How to Make Multiple Youtube Channels With One Email (2023)

Youtube is the most popular free video hosting service. With more than two billion monthly users, it is an excellent marketing resource for vloggers and businesses of all shapes and sizes.

For most video content creators, one Youtube channel is enough. However, for some – businesses and creators who are experts in more than one niche or have a huge following – it makes sense to use multiple Youtube channels to separate and organize content.

Until quite recently, Youtube would only allow one channel per email address. While it was still possible for businesses to run multiple channels, it involved having various email addresses and having to log in and out to access them, as well as remembering various login credentials.

This sounds minor, but when running a business or managing social media, it is a huge drain of time and is not good for productivity.

Thankfully, Youtube has recognized the value of having more than one channel, so now you are able to make multiple Youtube channels with one email. We are going to break down the steps in doing this below, as well as looking at how to add other users and the benefits of having multiple YouTube channels with one email.

Why would you want to make multiple Youtube channels with one email, and what are the benefits?

For starters, being able to make multiple YouTube channels with one email account is useful for expanding your reach and increase awareness of your brand. It is also useful if you are an expert in more than one niche.

Buzzfeed, for example – they are a media company with a huge international audience. However, they have their fingers in many pies, not limiting themselves to a specific niche – they write and post videos about lifestyle-related stuff, food, politics, showbiz, food, travel, and much more.

If they were to put all of their content on one channel, it would be disorganized and overwhelming. It would mean that someone with no interest in cooking would have to search through videos to find a travel one.

However, by putting them onto different Youtube channels, Buzzfeed connects to their target demographic and makes it much more user-friendly.

Benefits of having multiple YouTube channels

  • Stops users from being distracted by content that they are not interested in
  • Allows you to target a particular demographic or audience
  • Allows you to use channels for different purposes and voices

As we said above, only having one Youtube channel per account was time-consuming. Youtube has recognized this and the value that having multiple Youtube channels with one email has to video content creators.

They have now made it easier by allowing you to create up to 50 Youtube channels on one Gmail or Google account.

Points to remember:

When we talk about the account, we mean the Google or Gmail email address that you use to log into your Youtube channel. You now need only one of these.

When we talk about the channel, we mean the space on Youtube where you post your videos. You now can have up to 50 of these.

When you create these channels, you create a brand account linked to your personal account.

How to do it

If you don’t already have a Youtube account, you need to set one up.

Log in to the Google account that you want to use to create your multiple Youtube channels. This should be the main Youtube account you use most often.

Then go to the Youtube Channel switcher and click ‘Create a new channel.’ -you are going to see a screen like this:

create yt channel
create yt channel 2

Here, you need to think of your brand account name and type it into the large white box before clicking ‘create.’ As the small print below it shows, by clicking create, you are agreeing to abide by the terms of service of Youtube.

It may be a good idea to click on the link and remind yourself of them.

Once you have clicked ‘create,’ you will be taken to the next screen. This is the page for your new channel.

You’ll now be able to upload videos, customize, and view the analytics of this channel.

Adding multiple users

Of course, you might want to add multiple users to your YouTube channel. This is perfect if you have a team managing your brand’s account.

The upside here is that they don’t need a new username and password to access the account when logging in.

Firstly, make sure you are signed in as the owner of the Brand Account. Then, click on your avatar in the top right corner and choose ‘Switch Accounts.’

Choose which account you would like to add multiple users to.

switch account

Then, go to ‘settings.’

switch account 2

In your account, there is an option for Channel managers. Click on Add or remove manager(s) next to it.

channel managers

Click on the blue ‘manage permissions’ button in the brand account details menu.

manage permissions

You may, at this point, need to verify your account. You will then be taken to a screen that looks like this.

Click on the invite new users icon in the top right corner.

manage permissions 2

Here, you need to add the email addresses of anyone to that you would like to have access to the account. You can also choose which roles you give them:

Owner: Gives them maximum control over the account. They can give permission to others, delete the account and remove other owners

Manager: Users with this role can use certain Google tools like posting videos and images

Communications manager: They can do the same as the manager but without being able to use the Youtube

Take care as to who you give access to!

Finally, click on Invite – and you are done.

Making multiple Youtube channels with one email in 2023 is straightforward, as is adding multiple users to allow you to really get the most out of your channel and your time. There is no longer any need to be signing in and out of accounts!

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