?

    Also, when you mentioned “You can be a little more aggressive on tier two, but donโ€™t go crazy.” and if I am blasting the tier 1 with 300 -500 high PR blog posts, can you give a guide as to what kind of numbers would be appropriate so that I don’t go too crazy with it ?

    Thanks for taking time to answer my queries.



    1. 1. Definitely don’t do that. That would leave a huge footprint.

      You can link to your money site whether it’s a branded or keyword-targeted web 2.0. The only difference is that you’re not trying to hide the fact that you’re promoting your business with the branded web 2.0. However, the keyword-targeted web 2.0 shouldn’t appear to be created for pure link purposes – in plain English: it shouldn’t look like it was made by you.

      2. No no. Use the same keywords. I’m just saying make sure you throw in other anchors like naked links, generic anchor text, etc. Long tails work on tier two and are good for diversifying as well.

      As far of quantity of tier two: just do it based on the results you’re getting. So, start out with maybe 200-300 links, get the links indexed, and watch the rankings. If there isn’t much movement then do it again. Rinse and repeat until you get to the top. Don’t spend a ton of time on your tier two. Focus on getting super high-quality tier one links and you generally won’t need to mess around with tier two links.

      – Gotch

  30. Hi Nathan,

    I have some clarifications for you.

    For item #2 above, you say “You should diversify your anchor text on all tiers to be safe. You can be a little more aggressive on tier two, but donโ€™t go crazy.”, does that mean, I can :

    A. Can I use the same anchor text mix as my tier 1 or should I use an entire variations of the main keyword ie. use all long tail versions or related keywords as anchor text ?

    Which is better ?

    B. For boosting the tier 1 with 500 high PR blog posts + 600 web 2.0s, how many keywords should I use as anchor text โ€“ 100/200/300/400/500 ?



  31. Hey there, amazing and informative blog post. I need a few clarifications, Should be we create a new web 2.0 properties for every blog post that we are trying to rank high or can we use a old 2.0 property with a new post in it linking to the new blog post.

    Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. It depends on the niches you’re trying to rank for – for instance if you have 2 money sites in Weight loss niche and a web2 in the same niche as well, then you could use the same web 2.0 for promoting both of your money sites –

    2. Good answer Rod. You shouldn’t really be linking to your money site more than 2-3 times per web 2.0 property. Like Rod said, if you have multiple money sites in the same niche, then you can link out to those from the same property.

  32. Hi Nathan,

    If you were to name one single thing that I could do w/o spending any money which would increase the ranking of my site, what would it be?!

  33. Hey Gotch You said that links from web 2 sites have zero page authority. What if I create 10 blogs to a main site and link the 10 blog site together without interlinking a single blog.For example 1 to 2,2 to 3 and 3 to 4 and it goes on. Will that increase link juice and make it easier to rank sites or is it a spam.

    1. Hi Ajay, good question. That’s the link wheel model and it’s generally not a good idea because it leaves a huge footprint. The best and safest way to increase the page authority is by building some tier two links

  34. Hey Nathan,

    Thanks for this wonderful post. I have seen lot of SEO service wherein I used to find the service building links from Web 2.0 sites and I always used to wonder what it is. Finally Google helped me to land in here and I have already set up a site following your instruction.

    It took nearly 1.5-2 hrs to set everything up which is bit time consuming but it is worth to set up authority site and getting links from them.

    Thank You

  35. As a newbie to SEO thank you for explaining what Web 2.0 is. My question is can you have too many branded Web 2.0 pages before going out building other non branded pages?
    Also this may be a silly question but on your list of social profile link (in the download) are they all built to be branded profiles.


    1. Hi Gordon, thanks for the comment.

      Not sure I quite understand your first question, but you can never have too many branded backlinks. So don’t worry about that.

      For all the social profiles, you should only use naked link or branded anchor text. Read my post about anchor text for more info.

      – Gotch

      1. With the branded web 2.0 such as your own example can you create too many linking back to your site ie. working my way through the list you provided; before I create the keyword-targeted web 2.0 for link purposes that look like they were made by someone else.
        Also can I say thank you as I have learn’t so much already by reading your posts and I apologise in advance if these and future questions seem silly but being new to SEO what should be the simplest thing can seem so confusing.

          1. Hi Nathan another quick question, should I add the branded web 2.0 pages/sites (like your to webmaster tools to get them indexed quicker?

    1. I wouldn’t use more than two or three links to your money site per web 2.0. You should also include a link to a relevant authority website as well

  36. Hi Nathan!

    I’m a newbie in SEO and i have a project where i need to create multiple Web 2.0 accounts everyday. It’s a struggle for me since i only have three unique IPs and i need more. Some sites disable the accounts i have created after registering because “i think” they are branding its as a spam, probably because i have registered a couple of times using the same IP in a day. So you have mentioned Hide My Ass, i was looking over their site, and it seems the answer to my dilemma. I was wondering if you have used this technique yourself, if it really works? I hope you can shed more light on this for someone like me who is just starting out.

    1. Hi Ryan, Hide My Ass is definitely the best free solution you can find. It will hide your actual IP address and give you a different one, so you will have no problem registering new accounts

  37. THANK YOU! This list has been incredibly helpful and the fact that you put it in an excel sheet for easy use — fantastic and appreciated! ๐Ÿ™‚ Your post cleared up everything for me so thank you for the time you put into this post!

  38. hello Gotch, please take a little enlightenment. in building a web2.0 web2.0 whether we build should get backlinks example of dofollow social bookmarking etc ,.

  39. Hi Nathan, just discovered your blog and already know that I will be spending the next few days reading and studying all your articles. Very informative, keep it coming.

    a couple of questions about your web 2.0 strategy

    1. You mentioned using different email address and proxy IPs to register the properties, why? other than Blogger I do not believe Google will have access to any of this information, and it can become quite complicated to manage such a task.

