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Why You Need SEO

SEO is the single best way to market your business online.

The beauty of SEO is that it is an inbound marketing tactic. That means that new customers will come to YOU. Instead of you needing to go out and find them. Second, search engine traffic is the most qualified there is.

That’s because searchers are looking for exactly what you are offering. Last, a good SEO strategy (like ours) is evergreen. That means you will continue getting new customers without needing to continue paying for more SEO.

Now that you understand the value of SEO, let me quickly explain who we are.

About Us

Gotch SEO is a boutique SEO agency located in St. Louis and was founded by Nathan Gotch. Nathan is a globally recognized SEO expert and entrepreneur.

His work has been featured in top marketing and business publications and Nathan’s blog is the “go-to” source for entrepreneurs who want to learn more about SEO.

Here is what our clients think about working with us:

Some Kind Words from Our Clients

“We worked with Nathan and his team on a website for our company and definitely made the right choice. GOTCH SEO came in on time and on budget with the SEO services and marketing solutions we needed. The project exceeded expectations.” – Steven Ellis, CEO, Baseball Media

“Nathan delivered more than he promised! What outstanding results we achieved by teaming with Nathan and Gotch SEO I absolutely would recommend him for any size company looking for top-line results.” – Tom Schmittdiel, Marketing Director

“Nathan. You are the best! You took my law firm website out of the Stone Ages and now it is doing great!” – John Medler, CEO

“Nathan is always willing to share his wealth of SEO knowledge, and the Gotch SEO team are among the best worldwide at ranking websites organically. You’re in safe hands with Gotch!” – Will Coombe

“Like many business owners, I was skeptical of hiring someone to do SEO and had been burned by “gurus” in the past. But let me tell you… working directly with Nathan and Gotch SEO not only exceeded my expectations, but it ACTUALLY got my clients serious results in some very competitive niches. Nathan is easy to work with and super transparent. If you’re looking for an SEO company that will get your business legitimate long-term results, then I highly suggest you get in contact with Gotch SEO right now.” – Tom Cruz, CEO

These testimonials are because we do things differently than other agencies:

6 Reasons Why We’re Different

Here are 6 reasons why Gotch SEO is ahead of the pack:

1. We Use SEO to Grow Our Own Business

There are countless agencies out there that sell SEO, but don’t actually use SEO to grow their own business. We know how this is an oxymoron and made it a point from the beginning, to get the majority of our business through the search engines. We are living proof that SEO works.

2. We Actually Get Results

Not only do we get SEO results with our own website, but we get them for all our clients as well.

3. We Specialize in SEO

We believe that specialization breeds the best results. That’s why we only focus on SEO. Plus, do you really want to work with the Walmart of digital marketing services?

4. We Play in the Mud

While other companies use outdated techniques, we are constantly testing. We pride ourselves on being one step ahead of the curve.

5. We Use a Tested and Proven System

Our aggressive testing has bred a proven system for getting clients results.

6. We Understand How to Communicate

SEO companies are notorious for poor communication. The good news is that you will never need to worry about that when you work with Gotch SEO. Our team is responsive, transparent, and consistent.

How We Will 10x Your Business

We believe in simplicity is key to getting consistent results. While the methods of some SEO agencies are a “mystery”, we are open with how we get you results. Here’s what we do:


The first stage of our process to audit your website, content, existing link profile, and competitors. This gives us the basis we need to prioritize action items in your campaign.


After we’ve identified issues that are hurting user experience or hurting your organic results, we fix them.


The next stage of the process is to identify keywords and content ideas. We use over 30 different tactics for finding content ideas that your customers actually care about.


After we find content ideas, we then develop beautiful content assets that attract backlinks and social shares to your website.


Creating content is the first step. We then have to optimize your content to please the search engines. Our optimization process is rigorous, tested, and makes Google and other search engines fall in love with your content.


No SEO campaign is successful without promotion. Promotion is our bread and butter. We identify possible link opportunities, reach out to those opportunities, and secure you relevant, high-quality backlinks.

Get Started

We’re ready to help you grow your company using our proven SEO process.

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Not ready yet?

Read our guide on the 7 questions you need to ask every Chicago SEO company (including us):

7 Questions to Ask Every SEO Company

Finding a qualified Chicago SEO company can be challenging if you aren’t equipped with the right information. That’s why we decided to create the following list of questions that you should ask before working with ANY search engine optimization agency.

