3 Best Chicago SEO Training Courses for 2023

Are you looking for SEO training courses in Chicago? Keep reading because we’ve ranked the top 3 classes you should take right now in 2023.

Top 3 Chicago SEO Training Courses

1. Gotch SEO Academy

Gotch SEO Academy is a complete SEO training platform founded by Nathan Gotch.

Nathan’s led hundreds of successful SEO campaigns since 2013, and his SEO expertise is on Forbes, Entrepreneur, and even Business.com.

And over 3,000 entrepreneurs and digital marketers use Gotch SEO Academy to learn SEO.

So if you’re serious about becoming an SEO expert, then the only reliable option is Gotch SEO Academy.

2. Get Web Focused

Get Web Focused Chicago

Zack Reboletti founded Get Web Focused, an SEO training and consultancy company based in Chicago. Zack’s training involves either in-person or online sessions.

In short, Zack’s helps train internal teams to get better SEO results. We’ve reviewed many SEO training programs in cities like Boston or Dallas in the United States. We can say with confidence that Zack is a reliable choice if you’re looking for something more hands-on.

3. Rex Digital Marketing

Another excellent SEO training option in Chicago is Rex Camposagrado. Rex has over 20 years of experience, and he’s worked in competitive industries like health, universities, and B2B. His SEO class is one 5-hour session. These sessions can be conducted online or in-person.

Be Smart Chicagoan

There is only one clear choice for SEO training in Chicago: Gotch SEO Academy. Check out the hundreds of testimonials from real students. You can also get a taste of the training 100% free.

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Nathan Gotch

Nathan Gotch is an SEO professional with over 10 years of experience. He's the founder of the #1 SEO training program in the world, Gotch SEO Academy. And the author of The SEO Entrepreneur. Nathan's SEO expertise is featured on Semrush, Ahrefs, and Search Engine Journal.