How to Get Backlinks Indexed 100% of the Time

If your backlinks aren’t indexed, then they aren’t working.

That’s why I’m going to show you how to get your backlinks indexed in Google.

Let’s jump right in.

Why Your Backlinks Aren’t Indexed

Getting your backlinks indexed isn’t about tricky tactics or silly tools.

All you need to do is avoid the following and you won’t ever have issues:

1. Your content isn’t unique

The content surrounding your backlinks needs to be 100% unique.

That’s because scrapped, spun, or straight up copied content will struggle to get indexed.

Plus, your backlinks will be more effective when you surround them with well-written content.

2. Your backlinks suck

Don’t tell me you’re upset because your social profile or forums links aren’t indexed.

Lower quality/less valuable backlinks do not index well.

The solution is simple:

Get better backlinks.

3. You’re posting on sites with “noindex”

Some websites place the “noindex” site on new pages.

If your link is on a page with the “noindex” tag, there is nothing you can do.

To see if a page has the “noindex” tag, use the “Inspect Element” option on Chrome.

The “noindex” tag will be in the head section of the HTML.

4. You’re posting on spammy platforms

Don’t expect backlinks from websites without an editorial process to index well.

Many link building tools like SENuke post to websites that auto-approve backlinks.

These platforms are spam sanctuaries.

Avoid them.

How to Get Your Backlinks Indexed (Guaranteed)

Use the following tactics to ensure your backlinks are getting indexed.

1. Let it Happen

Index Rate Potential: High

The first step in my indexing process is to just let it happen.

If your are getting quality backlinks, this won’t be a problem.

There are some link types like web 2.0s that need a push.

That’s why I created this guide.

2. Build Tier Two Links

Index Rate Potential: High

The next best indexing tactic is to create tier two links.

To learn more about tier two link read this.

3: Ping Your New Backlinks

Index Rate Potential = Low

I question whether pinging your backlinks actually works. I still do it as a preliminary step because it doesn’t hurt. Just make sure you don’t expect huge results from pinging.

For pinging use these services:

  • 24/7 Pinger
  • Ping Farm

These are pretty self-explanatory.

Just like anything else, don’t go crazy pinging your links.

You only need to use one of these websites to ping your links.

They all pretty much do the same thing.

4: Use Linklicious

Index Rate Potential = Low-Medium

The free version of Linklicious works well as a preliminary step and will index some of your links. Although, like pinging, it likely won’t be enough to index all your backlinks.

Only submit your backlinks once to this service.

5: Use Web 2.0s

Index Rate Potential = High

Now it’s time to take your indexing game up a notch.

Around 30% of your backlinks are at this point if you followed the previous steps.

For the remaining unindexed backlinks, we are going to use

Note: this tactic will work with any web 2.0 that has a high indexation rate.

The first step is create a new web 2.0. Title it whatever you want.

Next, create a new blog post.

Paste no more 10 of your backlink URLs and use naked link anchor text.

Create a new post for every 10.

The number “10” isn’t an exact science.

We’ve just seen that anymore than 10 decreases the ineffectiveness of this tactic.

The next thing you should do is write a brief introduction. No more than a sentence or two. Something like: “Check out my favorite articles of the month.”

Publish the post and wait.

The post should index within a day or two.

Once it’s indexed, Google will crawl the links in your post.

This index the majority of your backlinks.

Once you have verified the indexation, remove the links from the web 2.0.

This is to help eliminate footprints.

I recommend you reuse the same web 2.0. This is because the web 2.0 will age. As it ages, the indexation rate will improve.

Another variation of this tactic you can use is to buy an aged web 2.0 from the beginning.

6: Use Social Signals

Index Rate Potential = High

There is a chance that some of your links still aren’t indexed at this point.

Don’t worry… Social signals will help.

Social signals will not only help index your links, but they will also improve their trust as well.

There isn’t much to this tactic.

Just go to PBN Butler and order social signals.

Track Your Results

You should know this, but track everything you do on your SEO campaign.

This will help you understand your results or lack thereof.

The first step of this process is see your current indexation.

Use this tool to see your indexation rate. This tool will let you export the results. You can then transfer this information over to your main SEO campaign sheet.

You should have a tab for “Link Building” on a Google Sheet or Excel file. Create a column for “Indexing”. Place a “Y” next to all indexed backlinks.

Here is an example below:
excel tracking indexing-min

What to Avoid Doing When Trying to Index Backlinks

  • Buy a mass link package from Fiverr (please don’t do this)
  • Sit around and wait for them to get indexed
  • Build backlinks on noindex platforms (I have done this :|)

The Process (for Skim Readers)

  1. Wait 1 week – Let Google find your links
  2. Ping your links ONE time
  3. Submit your links to Linklicious ONE time
  4. Wait a few days and track your results
  5. Build a web 2.0 on – link to your backlinks that aren’t indexed yet
  6. Build social signals
  7. Make sure you track your results

What strategies are you using to get your backlinks indexed?

Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading.

– Gotch


  1. Hi Gotch!

    Great article! It goes in to a great amount detail on how to make sure you get your backlinks indexed.

    Also, I agree with your views on tier 2 links, very important ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. When you say tier 2 links, are you mainly referring to PBN links? Or web 2.0s, social media posts, comments, etc.?

        Thanks for the great info as always Gotch!

          1. Hi Nathan, I’m wondering doesn’t it a bit weird in google point of view if you have tier2 backlinks those refer to your 1st tier backlink that hasn’t indexed by Google?

            I mean don’t we need to make sure 1st tier backlink is indexed at first? then go with 2nd tier backlinks, please advice.

      2. Hi Gotch,
        Is there any tip or trick to use Instant Link Indexer, as though I indexed 91 links with it none of it is showing in Google at all.

        Thanks for the guidance

  2. Do you use social monkee for your money sites at all?

    I have been but I’m starting to think it might not be the best idea.

    Then again, what’s wrong with the bookmarks if the titles and descriptions are unique and are high quality and they are drip fed over several weeks?

    Look forward to seeing what you think.

    1. Thanks for the comment Al

      There’s nothing wrong with the links it builds as long as you’re being smart about anchor text. I don’t recommend using exact match anchors with those links. HOWEVER, I usually will use Social Monkee to actually dilute my overall anchor text profile. I’ll only use generic anchors like “click here” and my brand name as the title. Keep your exact match anchors exclusive to your quality links.

      Hope that helps!

      1. It sure does. I haven’t been using generic anchors, but I have been using quite a few variations of the titles.

        I’ll randomize it even more.

        Thanks a lot.

      2. Hey Gotch, You site is not responsive on my phone. An IPhone 5s, have you looked into that? Great article about indexing, I just tried out webmaster care and it revealed a few insights, back to the drawing board.

  3. Hey Gotch!

    Great article and Thanks for the spot-on advice!
    I’m a bit new to IM and just learning the ropes. I’ve been waiting couple weeks to get a few of my Web 2.0 indexed, and with your points, it happened in less than 48 hours.

    Question, would I used the trick on every site in the future, or is that best left until they don’t index themselves?

    Thanks again and looming forward to future tips and tricks.


    1. Hey Cooper,

      Thanks for the comment! The blogger trick is really a last resort tactic if they are being stubborn. I go through each preliminary step and if it’s still not indexed, then I use blogger.

      Hope that helps

      – Gotch

      1. Hi Gotch,
        Great article, really enjoyed reading it.
        I’m pretty new to seo and even more new to your blog ๐Ÿ™‚ Its the first post i’m reading.
        Could you please tell me more about the blogger trick u mentioned here? what do you mean by that and what exactly is the trick?
        I’m struggling with the seo of my site, i’m hoping that it can help me.
        Thanks in advance

        1. Hey Ashee,

          Thanks for the comment. It’s nothing more than creating a web 2.0 and placing the links you want indexed into the post. Since Blogger blogs index well, your links will get indexed as well.

    2. Thanks for sharing this i have a doubt that making backlinks from various site will lead to spaming or bad effect ?? so web 2.0 Backlinks are good to use??

  4. Hey Gotch!

    Awesome article. Getting ready to apply some of the things you mentioned to my niche site. It seems to be getting harder to get good backlinks these days. Any recommendations on good places to find some high pr backlinks?

    1. Hey David!

      Thanks for reading and for the comment man. Much appreciated. I’m actually about to release a service that is designed for people who are looking for top-notch high PR contextual backlinks. However, until then, you should consider signing up for my newsletter and you will receive an entire ebook I wrote about how to acquire high PR links for your site.

      – Gotch

  5. Hey Gotch

    I have been building backlinks for my website and never knew the Google blogger trick of listing “Favourite Websites” as a way of getting indexed. I have blogs on WP and Blogger and had some success with those.

    What are your thoughts of Youtube Videos as one of the backlink sources?

    I also just learned about Indexing and will be using the service soon as I am a big believer of “T.I.M.” ( time is money )

    I just wish I knew about SEO a year and half ago when I started my business

    Thank You

    1. Hi Eric,

      Thanks for the comment! YouTube videos are great for your SEO effort, but won’t increase your rankings because the links are nofollow. However, YouTube is a trusted source, so you will get trust signals by having links from there (which is good). But you’ll need to rely on other tactics to increase your rankings. Hope that helps!

