Stupidly Easy SEO Tactic (That Works 99% of The Time)

Go to Ahrefs Site Explorer, enter your domain, click the “Position” filter, enter from 50, click the KD filter, and enter up to 30:

Now it’s time to find what I call “intent mismatches.”

Take a look at the example below:

You’ll see that my “how to upload private videos on YouTube” post is ranking for: “how long does it take to upload a video to Youtube.”

This post will never rank for that long-tail phrase because it’s not relevant enough.

So what you can do is splinter this keyword phrase into a dedicated asset.

In 99% of cases, the splintered content will outperform the original asset.

P.S. If you want to get even more advanced with this:

Copy your keywords with intent mismatches and run them through Ahrefs Keyword Explorer.

Then click the “Lowest DR” filter and enter 40.

Now you have access to keywords that you should have no problem dominating:

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