    2 Does each property have to revolve around the same theme or can the blog posts vary in subject matter? for example, my main subject is web design, but lets say i want to help out my friends restaurant website, and my other friends hostel website, etc…

    3. is the name of the blog really important to relevancy? what do you think about having brand name properties? for example,,, etc…

    4. Interlinking between properties. having the relevant articles on each property with links to relevant articles on the other properties? i know that this may resemble a “link wheel”, what are your thoughts on this practice?

    finally, here is my real life scenario. i have several websites each targeted to a different country in Latin America. my URL structure is as follows:
    etc… about 10 sites altogether, with the .com as the corporate site with links to each of the country sites

    I want each of my web 2.0 properties to have an article dedicated to each of my country sites, with links. Do you see any problem in this? again, i want to avoid any kind of “link wheel” penalty, but wondering if there is any way to do this somehow? im trying to figure out an efficient and effective long term strategy

    also, these are all Spanish language sites… i believe ive read somewhere that Google does not focus on policing foreign language sites like it does English, true?

    sorry for the long post, and hope ive explained myself clearly. Thanks again.

    1. Vladi,

      I really appreciate the comment!

      1. It’s more a paranoia than anything. There’s a good chance Google would never know, but to me, it takes one extra second to do it through proxy and know 100% for certain.

      2. I always keep the web 2.0 property very relevant. If it’s about “web design”, I’m only writing about web design and linking out to web design resources. You can use link injection techniques, but for the most part, I would keep things highly relevant.

      3. I actually use two different types of properties. One type uses the keyword in the URL and the other uses the brand. Branded web 2.0s are built completely different.

      4. I never interlink because of the footprint it leaves. Each web 2.0 acts as it’s own blog and entity.

      I don’t recommend using branded web 2.0 unless you’re placing branded content on them. You want the web 2.0s to seem like it was an honest recommendation

  40. Hi Gotch,
    I’ve been reading your blog for the past couple of days and you’ve really helped me understand the world of SEO…

    I have a couple of questions if you wouldn’t mind?

    Should I only use web 2.0’s for diversifying and only use Naked, Branded, LSI and generic anchors?

    Would it be safe to place more than 1 anchor linking to my main website or should I stick to using 1 anchor on each web 2.0?

    1. Dan, thanks for the comment and I’m really glad I could help!

      – Yes, you can use them to diversify and they are actually really good because they are relevant. You can place 1-3 and be pretty safe. Just make sure you link out to other resources other than your website

      1. Thanks for the quick reply Gotch!

        So I could place 3 different anchors pointing to my site or do you think it would just be best to have 1?
        I see , so I should have links pointing to trusted sites such as Amazon for example?

        Thanks mate I really appreciate everything you have done

  41. Nathan,
    Thanks for the informative article – on a site with so many great articles!

    I have question about quantities – of articles and links. I believe you said that you would recommend about ten Web 2.0 sites per keyword. How many posts on each of these sites? And how many of the posts have links back to the money site? Do you continue to build up the Web 2.0 sites over time? With more links to the Money Site?

    Thanks again!

  42. Hi Nathan Gotch,
    Your article is great. I’m looking for more info about web 2.0 and reach your post. I have a question, do you use only one email for all of your web 2.0 (both tier 1 and tier 2,…)?? I often use a lot of email to build web 2.0 because I worry about footprint.

  43. Nathan,

    I have learned a ton with your site and can put the computer down. I am in the process of building a PBN. I just read your anchor text article and noticed a comment you made about you mainly use Blog networks for your tier one and do follow blog commenting for tier too.

    Question one: I assume your blog networks are for keyword match anchors?

    Question two: Do you get your branded anchors from do follow blog commenting? What do you get out of them?

    Trying to figure out the best way to diversify!

  44. Hi Nathan,

    I am a newbie in SEO. I have some few questions for you. Where i can get backlinks for my Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Web 2.0 properties? I’ve only tried blog commenting with the keyword i’m targeting as name. And also, does no-follow backlinks counts?


      1. Hello Nathan,
        Thank you for a great post.
        Did my web 2.0-creation this week so now have to wait and see what the results will be.
        The niche that I am in is very competitive but I am targetting lower volume search keywords that are not very competitive, hope to use about fifty or so.
        Any suggestions Nathan.
        Thanks in anticipation of a reply.
        David Twomey
        PS: Signed up to your e-mail list, reat information

  45. Hi Nathan,

    Thanks for your great tips about manual web 2.0 creation, that’s what I’ve been looking for and your tips was clearly for me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  46. Thank you very much for the informative explanation, really cleared things up for me, I will have to have a look at your other articles.

    I really need to stop staying up until 5am reading about SEO though!

    Thanks Gotch!

  47. Really,Awesome Post Exactly what i needed !!
    I can say it as a COMPLETE Package on Web 2.0 Link Building !!
    Time to Work on it

  48. Hello Gotch,

    Thank you for sharing all this wonderful post for free, we really appreciate your watch you’re doing Gotch! i tell you what ? this one of my favorite blogs online. Well done keep it on! #TeamGotchSEO


  49. Hello,

    Loved your posts.

    Can you help me understood. If after creating web 2.0 blog Google do not rank it in top 100, will it be still useful backlink provider? Have links from web 2.0 like this power?


    1. Hi Servius,

      Thank you for the comment. It is certainly ideal if you’re web 2.0s reach the top 100, but it’s not completely necessary. The links will still be effective whether the properties are ranking or not.

      – Gotch

  50. What kind of content should I get written for my web 2.0s? Say I’m trying to rank for your example of nba basketball, do I get 10+ articles written about nba basketball or should I go to the keyword planner and select 9 other keywords related to nba basketball?