  6. Hello Nathan, i have been following your articles recently and have found it
    very interesting. Which Tool you use to check the backlinks of a youtube video?
    Should i use a bulk service like Pingfarm to ping some social backlinks i bought?
    Or should i just leave them so that google finds them naturally?

    1. Thanks for the comment Marlon

      You can use the most popular tools like Ahrefs (my favorite) or Majestic SEO to check the backlinks. As far as indexing, I generally wait 2 weeks or so to see if they get indexed naturally. If they don’t in that amount of time, then I start using the techniques above to push them a little.

      Hope that helps!

      – Gotch

      1. Hi Nathan,
        If I want to rank youtube video, can I buy social boomarking service from Social Monkee building links to that specific video? According to my friend, backlinks from Social Monkee is not quality. Should I I build tier one links with Social Monkee?

  7. Hey Nathan,

    Have you tried the paid versions of Linklicious at all? I have been recommended it by Terry Kyle of Traffic Planet and am just trying it out now. It’s good to get some feedback on other tools as there are so many out there and a lot that look potentially harmful to your SEO efforts.

    1. Hey Nate,

      I have used the free version and was never very impressed by the results. Indexification is probably the best indexing service I have used, but still, utilizing manual techniques seem to always work the best (like the trick).

      1. Indexification or Instantlinkindexer? In your post you mentioned Instantlinkindexer but in this comment you mention Indexification. As i know they are both from the same vendor but still would like to know which one works better ?


    1. Hi Ken, thanks for the comment! I don’t have anything “against” Fiverr except for the link building services. With a lot of research/questions, you CAN find some quality link opportunities, but the majority are very low quality (hence the price).

  8. The affiliate link on Indexification is wrong. It takes you else where. I had to just go directly to their website. Just letting you know.

    God bless!

  9. Hey Gotch,

    My name is Jeremy, I am the lead developer for Linklicious, and I would like to let you know about another service of ours.

    It’s called One Hour Indexing. It takes care of the complicated process of getting your links indexed, and has a 67% average indexing rate after 24 hours.

    Send me an email, and I can help you get started.


  10. Hi Nathan, Have you used jeremy’s offer. If it works then please confirm me. I would like to use the service.
    And thank for sharing for nice seo experience. I really enjoy your posts. Waiting for more update.

    1. Thanks for commenting man. I did actually use his service and it is has a pretty solid index rate, about ~ 70% to be exact and I actually would recommend it over Indexification at this point. You may need to use my Blogger indexing trick to get the last 30% indexed.

      1. Hi,

        Thanks for the article. doesn’t seem to work as well anymore. Getting far less than 30% currently.

        Have you tried it in the past couple of weeks?

  11. Your Index checking site seems to be a slow method of checking what is not indexed. Is there a faster method? It is ok if you have lets say a few pages, but I have 25,000+ pages, 5,000+ pages indexed, so I need to know exactly what i not indexed so i can work on them…
    so checking them one by one just is not a viable option….

    any solution to this…

  12. Hi, really thanks for your article here..your blogspot trick really do the trick ๐Ÿ˜€

    I am new to SEO, and just to make it sure, do I need to delete the blogspot post after my backlink get indexed ?

    1. Ivan, thanks for the comment! I’m glad you like it. I usually delete it after I’m finished, but sometimes I will keep it up to index other backlinks.

  13. Hey Nathan I know you use PBN’s so i was wondering if I could ask you something:

    Typically you have full posts displayed on homepage for PBN’s. Google will then also index your category pages.

    Does this not cause duplicate content? If so how do you go about de-indexing category pages for PBNs? I imagine you dont want to use GWT on a PBN.

    What do you do?

    1. Hi Jack, this is an easy fix if you’re using WordPress. Just download All in One SEO Pack, go to the settings, noindex the categories, data archives, author archives, tag archives and search page. You can do the same with Yoast as well.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

      – Gotch

      1. Hi Nathan,

        I have same problem, My backlinks are not indexed by Google on time. I have one more question .

        1. By fetching as Google Boot Can we able to crawl backlinks also as well as crawling website?

        Note: I not Making Spammy Backlinks.

        Amit Nehra

        1. Hey Amit, thanks for the comment. Build backlinks to your backlinks (Tier two) to get your links indexed. If that doesn’t work, then your links are too low quality

          – Gotch

          1. Yap , I Agree With You Nathan. Making Tire Two Links is The Best Way to Get Indexed Backlinks Very Fast.


  14. Very useful tips.

    About the second tier links: how do you make sure these links get indexed by Google?

    I have tried the technique before, but it has not seemed like a guaranteed way to get backlinks indexed.



    1. Thanks for the comment JRF – you have make sure your tier two links are on platforms that index quickly and easily. That’s why I use blogger because it typically doesn’t need any push to get indexed

      1. Thanks for your reply and the tip.

        Would it be okay to create a website at blogger and then make a post with all the backlinks I need to get indexed? Simply just paste it in a post without providing any content whatsoever. Or do I need to provide some kind of valuable content that seems unique and natural?


        1. JRF, yes that works. In fact, that’s all I do haha I just create a brand new blogger blog and toss about 10 links in a post. I create a new post for every 10 links and internal link all of them together. I track the index rate and slowly remove each link that get’s indexed. No need for content or anything like that.

          – Gotch

  15. Hi Nathan
    Sorry for the off topic.
    Would you like to suggest me some edu and gov site to build some backlink which is currently working. My site is health related.

    1. Hi MD,

      use these search functions: helpful sites + keyword keyword + resources useful sites + keyword keyword+ inurl:resources keyword + inurl:links
      site: .edu “your niche”
      site: .edu “your niche” + “resources”
      site: .edu “your niche” + “links”
      site: .edu “your niche” + “other sites”

      (Replace .edu with .gov for government sites)

  16. Such a wonderful info regarding back link indexing. I was searching for that. I want to ask you that what will be beneficial for our website: Building Natural Link or Building Link via Software ?

    1. Ankit, that’s a good question. Manual link building seems to be the most effective in my experience. Not to say that automated software doesn’t work, but it’s a much more risky path. Mainly because automated programs like SEnuke, GSA, or Ultimate Demon generally post to very low-quality and very low-moderated websites. I stick to manual link building for your tier one and if you want to use some automated stuff, use it for your tier two or three.

      – Gotch

  17. Had never really thought about that. Really. Thank you Nathan for making this point clear. And you are right, so many blog posts about back links strategy but most of them are trashy. And those web 2.0 back links are best.

    1. I don’t focus my efforts on these types of links, but if I were to I just use search operators like these (replace .edu with .gov for government sites): helpful sites + keyword keyword + resources useful sites + keyword keyword+ inurl:resources keyword + inurl:links
      site: .edu “your niche”
      site: .edu “your niche” + “resources”
      site: .edu “your niche” + “links”
      site: .edu “your niche” + “other sites”

      or I would bribe college students through Craigslist or Reddit and try to get them to publish one of my articles on their .edu blogs.

  18. Hey gotch, i am just confused about it. The summary of this post is ” until backlinks that we create has not been indexed, we don’t get results?? Okay take a guess i bought one gig from fiverr about 100 links… but i havent been getting results ? does that means the backlinks haven’t been indexed ?? I am very confused if you can help me with this issue!!

    1. Hey there, thanks for the comment! Yes, that is correct. If your links aren’t indexed in Google, then Google doesn’t a) know they exist, and b) doesn’t count them. Fiverr has horrible spammy links and a large majority of them will not get indexed no matter how hard you try.

  19. Great article Gotch, i like it so much.

    I have question for you based on my case,
    I have page which has my tier 1 backlinks, it was indexed by google, and now i just changed the link ponting.

    What should i do to make google index my new backlink?


      1. Thanks Gotch,

        and now i have different case, hope you can help me.
        I create new page with article on it and that article contain backlink to my site.
        The page that contain my backlink is already indexed by google about 2 weeks ago, but still cannot see it in “Links to your Site” on GWT.

        yeah i know sometimes GWT have delay to show site update, but it was never more than 2 weeks. i’m not sure is that backlink was counted by google or not.

        Hope hear from you what you think about it and what should i do to push this backlink to get indexed?

          1. Thanks Gotch, i have tried the site you suggest, such a good stuff i think.
            when i check the page that contain my backlink,the result is “indexed”, do you think google have seen my backlink?

  20. Nathan,would you mind sharing the blogger trick ? Is it about making a blog post and posting thousands of links in it or something else ?

    1. The blogger trick is in the post Tahir and I do not recommend posting thousands of links because that’s a) incredibly spammy, b) probably won’t work, and c) going to “out” the method.

    Please tell me how to look out for technology sites to create backlinks. Its easy to find .edu or .gov blogs. Is there any trick for technology blogs also.

    1. Thanks James, I appreciate that! There really are no tricks for getting links on technology blogs. You just need to find some that are accepting guest posts or have resources pages. In my free eBook, I give a ton of search strings you can use to find these types of sites in any niche.

      – Gotch

  22. Hi Nathan Gotch,

    Thank you for your nice blogging. it is helpful for me.

    I have been trying to find some ping tools to get my social bookmark backlink indexed faster by google. I have followed your strategy to register on the linklicious. It is free account now. After i added several links to the site and it still shows that no links were added. Does the free account work ?

    I just add the above link and click “upload links” ?

    1. Hi Jack, thanks for the comment. All you have to do is click “Upload Links” in the navigation, paste your links in the box, and hit the orange button that says “Upload Links”.

