How Keval Shah Grew His E-Com SEO Agency Beyond $50,000/mo

Keval Shah is an e-commerce SEO expert, founder of a successful agency, and a long-time member of Gotch SEO Academy.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  1. How Keval went from a college dropout to building a successful e-commerce SEO agency (more specifically: Shopify SEO)
  2. Why it’s easier to focus on industries that “get it”
  3. How Keval qualifies his leads so he only works with the best clients possible
  4. Why raising your prices attracts better clients
  5. The pros and cons of contracts
  6. How Keval is going to reach the next level (by working less)
  7. A unique technique that Keval uses to acquire new clients

And much more!

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