1. What will you be changing on my website?

Almost every SEO agency will say that they are going to “optimize” your website, but what does that really mean? “Optimizing” a website can be broken down into two segments: on-site SEO and on-page SEO.

When you ask this question, you have to make sure this agency addresses the following points in each category. Before we jump into it, you should understand the difference between on-site and on-page SEO. On-site SEO is the process of optimizing the functionality of the site as a whole. On-page SEO is the process of optimizing individual pages.

On-Site SEO

A good company knows that on-site optimization involves the following:

  • Building a strong site architecture to achieve maximum authority flow through the site
  • Identifying duplicate content and correcting it
  • Identifying pages with thin content and improving them
  • Finding and fixing status errors, broken links, and 404 pages
  • Performing a site speed audit and improving the load speed
  • Implementing schema markup so that search engines understand the site better
  • Making sure the site is mobile friendly since 50% of all searches are on mobile devices

On-Page SEO

After a company explains their on-site optimization strategy, they should address the following on-page SEO concerns:

META information: every page should be built around specific keyword. The META information is what search engines will use to understand a page’s content and is what will be shown in the search results.

Keyword density: in the past, repeatedly using the same keyword in content was a way to manipulate the search engine. Now, it must be monitored to avoid being penalized. No single keyword phrase should ever exceed 1-3% density on any single page.

Keyword placement: Google and other search engines place weight on where keywords are placed within your content. Positions that hold the greatest weight are in the title tag, header tags, the first image on a page, and in the first or last sentence.

Internal linking: linking to other pages on your site is the best way to build the authority of the site and help guide users to important pages.

2. Do You Believe Content is Important?

Content is foundation of any good SEO campaign. If the SEO company you’re speaking with isn’t talking content then you should run for the hills. A qualified company understands the critical nature of producing content on your blog and on other channels because it is the most cost-effective form of marketing there is. More importantly, good content is timeless and evergreen. That means that it will continue to drive new leads and sales for your business for the rest of its existence.

3. What types of backlinks will you build?

Links are the #1 driving force behind any successful SEO campaign, but can also be a dangerous weapon when placed in the wrong hands. It is absolutely critical that you ask every prospective SEO company what TYPES of backlinks they’ll be building to your website. Good companies will focus their efforts on acquiring editorial links on relevant websites. “Editorial” means that each link must go through an editor before being acquired.

The best links are those that are hardest to acquire. If a prospective company says they’re going to build you directory links, web 2.0s, article directories, or press releases, then you need to move onto the next prospect. Links that are easy to acquire are dangerous and most will end up getting your site penalized.

The only types of backlinks that actually work in 2015 and into the future must from relevant sites that have an editorial process. These include guest posts, resource lists, and brand mentions on authority websites.

4. Who will be working on my site?

Some SEO companies will bring you on as a client and just outsource the work to third party in the Philippines or India. This is a recipe for disaster because most of these outsourcers are being paid extremely low wages. And as you can imagine, low wages equals low-quality work. Make sure the work is being done in-house through a professional team located in the United States.

5. What is your definition of a successful campaign?

Every SEO company defines “success” differently. A good agency will declare a campaign successful when there has been an increase in revenue. Traffic is great, but if it’s not converting than it’s practically worthless. Qualified companies understand that increasing organic traffic is only the first milestone. It’s critical that you ask any prospective company what they’re going to do once organic growth is achieved.

6. Do you have data-backed results?

Don’t ever take a company’s word for it. Ask to see results they’ve achieved. More importantly, results backed by real data. Every successful company should have keyword rankings results, ROI improvements, and organic growth reports.

7. Do you have referrals?

You don’t need to be a specialist in SEO to understand that referrals are huge. Every business that has achieved success for its clients should have people who are willing to back up its claims. Ask for referrals!

You are now more than equipped with important questions to ask any prospective Chicago SEO company.

If you want to work with a nationally recognized SEO agency, then get in touch now.

Nathan Gotch
Nathan Gotch

I’m the founder of Gotch SEO. We’re on a mission to help you enter the top 1% of SEO experts. The 1st step is for you to join our community of over 1,000 other experts inside Gotch SEO Academy.