  23. Dear NATHAN GOTCH,

    The issue that bothers me is that my social bookmark links can not be indexed by google. Is the good ideal to use the Social Monkee to submit my bookmark links ?

    1. Hi Jack, Google will sometimes not index social bookmarks that are of low quality. You need to use Instant Link Indexer or my blogger trick – if those don’t work, then the quality of the links is too low and it’s likely that they will never be indexed.

      – Gotch

  24. Hi Nathan! Your post is flawless. I’ve wondering if we have to follow all of the above steps or we could simply follow 1-2 of them? I mean is it worth to just ping your backlinks and then insert them in Linklicious?

    1. Hey friend, thanks for the comment. You only need as many as it takes to get the links indexed. Some links tend to be more stubborn than others, so you might have to go through all the steps.

      – Gotch

  25. Hello Nathan. Does the HIGH PR (PR8 or PR9) Profile backlink have any effect positive effect? If yes then should i let them get indexed naturally or try something?
    Waiting for your reply.

    1. Hi Bobby, thanks for the comment. Are asking in terms of ranking? High PR profile links are great for diversity as long as it’s a naked link. Profile links alone will not get you any rankings, but in the grand scheme of things, it makes your link profile look natural. Sometimes these links are difficult to get indexed, so you will probably need to follow some of the steps above

      – Gotch

  26. Using google’s ping service might give us a better chance of getting things indexed quickly. But your method is detailed. Good work.

  27. Hello Nathan,

    just wanted to come back and say thank you for this wonderful post. I tried the free version of One Hour Indexing and it works like a charm, better than ANY other indexing service I have tried!

    Indexification did almost nothing for me. The guy who owns it is very good though. He even reduced the price down to $5/month to accommodate my low link volume. But I don’t know why it didn’t work. OneHourIndexing did it for me. I submitted 9 Web2.0s and within 1-2 hours 7 of them are indexed. Interestingly, these Web2.0s wouldn’t get indexed despite the many Bookmark links I sent them over the past 3 weeks! For the other two Web2.0s that are not yet indexed I will wait a day, and then try the Blogger trick.

    I would like to thank you for contributing so much to the SEO community.

    1. Hi Matthew, yeah I’ve used One Hour Indexing and it is pretty good. However, I’ve been using Instant Link Indexer and I’m really liking it.

  28. A good article on indexing back link. I can assure you that google does not index all of your back links, no matter what you do and how unique your content is. There are some tools that index back links which may help some. thank you

  29. A good article for person who getting problem in get indexing their website, i don’t have this problem. My problem is when i post article, it take few hours to get indexed.

    Earlier in last year,my another blog get indexed instantly and shows in search results like: 5 minutes ago and all..

    I think, i keep posting content 2 times a day, thats why ?

    Please tell me that how to get the same position, really posting content, will help me or what

    I want to know, Thank you!

    1. Hi Parampreet, this article is about indexing your backlinks, not your website ๐Ÿ™‚ – but good job on getting your site indexed. Posting frequency does help with indexation on your blog.

  30. Thanks for the great article. The tip works well.

    I have a question for you: I’ve got some really high powered PBN links that are on pages which are indexed, however these links aren’t being “found” by Google or Majestic/Ahrefs for my money site.

    What would you recommend in this case? Just wait and see? I’ve followed the steps you’ve mentioned above but the links are still not being reported to exist, even though I know they do because I’ve built them myself. I suspect something sandboxy from the big G?

    1. Andrew, thanks for the comment. Did you check the cached version of those pages? If the links are showing on the cached version, then Google knows they exist. As far as Majestic/Ahrefs, they don’t pick up everything. Are you blocking their spiders?

      1. Hi Nathan,

        Thanks for the reply.

        The links do exist on the cached pages, thanks for that! I’m not blocking any spiders or anything really.

        I’m not sure what else to try to get the links “noticed”… :-/

  31. As a newbiee I am facing lot of problems in indexing but this article helps me a lot in Indexing backlinks. However I will try this techniques.

  32. Thanks for the great post!

    I’m getting mixed results with some of the index checker tools out there. I’ll check some domains and they are not indexed. Then I’ll check them manually on Google and see that they are indexed. I tried the tool you provided and had the same results.

    Is there a tool out there that’s super accurate? I’m even cool with buying it but just can’t find a reliable one.


  33. Thanks so much for the article, I’ve been trying to add some links over the last little while (month or so, using directories, various social media etc – not perfect I know but I’m getting there) – and I can’t understand why they’re not being indexed or showing up in SEOMoz etc.

    But I realise they’re not getting indexed for some reason, so I’ll try your tips!

    Thanks mate – appreciate it,

    1. Jon,

      Thanks for the kind words, I’m glad it helped! Keep in mind, MOZ doesn’t capture every link and is not comprehensive by any means. Links from directories are difficult to get indexed because Google isn’t a huge fan.

      – Gotch

  34. In webmaster tools I had 15 indexed links to my site and another 20 back links that had yet to be indexed.

    I tried steo 1 – 3 with six links total. I used an excel sheet so I could track which steps worked the best. After waiting a few hours I signed into Google webmaster tools to check and see if anything had been indexed. To my surprise I went from 15 links to my site, down to 2. What the heck happened? These were all relevant back links on quality authoritative domains. I am sad now ๐Ÿ™

    1. Hi Joe,

      The links shown in webmaster tools isn’t complete list of links indexed by Google and the data changes frequently. You need to do a manual index check or use the index checker tool I provided

  35. Hii,
    I am new in SEO and trying to get backlink to my website (
    I have checked my domain in, I am input my domain with out www. and with www. and the result is my domain with out www is indexed and with www not indexed.
    my question is when I want to get backlink when of my domain can I use, with www or with out www ?

    Thank you

  36. I think these are best strategies to make backlink in fast and proper way, thanks for shearing such a wonderful article with us, i hope these tricks really gona work for me.

  37. Hello,

    I have new website and I want all page is indexed. So, I posted few dozens URL to blogger. However, my pages was not indexed, even was not crawl. Can you show me what wrong I do ? Thank you very much !

  38. Woow.. Finally found an article on getting backlinks indexed. You are great man. Please can you post some of better ways to create backlinking for sites. Thanks in advamce

  39. Hey Gotch, thanks for the info as always. One quick query – I am finding these days that Google doesn’t index Blogger blogs quickly, if at all. I am having more success with getting Wix and Webs sites indexed. Strange huh? Do you find the same, or am I doing something wrong?

    1. Rick,

      Thank you for the comment. In all honesty, the indexing strategy for Blogger can work on wany eb 2.0 platform with decent indexing like WordPress, Webs, Wix, Weebly, Tumblr, etc. In general, links are getting harder to index, so that may be attributing to the problem.

  40. Wow! That a wonderful tut Gotch, this is amazing i don’t believe their is anybody that can write something like this for free because marketers has already hide almost everything behind their back and never to reveal it until you pay them.

    Thanks Gotch and well done

  41. It is no doubt a really great article. can you tell which service is better. i mean your mention that “instant Link Indexer” is great service but can you compare it with “One Hour Indexing”.

    1. Hi Rahil,

      Thanks for the comment. I’ve used most link indexing services and Instant Link Indexer has performed the best for me personally. One Hour Indexing is pretty solid too

  42. I agree with your words . particularly on social monkee. its very useful.
    initally sales happened. now no sales. will check your blog for ideas.

  43. Hey, very nice article. You mentiomed above, create tier link building to index links faster. I know how to create teir but what to do with it for backlinks.

    I have to make an article including all the backlinks link and then publish, so when google will fetch that web 2.0 , it will also fetch my backlinks,

    Can u please provide detailed guide on how to make tier to get backlinks indexed???

    Its about 1 month and still backlinks are not indexed! I trird, google crawl.

    Thanks in advance !

  44. Hey, very nice article. You mentioned above, create tier link building to index links faster. I know how to create this but what to do with it for backlinks.

    I have to make an article including all the backlinks link and then publish, so when google will fetch that web 2.0 , it will also fetch my backlinks,

    Can u please provide me the detailed guide on how to make tier to get backlinks indexed???

    It’s about 1 month and still backlinks are not indexed! I tried, google crawl too.
    Waiting for your quick response. ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. Good post, but I dont think Social monkee works. I have a Social Mokee premium account also, and I often check the reports , most of these sites are spam site with low rate indexing.

  46. Hi Nathan,

    How if the blogger’s post is not going to be deleted after the backlinks are indexed?

    I was making about 100 words blogger post to help my backlinks get indexed.


  47. Hey Gotch,

    Thanks for the great article! You outline some really great strategies. I appreciate your hard work!

  48. Hi Gotch first of all thanks for the precious and detailed post as i am newbie so i am not well aware about seo. (1) I do a comment on a post with my site link is called a backlink now i want to get index this backlink in google. Should i ping my own site url or on that i post comment? (2) And for web 2.0 suppose i created and at my money site i published a new content. Now i published a content on with my money site link it is done. My question is that when i publish a new content on my money site can i create a backlink of my every new post on each time? Is it good or spam in google eyes?

  49. Hello Gotch, Thanks for your great Article. to be honest, i was really sad about my event Blogging. I have made 6k+ Backlinks but now of them get indexed. Now, i think i can get them index. Thanks a lot’s. Would you please share with me if i follow these methods for long term Blogging with my long term Blog get any harmful from Search Engine ?


