54 Important Facebook Statistics for 2022

The following is a collection of bang-up-to-date Facebook statistics for your perusal. If you want to learn how the social media giant is evolving as a platform and its relation to marketers, this is the place to be.

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Key Facebook Marketing Statistics

Here we present the general marketing statistics for Facebook as a platform, including its overall reach. You’ll learn just how huge the social media network is and how it makes most of its advertising revenue in the US and Canada, despite North American users only comprising around 10 percent of its user base.

1. Facebook achieved more than 2.45 billion monthly users in 2020 (Brandtastic)

2. Facebook Stories gained more than 150 million daily viewers last year (Tech Crunch)

3. At least 2.36 billion people use at least one Facebook service every day (including Facebook, Whatsapp, Messenger, and Instagram) (Zephoria)

4. The average person spends around 35 minutes per day on Facebook – plenty of time for marketers to get their message across (Media Kix)

5. The average Facebook users access their app around eight times per day on average, typically during times, such as after work, when they are most likely to buy (Smart Insights)

6. 44 percent of social media users who said that social media influences their shopping habits noted that Facebook was the most influential (Marketing Dive)

7. Facebook currently operates more than 60 million small business pages, second only to Google in terms of SMB reach (Facebook)

8. More than 400 million people are members of Facebook groups “they find meaningful” according to Facebook, up from 100 million in April 2016 (CNBC)

9. Around 78 percent of consumers say that they’ve discovered new products on Facebook – or roughly three out of every four people who use the platform (Kleiner Perkins)

10. Facebook is the world’s third-most visited website in the west, after Google and YouTube (Wiki)

11. Facebook will be eighteen years old in 2022 and has achieved global reach for marketers in a surprisingly short time (Facebook)

12. 79 percent of US adults aged 18 to 49 use Facebook monthly (Statista)

13. Facebook usage is growing fastest in adults over the age of 65, expanding more than 7 percent last year (eMarketer)

14. 40 percent of US adults aged over 65 use Facebook (Statista)

15. Only around 10.1 percent of global Facebook users live in developed North American countries. More than 41.5 percent dwell in the Asia-Pacific region (Facebook)

16. Daily active users topped 196 million in the US and Canada, 305 million in Europe, 727 million in Asia-Pacific, and 593 million in the rest of the world in Q3 2020 (Facebook)

17. Monthly active users topped 255 million in the US and Canada, 413 million in Europe, 1,166 million in Asia-Pacific, and 906 million in the rest of the world in Q3 2020 (Facebook)

18. Facebooks generated more than $21.2 billion in advertising revenue in Q3 2020 (Facebook Reports)

19. The average revenue per user worldwide was $7.89 in Q3 2020 (Facebook)

20. Despite only comprising 255 million monthly users, only 10 percent of Facebook’s user base, the US and Canadian market generated $10.1 billion in revenue in Q3 2020, nearly half of the firm’s total income. Despite having more than 727 millions users, Asia-Pacific only brought in $5.1 billion (Facebook)

21. Facebook’s daily average users were  12 percent higher in September 2020 compared to the preceding year (Facebook 2020 Third Quarter Results)

22. Facebook’s monthly active users in September 2020 were 12 percent higher than the previous year (Facebook 2020 Third Quarter Results)

Facebook Usage Statistics

As an advertising platform, Facebook relies heavily on active users. The more people who engage with the social network, the more lucrative it becomes for advertisers. In 2020, western markets remain sluggish growth areas, but Facebook’s success is multiplying in the rest of the world, providing advertisers with additional opportunities.

