iMovie Review 2023: Is it Good for Editing YouTube Videos?

Did you know that around 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day? With over 2 billion global subscribers, YouTube provides a unique platform for businesses and individuals to promote products and services, interact with web users, and build a following.

If you use YouTube or you’re thinking about uploading video content to raise your brand profile, you may be wondering which editing tool to use. With Apple as one of the most recognizable brands on the planet, millions of people have access to iMovie, but they may not be familiar with the benefits or capabilities of iMovie for video editing.

What exactly is iMovie?

Before we get into discussing the advantages and disadvantages of iMovie, it’s a good idea to look into what exactly iMovie is and what iMovie is used for.

iMovie is a video editing software app that was developed by Apple. Originally released in 1999, the app has evolved in line with technological advances and the development of new devices and tools.

old imovie user interface

With iMovie, you can transform clips into movies, creating original, seamless content for social media sites like YouTube.

iMovie is available on iOS and macOS, and you can use it to produce everything from punchy, Hollywood-style trailers to spectacular movies. Add titles, effects, and music to convert clips into dramatic showpieces using your phone, tablet, or computer.

Is iMovie good for editing YouTube videos?

If you’re an Apple customer and you have access to the iMovie app, it’s well worth exploring the features on offer and thinking about using iMovie to edit your videos. Video editing is crucial for creating and sharing high-quality, professional-looking content, which will serve to captivate and impress audiences and show your brand off in the best possible light.

As iMovie is often billed as an entry-level editing tool, there may be questions about its suitability for professional use, but if you take the time to browse its capabilities and check out iMovie reviews, you might be pleasantly surprised. There are multiple advantages to using this editing software, especially if you’re new to YouTube video editing and you’re looking for an option that is effective, versatile, and easy to use.

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In this review of iMovie, we’ll take a closer look at what you can do with Apple’s video editing software and go through the pros and cons.

YouTubers that use iMovie

In days gone by, video editing was a profession reserved exclusively for those with expertise and experience in this creative field. Nowadays, thanks to advances in technology and applications like iMovie, it’s possible for anyone to edit their own video content.

YouTubers have access to a plethora of editing apps and software programs, and they can choose to use a host of different features to enhance their content and create slick, smart, engaging clips to share online. With billions of videos shared everyday and competition for views fierce, which editing tools do YouTubers use?

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It’s understandable to assume that YouTubers with millions of followers use advanced programs that are expensive and exclusive, but in reality, iMovie is one of the most widely-used editing tools.

In fact, my Youtube channel reached 20,000 YouTube by using iMovie editing for YouTube videos.

Capabilities: How good is iMovie?

The most important questions to ask when you’re looking for a video editing tool for YouTube clips are:

  • What do I want to do?
  • What can I do with this editing software?

There are several popular editing programs available, and some offer more than others. While some marketers or influencers will want to take advantage of an array of features, others will only use a limited range of applications.

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If you know what you want to do, this will enable you to choose editing options that provide you with the benefits you’re looking for without buying or subscribing to software that is too advanced or complex for your requirements.

iMovie is free for Apple users, and there is a small fee for those who don’t have a Mac, iPhone, or iPad. As the price is low, you might assume that the package is basic.

If this is the case, you might be shocked at just what you can achieve with iMovie. While some editing programs might be better than iMovie, there is no doubt that this is an impressive product.

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If you’re researching video editing, you might also come across alternative software and apps, including Final Cut, Filmora, and Adobe Premiere. When weighing up the pros and cons of each option, it’s important to evaluate their capabilities.

Here are some of the most impressive features and capabilities of iMovie:

  • Cutting video and audio clips: with iMovie, you can cut audio and video clips with minimal effort. Create seamless productions and switch between devices.
  • Crop videos: cropping is incredibly valuable for sharing professional-looking, impactful videos that look the part. With this crop-to-fill feature, which is demonstrated below, you can make the most of the screen, adjusting the image to fit the standard video box.
Crop to Fill
  • Ken Burns effect: named after the US documentary maker Ken Burns, this effect enables you to pan and zoom, using still images to enhance video content and motion pictures. The image below is an example of the Ken Burns effect:
Ken Burns Effect
  • Audio enhancements: audio is an integral part of most video clips. By adding audio, you can set a scene, create suspense and drama, and make your video more memorable. With iMovie, you can enhance the audio and reduce background noise for a more polished final product, as seen in the image below.
Reduce Background Noise
  • Text overlays: text overlay on iMovie enables you to add text to your screen seamlessly using Canva, as shown below:
text overlay
  • Video overlays: with video overlays, you can create picture-in-picture clips.
  • Graphic overlays: if you want to add a logo or an image to your video, you can do this with iMovie using Canva.
  • Color correction: enhance the color of your clips in an instant, as shown in the images below:

Before color correction

Color Correction (Before)

After color correction:

Color Correction (After)

Auto color correction:

Auto Color Correction
  • Clip filters: add filters to your video to create the aesthetic you’re looking for. This photo is an example:
Clip Filters
  • Audio effects: add effects and enhance your audio with iMovie
Audio Effects
  • Stabilize shaky videos: give your videos a professional look and feel with features, including stabilizing shaky footage:
Stabilize Shaky Video

Downsides: What are the drawbacks of iMovie?

As you can see from the capabilities and images above, iMovie has a huge amount to offer. This editing software is easily accessible, it’s inexpensive, and it’s easy to use.

However, as with all programs, it’s not without its drawbacks. iMovie reviews cover both pros and cons, and often, iMovie is compared to other tools, some of which are more advanced.

The beauty of iMovie is that anyone can use it to elevate basic clips and transform videos into high-quality, impactful movies. The downside is that iMovie is not as complex as other software, and as such, it is missing features that some users will want or need.

The number of video tracks is limited, some users may prefer a tool that offers Multicam and motion tracking, and integration with YouTube music and iCloud image libraries could be more seamless. For the most part, iMovie is impressive, but if you’re looking for the most advanced features and you really want to go to town with graphics, audio, and 360-degree editing, you might find that other programs appeal more.

Apple’s iMovie is ideally suited to YouTubers and businesses, and individuals who are looking for a simple, affordable means of creating captivating, slick video content. Although this tool is often branded as an entry-level product, the app produces incredible results, and you can use a raft of features to customize your clips and share videos your followers will love.


iMovie is a hugely popular video editing program, which provides easy access to a raft of features, settings, and tools that enable you to create, enhance, modify, and share video content. If you upload clips to YouTube, and you’re searching for editing software that is simple but effective, and you don’t need all the mod cons, this could be an ideal option for you.

You can customize your content, add a professional finish, and take advantage of an easy-to-use interface to take your YouTube content to the next level. iMovie may not have all the bells and whistles, but it does have a lot to offer.

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