  50. Thanx Gotch for sharing this informative article. I was confused about indexing rate of my backlinks and tried the tips you shared here and get very positive results. I would like to read an article about How to creat high quality backlinks on your site. can you write another post about it plz.

  51. Amazing info. I dont know if it’s just me or not but it says 5 steps and step 3 is omitted or maybe my browser isn’t showing it. Is this happening to everyone else?

  52. Hey Gotch,
    Thanks for great article, and I have made some web 2.0 blogs and some of them are indexed (wordpress, weebly etc) but some others are did not indexed such as edublogs and, they say these sites are closed to indexed by google. And if we didn’t indexed by google does it means backlink from those link don’t count as backlink? only indexed backlinks are counted or what? I’m confused….


  53. Delete that last comment. I got it.

    Amazing information. I’m trying to use that blogger trick to get my backlinks indexed. I got 2 out of 10 indexed and I’ve jumped from page 9 to 6.

    By using instant link indexer, will my others be guaranteed to index? What’s another tool that you use to get your backlinks indexed other than instant link indexer?

      1. Ok, thanks for the fast response. How many of your advices are still good knowing that Google changed the algorithms couple times since 2013?

  54. Hi, thanks for the great info. One question, are Social Bookmarks services used mostly to gain traffic? Would it be good for local SEO? Because I read that on these Social Bookmarks sites you upload your social media accounts and then you post other peoples content linking back to their site, and they do the same for you. Now if im focusing exclusively on local SEO I would want to stay away from those services correct? because it would be giving me traffic from people most likely not in my area. “Im doing SEO for a local contractor”

  55. Hi,

    So you wouldn’t recommend using social bookmarking for your tier 1 web 2.0s?

    When would you use them?

    Is socialmonkee still relevant in 2015? If it is – it’s not a good idea to use on tier 1?

    I have to say this blog is unreal and extremely we’ll written!


    1. Hi Tal,

      You can hit use social bookmarks on tier two or three and be pretty safe. Just don’t use them on tier one. Thank you for the support, friend!

  56. Thanks for this wonderful article and I love the way you explained each and every thing for building backlinks! Great and keep up the good work

  57. Hey Gotch,

    I downloaded your “how to build backlinks in 2015.” Great information!

    I’ve started trying to rank for a low competition keyword. I want to take the route of building Web 2.0s as backlinks for my website. Then I use this backlink indexing strategy as my means to get quality backlinks.
    By using only Web 2.0, will the help me rank easier once all the work is put in?

    1. Jimmy,

      Thanks for the comment! You’ll definitely want to diversify outside of web 2.0s. You should try to acquire some contextual links from relevant blogs if possible.

  58. Hey Gotch,
    Thanks for great article.
    I have one question, my backlinks are shown in but are not shown in Google web master tool, so are they help ranking my site?
    I heard many people said that SEO in 2015, the backlink is not important like before. Is it right?
    Looking forward to see your idea.

    Thank so much,

  59. Great article Nathan, I have been using some of those services like mass backlink ping, but somehow google has indexed my instagram feed, but not Twitter feed. I wonder why, any insight?

  60. Hi Nathan

    Just want to thank you for this great article, I am struggling with get my backlinks indexed, will try these method.

    Thanks again.

  61. I’m having trouble with building links. I’m commenting on High PR sites and posting unqiue content. But, backlinks are not showing. Just 2 months old domain. What to do ??

  62. Hi Nathan, i have some trouble with my Tier 1, i build them on Tumblr, Weebly, Blogger and it’s work well, WordPress quite slower then still good. But Livejourney, hubpages and jimdo look like noindex, right? Do you recommend anymore strong web 2.0 that index fast and strong like Blogger?

    My step on indexing process also not like use, i put all of them into instantlinkindexer and just wait, sometime i do exactly from step 6 to 1, not 1 to 6 lol, is that harm my goal to index ?

    I also hear from instantlinkindexer admin on BHW, look like google change some algo about instant index, so do you have solution to this ?

    Sorry for my bad English, and thank you for great share, i learned so much from your Blog ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Susan,

      Thanks for the comment. Yes, I would avoid Live Journal and Jimdo. I’m not sure about the algorithm change to Instant Link Indexer. It seems to still work well but I typically build tier two links to increase index rates

  63. Hey Gotch,
    Thanks for great article.
    I have one question, my backlinks are shown but are not shown in Google web master tool, so are they help ranking my site?

  64. Hi buddy…
    i’ve some question about your post.., why my website is still not indexed when i use your tools (, ?, but i was add into google webmaster from long days go…, how it can be like that ?

  65. Hey Gotch – in this freaking awesome post you mentioned “In my next post, Iโ€™ll show you step-by-step how I make every single one of my backlinks 100% unique, every single time.” but I can’t seem to find the post that discusses that. Could you let me know which of your posts talk about that so I can continue filling my notebook full of awesome strategies from THE GOTCH? LOL
    Thanks in advance man.

  66. Hi there, thanks for your post.
    Unfortunately I’m not getting my latest articles indexed, it’s been like 45 days so far.
    I will follow your advices to get better backlinks.


  67. Hey Gotch,

    Is it crucial to get your tier 2 backlinks indexed as well? Or as long as their linked they’ll do their job to strengthen the tier 1 link? (Web 2.0 in my case)

  68. Hmmm so it means that if i post on no follwo websites my link will not be index but how will i know that the site is a no follow website.

    1. Kweku,

      Thanks for the comment. You can view the page source or use the Moz toolbar and highlight NoFollow links. NoFollow and NoIndex are too entirely different functions. NoIndex is on the page level and NoFollow is on the link level. NoFollow links can still be indexed

  69. I did some research and found that social monkee only creates low quality backlinks. Is it still safe to use? Thanks.

  70. I’d suggest you do current testing because indexing isn’t happening like it use to. Nor are the indexing services working. Half of these techniques you list don’t currently work.

  71. Hey Gotch,
    Thank you very much for your share.It’s very useful for me. I have tried too many ways to get backlinks,but most of them are meaningless.
    I think i know how to do next.

  72. Hello Nathan ,

    Glad to see your tips on how to indexed backlinks. If backlink not indexed all work are worthless. Here i get clear information on how to index backlink. I love your tips on make unique content. Backlink indexer service is an good tricks to index backlink faster and safer.

    Many thanks for your great content.
    Kind Regards
    Yasin Rishad

  73. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for this valuable article. I didn’t know about Tier 2 links, never thought of it before reading this article. Thank you very much ๐Ÿ™‚

  74. I have been doing A LOT of research over the past month on safely building a tiered linking profile – I had initially planned for Level 3 and 4 layers – creating lesser quality links using various software out there which I have previously purchased/subscribed to….will that strengthen the level 2 and 3’s – or just cause problems and a higher chance of the 2 and 3’s to be flagged by Google, this weakening my level 1 unique properties.

    1. Hi Jayne,

      Thanks for the comment. Going beyond tier three is unnecessary. The only purpose of tier three is to index tier two. Don’t go crazy and you’ll be fine

  75. I found your article precisely because my backlinks are not getting indexed . I did a google search and found your article. I will follow your advice. thanks.

  76. Hello Nathan Gotch, I am learning about your idea in how to get backlinks indexed. According to Nathan, is it possible to direct link to our homepage, especially to save more effort any time in link building process. Thank for your answer Nathan.

  77. Hi Gotch,
    Thank you for this post, I really need info about this..
    I didn’t clear yet about content unique, what it is mean Gotch?
    did you mean I should make some comment and enter the anchor link in the text?
    I try to building link, mostly from forum and blog comment, I think I already did it many time, but when I checked my link just a few, I also checked that blog I comment or forum I sign up is follow..

    I want to ask to you, if I find blog comment that follow and index, than I comment in there around 5-10 comment in different post, was it bad for google index/my rank?
    please answer gotch, actually my english very bad, but I hope you understand the point..

    Thank you in advance Gotch

    1. Ricardo,

      Thanks for the comment! Most DoFollow blog comment links are spammy (because of the massive amounts of outbound links) and should only be used on tier two.

  78. Hey Gotch,

    All these tips are basically building another tier, blogger, social bookmarks etc. In that case, would you suggest something like social monkee over senuke for tier 2 links outright?

    Furthermore, do you know how sites like one hour indexing and the instant indexer you mentioned actually work? Are they building backlinks again?

    Thanks for your time, a new loyal reader.

    1. Matt,

      Thanks for the comment. Yes, you can automate the links with GSA or social monkee, but don’t get too aggressive. The indexation tools are created links to your properties, so make sure you only use one technique at a time. Check your indexation as you go

      1. Thanks! I guess my question is, is using something like one hour indexing or similar a suitable tier 2 flat out? Forget the other stuff. If they are reliable indexers because they create good backlinks, then why not just use indexers as tier two?

  79. I came across your article above regarding backlinks after we migrated to a new responsive site, and we want to work on backlinks as part of our strategy to recover and grow after migration in impressions and clicks. I notice you seem to be actively replying to comments, but I also notice comments stretch back to 2013. Is this article current and up to date advice, or are their elements of your article that are out of date at this point (September 2015). I would like to focus on your tips that are the most relevant now. I will also look into some of your other articles regarding linking. Thanks!