23. The average Facebook users like around 13 posts per month (Hootsuite)

24. Approximately 42 percent of Facebook users “took a break” during 2019, following scandals and backlashes against the social media giant’s use of personal data (Pew)

25. More than 1.5 billion people on Messenger played games with each other in the first 90 days of 2017 (Facebook for Business)

26. Approximately 15 percent of Facebook users shop on the platform, second only to Pinterest users, of whom 47 percent shop (eMarketer)

27. 74 percent of US Facebook users visit the site every day, giving the platform a higher engagement rate than both Snapchat and Instagram, which see daily visitor rates of 63 and 61 percent respectively (Pew)

28. The average Facebook user shares one post per month (Hootsuite)

29. Only 7 percent of Facebook users said that they primarily used the platform for promoting their businesses (eMarketer)

30. The average Facebook user makes around five comments on posts per month (Hootsuite)

31. Younger people scroll through Facebook twice as fast as older generations (Facebook for Business)

32. The average Facebook user can recall content they see after having viewed it for just 0.25 seconds (Facebook for Business)

Video Marketing Facebook Stats

Facebook recently stated that it wanted to move powerfully in the direction of the video. Compared to images and text, motion pictures are considerably more engaging for users and something that the platform is keen to push in the coming years. Evidence also suggests that it is beneficial for advertisers, too, delivering higher ROI than other marketing channels available on the platform.

33. The number of daily video views on Facebook is over 8 billion (Backlinko)

34. Among people surveyed in the US, UK, Germany, Australia, and France, more than 60 percent said that they expected their consumption of video to increase next year (Facebook for Business)

35. Combining video with full-page ads increases user engagement by more than 22 percent (Small Business Trends)

36. 85 percent of videos watched on Facebook are viewed silently, highlighting the importance of getting advertising messages across visually (Digiday)

37. Millennials are 1.35 times more likely to report finding it easier to concentrate when watching videos on mobile (Facebook for Business)

38. In 2020, more than 20 percent of videos on Facebook are now live broadcasts (Facebook for Business)

39. 30 percent of mobile US shoppers reported that video is the best tool for discovering new products and services (Facebook for Business)

40. The share rate for social video is twelve times higher than images and text alone (Small Business Trends)

41. 49 percent of users engage with brand videos on Facebook compared to just 24 percent on Instagram and 32 percent on YouTube (Tubular Insights)

42. 73 percent of marketers are now creating two or more videos per month as part of their Facebook marketing drives (Animoto)

Mobile Marketing Facebook Stats

Mobile continues to be the dominant modality consumers use to access their Facebook accounts. Facebook offers marketers multiple mobile tools to deliver highly engaging promotional material via smartphones and tablets.

43. Facebook users are more than 50 percent more likely to watch a video on mobile than they are on the desktop (Facebook for Business)

44. More than 94 percent of Facebook ad revenue comes from mobile, while only six percent comes from desk-top only users (Sprout Social)

45. Brands that adopt a mobile-first strategy for Facebook advertising see 27 percent higher brand lift (Facebook for Business)

46. 98 percent of all Facebook video views are made on mobile (Omnicore Agency)

Facebook Ad Stats

How does Facebook advertising stack up against the competition, and how does it perform in its own right? While Facebook is undoubtedly a large platform, advertisers want it to be potent too.

47. 75 percent of Facebook users are unaware that the site lists their traits for advertisers, even though the social media giant makes it clear how it uses data and provides options for changing how the algorithm works (Pew)

48. The average cost per click on Facebook advertising is $1.72 (Wordstream)

49. Facebook currently hosts more than 9 million advertisers (Statista)

50. 51 percent of Facebook users said that the fact that the platform follows their traits makes them uncomfortable (Pew)

51. More than 6.1 million marketing professionals currently use Facebook as their preferred channel (eMarketer)

52. 29 percent of Facebook users said that Facebook’s interest classifications were not very accurate or not accurate at all (Pew)

53. The average click-through-rate on Facebook is 0.9 percent (Wordstream)

54. More than 54 percent of adult Facebook users said that they had changed their privacy settings in the past twelve months and adjusted how they used the platform in light of revelations about data use. (Pew)


So, we hope you enjoyed reading through these compelling statistics.

What can we say about Facebook from the data we presented here?

Well, it’s far from a dying platform. Data privacy issues in the West aside, it is still growing. And, what’s more, Asian and rest-of-world markets are coming online strongly.

The platform also appears to have key engagement advantages over virtually all the others – something that will interest marketers deeply.

Did we overlook any stats?

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