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"How to Create SEO Content That Consistently Ranks on the 1st Page of Google"

What if I told that you only need to focus on ONE THING to get better SEO results?

Well, here's the truth:

Google uses hundreds (if not thousands) of "factors" for determining where pages should rank in their search engine.

The question is:

Do you need to know exactly how Google works to get SEO results?

The answer is a big fat "NO".

Now let's be honest:

Most "SEOs" want you to believe SEO is hard.


Because if SEO is perceived as being "hard", then you won't attempt to do it.


You will hire an them to do it for you.

But today... 

I'm here to tell you that you can do SEO yourself.

That is...

As long as you understand what the "LEAD DOMINO" is for getting SEO results.

So, what is the ONE THING you should focus on and master?

You must master the skill of creating valuable SEO content/pages.


Because if you understand it, everything else in the SEO process gets easier.

For example...

Do you want more backinks? 

Create better SEO content.

Do you want more conversions? 

Create better SEO content.

Do you want better rankings? 

Create better SEO content.

Do you want more organic search traffic?

Create better SEO content.

I think you get the point and that is...

The most important part of an effective SEO strategy is actual page you are trying to rank.

In fact:

80% of your total SEO effort should be focused on creating incredibly valuable keyword-targeted pages.

What if I told there is an exact framework you can follow that will help you create effective SEO content?


You can follow this framework and then have the ability to rank on the 1st page of Google whenever you want.

Would this help you?

Good news!

A tested and proven framework for creating perfect SEO content is now available.

Introducing CONTENT ACADEMY ($997 Value)

"The complete step-by-step system for creating perfect SEO content that actually ranks on the 1st page of Google (consistently)."

Here's what you get when you join right now:

  • SEO Content Basics that are fundamental to creating effective pages so that both your users and Google love them.
  • Module 1: How to find and pick keywords so you only focus on those that your website is actually capable of ranking for. 
  • Module 2: How to differentiate your content so that you stop "competing" and start dominating (using the path of least resistance).
  • Module 3: How to optimize your content for Google and for your readers so that both fall in love with your content.
  • Module 4: How to use advanced tactics so you can take your SEO content performance to another level (your competitors aren't using these methods).

Content Academy will show you how to create perfect SEO content/pages that Google AND your readers love.

Here's the truth:

Understanding how to create valuable pages is the most fundamental piece of an effective evergreen SEO campaign.

But listen:

If you're someone who wants to manipulate Google's algorithms, then this course isn't for you.


If you're someone who understand that good things come to those that put in the work, then this course is PERFECT for you.

I'm not going to lie to you:

Creating incredibly valuable (and different) SEO content is challenging when you try to do it yourself.

But it's easy when you have a proven step-by-step framework.

Content Academy is that framework.

Here are some of the results this framework has gotten:

SEO Result #1

SEO Result #2

SEO Result #3

SEO Result #4

SEO Result #5

SEO Result #6

SEO Result #7

Aren't these results pretty awesome?

Well I haven't even told you the good news yet.

When you enroll today, I will also give you early access to my newest SEO training course...


Agency Starter Kit will show you how to start or grow a client SEO business.

In short:

Getting SEO clients is the single fastest way to grow your income online.

In fact:

I went from $0 to multiple six figures in less than 6 months using the methods you'll learn in this course.

Growing your income fast is awesome, but there's something else about client SEO that's super powerful:


Cash flow gives you leverage.

What do I mean?

It means you can take cash (that you didn't have before) and use it to invest into more scalable business models.

That's what I did.


If I had to start my journey all over again, I would start with client SEO.

Cash flow is power.

And you will be getting access to my blueprint that helped me generate ridiculous amounts of cash through client SEO.

But I'm not done.

When you enroll now, I'm also going to give access to another critical training course.


What do you do after you start getting more organic search traffic?

You need to convert that traffic!

"Convert" has a few definitions, but there is one universal truth about conversions online:

It's VERY hard to convert new website visitors into customers on their first visit.

But that's not even the bad news.

The bad news is...

Most website visitors will NEVER come back to your website.

Don't worry though.

There is good news.

You can convert at least 3% of your website visitors into email subscribers.

The truth is:

There is no better asset in your business than having an email list.

List Growth Hacks is going to show you exactly how to convert more of your organic search visitors into new email subscribers.

The funny thing is:

I used to SUCK at converting my traffic into email subscribers.

In fact:

I thought a 1% conversion rate was a pipedream.

But I knew I was capable of more than this sad conversion rate.

So I started tested like crazy.

And within 30 days, I more than doubled my email opt-in conversion rate.

The result?

Over 40,000 people have joined my email list.

When you enroll now, you will learn exactly what I did to double my email optin conversion rate and how I got over 40,000 pople to join.

But in addition to everything I'll be giving you, I'm also giving you access to:

Live Q&As and Audits ($297 Value)

Have questions about your SEO campaign? Confused about what to do next? No worries because our live Q&As will help you through the entire process. You can ask me anything about SEO, business, entrepreneurship, or even what my favorite sports teams are ;). I also do live SEO audits in the group on student's website. This is a fun experience because you get to see a real SEO expert in action and you an learn from other people's mistakes. So you don't have to make the same ones! You will also get access to:

Templates & Workflows ($197 Value)

Staying organized during an SEO campaign can be a struggle. BUT it's much easier (and pain-free) when you have proven templates and workflows. When you enroll today, you get access to our exclusive in-house templates that we've refined over the years. You will also get access to step-by-step workflows that you can easily follow. In addition to this, I'm also going to give you an incredible...

Lifetime 20% Discount On All Of Our Services

Want to get SEO results faster, but without doing all the work? That's what our services all you to do: SCALE your business faster. 

What's amazing is that you will 20% off every single order you make when you enroll today. Literally. 20% off for LIFE. 

This deal alone will end up saving you thousands.

Private Mastermind Community (Priceless)

Want to be around people who will help, motivate, and even inspire to get better results in your business? That's what our private mastermind community does. You will not only get the support you need to be successful (I would have died to have this when I was starting), but you will also build relationships with likeminded people. 

Trust me. 

It's hard to find people who A) are motivated entrepreneurs and B) are serioues about bettering their lives. Our mastermind group gives you access to these rare breeds of people. 

Now I just want to review everything you're getting when you enroll today.

What You're Gonna Get When You Join Today

  • Content Academy ($997 value)
  • Agency Starter Kit ($997 value)
  • List Growth Hacks ($497 value)
  • Live Q&As and Audits ($297 value)
  • Templates and Workflows ($197 value)
  • 20% Lifetime Discount (Priceless)
  • Private Mastermind Community (Priceless)

Total Value = $2,985

Now, I'm not going to make you invest $2,985.

Even though it's a great deal for everything you getting.


I'm going to give you access to everything ($2,985 worth of value) for a small one-time investment of only $97 (normally $197).


Your investment is for lifetime access.

I also want you to know that your investment is 100% RISK-FREE.


Because I stand by my products.

And I'm confident that what you will learn will transform your business (and life).

That's why I'm offering you a...

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

I'm so confident that Content Academy will help you create better SEO content, that you can try the course for 30-days and if you don't love it, we will give you your money back. No questions asked.

450 + People Have Already Joined

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Join 450 + Others and Enroll in Content Academy Today

  • Content Academy ($997 value)
  • Agency Starter Kit ($997 value)
  • List Growth Hacks ($497 value)
  • Live Q&As and Audits ($297 value)
  • Templates and Workflows ($197 value)
  • 20% Lifetime Discount (Priceless)
  • Private Mastermind Community (Priceless)

$2,985 Value

This Special Offer Ends in:


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