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Graeme Knight

Software Developer at Canadian Blood Services

Graeme Knight

What first drew you to the SEO industry?

I have owned three small businesses in the last 13 years. Two of them have been online. The other was a software consultancy. My limited and self-taught knowledge of SEO has helped our sales. Most of our revenue is generated through organic search. We don’t pay for ads. Because of this, as well as my love for business, software, sales, data and analytics, it seemed natural to want to take a deeper dive toward the SEO world. If I can help myself, perhaps start another business helping others, then that is a win!

What encouraged you to join Gotch SEO Academy and learn with us?

I did a little research – actually very little – and found that Gotch SEO Academy offered more than any other course out there. Nathan’s approach and demeanour is genuine and he is authentic. He and his team obviously put a lot into the Academy and it really shows. I applied to the Academy and was really thrilled to have a call with Simon and be accepted as a student.

What has the value of a Gotch SEO Academy education meant to you?

I’m early in my studies but I already see that I absolutely made the right choice. I am willing to put in the hard work and combined with extremely valuable course content and support, I know I will succeed in my goals. This is HUGE!

What are your plans for the future?

I want to exponentially grow the organic traffic to my eCommerce store and websites to increase revenue. I would also like to build an SEO and online consultancy and ultimately support customers with the knowledge and experience that I gain. It is important to me that this is done in a genuine way that offers a high degree of quality. This is why I invested in Gotch SEO Academy.

Is there any advice you’d like to share with new students who are aspiring SEOs?

It’s the advice I tell myself: There isn’t magic, only hard work. Gotch SEO Academy can help show you the path but the rest is up to you. You need to put in the work and know it is a marathon not a sprint.

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