How to Increase Revenue by 161% [Case Study]

how to increase revenue

On average, small businesses in the U.S. grow around 2-3% every year.

How different would your life be if your business grew by 161%?

In this case study, I’m going to show you how to increase revenue without having to do a bunch of work.

Sound good?

Let’s jump in.

Quick Details

This case study is going to show you the steps we took to grow one of our service’s revenue by 161%.

Here are some details about the service:

  • The service that achieved this growth is our blogger outreach service.
  • We launched this service in January.
  • This service is our third largest revenue source behind full-service SEO client work and SEO training course, Gotch SEO Academy.

This is How We Increase Our Revenue… or Is It?

It’s easy to say that “this” or “that” was responsible for your revenue growth, but do you know for sure?

Since your business is an organic machine, it can be challenging to know for sure.

Everything I’m about to show you are the LIKELY reasons why our revenue grew.

In general, revenue growth is the combination of small elements working together.

JC Penney Quote-min

It’s rarely one big action that explodes your business.

It’s a series of small, well thought out actions, good timing, and lots of hard work.

With that said, let me start by explaining the most important element of our service (and our business in general).

Start with “Why”

There are many entrepreneurs out there who are quick to make decisions.

I’ll be honest:

I’m not one of those people.

In fact, I am super slow to make decisions about products and services.

It takes me a long time because I am obsessed with this question of “why”?

For example, before I launch any service or product I ask: “Why should we create this?”

If the answer isn’t compelling, then I scrap it.

So, for the blogger outreach service, I asked:

“Why should we launch this new blogger outreach service?”

The answer was clear:

Because we’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on outsourcing and always thought it was subpar!

We also wanted to offer SEO and marketing agencies something reliable.

Something that actually got results.

Plus, we are using these exact links to get awesome results for our clients.

It would be a crime if we did NOT offer a service that can help you achieve your goals.

With that said, your “why” must focus on helping people.

If your “why” is about “making more money”, then you will likely fail.

Your income is proportional to the amount of value you inject into the marketplace.

In laymen’s terms, you make money when you put people first.

When you solve THEIR problems.

When you move THEIR lives forward.

When you help THEM achieve THEIR goals.

The RIA Model Works!

Our strategy for growing our blogger outreach service is the Results in Advance (RIA) model.

RIA is something I learned from studying Frank Kern.

Here’s how it works:

  • You give free value/advice
  • Your prospect uses the free value/advice and sees real results
  • Your prospect begins to trust you as an authority because what you suggested actually worked
  • You offer your prospect a solution to make their life a little easier
  • The prospect is eager to use your solution since you already proved yourself

I highly recommend you watch this video from Frank Kern to understand the RIA model even further:

This RIA framework is the most effective way to sell online.

Instead of throwing an offer in your prospects face, you build goodwill first. Then offer a solution after you’ve done so.

Gary Vaynerchuk calls this the Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook technique.

It means to give your prospects overwhelming value before you ask them to do something for you.

Many businesses have this equation backward.

They ask, ask, ask, and never give. Then they wonder why their sales stay stagnant.

Give you prospects exactly what they need to be successful and you will see the fruits of your labor.

That’s exactly what we did to promote our new blogger outreach service.

An example of this process in action is our “How to Build Backlinks in 2016” article.

We give you the framework you need to build backlinks (that work) in 2016.

Then, we link to our blogger outreach service.

That’s because it’s something that can speed up your link acquisition efforts.

Most important, it’s something that can help you achieve your goals FASTER.

You’re likely wondering: “That’s it?”

Yes, that’s it.

Marketing isn’t always complicated.

In fact, the framework is simple:

Help your prospects achieve their goals and they will help you achieve YOUR goals.

Case Studies SELL

Real life results sell.

Plain and simple.

That’s why we published this SEO case study.

It showed how we used our service to increase our client’s organic traffic by 141%.

If you get one thing out of this article let it be this:

Real life results are the most persuasive sales tool you have.

It also serves as the best content.

When you can prove that you get results, you build your authority and you 10x your trust with your prospects.

This “results” idea doesn’t just apply to the marketing space.

It applies to every industry.

Funnel Traffic to Your Money Pages

This should be obvious, but you should link to your money pages.

Remember that your blog content is apart of the RIA model.

It should help your readers/prospects get closer to achieving their goals.

AFTER you’ve done that, you can link to your offer.

Your offer should make achieving their goals even easier.

That is the point of any product or service:

To make your prospect’s life a little easier.

The Path of Least Resistance

The journey to purchasing your product or service needs to be easy for your prospect.

This is what we got wrong when we first launched.