  80. Hello! I have one question: Can you tell me, what do you think about my strategy to get indexed: I have one best google plus account, and I put them many of my backlinks T1, about ( 100- 200 backlinks in one post), then i share this post into 20 other accounts.
    This is my strategy, and i see results. What do you think? Maybe this is my illusion. Sorry for my bad english.

    1. Alex,

      Thanks for the comment! To be honest, I haven’t test that strategy but 100-200 backlinks in single G+ post is extremely sketchy and will likely get your account banned.

  81. Hello Nathan Gotch, What is the best process to index links right now? i was doing the same as Alex said but still links are not getting indexed ! please help ! thanks !

  82. thanks for the tutorial is very bermanfat for me … but how to get a backlink on the social bookmarking is considered qualified unique ?

      1. As always, top-notch content, Mr. Gotch.

        I was skimming through the comments and saw that the above poster (mas212) posted a slightly confusing question, which I was hoping to attempt to clarify.

        What I believe he wishes to ask is, do links built via social bookmarking qualify as unique content?

        1. Hi Markus,

          Thanks for the comment!

          Unique content is unique content. So, if you use the same description across all your social bookmarks, then it wouldn’t be unique.

          I don’t recommended using social bookmarks on tier one – the only purpose they should serve is to get your tier one links indexed.

  83. Hi Nathan, it seems in general everyone is having a much harder time getting backlinks indexed within the last 2-3 months. Obviously using a backlink indexing service like Instant Link Indexer is ideal because it is fairly cheap, easy and quick. I haven’t signed up for an account yet so can you confirm it is still working well for you, has it worked well this month? What sort of % index rate do you usually get with the service? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Dan,

      I personally never have indexation issues because I only build quality links. The focus shouldn’t be on what tools produce the best indexation… the focus should be on getting better links that don’t need a shove to get indexed.

  84. Hey Nathan, great post this is, i had a query would be great if you could throw some light on tricks to optimize “Low hanging Fruits” in SEO. Would really appreciate it :-). Have a great time and keep rocking.

  85. Thanks for the information. Having a little difficulty getting backlinks picked up, but I might be a little too inpatient, as well. Will give this a spin and see how it goes. Pinging in 3…2….1…

  86. Well Written,

    Now I got to know how to index my Backlinks in next 24 hours. But My question,
    is it legitimate way, or we are inviting the Google for penalty?
    let me know clearly!


  87. You have provided a meaningful post and which help webmasters to understand about backlinks indexing strategies. Thanks for providing useful information regarding indexing links.

  88. hey Nathan, i have couple of questions:

    1. “Build a web 2.0 on โ€“ link to your backlinks that arenโ€™t indexed yet”
    when you said this, you mean typical web 2.0? Like i still need to create several unique pages in that web 2.0 on then I put a backlink in there to my tier 1 links? I was thinking to create a web 2.0 on where I don’t put too much content to save my time, is it possible?

    2. Social Monkee vs Instant Link Indexer – how does both services work, exactly? They give low quality backlinks to your tier 1 backlink to make sure the links get indexed fast or is there any difference between how they work? I want to try Instant Link Indexer but I think if the service work just like Social Monkee (providing low tier quality link just for the sake to get our links indexed) then what’s the point buying Instant Link indexer? Social Monkee is far cheaper

    1. Budi,

      Thanks for the comment and your questions.

      1. Yes sir, just create a one pager and link to your tier one links.

      2. It’s a matter of preference. Both can work well

  89. Nathan,

    I’m very new to SEO and I’ve been researching day and night for hours on end. I’ve purchased a ton of software, but I’ve never felt more confident on a specific strategy than I am now, after reading your post and the question and answer in the comment section.

    You are a truly dedicated and you seem to really care about people. I believe I’m going to be okay. I’m going to read the others and write down what you stated step-by-step and pen them on my board over my computer and let you know how it goes.

    Thanks again and keep up the great work, Nathan!


    1. Hi Terry,

      Thanks for the comment and thanks for the saying that! I do my best to give you guys everything I know. I know how hard it can be to learn this stuff and actually get results at the same time (I’ve been there). Please let me know if you have anymore questions.

      – Gotch

  90. Hey,

    Thanks for the article. I just purchased some bulk back links package from fiverr. Would they affect my website negatively? What can i do to prevent any penalties?

    Thanks in advance.

  91. HELL YEAH! ๐Ÿ˜€
    This is what was looking for, I have learned alot from your articles. Thanks for your deep down details… really it’s very helpful.

    I totally agree with you, that If your backlinks about “Quality” then you don’t have to push it for get index. I mean, I have done some experiments. A quality content get index much much MUCH better then a low quality (Google Like Quality – PROVED!)

    I don’t even know about Web 2.0s until I landed on your site ๐Ÿ˜€ I mean really! – Thanks Alot!

    Still I have some questions in mah mind, can you please answer it…
    1) Should we build tier 2s? – I mean is it really important*?
    2) How much content should I produce? To not get penalized from Google? (On each property)
    3) “Time-Gap” – I mean really, I’m an active user of Quora. I have got lot’s of question related to time-gap in each property. I wanted know from you…
    4) Is it ok? to all the properties from one address? – I mean Google is smart, you know!

    Please answer these question! – Thanks in advance ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Jagdish,

      Thank you for the comment!

      1. It’s not entirely necessary, but it can help to increase Page Authority (PA).
      2. For content on your site, quality is better than quantity.
      3. “time-gap” as in link velocity?
      4. Not sure what you’re asking here, please clarify

  92. Great article, many tips here. There is more problems if you need to index a profile links.
    The best strategy is to make a blog and index them from there (as links).

  93. hi gotch,
    i’m newbie in seo, i’m worried using (es: istant link indexter) to be penalized or banned by google.
    how can you check quality of backlinks?

  94. Hi, first, I want to thank you for detailed guide, I’ve a question for you.

    I’ve account on InstantLinkIndexer, and I’m putting the links on it after I checked if the links(that I’ll put) are indexed by Google or not. I’m checking them through couple of online services.

    My question is : Let’s say, in case of backlinks that I got via blog commenting, how would I check if Google crawl these links after I submit the comments ?

    Thank you very much again ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  95. Hey Gotch,
    That’s really nice. Getting links indexed is actually very important. What would you like to say about video backlinks? Like people create a video and drop a link there in the description.

  96. Hello,
    I read that the efficiency of InstantLinkIndexer decreased a lot since this summer. Did you notice that? Or do you still recommand it?

    1. They confirmed it in the forum.

      They used to superior in indexing because using a quick indexing of google mixed with other techniques. The bad news came about the 1st June 2015 when Google did some pretty big change in their indexing policies that cut down the fast indexing facility. So we feel that InstantLinkIndexer was not as strong as before.

      But they promise to keep the quality of their indexing though not as quick as before.

  97. What’s working best right now? Is Social Monkee still working, I mean, does the bookmarks still gets indexed?

  98. Hey Gotch,

    It’s an amazing article. I have to ask something about Social Monkee. Can I use it directly for my site that means can i share my article to these bookmarking sites. I have $7 package of social monkee. Please suggest me something to do.

  99. Hey Gotch,

    Awesome content like usual. You can also try this trick:

    – Create a new page at the root of your domain for example
    – In your Google Console, ask Google to go exploring the page /test/
    – After being explored, do a simple 301 to your backlink.
    – Return to Google console, and ask Google to go exploring again the page /test/, make sure that the redirection work then click on โ€œSubmit to indexโ€.
    – After indexing, you can remove your page /test/
    The index Rate Potential is high, but sometimes, this trick don’t work.

    Hope thatโ€™s help.

  100. Hi Gotch,

    Thank for your sharing. I will try this way, but do you have any way to index backlinks fastest. If you know please share for me.


  101. Sir Nathan Gotch, Thanks for sharing this trick with us. I was to curious to index my backlinks. I always ping just post where i commented or added back-link, but now i will use your tips to index my backlinks fast in google.

  102. Hello Nathan

    I am little confused. I made a blog in wordpress and I published an article which had a backlink to my website, then I set the link of the article to blogger. 2 months after that I checked wordpress and blogger with none was indexed. What might have caused this? Then I wrote a new article and placed a backlink there. I made also some shares in social media, but not indexed again. So what do you think?

  103. Hey Pal,
    I made a website two months back for my business and then started link building. I have done on page optimization and also submitted the sitemap. After that I wrote unique articles and used blogger and wordpress blog to get backlinks. I waited for some time and then I submitted the urls of these pages to Google that were not indexed, to make the process quick. I then also made some profile backlinks on Dell community, Amazon, and some more do follow links on high Pr websites like 6,7,8 PR. After two months all of my backlinks are indexed now. I have done manual submission but I don’t know why my ranking is not improving even a bit. I used some similar articles for link building on profile websites but for WordPress and blogger they are 100% unique but still when I use a backlink checker it never shows these links. I wonder what I am missing here. I still couldn’t figure out after reading your article. Could you please let me know where I am wrong.

  104. Hello Sir, Thank you so much for this information.

    My blog is completely new and was trying to figure out how do I get backlinks and how will I get indexed them fast.

    I have two question for you:

    Does Forum and web 2.0 links are still valuable/ attainable in 2016?

    Does PBN still work in 2016?

    thanks for helping us out.

    Keep sharing.

