Jared Tangir

Founder and Lead Developer at Elevated Audience

Jared Tangir

Jared’s Story: From $0 to $50k/mo

“The Gotch SEO Academy is the single best investment I have ever made in myself and my business. Nathan’s strategy, procedures, and guidance (both on SEO and building an agency) have helped me grow my SEO retainers to $50k/mo within 2 years.

On top of the SOPs, the weekly coaching calls are invaluable. I love the community and unfettered access to Nathan’s experience is not something you can get anywhere else. Simon and Nathan have helped me make many difficult decisions, get campaigns back on track, and generate exceptional results for our clients. My team’s current retention rate for SEO is over 12 months thanks to both of them.

If you invest in 1 thing for your business this year, invest in the GSA!” – Jared Tangir

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