How to Increase Website Traffic by 1,962%

increase website traffic

Wondering how you can increase your website traffic in 2019?

In this video, I’ll show you how I used SEO to increase my traffic by 1,962%.

You’ll learn:

  1. Why you should NOT create any new content (if you want more traffic from Google
  2. Why short content sucks
  3. The only way to properly update content without being flagged as an algorithm spammer
  4. A simple technique for driving 10x more traffic to pages that are already doing well
  5. How to rank for keywords that your competitors don’t even know exist
  6. The “unfair advantage” that makes content promotion 10x easier
  7. Why more backlinks doesn’t = better results

…and so much more! Enjoy:

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Nathan Gotch
Nathan Gotch

I’m the founder of Gotch SEO and I help action-takers achieve SEO mastery through Gotch SEO Academy (approaching 1,000 total members). My SEO geekiness is featured on Ahrefs, Search Engine Journal, and Forbes. I’m also notorious for shutting down “successful” products and services for the sake of focus.