11 Huge Reasons to AVOID Blogspot


If there’s anyone who can advise you against Blogspot, it’s me. That’s because I started my first blog using Google’s free Blogger platform.

Why did I do it?

Well, because I was a newbie and I was dead broke. So, it made sense at the time to take advantage of a free blogging platform.

My first blog was in the baseball pitching niche and it had the traditional ugly “website.blogspot.com” subdomain. I eventually saw the light and moved to a custom domain, which ended up being a nightmare. More on this in a second.

With that said, here’s why you should avoid Blogspot at all costs:

1. You’ll Hurt Your Brand/Credibility

If you’re trying to build a company or trying to make a living as a blogger, then you need to avoid Blogspot. All you need to do is examine whatever industry you want to enter. Do any of the successful companies or bloggers have Blogspot blogs? I can predict that the answer is no.

You need to host your blog on your own custom domain. I recommend WordPress because I believe it’s the best, but there are some other options out there such as Wix, Medium, or even Shopify.

You need to think long-term about your decision.

  • Are you serious about building a company?
  • Are you serious about making money as a blogger?

If the answer is yes, then you need to act accordingly.

I’ll admit that I was scared back in 2011 when I start my first blog. I didn’t know if what I was doing would actually work out. So that’s why the took a cowardly approach and built my blog on a free platform like Blogspot.

Don’t emulate what I did.

Trust me… If I could go back, I would have never wasted my time with Blogspot.

Instead, I would have just bitten the bullet and purchased my own custom domain and web hosting. With that said, avoid Blogspot blogs if you’re serious about building a brand (or personal brand).

As an SEO, I feel it’s borderline criminal to use Blogspot because…

2. They Don’t Perform Well in Google

This isn’t a hypothesis. Just go to Google and search for ANYTHING and let me know when you find a .blogspot.com ranking.

I’ll wait…

Okay, just kidding.

I won’t wait because I know you won’t find any! At least not for any worthwhile, non-branded keywords.

It’s actually ironic that blogs created on Google’s own blogging platform don’t perform well in Google.

SEO is already challenging enough. Don’t make it harder on yourself/impossible by using Blogspot.

One of the biggest factors for performing well in Google are backlinks.

Blogspot will fail you on this front as well.

3. It Will Be Challenging to Acquire Backlinks

I can tell you now that most bloggers are NOT willing to link to Blogspot blogs. Bloggers are skeptical about linking out in general. So, their already engrained skepticism plus your .blogspot.com subdomain is a recipe for low conversion rates on your outreach.

And sadly, if you can’t acquire backlinks, you’re really going to struggle in organic search.

Here are some link building techniques you can use to turn that around:

But wait… there’s more:

4. You Won’t Build Website Authority

One of the most important objective of link building and SEO in general is build website authority. That’s because building your website’s authority makes ranking much easier.

This is why websites like Forbes can rank on the second and even first page within hours of publishing. Since most bloggers won’t link out to Blogspot blogs, you’ll struggle to build website authority.

Naturally I’ve decided to focus on the SEO reasons why you should avoid this free blogging platform.

However, there are some non-SEO reasons to avoid it as well.

5. You Don’t “Own” Your Blog

That’s right. Blogger.com owns your content. That means you can spend months or even years creating SEO content and it can be erased in a second.

This alone should be enough to make you avoid this platform.

The beauty of a custom domain and self-hosted blog is that you actually own your content.

You’re not restricted by another company’s terms and conditions. Bringing me to my next point…

6. You Must Follow Blogspot’s Terms and Conditions

Because Blogger owns your blog and all your content, you must follow their rules. Meaning, by even signing up, you are agreeing to their terms.

If you do something they deem “out of line”, they can delete your blog in an instant.

But let’s say you follow the terms and you start seeing some traffic growth from your Blogspot blog. Well, unfortunately, there’s more bad news…

7. You Can’t Monetize

Blogger.com is extremely restrictive about how you can monetize your blog. You can use AdSense on your blog, but there are restrictions against services and product sales.

Once again… why get into a situation where your brand is tied down? This can be avoided at the onset.

So, you know that Blogspot sucks for your SEO and your freedom, but it also sucks because:

8. Customization is Limited

There are endless design and UX possibilities with a WordPress blog. The same isn’t true for Blogspot. They have a limited selection of themes and customization is a struggle if you aren’t a web developer.

Trust me. I tried custom designing my first blog and it was an embarrassment.

Not only that, I wasted SO MUCH time trying to tweak the design and aesthetics.

Just ask my wife. She thought I was insane in college when I tweaked the design 5-10 times a day, trying to get it “just right.”