  51. I was looking for web 2.0 articles but when i saw your website ..i got everything which i wanted to know.. Good job sir.. Keep it up

  52. Hi. Nathan..
    I just find your eBook named “2015 eBook Revised” while surfing for strategies of 2015. And i really appreciate your book is work out with effective ideas and it so simple. By the way i found this link on eBook in the topic web 2.0 creation.
    Finally i found a great posts in and i became fan of your posting. I am running a site which is solutions for ecommerce business sites and i think your ideas may help me to rank well…

    And one question for me, I subscribed the newsletter before downloading the eBook, so will you send a link of your upcoming posts?

    Thank you. Keep posting.

  53. I must also add that while it is interesting and rewarding to write a this kind of informative article because it would get digged by several readers we must make sure that the information we circulate is accurate.

    I couldnโ€™t go through all the list but like to add some more information like…

    Most Forums are no-follow if youโ€™re posting to forum do it for branding and building credibility not for linking. You can always confirm through โ€˜view sourceโ€™ to see if the forum is do follow.

    And be careful how you use Forums else you could get banned. Do not add a link back to your site within your answer in Forums even if it relates with an article on your site.

    Just add your link in the space for source.

    And keep in mind that you really donโ€™t need so many links. Few relevant links from authority sites will make a huge difference on your ranking than so many inrelevant links.



  54. Your website is teaching me loads! Thank’s Nathan! One question I do have though;
    Do you need to make new web 2.0 properties for each website or can you use the same ones for multiple website posts? I’m guessing that you could providing the websites and content is of a fairly similar subject matter. For example a home improvement web 2.0 blog which you could post about a decorating website & a furniture website etc. Cheers

    1. Awesome Rob, thanks for the comment!

      I don’t recommend blending them together. You should create a new set for each site just to decrease the footprints

  55. Hi Nathan,

    First of all, thank you so much for this amazing article!
    And actually, the comments below the article and your responses have been a wealth of information to me as well!
    (I spent quite some time digging through all of them, there’s a lot of helpful stuff on this page)

    Now, I have a few questions myself that I didn’t find a clear answer too, and I’d rather be safe than sorry, so here it is:

    1) I assume all the info presented here is still relevant today? Correct? ๐Ÿ™‚
    2) I’m a bit confused about the IP address thing. From what I understand, it’s best to create my web 2.0’s using a unique IP for all of them, and I can use for that. Does the free version of Hidemyass do the job?
    Also, I wonder whether I should list which IPs I used for which site somewhere and whether I should somehow use that same IP when adding content to that particular 2.0? Or is it only for registration purposes? I hope you understand my question, I’m having a hard time explaining this one.
    3.) You mentioned only using 1 to 3 links from your web 2.0 to your money site and that you should also link out to other relevant authority websites. Should these authority links be located in the same article as the link to your money site?
    Example: If I have a web 2.0 with 5 articles, and I decide to link back to my money site from article 4. Should the authority link be in article 4 as well? Or could that link be, let’s say, in article 1 for example? I’m thinking it’s best to mix this up, just like we mix up everything else… I’d like to know if I’m on the right track here. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I hope you don’t mind taking the time to answer my questions.

    Thanks again for all the great info and keep it up!
    (I’m definitely subsribing. :D)

    – Johnny.

    1. Johnny,

      Thank you for the comment!

      1. Yes it is, but I’ll be updating it with new info shortly
      2. The free version of hide my ass will work
      3. I typically place the links in the same article, but it’s okay to do it in others. Whatever is most natural

      Let me know if you need anything else and thanks for subscribing!

      – Gotch

  56. finally Gotch. you nailed it. also i havr read all comments so many of my questions has been cleared.

  57. Hello Gotch!

    It is really a worth considering guide about Web 2.0 properties. Hats off to you man, for such a great guide to this topic. Since, I am totally a new to the field of Internet Marketing, and currently in the learning phase, so frankly I was totally unaware of Web 2.0 properties, but this guide helped me a lot in getting through this link building technique. But Gotch, can you please guide me since I am right now involved in the SEO of an E-commerce website that deals with women’s clothing brand. So how much web 2.0 properties I should work on? I have read the above comments, but I am confused on this point. Kindly help me out that what should be a considerable amount?

    1. Hi Nudrat,

      Thank you for the comment! Web 2.0s should be used to supplement your link building, but should not be your primary type of link. I highly recommend you build more authoritative links if possible either through guest posts or your own private network

  58. Thanks for this post. But suppose if I create 10 Web2.0 sites and post the contents with links then whether I need to create Tier 2 links to make these Tier 1 links effective or Tier 1 links from such Web 2.0 sites are enough to make the website rank. Am little confused.

    Thanks for this informative post.

  59. Hi, Nice article,
    But with unique articles, It is also possible to choose anchor texts on Web 2.0.

    Can u pls show, how to choose anchor texts and which type of Anchors we can use on Web 2.0 for long term blog !

    I read your Anchor text article !

  60. pls respond to my comment too posted above.

    Hi, Nice article,
    But with unique articles, It is also possible to choose anchor texts on Web 2.0.

    Can u pls show, how to choose anchor texts and which type of Anchors we can use on Web 2.0 for long term blog !

    I read your Anchor text article !

  61. Hey Gotch,
    Great post as always,!
    When I write a unique piece of content, is it a good practice to post the same to all web.20 I have or just 1?

  62. hi Gotch.. you have described clearly but i have questions..
    1)i hear about blackhat tool senuke xcr…i heared that it did all web 2.O automatically …is it ? is it right to use that tool? whats your suggestion ?
    2) what if i externally link all these web 2.0Properties to each other ? is it right to to do ?
    3) how many backlinks can i get from one web 2.0 ? if haVE 3- 4 posts on web 2.0 ….then can i get the backlinks from each post ?
    i a waiting for your reply..

    1. Hi Imran,

      1. Avoid automated tools on tier one if you want to be safe
      2. Linking them together is a big footprint and should be avoided. Each blog should act as its own entity
      3. 1-3 is optimal

  63. i am waiting for reply plz reply me. and anitherq uestion
    if make 3 to 4 filler posts of images, youtube videos and infographics…..can i get the link from each image of filler post ? for example if i have a filler post of 10 images and infographic, can i link back to each image to my main site ?
    reply plz..

