How Gael Breton Escaped Client SEO & Built a Full-Time Income Through Affiliate Marketing

Who Gael Breton and why should you listen to him?

Well, first Gael is a tremendously talented affiliate marketer who specializes in building “authority” websites. Gael got his start in the SEO agency world and transitioned into owning his own properties.

How Gael Breton Became the Authority Hacker by The SEO Life Podcast

In this discussion, you’ll learn:

  • How Gael started and grew his first SEO agency
  • The one technique you can use to get more SEO clients (hint: no one does this)
  • A simple formula Gael used to escape working with clients
  • Why you shouldn’t dive into affiliate marketing unless you have a critical safety net (around 15:00)
  • What beginner affiliate marketers can do to generate cash flow fast
  • If you actually need to be passionate about the niche or not…
  • …and much more!