How to Add Subscribe Button on YouTube Video (2023)

YouTube is an excellent platform and way to attract users to your brand and products. Many people are visual learners and need this type of interaction to understand the benefits of doing business with and following you.

You may be wondering how to add subscribe button on YouTube video (2023) to ensure that users are signing up for your channel with ease and you’re gaining followers. YouTube recently changed the menus for how to add this, so it’s important to know these new steps to continue running your business and YouTube channel successfully.

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Getting Started

You need to download an image that you can use for your subscribe button on YouTube. Be sure you use the free ones out there or Google images to find one and be mindful of any copyright issues.

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Then download it, go to YouTube, log into your account, select your avatar in the top right, and select your channel in the menu.

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How to Add A Subscribe Button

Once in your channel, find the button that says ‘customize channel’ and select it. It’ll bring you to the new channel customization page and tools.

On the top menu, select branding and go all the way to the bottom to the video watermark. It’ll add that subscribe button to all your videos.

They recommend it is 150 x 150 pixels. All you need to do is select ‘upload’, find the image on your computer, and select ‘done’.

It gives you a quick preview, and now you can select the display time. You have the choice of the end of the video, the custom start time, or the entire video.

Then go up to the top right and select publish.

channel customization

Then when you go back to your YouTube channel and load a video, you can see that the new subscribe button is hovering over your video, and if people go to it, they can subscribe to your channel very easily.

channel customization
channel customization
channel customization
channel customization

Adding the Subscribe Button Using Your Phone

Open up the browser on your phone and navigate to YouTube.com and log into your channel.

Go to the top right, select the three vertical dots in the menu, and select a desktop site. It’ll reload YouTube, so it looks like it does on a desktop computer.

Then all you need to do is select your avatar in the top right and then select your channel. It’ll bring you to your channel on YouTube.

The steps are exactly the same as they are if you’re using a computer. All you need to do is find a customized channel and select that and then select branding in the top menu in the new tool.

Go to the bottom, select video watermark, upload your image, select done, and then select the display time (entire video). Then all you need to do is publish it in the top right.

Easy Step-by-Step Guide

Follow the steps below to add a Subscribe button to your YouTube videos:

1. Download a Subscribe Button image. You can either use the subscribe buttons linked in the online video tutorials or Google “Subscribe Button,” then select Images.

2. Within Images, select Tools, then colors, then select Transparent. Once you have found a suitable image, right-click the image and then select Save As.

3. After you have saved your image, go to: studio.youtube.com. This is where you upload your videos and edit the descriptions.

4. Select Customization in the left sidebar.

5. In Channel customization, select Branding. Here, you can add a watermark to all of your videos, and this will be our Subscribe button.

6. Select Choose Image and locate the image you saved in step 2. You should see a small preview of how it will look.

7. Under Display Time, select when you want to display the Subscribe button. We will select Entire Video in this outline, but if you are only interested in adding this to the end of your video, select that, or you can add custom time. It is entirely up to you.

8. Select Publish.


You now know how to add subscribe button on YouTube Video (2023) to ensure you’re gaining new subscribers over time and that it’s easy for a user to sign up for your channel. It’s an important step you must take if you want to have a successful channel and continue to grow an interest in your videos and content as time passes.

Once you have a user’s attention, you must make it simple for them to sign up to follow your channel and receive new videos as you roll them out and reference past videos.

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