  105. Besides for pinging, will the other methods work on backlinks created on blog posts? Would you recommend still going out and looking for backlinks on blogs using blog commenting anyway?

  106. Hello ๐Ÿ™‚

    i have one question for about tier 2 link

    can i use for tier 2 link (for indexing) one website ?

    example: if i create some BLOG or website and i added backlinks(with article) in this blog. for signal to index. is this safe ?

    sorry for bad englishi


  107. Hello NATHAN,

    you this post is very helpful for me. actually i was searching for things that how can i create quality backlinks as i am a new guy in field of seo. your post help me a lot to understand the backlink process.
    thanks and keep it up

    Neeraj Gupta

  108. Look , i have tried all of the above tools. i want to know about paid tool . can you please suggest me any paid tool.
    Waiting for your positive response.

  109. Nathan first of all i wanna thank you for your hard work putting up everything and even spoon feeding us (the newbies) i really appreciate the effort

    I have a very stupid question so stupid that i dont want you to laugh at me pls dont ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am new to SEO completely new like i was reading your blogs for 2 weeks now and im still clueless, my site is 5 months old, its a branded site from the very 1st day we have built social network pages of it like facebook, linkedin, twitter etc. and been promoting our site on our facebook page cause i dont know about SEO that time and i just learned that in order for people to find me through targeted keywords is by doing SEO and i learned that i need backlinks so the very 1st thing i did is check my site for backlink and guess what? lol i have 0 backlinks, i also tested it using ahrefs, majestic, monitor backlinks and some other softwares google webmaster tools and analytics no nothing ๐Ÿ™ for 5 months my site is MOZ PA and DA is zero, majestic TF and CF is zero so terrible anyway heres my question

    does facebook or any social media links doesnt count? cause you know its been 5 months and we are active on facebook our website url is visible on our social media pages but why SEO softwares doesnt pickup these backlinks?

    so sad really sad thats why i came to this blog cause i want to see if i can just use instant link indexer to fix my problem so at least i would know that my sitehave backlinks. Am i penalized? why theres no backlink showing

    sorry for the long comment i am pretty desperate i dont know where to go.

    Arnold E.

  110. Hi Nathan

    I am running a website and spent a lot of money on backlinks etc. Your article is an eye opener and helped me understand that I am on the wrong track. Better late than never, I understood where my shortfalls are.

    Thanks again mate.

  111. so you mean facebook, twitter and linkedin links can not be detected or seo softwares doesnt list them?

    i am sure that my naked URL is displayed on all our social media pages since day 1 so SEO softwares should be able to detect it unless its not really seen.

    sorry if i am confused

  112. Nathan,

    Thank you so much for your prompt reply it seems i am confusing you with my question ๐Ÿ™ the question is, will SEO softwares like spyglass, monitor backlinks, ahrefs and majestic (those are the tools im using right now) will not show these type of backlinks? cause i started building naked links through out our social media accounts and to think all are in publick since its a business page and these softwares doesnt show any of my links from social media i just feel that there is something wrong here.

    thanks nathan i apologize for being annoying i am just trying to learn so pls bear with me

    thanks a lot

    1. Hey Arnold,

      Thanks for the comment. No, most of the softwares will not show social media links. They will show social media shares, but not direct links in general. The best thing to do is check Google Search Console. It is typically the most accurate way to identify the links hitting your site (including social media links)

  113. woww really great tips. I’ve used a couple of them lately and downloaded an Ecel file showing all of my backlinks were indexed. Thank you so much!

  114. Hi,

    Thanks for this great article! I was just wondering how you can check if a backlink or a link has been indexed or not by Google?

    Can you please hep me with that?

    Thanks for your precious help

  115. Thanks for the excellent article. I’ve been creating backlinks but not seeing the results yet in Majestic. Now I know to wait a little while then do a few things to help them along.

    1. Thanks for the comment Vincent. Keep in mind: just because your links aren’t showing in Majestic doesn’t mean that they aren’t indexed. Do a manual check in Google.

  116. Hi Nathan, Thank you so much for sharing this Awesome ways to get backlinks indexed. I will surely gonna try this all ๐Ÿ™‚

  117. It’s an awesome post and very very informative.. thanks for posting this article. It is very helpful to know everything about backlink indexing.

  118. Hi dear,
    It is very use ful post you have shared. But please also share how can i check weather my links are indexed or not? Please answer.

  119. I am new in SEO and I don’t know how a link indexed. But when I found this informational article about how anyone index their link now I am know this. Thanks Nathan for your descriptive writing about Backlink indexing process.

  120. Thanks Nathan for your tutorial.
    When do you consider a link indexed? The weird thing is that states that my links are indexed, but they don’t appear in my search console.
    Thanks for your time and keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Jaap,

      Thanks for the comment. To truly know if your link is indexed you must copy and paste the link into Google. If the page shows up, it is indexed.

  121. finally find tips I was looking getting backlink indexed.I have read the article carefully and decided to follow you. thnx for the great post. It should help to get good rank for my site…

  122. Great post. I have recently created Web 2.0 properties after reading your posts on creating backlinks. Now I was looking to index those backlinks and this post of yours came through. You are doing great job Gotch!

  123. Hey Gotch First of all i want say thank you for this great Share. Basically i used Ahrefs, SeoProfiler and other services to track my competitor Backlink and yes i do Backlink indexing method.

  124. What exactly is “pinging?” I notice a lot of “pings” on my WP-based website and I’ve never quite understood why anyone would legitimately use them. They seem so spammy. Am I correct that they are just spam comments?

  125. Hi I have read the article and I ping the links and also create tier 2 links that I was also doing before reading this article and I was also thinking that the tier 2 links are helpful for getting index any link and now I read this article and I am 100% sure that i was going on right track so, you have cleared my confusion, but I just want to that when I create a link or web 2.0s link, then first of all, i submit it on and then do pinging and make some tier 2 links, but first of all, i submit the link there and will it give the same ranking juice because I index it by using method, then follow this article or it will effect the ranking juice ? waiting for your reply ๐Ÿ™‚

  126. Thanks Sir !
    But i am looking for a method to index backlinks in five minutes and without any tool or software. a friend syays that he has the method but he did not want to tell us.

  127. Great article thank you! Isn’t an indexing service, do almost what Pining does? How can one really be that more effective than the other, if they all just submit a URL to Google’s Submit tool I am guessing..

  128. Thanks for the wonderful article. The biggest problem I am facing is no backlinks are indexing even after 1 month of waiting. I made lot of backlinks in that period of 1 month from forums, comments, directory submissions, adding links in bio of social media profile etc. But only few backlinks (just 5-6 got indexed) I am tired & bored of waiting. still don’ t know all those links will be indexed or Not in future days.

  129. job finding backlinks is very tiring and annoying , every time I looked it up on a search engine , all rambling , until I found this , I hope this time really the information I needed . thanks.

  130. I really like your backlink article.This article may help me.But I Have A Question I have Created some backlinks using online tools am i able to remove them.

  131. Good guide for backlinking honestly i am newbie about seo but i want to learn and i found this guide. the part that i want to know is do you think it will work if i am posting naked link in blogs in high PR?
    Also i would like to know if this seo method still working as of now because i heard that google is updated and change some other fructure or what i heard from the others.. do you think this methods of backlinking and pinging still work in new update?

  132. Thank you for this helpful post.
    But there is one thing about backlinks I really don’t get it. Do you have any experiments with behance?
    I submited a post on it and google indexed my post but no link to my website from that post.
    Please clear it for me, thanks.

  133. If you fill your blogs, bookmarking and social media accounts with content. People will like and share the information. These “signals” will automatically lead to indexing sooner or later. If content on your sites is thin, one of the next algo updates may de-index these links, even you have manged to index them before.

  134. Can be index article posted like on huffington post with that.I mean i have a contributor account. Editor post get indexed within hours,but contributors post takes a lot of time to get indexed in google.

  135. Great article Nathan Gotch you have done such a great job. Actually, my blog some backlinks are indexed and some are not indexed it has been 2 months now and I don’t know how to do this but your this article is very helpful for me and also for newbies like me.

  136. Hello GOTCH your post is wonderfull . I have a question , I build backlink from signature forum and I see some forum index backlink and some not , so how I can find forum index signature ?

  137. Never heard of #5 (Build a web 2.0 on โ€“ link to your backlinks that arenโ€™t indexed yet)… sounds good. I should give it a try

  138. It’s a pain when over the years I’ve generated genuine backlinks with great content and they never get indexed, all exclude the issues that may happen above. Great post though, hopefully they go my way one day, the latest Google update has definitely went crazy for me.

  139. Good post and we definitely utilize most of these processes. One thing, do you think using a tool like Linklicious or any other backlinking indexing service could be damaging for quality links?

  140. Hi Nathan,

    what about noindex but dofollow link.
    I am planning to start a deal website. I want to index only few pages. For example I want to index only not all individual mobile phone pages.
    For that I am planning to make all individual posts as no-index and that will link to main category page (
    So my question is will it work?


    1. Hey Akki,

      Thanks for the comment. Noindex means Google isn’t going to index that page. That means the link won’t count. Doesn’t matter whether it’s DoFollow or NoFollow.

      Note: my suggestion is based on backlinks. Your question isn’t relevant this article because it’s about on-site.

