31 Critical Instagram Statistics for 2022

Instagram is one of the key tools for marketers representing large and small brands alike. This guide filled with key statistics reveals why this is the case.

In 2020, Instagram officially turned ten. Since its original conception, it’s fair to say that this social network has changed drastically. Instagram was originally set up as a way for individuals to share their favorite photos. Today, the visual-centric platform is far more. It’s a source of income for individuals and presents a key sales channel for business owners as well as marketers. It’s worth exploring the latest statistics to discover why Instagram is so important for marketers and their role in the future.

1. Instagram was launched in 2010 and since then has seen an enormous amount of growth. In the UK alone there are 27 million users. Source: Statista

2. Worldwide there are close to 1 billion users every month. Instagram comes in second place behind Facebook, but ahead of both Twitter and Pinterest. Source: Omnicore Agency

3. Half of the users on this platform access it daily. This provides an opportunity for businesses to find loyal consumers for their brand. Source: Statista

4. Most users of Instagram are checking the app daily. 63% of those people open Instagram at least once a day while 42% are opening and checking regularly throughout the day. With the right publication schedule, marketers have the chance to target the same audience repeatedly. Source: Pew Research

5. In terms of how long users stay on the social network, they will view posts for about 53 minutes each day. This is close behind Facebook where users will stick around for 58 minutes. This is important for marketers as the time spent on an app does correlate with levels of engagement. Engaged users are far more likely to be interested in the content of a particular brand. Source: Oberlo

6. The highest demographic of worldwide users are those aged between 25 and 34 years old, followed in a close second by those aged 18-24. As such, Instagram does skew towards a younger audience and this is perfect for marketers. It means that businesses have a chance to reach an audience with a lot of purchasing power and a high level of disposable income. Source: Statista

7. For the younger audience, the only app that beats Instagram is Snapchat and Instagram is quickly catching up. Source: Statista

8. In 2020, the genders accessing Instagram were very close indeed. 52% were females while the other 48% were males. As such, marketers should create content that appeals to both genders. It just needs to be aesthetically pleasing. Source: Statista

9. The greatest levels of engagement on Instagram occur late in the morning in Central Time Zones. This is particularly true for both Wednesdays and Thursdays. Indeed, Wednesdays tend to be the peak point for engagement compared to weekends when engagement levels are relatively low. As such, marketers should focus on posting during the working week. Source: Sprout Social

10. 130 million users are taking note and acting on shopping posts while using Instagram. This is useful for businesses as shoppers never have to leave the app to make a purchase from a product advertised. It can be transformed into a direct way of generating leads and conversions. Source: Business.Instagram

11. Instagram users are always open to discovering new products on the platform. 60% of Instagram users have found new products. For marketers, this means that Instagram can be used as a way to draw attention to new brands as well as existing companies. Source: Falcon

12. A great feature of Instagram is the Explore section, this shows users new content they may not have heard of before and who they may not be following already. If businesses are clever with their hashtags they can reach out to new customers and clients and gain new followers. 50% of Instagram users use this feature at least once a month. Source: S21

13. The average Instagram post will contain about 10.7 hashtags. Both businesses and individuals use these in the hope of generating more shares. However, according to research, more hashtags can actually decrease levels of engagement. Five or fewer can lead to more beneficial results. Source: Hubspot

14. Images on Instagram gain more interest and follows from audiences than Facebook, 23% to be exact. This is due to Instagram users focusing more on what they are looking at rather than just scrolling randomly as some users do on Facebook. Source: Business Of Apps

15. Engagement is high on Instagram in general. Typically Instagram users will see engagement from 4% of their followers. This might seem like a small amount. However, it beats most other social networks like Twitter and Facebook. These social networks provide less than 0.1% of engagement from followers. Source: Go Forrester

16. In terms of popular types of content, there are a lot of factors to consider. Emojis are popular on Instagram and in one year the heart emoji was used more than 14 billion times. This ties in with the fact that love is the most commonly used hashtag. Source: Instagram

17. While images are the predominant post format used on the social network, there are other popular examples. Video contributes to 13% of content while carousels – often used for stories – account for more than 12%. Source: Social Bakers

18. Though it makes up a lower percentage of content, carousels actually lead to a higher level of engagement, according to the same data report.

19. Individuals who follow brands on Instagram are 4% more likely to engage with a post from their followers. This means they will like, share, comment, or click on links to websites. Source: Go Forrester

20. Users on Instagram are more likely to engage with posts that contain videos. Video posts have 38% more likes and shares than posts just containing an image. This contributes to the wider trend of video becoming more central to the online experience. Instagram is perfectly positioned for this change and rivals YouTube in terms of suitability for video content. Source: Mention

21. Unlike other social networks, Instagram does have a truly global user audience. The main group of users are based in the US with 116 million in this location. Behind the US is India with 73 million and then Brazil at 72 million. Source: Statista

22. While this may make it seem like Instagram users are concentrated in emerging app markets, this isn’t the case. This is shown by the popularity in Japan with 26 million users and Germany with 29 million. Source: Business Of Apps

23. Businesses are already aware of the power of Instagram. In one poll, 71% of business owners claimed to be using Instagram for their business. 80% of Business owners also consider Instagram to be a key metric. Source: Mention

24. Influencers are key for a successful business marketing campaign on Instagram. A typical Instagram brand campaign run by marketing teams will use 726 influencers. Source: Business Of Apps

25. Sponsored content is still a popular trend on Instagram, particularly for influencers. The Ad hashtag – used to mark a sponsored post – grew 133% over just one year. Source: Social Bakers

26. Added to this, 26% of influencers who have more than a million followers use the ad hashtag in their posts. They understand the value of this tool and so too should marketers.

27. Instagram Stories could also be a key part of a business campaign. According to the network itself, 500 million users access stories on a daily basis. If you start using stories as a marketer, you can put great content directly into the feed of users. Source: Instagram

28. There are various reasons users give for being on Instagram. For instance, 91% of users claim they follow at least one of their interests. Top interests are travel (45%), music (44%), and dining (43%). As such, industries related to these interests could find the network particularly beneficial. Source: Facebook

29. Understandably, it’s fashion profiles that gain the highest level of followers by industry. Instagram is almost entirely based around the idea of aesthetics and fashion brands receive on average 35 million followers. This is closely followed by athletic brands that have an average level of followers at 21.8 million and cosmetics at 15.4 million. Source: Unmetric

30. Brands are definitely not ignored by users on Instagram. The latest research suggests that 50% of users will follow at least one brand. Business profiles are useful as it allows brands to add their contact information. This can help them effectively generate leads. Source: Mention

31. More than 87% of users won’t buy a product online without checking reviews first. Instagram helps users in similar ways. 80% of Instagram users will access the website to determine whether to buy a product or service. Influencers will also play a part in these decisions which is why marketers must work with them. Source: Facebook

By exploring these statistics, it quickly becomes clear that Instagram should be a key part of any marketing campaign, regardless of brand or industry. Though, it’s equally apparent that Instagram could benefit certain businesses far more than others.

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