  64. Imran,
    You would probably find Nathan’s other article on web 2.0’s helpful. See >> But to answer your questions..
    1. don’t use those automated tools on tier 1. What they do and what he’s recommend are two completely different ballgames.

    2. It’s good to link them together. (IF) you’re not over doing it. i.e.. don’t link EVERY web 2.0 to EVERY other web 2.0. Just do it when it makes sense. If you’re talking about something that’s relevant to another web 2.0 post, feel free to do it. That’s what real sites do.

    3. Don’t link to your money site from your “filler” posts. That’s why they are just filler. For my main article, I usually just link to my money site once. (sometimes 2X if I have a super relevant internal page) I will also link out to some of my other off-site properties. (Yelp, other web 2.0’s, youtube, FB, etc..)

  65. Imran,
    Apologies. Left something very important out of that last bit on the subject of linking web 2.0’s together. I only do that when the properties are branded. i.e.. linking to you get the idea. This isn’t something I do when I’m creating persona or keyword focused accounts. Hope that helps. Keep in mind, I’m not affiliated with Nathan at all. Take my advice for what you paid for it. Test everything.

  66. Is Seo Web 2.0 Submission is Spam? i Daily updated one or two post in my web 2.0 blog sites( wordpress, tumblr, blogger, weebly) and gives backlink to my main site and its pages. –> this is my main website (

    I Gave my link in anchor text and correct contextual method and related to pages and keywords—–> does it really spam?

    1. Hi Aamir,

      I can’t say whether it’s “spam” or not because it’s subjective. But do web 2.0s work? Yes. Are they risky? Yes. If you decide to use web 2.0s, either use them on tier two or create super web 2.0s like I explain in this post.

  67. Nice post nathan,

    Is one blog from one web2.o(example blogger) enough? or i should make 2-3 blog on blogger and others to have better effect and link juice? And does it really make flow more link juice?

  68. Hey Nathan!

    It is a really gold mine for me.

    I’m wondering what happens if I create a web 2.0 e.g. about top 10 nutrition blog and include my web site into this post? Of course sticking to your super web 2.0 rules?

    Would Google think my newbie web site one of them and start to rank me higher?


  69. Great tips there. Doing manual link building is very slow, but effective. I think you have covered the analysis on how to build awesome web 2.0 for seo very well

  70. Hey Nathan! I read on one of your comments in response to someone that said they had a low competition keyword and every Web 2.0 site had the available exact match domain and you said snatch them all up.

    In this article it says diversify your keywords and don’t use the exact match keyword in everyone of them. I have the same question and just want to clarify. I also got exact match domains on every Web 2.0 you gave away.

    So my question is should I still use these but also build another 35 or so with niche relevant keywords to dilute the possibility of question of spam? Or Should I be okay with these only.

    Also I have about 1,000 logo templates saved on my computer, should I pump out a new logo for each Web 2.0? Or is that un ncecessary. I know the more natural the website the better so it obviously wouldn’t hurt it I just want to know it you do that.

    Thanks so much!

    1. Nick,

      Thanks for the comment. I think mixing up exact and partial match web 2.0s is the best strategy. Logos are a great idea. Anything that makes them look more natural is a good idea

      1. do you mean if I follow the above steps ๐Ÿ™‚ also one of your link is hitting 404 [ our manual web 2.0 service ]
        some ppl like to read your article even in 2015 ๐Ÿ™‚

  71. Hi Gotch,
    really appreciate your tutorials, however I have couple of unclear questions. hope to get some feedback on this.
    I want to create some blogs with word press, however I am only looking to create backlinks. I am not going to make any money through the blogs.
    so my questions are:
    -once you create a blog and place a post do they get deleted by wordpress due to poor content, of course I understand if you have your own wordpress site this is not the case
    -you mentioned on a another tutorial, SEO use this method to get back links by posting one unique content, do they get deleted after awhile (due to lack of updates)
    -what is better, have one really good blog with lots of content(pages) or have lots of blogs with one/two/three content in it.
    My aim is to have some blogs as a back link to my main site, but I do want them be live (no content deleted)

    thanks in advance

    1. Tony,

      Thanks for the comment.

      It’s pretty unlikely that you’re web 2.0s will get deleted if you use unique content. Don’t use spun or scraped content and you’ll be good. It’s better to get links from unique IP address instead of many links from the same IP. So you should create web 2.0s on different platforms

  72. Amazing article indeed!

    Do you think Web 2.0’s still pass a good link juice. This process is very time consuming and can take many days.

    And.. your link at the end of the post” Web 2.0 Manual Link Building” service shows 404 error. I hope you will fix it.

    Thanks for sharing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  73. Hi Gotch
    I must say that i am a great fan of Gotchseo.
    loving the stuff on this site. U are providing utmost dept of content in every aspect. Thank you so much bro ๐Ÿ™‚

  74. Thank you Nathan, This what I want. I try to find to build backlink with web 2.0 a few months ago but not rich. Today, I have found in your blog. Thank you again for best guide.

  75. Dear Nathan,
    i have read somewhere that each web 2.0 blogs should be created via unique IP address. So, is there any right reason behind this?

  76. Hello Gotch ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for the great post.

    My question is that are you sure you can create all web 2.0 platform accounts from the same mail id? Isn’t that going to be a footprint?

    1. Not at all, google doesn’t have time nor the right to begin ’email tracking’. Think about it, if they could find out what other web 2.0s you used with that email then they could literally find out everything abut you from an email, an incredible breach of privacy.

        1. So you are saying just use one “keyword” link on the web2.0, even though web2.0’s can have many pages, so just one link on the entire 2.0 page?

