How to Install TubeBuddy on Firefox (+ Reviews)

TubeBuddy is a browser extension designed to help you manage your YouTube channel. It has received a large number of positive reviews, averaging a rating of around 4.5 on most platforms.

It can be used in different browsers, making it ideal for Firefox users.

If you want to install TubeBuddy on Firefox, it’s pretty easy. Take a look at these step-by-step instructions, complete with screenshots, to learn how to install the extension and get started with TubeBuddy.

Step 1: Visit the Firefox Add-ons Page

Head to the Firefox Browser Add-ons page for TubeBuddy by clicking this link.

Alternatively, go to the main add-ons page and search for TubeBuddy. It will take you to the page to add the extension, which looks like this:

Firefox Add-ons

Step 2: Add to Firefox

Next, click “Add to Firefox”. You will be asked to give permission to add TubeBuddy to Firefox, so allow it access.

Add to Firefox

When successful, you will get another popup message telling you that TubeBuddy has been added to Firefox. Click “Okay, Got It” to make the window disappear.

TubeBuddy Added

You can also tick the box to allow the extension to run in private windows.

Step 3: Sign In to YouTube

To start using the full features provided by TubeBuddy, you need to be signed in to TubeBuddy. You’ll be prompted to do this when you visit the YouTube website, where there will be a TubeBuddy icon at the top.

Click the icon for a sign-in popup.

Sign in to YT

There will be a button to “Sign-in with YouTube”. Click it, making sure to have checked the box to agree to the privacy policy and terms of use.

Sign in to YT 2

Choose your Gmail account that is associated with your YouTube account. If you have more than one YouTube channel associated with the Gmail account, choose the right channel.

Choose acct

Step 4: Give Access to TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy will then ask for permission to access your Gmail account. It will tell you what TubeBuddy wants access to, so make sure you’re happy with that before clicking “Allow”.

TubeBuddy allow

Step 5: Start Using TubeBuddy

Now you have access to TubeBuddy on Firefox, and you can start using the add-on to manage your YouTube channel. Some people suggest that you should consider installing TubeBuddy on Chrome for the full experience.

TubeBuddy Reviews

Are you still unsure whether TubeBuddy is the right tool for you to help you manage your YouTube channel? It has received plenty of reviews, and the majority of them are positive.

Plenty of people have great things to say about TubeBuddy and how it has helped them to grow their YouTube channel. Check out some of the examples below to see what people think of the tool and what they get out of it.

TubeBuddy Reviews
TubeBuddy Reviews 2
TubeBuddy Reviews 3

Now that you know how to install TubeBuddy on Firefox go ahead and install the add-on to your browser. It’s simple to get started with TubeBuddy and start using it to make managing and growing your YouTube channel easier than ever.

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