  141. wow thanks for the information and i want to ask one thing that i have made backlinks on a site of my blog. so to get them index fast in google, should we ping our blog address or the site on which we create backlink??? please clear my doubt urgently.

  142. Thank you Nathan Gotch . I am following your posts for some time and every time i get great tips. I will try to follow your advice and hope it will work. i want something from you how to find email search in google?
    thank you again.

  143. Hey Gotch,

    I had an old domain with high quality backlinks and recently switched to a new domain. I had some bloggers change my old backlinks to link to my new domain, however I am not seeing these backlinks being indexed when I check. It’s been about a month since they switched the backlinks.

    Does Google have to “re-index” the page after the backlink has been changed? I’m just wondering why I’m not seeing these backlinks.


    1. Hey Jeremy,

      Thanks for the comment. Yes, Google has to recrawl the page before it recognizes the change. Check the page cache to verify that Google crawled it

  144. Your blogger method is an excellent way to get them indexed.Thanks for the help Nathan. I also use a tool that reports to me daily when any link gets indexed/deindexed. It’s called and it is amazing. A great complement to your methods above. Keep up the good work!

  145. index backlinks via web 2.0 is confuse for me that means i create and past those link where i submit my money site link? right?

  146. Before Reading Your Article I Was In Hell. Because I Was Unable To Effort Any Indexing Tools And My Backlink Indexing Was Slow. Thanks Mate For Helping Me.

  147. Hey Nathan,
    Great post you shared, I was actually looking for some tips on how to get your backlinks indexed. I created some guest posts and they still haven’t got indexed, Will apply your strategies. Also great article on Building Tier Two Links, It really gave me a better understanding on how build your links. Thanks for the great content, Keep it coming ๐Ÿ™‚

  148. Hi Nathan, Thanks for your information that are valuable for me.I am new in SEO But I have still a question that is which link should be save when I do link building of my site to use it further in tier 2 link building. So Can you please share video how to do proper link building from scratch to tier 3 step by step/……

    I will waiting for your revert.


  149. Hi Nathan,

    thanks for your insight. The most important part was with the web2.0s.

    Additionally, I checked the tool and it doesn’t seem to work properly for me as I had different results while using this tool and just “”. Any thoughts on that?

  150. When you say “index backlinks,” do you mean just having the post that links to you show up in Google SERPS, or do you mean have links to your site show up in your Search Console?

  151. You can force-index no-index links, at least some, I tested it with a free Wix site (which now are not indexed), to the homepage–you need to do each post separately. Just use submit URL to Google.

  152. thank you sir for your awesome articles i have tried some but main problem occurs while indexing backlinks and you know how important is backlink indexing.
    Thank you

  153. hello @NATHAN GOTCH it was great experience to read your article. All of your tips and suggestion make lot sense to me and i am going to work on it. I usually build backlinks and wait when all will be indexed but now going to avoid as you suggest

  154. Do you think PBN is worth it? Because it’s a lot of work and needs to have a different IP for Google not recognize the PBN, I believe that PBN is worth for who has several clients, but for those who have several different sites, is that good?

    I liked his tips, even though he was not 100% fluent in English, he understood well, I use the ping a lot, I’ll start using the others. Thank you!

  155. If I have a old blogger that I used as a personal blog (before I got into SEO) should I not use it for indexing links?

    It’ll have my name all over it.

  156. Where were you Gotch? I was in search of this. Thanks bro.
    One question: I ordered a gig on fiverr for my two new sites. These gigs were 25 edu links, 50 links from comments, 200 social boomarkings and 6 manual backlinks from authority sites. I think it’s not that much to affect my sites in negative. Right?

    And what about getting a nofollow link from sites like Buzzfeed?

    1. I wouldn’t use 99.9% of the backlinks offered in Fiverr gigs. A NoFollow link from Buzzfeed won’t hurt you

  157. I just tried gig from Fiver, to see what it’s worth. 50 links they delivered was majority do follow from social bookmarks and web 2.0 profiles. However the value of the links are ZERO! I was surprises that so many people (who rate the gig 5 stars) don’t understand what they do. Basically the gig sales air for $5. If you don’t juice the pages with back links to you, even indexing the page will not pass much value to you. If PA equals 1 it will not pass anything to you, regardless of DA value. 0 cannot produce anything but 0.

  158. Hi Gotch,
    Thanks for sharing this insane link indexation strategy especially Web 2.0 or Social Signals. I am using these strategies with the secret tip to my tier 2 links for getting indexation faster.

  159. Hey there,
    But some people advice don’t ping your backlinks. Don’t know the sole reason. By the way thanks for sharing nice info. My blog is new and i requires help.

  160. This is definitely a big help with getting backlinks indexed. After this new update I’m especially careful to make sure I’m building backlinks on solid sites with a low spam score.

  161. My links arent showing up from Facebook or and of my social media profiles. Only one link showing up from a design agency directory. 2 links 1 referring domain. I’m using semrush. Any ideas?

    1. Hey Cal,

      Most of the major link crawlers ignore social media links because A) Google doesn’t index many of the them and B) they are often NoFollow. In general, social media links won’t have much of an impact on your SEO results.

  162. Hello, I have few questions.

    1. Is using Linklicious safe?

    2. Ping which link? the link that contain our backlink? our blog?

    3. web 2.0 really works? and we place the link of those site which has our link? and can we just use fetch as google??

    1. Thanks for the comment!

      1. “Safe” isn’t the word I would use
      2. The page that is hosting your backlink
      3. Do they work in general? Yes. Will they work for you in particular? I have no idea

  163. Hi Nathan.
    Thanks for sharing this stuff.
    I just wondering..
    01. We just create web 2.0 and create post?
    02. What about meta description, robot txt? Should we set up?
    Thanks for answer.
    Sorry for my bad English.

    1. Hey Ismail,

      Yes, that’s all. You usually don’t have access to the robot.txt file on web 2.0 websites

  164. Hi Nathan,

    Great article as always!! I have a question for you. says my page is indexed but in google search console there’s no backlink pointing to my website. Do you have an explanation for this?


    1. Thank you for the comment Jim! Not sure what you’re asking me to explain. Google Search Console doesn’t show all your backlinks. Have you checked Majestic or Ahrefs?

  165. Hey Nathan,
    How come your link you gave ( that should speak about building tier 2 backlinks re-directs to your /backlinks/ page. And on that /backlinks/ page, you don’t really talk how to build these tier 2 links except mention it once in passing and respond to several comment questions regarding it.

    Would you mind telling if that page/article is live and where we can find it. If not, any brief explanation on this would be appreciated, as all the excellent articles I have read so far.

    1. Hey Mike,

      We are going to add a more comprehensive tier two section to this article (based on new strategies we are using). The other article was outdated

  166. Nathan, thanks for the awesome article. Do you have an opinion of the “Rapid Indexer” on Could that be an additional step you could hit stubborn backlinks with?

    1. Tier two backlinks will index most links. If that doesn’t work, then it is likely a low quality link placement

    1. Hey friend,

      Thanks for the comment. That’s probably a little aggressive, but you can’t control when your links are indexed anyway. It’s unlikely that all 100 links would index at the same time.

  167. Really Helpful I just wanted to confirm here if buying premium ping service is feasible but you didn’t recommend it instead you introduce a good way to do it, I am sure it is gonna work because Google loves Blogger and never miss any single published post from blogger platform.

  168. Hi Nathan,
    I know this is an older post BUT I was wonderijng if you could please answer my question. I used some of your methods a while ago to get my links indexed and it worked great.

    I was just checking all my Tumblr links and noticed about 12 of them were not indexed. (all from the same Tumblr) So I made a best of post like you suggested on They are now indexed.

    Now Im thinking what the hell was I thinking? I probably shouldnt have indexed all of them from the same site at once. Am I going to get hurt from this? Should I remove them? Or some of them, or am I ok?
    Your help is much appreciated!

  169. Great article and now i am applying and doing backlinkings
    How that i can build a good backlinks for my website which i am started to learn how to rank my website for building links..

    Also Learning to make a PBN links for tier 2..

  170. Hi,
    I have an eCommerce website. I’m not putting link here because it can be make spam here.
    So come to the point, my all links are not indexing in google. What should I do for indexing. One more thing do you have any article on SEO of eCommerce website. If you have plz reply me.

  171. Hi Gotch,
    Detailed explanation and thanks for the post.

    I have a doubt regarding large sites where pointing deep links in web 2.0 Technic is not at all possible as the large site will have many leaf url’s so in this case should we point top level hierarchy pages for deep level URL indexing..!

  172. Gotch,
    I was just checking all my Tumblr links and noticed about 12 of them were not indexed. (all from the same Tumblr) So I made a best of post like you suggested on They are now indexed.

    Now Im thinking what the hell was I thinking? I probably shouldnt have indexed all of them from the same site at once. Am I going to get hurt from this? Should I remove them? Or some of them, or am I ok?
    Your help is much appreciated!

  173. Thank you so much, I learn some new thing on backlink indexing. I am also planning to write a post about this topic and honestly your post ‘ll help me to make my post more awesome.


  174. Hello,
    One of the best post i have read ever on this topic. All these methods are great ways to create backlinks. Thanks for sharing this post.
    Keep writing !

  175. Hi Gotch,
    i recently created a domain on insurance and I’ve been doing pretty god work on the site but my backlinks aren’t indexing.
    Came across this post and i’m trying it out right away.
    Thanks for sharing..