  77. Nicely written content
    My question is
    How many web 2.0 sites links can we made?
    is there any limit so that google won’t take it as spam?

  78. I used web 2.0 techniques for my other website, Are you write more ideas about seo ranking share with us.

  79. Hi Nathan,

    Do you ever use exact match keyword anchor text?

    How many links per web 2.0 (article) I am thinking 1 money site link, 1-2 youtube / wiki links per article?

    If we have 3 or more articles should we only add links to one of them, or to each of them.

    Best Regards

  80. Hello Nathan,
    Awesome your post, thank your sharing! I have read all comments, but I still not understand:
    You will build good PA on Web 2.0 with link tier 2, after you insert backlink to Money Site ???
    You insert backlink Money Site on Web 2, after you will build good PA on Web 2.0 with link tier 2 ???

    Thanks so much!

  81. Hi Nathan,
    Awesome Post..
    Clear cut understanding of web 2.0 creation. I have questions, each time when I will create web 2.0 pages its necessary to use unique personality and email? And also use different IP for for each web 2.0 creation? If you have a blog post related wikis like how can I get links for wikis, Please share with me.
    Thanks For sharing & help. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Namee,

      Thanks for the comment. You should use a unique personality for each web 2.0, but you don’t need to register with a different email each time (unless you’re extra paranoid)

  82. Hi Gotch,

    I have read your web 2.0 creation guide and 1 thing I want to ask is the creation for the following accounts, do I need to use a proxy, vpn or I can create several web 2.0 accounts using my I.P? Please advice.


  83. hi, Nathan
    first of all i would like to thank you from my heart for sharing such a wonderful detailed article on web 2.0 creation.. it helped me a lot.. i got really good result and boost in ranking after implementing these ideas with few web 2 properties eg. wordpress, blogspot, jigsy and webnode.

    thanks again.

  84. Hi Nathan
    I got to your site while searching “Web 2.0 Site Creation”. This is a pretty awesome article about web 2.0 and how it is great for SEO. But honestly i am confused about WEB 2.0 and creating those sites.

  85. Hello Nathan Gotch,

    Suddenly I have found your epic guide for seo and since then it caught my attention and proceeding. As much as i read it and instantly making me clear. I have no words for thanking you. I want to make a website according to your information. First step is keyword research. To do that i am facing a lot of problems . If i target a keyword which search volume is 1600….after then what i will do? Can i put the keyword domain name? please provie me ways step by step how to choose keyword and what then to make a full website keyword research? How many keywords i need for link building?

    1. Jibon,

      Thanks for the comment! You don’t need your keyword in the domain name. Just write content around your target keywords. There is no limit to how many you can target, but you should pick 10 seed keywords to focus on first.

  86. Hey Nathan thanks for the awesome post and I had a few questions are these web 2.0 still that much effective? and my second question would be that what did you mean there by diversion? and can you please show me a structure of manual link building?

  87. Hi Gotch,
    This is my first comment. As usual, your info is outstanding! But still, I have a doubt ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. For a long term blog, if I keep on creating a set of 10 web2.0s for each blog post targeting different keywords, I’m afraid it makes my link profile look spammy. What would you suggest for this?

    2. Is it safe to use exact anchor text in all the 10 web2.0s? or a combination of partial, naked and generic?

  88. Hello sir, By following your guidelines I created 5 Web 2.0s for my main blog, and I am ranking on 3rd Page for my main keyword and 2nd page for secondary keywords. The thing is, the sites on 1st page are all Parasite sites i.e, / weebly/ etc. How can I outrank them?
    All suggestions welcomed ! Thank you in advance

      1. Nation,
        What if haren sent a high PR link such as WikiP to some of his web2.0
        sites; How much do you think it would affect his rankings. As you know
        WikiP is powerful, and getting links does cost $$$; Or maybe he would direct
        the HQ links directly to his site, and tier-two links to his web20, but I would
        think if he did sent a hq links to each of his Web2.0 then he should move on up…

  89. very nice article about web 2.0 backlinks actually i was confused about how i make web 2.0 backlinks but i can make web 2.0 backlinks by reading this. Thanks.

  90. hey nathan,
    After reading your super web 2.0, i was little confused that how many of web 2.0 should i create and now after reading this i am sure that i can kill it.
    I just want to ask a question “someone(a pro blogger) told me that do not use blogspot as a web 2.0 for your site”
    do you also think so ?
    plz help

      1. If you use a nice theme, unique content, and not drop links as soon as you post, then I suspect google will leave you alone. I think when people build something, their first instinct to life is drop links or they will die; Build quality first, dont be in a rush to fail…

  91. Hi Nathan,
    I’ve built my site 2.0, about 10 properties. But I found that only just 2 site were indexed by google. The other site is:;;;;;
    What do I need to do now for these sites?

  92. Hey Gotch, this is an excellent article. I’ve been building a few branded wordpress 2.0 blogs… basically the story goes that one of my sites was hit with Penguin, and I was forced to build another (having to rewrite content and start over again is exhausting). Anyway, Once I started making progress on the new website, I knew linking to it was probably going to be a bad idea.

    So basically, I linked the penalized site to the web 2.0 in my sidebar, and had the 2.0 with a few good articles point to my new site to pass juice. Anyway, what I’ve also started doing is building a few quality blog comment links and social links to the web 2.0 has jacked up rankings quite well over the last few weeks.

    And one other thing — I can also link to my other links from the web 2.0, and force the recrawl on the penalized site, which means the web 2.0 and the new content gets indexed very quickly ๐Ÿ™‚

    I just had a quick question: Do you think that web 2.0 properties will get penalized in the future? I have a feeling they will, but at the same time it’s hard to differentiate between legitimate web 2.0’s and properties just made as an SEO tool. My guess it would be extremely difficult to filter this out effectively on a large scale with an algorithm, due to the sheer number of these kinds of blogs that exist.