When prospects wanted to buy our service, we sent them off our website to a Wufoo form.

In hindsight, it’s easy to see why this was idiotic on our part.

You should generally avoid sending users off your website.

That’s because the longer users stay on your website, the better chance you have to convert them.

And from an SEO perspective, there is some evidence that user dwell time is a small ranking factor.

This doesn’t mean that you should link out like I just did.

That’s because linking out to authority resources helps as well.

But you shouldn’t link out to ANYTHING on a sales page.

Last, our Wufoo forum mishap added another step to the buyer journey.

Your goal should be to cut as many steps in the buyer journey as possible.

So, that’s what we did.

Instead of linking out to the Wufoo form, we embedded the form on the sales page.

This skyrocketed the conversions.

The next big step we have to make is integrating payments on the site.

At the moment, users leave our site to submit their payment on PayPal.

Once again, this adds another step in the buyer journey.

When there are too many steps, there will likely be revenue leakage.

The last important change we did on the sales page was to add several calls to action.

There is a total of five CTAs (including the order form) on the page.

Adding more CTAs makes the path to buying easier.

Never “Sell” Anyone

Believe it or not as descriptive as our sales page is, we still get many leads via email and over the phone.

Our sales method is simple:

You help the prospect.

And you don’t try to “sell” prospects.

You just try to help them ease their fears so they feel confident about using your services.

Remember that fear is your biggest obstacle in sales.

Eliminate it and you will win.

3 Things We Discovered

Now that you understand what we did, let me show you some of our findings.

1. More traffic does NOT = more revenue
Our traffic in May was almost the same as April.

Focusing on your sales process, content development, and CRO seems to be more impactful on revenue than getting more traffic.

The cool part is that focusing on these elements of your business will likely lead to more traffic as well.

Don’t forget that the goal of your website is to make money!

You have to avoid getting trapped in KPI hell. The #1 KPI in business is MONEY.

2. Throwing ___ at the wall works
If you have been reading Gotch SEO for awhile, you know that we love testing.


You have to be willing to throw ___ at the wall to find out what actually works.

Don’t get fooled by people who seem to know every good strategy.

Any strategy someone is teaching you is the product of testing.

Try new things. Test.

And most important, always go against made up “rules”.

Rules such as: “you should only post on Instagram once per day!” are silly.

Don’t confuse opinions for laws.

If you see advice such as the one above, test it.

There are no rules when it comes to marketing.

3. Help more, make more
Give more value and you make more money.

I’m like a broken record, but it’s so incredibly important:

Help people achieve their goals and you will achieve your goals!

Why Revenue Growth is Relative

You have to understand that revenue growth is relative.

For example, when I launched my agency in September 2013, our revenue was a goose egg ($0).

But when we reached the six-figure mark within 6 months, our revenue technically grew by ~833200%.

I’m telling you this because your growth percentage will decline as your revenue increases.

Let’s use Facebook as an example. Facebook’s revenue grew by 43.82% last year.

While 43% doesn’t seem like a huge number, you have to remember that it’s relative to THEIR revenue.

From 2014 to 2015, that measly 43.82% revenue growth was a total of $5.5 billion dollars. That’s right “B” for billion.

I’m showing you this so you don’t get discouraged when your growth percentage declines.

It is the product of more revenue.

Your Turn

With a small amount of creativity and a large amount of effort, you can increase your revenue like we did.

Effort is the biggest piece of the equation.

So now to you:

What actions are you going to take this month to grow your revenue?

No matter what techniques you use, all that matters is taking action.

Throw ____ at the wall!

Just do something and don’t be afraid to fail. Failure helps you learn anyway.

Thank you so much for reading and I would love to answer your questions in the blog comment section.

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About the Author

Nathan Gotch

Nathan Gotch is the founder and SEO director at Gotch SEO. Listen in to our new podcast, The SEO Life or watch some of our actionable SEO training videos on YouTube!


  1. This article reminds me of the premise of Chris Anderson’s (author of the Long Tail) book FREE, since all knowledge is and will be out there and tends towards the cost of zero with our speedy technology, the best value you can add is to show people how to do it themselves, perceiving you as an expert in the process, and offering them to save time on the process since you specialize in it and are not beholden to the learning curve. Conserving the more precious commodity – time is the key to adding value and succeeding in this technologically oriented world.
    Good luck with the guest blog service!

  2. É uns dos problemas maior é esse as empresas somente querem vender e esquece de conquistar o cliente primeiro, é muito bom saber disso.

    Primeiro temos que conquistar a confiança das pessoas para depois pedir algo a elas!!
    Mais uma vez obrigado pela preciosas dicas!!

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