  176. Thanks for sharing such a great article. All the above points are 100% true, tier 2 links, Social signles and web 2.0 is very easy to index backlinks.
    Keep it up , Good give you more sucess

  177. Hello. I have been reading GOTCH SEO content and feature links on one of my websites to various GOTCH SEO articles. This article is right to the point and has useful and valuable links to services that make sense. I have bought back link packages from Fivver and a few other discount similar packages via Black Hat World. I have also spun content and and and…horrible, stupid, dumb award goes to ME. Thank you for your articles and guidance. My over arching plan is to NEVER be LAZY the stupid way. Any comments out there about the journey to best SEO and the pitfalls of bad SEO, trying to game the system, and so on? Do you have any personal experiences you dare share? Let me know.

  178. hello Gotch,
    Read this today and got to know so much about Backlink indexing.
    very helpful for me. ๐Ÿ™‚
    thanks man.

  179. Hi Nathan Thanks for helping. I am now using web 2.0 method and I can see that my backlinks are getting indexed now. Thanks again Nathan.

  180. Thanks Gotch, great advises.
    I always pink backlinks by Google Submit Tool. It’s the fastest way, although you have to do it each link ๐Ÿ™‚

  181. Wow This is Best Article i have read about backlink indexing ๐Ÿ™‚ You really post very informative article and am feeling amazed after reading this ๐Ÿ™‚
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    I tried it again today and i was so happy to find this article…I was going to use web 2.0 but i hhad doubts about leaving footprints….Now i got that i need to remove them after my backlinks get indexed….

    Great Article Thanks…..

  183. Thanks for these tips. Actually, I am looking for some backlinks indexing tools. I found your great post. I like the expired 2.0 method.

  184. Hey Gotch,
    Thanks for this great share.
    But could you please tell me how can I find do follow high quality backlinks? As you say nofollow or spammy link sucks, how I find the HQ links?
    Is there any article you read about the solution of my problem?

  185. Do you have any good simple or basic method to launch high authority expired tumbler because i collected them and register with high authority and high cf and tf in majestic..
    I hope that you can teach me in setting up a one web 2.0’s like tumblr and how to past juice..
    Sorry for other topic since i already posted here before.. i just post a new comment and hoping that you can help me step by step or a simple guide for basic people.
    I already test and follow the safe guide in gsa ranker forum
    but i just notice almost all my backlinks for commenting and for url redirect not following what anchortext did i type in setup..

    Hope that you have a simple and basic guide thanks really want to learn seo..

  186. Hey Gotch!

    Two questions from my side.

    #1. is it safe to submit the url to google directly with webmaster tool? or use the webmaster tool of friends

    #2. Is it good to go to use third party index service like instantlinkindexer or other similar.

    1. Hey Sarah,

      Thanks for the comment.

      1. I wouldn’t do that
      2. It can work, but it’s better to focus on getting quality backlinks because they index easier

  187. Hi Gotch ,

    Great post as always, thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚
    One question for you,
    How do I know if the web 2.0 will index or not, last time I tried When I got my job done I found it won’t get index, some other guys blog will get index because they paid for them.

    So before I started using a web 2.0, how do I know it will index or not?


    1. Hey Chris,

      Thank for the comment! It’s hard to say, but many of the web 2.0s don’t index well

  188. Many thanks for your such a nice post. I really appreciated to share this valuable information. It’s really helpful some like me who is noob in link building. Keep up your good work. Thanks

  189. Hey Nathan
    Thanks for sharing a great post. I have a question.
    You said don’t maks link from sites without editorial process. Well,there are many sites which have high authority like
    Its guestpost offer nofollow noindex link. Do you think such link would be valuable? If not then why people are paying more than 100$ for each link. Such links wont index. Many people know that before they buy but i surprise when they buy it anyway. Can you please answer my question?
    Actually i want a link from but i am not ready to spend money for a noindex link. Am i wrong?

    1. Thanks for the comment Marry. No you’re not wrong! Those links are worthless if they aren’t being indexed in Google.

  190. Great Post, thank you for the help
    I have a question maybe a little noob, but:
    how can I know if my backlink was indexed?, only if it appear in the Search Console?
    or only if the page was indexed this mean that the links in this page was indexed?
    I dont know, for example I have a link in a page with high autorithy, I googling the page and obviosly this appear, I see the cache version and it is today, and in the cache appear my link, but this dont apeear in mi GSC.
    then, that link was or wasnt indexed?
    are is a way to check this with footprint in google?
    sorry for a lot of question…
    you are great

  191. Thanks for the article Nathan Gotch! i have a question if i comment on other sites then it would show a link of my website on my name is this kind of links can work for backlinking?

  192. Thanks For Sharing this informative article
    Recently i created my new wordpress blog which was not indexing,But after implemeting your techniques i was able to index it
    Thank you

  193. Hi, first time here, im having a few problems with this.
    First of all i enjoyed the article and your blog in general. So thanks for this.
    Second, im sure i have backlinks from different sites like gravatar, klear, klout, moz, etc. Why they are not showing on any tool? They should appear right?


    1. Hey Sebastian,

      Thanks for the comment. Most link crawlers don’t show links from those platforms because they don’t have much value (since anyone can get them).

  194. This was some awesome content. I have always faced issues for registering my backlinks.. Blogger doesn’t seem to work for me! could you let me know few other websites which would allow me to link and get indexed.

  195. great advice sir i will do the same, i will use social signals to index my domains.
    do you think web 2.0 sites like wordpress and blogspot will also work?

  196. Thanks for such a detailed explanation of getting backlinks indexed.
    I also support the idea of tier 2 links, which must be of good and unique contents as well. Any scrappy text will add no value to the pages of tier 2 links Since Google is smart enough.

  197. Hi Gotch
    Thanks for your post. It was really helpful to me.
    Earlier I was indexing links manually through Google index URL but the problem was that most of my backlinks don’t get indexed despite of doing that several time. Now I’ll go for web 2.0
    I hope it works and get all of my backlinks indexed.

  198. Hi Nathan Gotch Sir,

    I was very curious about link building. I built many backlinks but when I check it shows no backlinks. So, I thought to index backlinks and searched on Google and came across your site. And your post is great. I learned a lot about indexing backlinks.

  199. Great article.
    I have tried your web 2.0 on a blogger account that I had for several years and used it to try and index some press releases and citations. The post got indexed fairly fast but the ten links in there are still not getting indexed.
    What is your opinion about link indexing services?
    Thanks for all the great info here.

    1. Hey Edward,

      Most don’t work well. It’s easier to focus on acquiring higher quality backlinks because those index automatically.

  200. Hi Gotch
    Thanks for your post. It was really helpful to me.
    Earlier I was indexing links manually through Google index URL but the problem was that most of my backlinks donโ€™t get indexed despite of doing that several time. Now Iโ€™ll go for web 2.0
    I hope it works and get all of my backlinks indexed.

  201. That an interesting post and thanks for sharing your knowledge. I will definitely take some advice from here. The problem is we are very impatient with backlinks!

  202. Thanks for your sharing. But i have a question for you: Can I use Webmaster tool of google to index my backlink?
    Looking forward to your reply.

  203. Thanks for this guide, I will try it for sure, since the indexing of my backlinks is problematic, to say the least.

    But, could you please elaborate more on the social signals process? More specific: Do we send signals to the specific blogger pages or to the actual pages that hold our links?

  204. Hey! Thank you for sharing a lot of useful information.
    I’ve got a question regarding backlink indexing. Many people who have services there on Konker, Seoclerks, Fiverr, to make backlinks for you, say that ranking results would be seen after 2-3 weeks from purchase, because this is the time it takes google to index them. Is it true?
    Thank you!

    1. No, it’s not that black and white. A link needs to be indexed for it to be “counted”, but that doesn’t mean you will see an impact as soon as it’s indexed

  205. I am very much pleased by your article about backlinks indexing and it is very helpful to me to build quality ones further more. Thank you for guidance and tools .

  206. Thanks for the share. Just a little question here,
    Does frequently updating your content makes your external offsite backlinks get indexed quickly? because some of my backlink have not been indexed yet even when they live on quality sites.

  207. Hello sir
    I have already commended on 100+ dofolloww commentluv blogs but my links are not indexed on google websites and also on semrush. What to do plz help me.

  208. Nathan,
    Thanks again for the help last month. If a link is indexed will it always show up when you google site:url ?
    The bulk backlink checker says my links are indexed but i cant find them via site:url query. Does it take time to show up in search?

  209. Nice tips for Indexing the Backlinks. I have used free method and paid method for indexing, But my overall conclusion is just go for paid method. is the best tool for indexing the backlinks.
    But if you don’t want to spend then go for web 2.0. I also used this method , it worked for me. Thanks for the wonderful information for sharing with us.

  210. Very helpful information. I was tired for searching about how to fast index from last week. Today I got it exact information. Thanks!!

  211. Thanks a lot, this is an informative guide, I tried elitelinking instead of linkicious but it doesnot work for me. my web.20 is still not getting index until I use submit url to google.

  212. I want to thank you for your time on writing such a great content. I like reading your articles and these are really helpful.

  213. You there, this is really good post here. Thanks for taking the time to post such valuable information. Quality content is what always gets the visitors coming.

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