    If they WERE to get penalized in the future, my guess would be that:

    1. They had tons of spam links built to them
    2. They only linked out to their money site
    3. Having multiple web 2.0s for a single page on your money site
    4. Multiple web 2.0s (on the same platform) pointing to money site — because how common is that naturally?

    Of course I don’t use this as my main backlinking strategy, which I think is an important aspect to it. If you have a large website with a huge number of links already, I think it would go under the radar, but for new sites I think it is a tad risky to start building web 2.0s quickly. It’s pretty hard to say what would happen to the sites the links are pointing to, but I can definitely foresee these properties being devalued at the least very soon. I hope I am wrong ๐Ÿ™‚


    P.S. The scroller on my mouse doesn’t work on your website, possibly because of the share plugin you use. No biggy, I just clicked the scroller and slided down the page — just in case you didn’t already know.

    1. Hi friend,

      Thanks for the comment.

      Your answer: the web 2.0 itself likely won’t receive a penalty, but the site you are linking to definitely could. I have removed many manual actions because of web 2.0 links, so they are not a safe technique. Just remember that any type of artificial link is going to increase your chances of an algorithmic or manual penalty.

  93. Ok, if you guys write valuable content for your web 2.0’s (such as the content you see here) then you should do very well over time. If you notice nathan did not write a whole lot, and he did not even use filler stuff like videos, images, and still managed to get 250+ comments. Keep in mind he just did not use plain text, so you do have to format your content as well. I imagine if he just threw up plain text, then it would not have done as well as it has since 2013, but I suspect he was already well on his way when he posted this.

    Here is my question. You said early in the first few posts if you use web 2.0, long with high pr links would produce a lethal combination, however, easier said then done; When it comes to link builders, then you can find them between heaven, and hell, and others squeezed up under rocks. How do you track down legit link builders that offer high PR links? Do you have a list or something. I ask this for simple reason, every link builder will always spruce up their profile by saying they offer high quality links. I also tried to contact you, however, there was no message area, it just asked for name, email, and website. thanks

  94. Hi,
    I want to increase DA of my website, can web 2.0 can help me in doing so? Please guide me what should i do?

  95. Hi Gotch,

    Thank you very much for your amazing article! already shared it with friends…
    Can I ask you if I can post some 4-5 posts and then come back and link the main one to my money site? would it be alright? or I should include the link when adding the article?

  96. Nathan,
    I am confused, I keep hearing stuff like building content around keywords on the site, then send links to the site, then I hear build content around keywords on Web2.0, then I hear people getting multiple Web2.0’s then you have to build links to them. I do not really understand where I should focus link building, on my site, or too other sites like Web 2.0’s. Then i read about people having 100’s, 1000’s of web 2.0’s, and I do not understand how they can manage a few much less 100’s or 1000’s, however, exactly where to I need to target link building? If I have to focus more on web 2.0’s, then how many should i focus on?

  97. hello sir great great work realy your words always solving my problems but i am new to seo if i ask any new question please dont mind

    sir i did not understadn about the Fillers please tell me in deatail if you can please cna you give me an example with screen shot please
    and sir please send me the best one free and paid both soin article tolls or website


  98. Hey Gotch Sir,
    Superb article. This article clear many doubts. But still i have !!!!
    I have some questions regarding web 2.0 backlinks.
    1. If i have created a web 2.0 like by using Now if i want to create another web 2.0 on Then can i use same email ID for wordpress also ?
    2. should i change IP address for many web 2.0 ?

    1. Manish,

      Thanks for the comment.

      1. Yes, you can
      2. You can’t change the IP address of a web 2.0. The only thing you can do is use a different IP address when creating them

  99. Gotch, superb article! It’s really amazing how generous you are with your time. Don’t know how you do it. Couple questions for you:

    Not sure if it’s this article or your Super Web 2.0 article (I’ve read both several times now) where you suggest to add pages (about us, contact) and blog posts (3 – 6). You suggest that you should write the welcome post first (and if you are creating several web 2.0 sites) you should never write them on the same day. Okay I get that. What I don’t see is what you say on the “home page” of the web 2.0. I assume that if you are creating different pages that there has to be main landing page for the web 2.0. What do you say on that page? Wouldn’t the home page be your welcome page? I’m getting confused between the home page and the welcome post I guess.

    Hope this makes sense. When I create a money site, my home page talks about the services and products that we offer. Then there are other pages such as about us, contact and the blog posts. I don’t see anywhere where you discuss what should go on the home page of the web 2.0.

    Thanks again.

    1. Hi Dwight,

      Thanks for the comment!

      That would be the super web 2.0 strategy (which is better than the one pager in this post). The “welcome” post is just a post on the blog. The intention is to increase post count on the web 2.0

  100. Superb blog post! Nathan, some questions please:
    1) I understand I need to create say 10 web 2.0 sites, so can we post same content on all of these or should be 10 unique contents?
    2) After the filler content once we’ve posted our main content with links, do we sleep over this or do I need to keep posting new content with links to these sites every week?
    3)Are these 10 web 2.0 sites enough, or periodically I need to keep building new web 2.0 sites?

    Apologies for these basic questions, but have burnt my cash by subscribing to the services of some SEO firms, and all that they did was to submit ezine articles and 2 press releases, with obviously no results. So now want to do this myself.

    Cheers, keep up the amazing work!

  101. I copy-paste this line from one of your comments —- 2. You canโ€™t change the IP address of a web 2.0. The only thing you can do is use a different IP address when creating them..

    How do I go about it, when I want to create all my web 2.0 sites in my PC. how do i assign unique ip address for every web 2.0 site? know nothing about proxy address, I heard this is the solution? pls help.

  102. I am hearing a lot about domain aging nowadays (2016). How long should an AutoFill Magic built web 2.0 be aged.
    I put 2 hand edited spun articles on each web 2.0. (I created 120 of them)
    When can I start dropping links and how many Do Follow links can I send to my blog in a day without arousing suspicion.
    My site has very few Do Follow links, so I don’t know if it is alright for a bunch to show up all at once.

  103. Hi Nathan, just wondering how important is it to cover your tracks when building these properties?
    Of course, if you are creating multiple accounts on the same web 2.0 property you will probably want to use a proxy, but other than that I don’t quite get why it’s necessary. The only reason would be if Google could connect your IP address with the Web 2.0 account.
    Otherwise, wouldn’t it be enough to just make sure you’re not using Chrome when creating the accounts (or at least not while signed into Chrome)?

    1. Sean,

      Thanks for the comment! It doesn’t hurt to take protective measures against footprints. However, the IP Google sees from a web 2.0 is the actual site’s IP. Not the IP you created it from

      1. Hi, yes that was my point. I didn’t think it was necessary to use a proxy IP address when creating the Web 2.0 accounts.
        Also, as regards content are you saying it’s ok to use spun, PLR or scraped articles for the filler content as long as the articles with backlinks to your money site are 100% unique?

  104. Hi, loved the article. Just had a quick question, what type of anchor text do you usually use for the Web 2.0’s (i.e. Brand, naked, long tail keywords,etc)?

  105. Hi!

    Very informative article you have here. Just a question, do you post your client’s contact info on the Contact page of your Web 2.0 sites? Or do you make it appear as though the Web 2.0 sites are not affiliated with your client’s site?


  106. Sir,
    This article is very informative but still I have some question.
    1. Can I create new email account from my same PC ?
    2. Can I update web 2.0 from same computer ?
    If no, then what should I do for good web 2.0.
    Please tell me…

  107. Thanks a lot. I read complete blog, question & answer.. spent around 2 hours. I had a question and found the blog and finally not for only one but got multiple questions answer.

  108. Thanks, Gotch! This was a great article and even better responses to the comments. I started the research because I wanted to get hired for a job so I did a cursory search of the duties they were requiring and ran across this article. Such great content and responses, it’s really helped me get a grasp of what the employer may be requesting.

  109. I was trying to create web 2.0 and my mind was full of information without confirmation which way to get started. This post really made it clear for me and i am going to read the art of Super web 2.0 too.

    Thanks a lot for this wonderful piece of information.

  110. Hi Nathan,

    I recently took an SEO course where they recommended setting up 10-20 branded web 2.0’s then using to automate the posting of new content.

    So for example…

    Anytime you post a new youtube video it will be auto-posted to all those web 2.0s with a source link back to the original video.

    Same for new blog posts… IFTTT will pull the new posts from your RSS feed and auto post the content with a source link back to the original article. (you modify the feed so it pulls the full article – not just a snippet then ads a source link)

    I’m thinking of building a new website just to test this method – to make sure Google doesn’t slap that down.. but as far as I know they don’t mind syndication as long as it’s done properly. Does the fact the web 2.0s are branded + there’s a proper source link make this strategy ok?



  111. Hi Nathan..Its Good Post And very informative…..I need Information just that how many kaywords should be in web 2.0 and it should be single word or phrase also…Please tell me

  112. very nice information i must say.Thank you NATHAN GOTCH for writing such a informative article.i just only hear about web 2.0.But after read this i got a clear idea.Now i use this for my purpose

  113. Hello Sir, thanks for this awesome article. i have 3 questions –
    1) How to get Web 2.O properties indexed in Google?
    2) Can we submit WEB 2.O properties to Webmaster Tools.
    3) Is there any need to submit all the 2.O properties to Google Webmaster Tools?

  114. Thanks for the awesome link building tips
    I usually use PBN and some web 2.0 properties
    But before reading this tip, I think the backlinks from web 2.0 is not large value in SEO
    However, I will rethink about it

  115. Oh wow, Wonderful Article, I am so impressed by you, Superb Gotch..!!

    You are Brilliant Search Engine Expert.

    Well, I have few question, Kindly Share your opinion on this.

    1. Web 2.0 vs PBN ; which is best for long term blogging ?

    2. Link Wheel vs Web 2.0 ; which is best for short term (micro niche) blogging?

    3. You didn’t clear this how to link our post in web 2.0 sites, can we add our links in site wide ? and or in one post or in everywhere in post.

    Vishal Darsheel

    1. Thanks for the comment!

      1. Both are grey hat and carry risk, but if I had to choose, I would use PBNs.
      2. These are two different concepts, so it’s hard to compare
      3. You link once within the article

  116. Wow. I am very happy that I found you article Nathan. All my questions regarding on web 2.0s are answered. I been searching for long time why I hide my IP while doing
    web 2.0s / do i post same content with different platforms of web 2.0. GREAT article…

  117. Gotch,

    What do you think about registering expired web 2.0’s with existing high PA? Been thinking about doing that to boost rankings to the inner pages of my money site. My concern is the content I would be posting would not be relevant to the content that originally existed on the site and these sites all have 0 existing content of the old owner. Risky?

    1. You don’t “have to” do anything. Google can’t see what email you use to register on a third party website. If you are paranoid, then use different emails.

  118. I have a question , if I create web 2.0 and insert backlink by my site ,how many link I can insert? Because I think if I insert many links , my site can be penalty by google

      1. Hey Nathan,
        For 10 web2.0 , I just can insert not to over 20 links . Beside web2.0 , Where can I insert link ?
        My site is sell software , so one post on my site is one review about software. If I want to build link for product , I will build on web 2.0 , share document, blog comment, social media ,article submittion .
        If I can insert 1-2 per web 2.0 , I just seo for one product . I have to how to use Web 2.0 SEO for all my products without penalty by google

  119. Great article, I’m going back and forth trying to recreate everything. This is my first web 2.0. Im using Weebler. I have 2 questions. I am having a problem creating multiple posts on each category, so I was thinking of just have multiple catergories with just 1 article in each.
    1)Will it be ok to do it that way?
    2)If I have multiple money sites, is it safe to use one 2.0 to link back to my multiple sites? Or even to different pages within the same site? Or just one link per site.

    Cant thankyou enough for posting an article like this. Keep up the great work.

    1. Matt,

      Thanks for the comment. I wouldn’t link a single web 2.0 to multiple money sites because it leaves too much of a footprint.

  120. Hi Nate,

    Would it look spammy if I created 5-10 web 2.0s pointing to several injury pages. For example:, etc..I feel as though I have plenty pointing to home page already.

  121. Hi Gotch one of the best SEO articles I’ve come across and this is exactly what I’m working on now. You answered a lot of questions I wasn’t sure about. Your comments are awesome and learned just as much there as I did reading. Thanks!

  122. Nice article gotch… I am newbie and I have a question that in my blog having more than 60 articles… So for particular article should I create new Web 2.0 blog or can I promote most of the articles on same web 2.0?
    I hope you understand what I want to ask please help me out

  123. Nice post. I have one question for you . What is the difference between poor quality web2.0 backlinks and high-quality web2.0 backlinks? Is backlinks from the site which provide profile URL with backlinks is useful as SEO point of view? Thanks in advance.

    1. Profile links won’t do much except diversify your link and anchor text profile. As far as low vs high-quality, it usually comes down to the quality of the content.

  124. Hey Gotch
    Thanks for creating this awesome article.I want to know when should I use vpn ? can i use free proxies ?

  125. Hi, thx for sharing. If I want to enter a medium high competition keyword, roughly how many tier 1 & tier 2 I should have? To maximise the power of link building and also stay safe from Google? Sorry for noob question. Thx again

  126. Hey Gotch
    Thanks for article. I have one question for you .
    Can i get link directly to my money website ? If i post fresh high quality content up to 500-600 words and post a fresh high quality article on weekly basis.
    Please shed some light on this.

  127. Hello Nathan,

    Thanks for sharing this article. I’ve been hearing of web 2.0 and i just never knew how to use them.

    This article answered all of my questions/concerns.


  128. Hi

    I have the tools for 2nd tier but what concerns me is the first tier. I was going to go with web 2.0s only but your last point made me think about it twice. Would you recommend press release or PBN? Or should I look for guest posts?

  129. Hi, Your didn’t mention some mandatory page for web 2.0. However, i know about it from some another blog.
    They said must keep About Us+Contact Us page with person image if possible in the about section.
    What you think about more pages?

    My another question. I have a different site. If I am getting a link from non-niche-related web2 then it will be problem?
    Like i created mainly one web2 for my fitness blog and from this same web2 site I am giving another link to my gadget-related site from the another post, it will too many problems ?

  130. Hi Nathan.

    Thanks for this Post, i have a question, do you link all the web2.0 sites.

    EG : I create 4 sites (blogger, wordpress, weebly, wix), how can i link between them.

  131. Every new email need phone number for verification.

    Any alternative to gmail which do not need phone no. Verification

  132. Thanks for the info. What about layering the web 2.0. Articles on five web 2.0 sites that point to the money site, and then five that point to the first set of web 2.0 sites. Will that do anything?

  133. Realy A Great Article ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I Like Your Writing Style coz You are Writing User Friendly Article.

  134. Thanks for the info. What about layering the web 2.0. Articles on five web 2.0 sites that point to the money site, and then five that point to the first set of web 2.0 sites. Will that do anything?

  135. Hi Nathan,
    It’s superb article, especially for beginners like me.
    I have one question, can I start with single email id in different web 2.0 websites?

    1. Hey Trapti,

      Yes, it shouldn’t be a problem. Google doesn’t have access to the backends of other websites

  136. Great article definitely one for the bookmarks!

    Also, Would you recommend buying expired web 2.0’s from fiverr? I have seen some postings for expired tumblr accounts, and I’m not sure if it would end up hurting my site or not in the long run.

  137. I have been creating WEB2.0’s since last 5 years and I still think its one of the best link-building activity for any project to start with. Got all your points, specially the unique content, it is what most matters. It is also necessary to optimize the WEB 2.0 with all possible On-Page options available, like Titles, Alt Tags and content formatting wherever necessary, it helps to boost your rankings more faster.

  138. Thanks for this article Gotch.
    From last few days I was desperately searching for this type article, which can teach me how to make web 2.0 blogs and now my search is ended. I finally learned beginners tips here, and definitely, I will remember what mistakes should not make. Thanks Again.

  139. Thanks for this post! Finally, I found a proper guide for web 2.0’s ๐Ÿ™‚
    I have 2 questions, How many of them are safe to create at a time. like I can create 10 every day as you mentioned 10 or millions.
    And another question, Is it a good idea to make sitewide links with web 2.0’s, like creating links in footer for your all keywords from various, and some others?

  140. Hi Nathan,
    You mentioned that Web 2.0 properties can be risky. Have there been actual instances in the past where Google de-indexes somebody’s Web 2.0 network? If i treat my Web 2.0 like actual website, with quality content, etc .. How likely is it that Google can figure out my Web 2.0 network, and devalue them? I’m just trying to assess my risk vs reward. thoughts? thx!

    1. Hey Marc,

      We have needed to remove manual actions in the past because of clients using web 2.0s. You can definitely get penalized.

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    1. Hey Utsav,

      1. It wouldn’t be wise to create many properties from the same account
      2. 1-2 is usually best

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    Worry more about quality and relevancy for your web 2.0 links.

    I hope you will answer my asap.

    1. You can internally link within the same web 2.0, just avoid linking your web 2.0s together

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    1. Milon,

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    1. Yes there are plenty of automating link building softwares you can use. But you have to be willing to accept the risk of a penalty because using automated link building tools is one of the riskiest tactics you can use

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      Thanks for the comment! If you’re trying to be safe, then you should create unique addresses

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