I cringe thinking about how much time I wasted messing with Blogspot blogs.

A part from all the reasons I’ve listed, there’s something else that no one talks about:

9. Many .Blogspot Blogs Are Brutalized with Spam

Creating web 2.0s for link building purposes is a popular grey hat method.

That means grey hat link builders will create a free Blogspot blog, throw some content on there, and link to their actual website. This is an easy way to score a backlink (although it’s artificial). I would say that building out web 2.0s is one of the most overused grey hat link building tactics there is.

Do you really want to host your blog on a platform that SEO use for spam?

I know I wouldn’t.

And if I’ve given any ideas about using web 2.0s for link building, please listen carefully… You CAN get penalized for using web 2.0s if the sole objective is to host a backlink.

How do I know?

Because I’ve gotten several manual actions removed for clients that abused this tactic. As soon as we got the Blogspot links removed, they manual actions were revoked. Don’t mess around. Seriously. Now I mentioned earlier that moving from Blogspot to a custom domain is a nightmare. Here’s why.

10. Moving to a Custom Domain is a Nightmare

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that most people starting Blogspot blogs do not have experience with site migrations or web development.

The reason I’m making this assumption is because that was true for me back in the day.

When I realized I was headed down a dead-end, I had the daunting task of migrating my Blogspot blog to a custom domain.

So, what did I do?

I copy and pasted one page at a time. Not my proudest moment.

The good news is that I’ve done enough stupid stuff, so you don’t have to.

Not only is migrating a huge headache, but it will also negatively impact your SEO performance (if you had any).

301 redirects are suppose to pass 100% of the authority and backlink equity. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to happen in practice. That means that even if you perform your migration correctly, you site’s SEO performance will likely suffer for awhile.

This can all be avoid if you just start your blog on a custom domain.

But I have one last reason why you should avoid Blogspot and it has nothing to do with marketing, branding, or anything technical. At the end of the day, if you choose to create a free blog, it shows that…

11. You Aren’t Fully Committed

You need to have skin in the game. Nothing puts more fear into people that losing money. How do I know? Because that was me. I was so scared when I transitioned into buying a domain and paying for hosting every month.

I’m not trying to give you financial advice here. I just know from personal experience that when you commit money, it changes your entire mindset.

Especially when you’re paying for hosting every month. It lights a fire under you because you don’t want to continue being in the red every month.

That means you’ll figure out a way to grow your traffic and income. It’s the push that most people need in my opinion. It worked for me.

Last Words About Blogspot

Sorry for being a negative Nancy, but I hate seeing people waste their time.

Building a Blogspot blog is a waste of time and resources.

Bite the bullet and commit to buying a custom domain. You can thank me later when you don’t have to go through all the garbage I did.

Nathan Gotch
Nathan Gotch

Helping over 700 marketers get real SEO results at Gotch SEO Academy.


  1. Yeah.. I’ve been using a couple of free blogging platform and I’m now come to a point that I felt Blogspot does not give me the attention that I need. Your article reaffirm my thought and it’s the time for me to up for the game. I’ll get my own hosted domain soon.

  2. I started writing in 2010 in blogger and I was really stupid about the code but thanks to blogger I can master css and html because he forced me to develop it.

  3. these blogs perform well, and any website on Blogger will perform well, because the content is what dictates most of that performance.

  4. Yes, I m also agree with your opinion. But Blogspot is helpful for those who have less knowledge about site development.

  5. Definitely getting quality backlink for blogger is not easy couple with limited SEO but the whole write up here is a bit too laughable.

  6. I am using Blogspot for over 10 years. It is hard for my custom URL to work, it says its taking too long to reach the server. i am sticking with them because it is really free. WordPress puts ads on your website because you are not paying them, to me, that is gangstar.

    The ONLY reasons you should not use Blogger is because they can vanish over night. I have literally had nightmare where I checked and my blog was gone. It is owned by Google. The same Google that discontinued the social media platform Google+ and didn’t care about those few people who had invested so much time on their pages (some had thousands of followers over MANY YEARS).

    One day they would send an email that would say; “You would lose your websitessssss in 3 months time, we can’t say sorry so you don’t sue as an admission to wrong doing. Bye”.

  7. I’m using blogger and I’m totally confused now. Should I move forward or change the blog???

  8. I disagree with you Sir, I am new in blogging and I use Blogger for almost 1 year. 1.) You said that Blog hosted on Blogger don’t perform well on GOOGLE. I tried to search my Blog on Google Search using this Keyword “Swertres Panalo” and my blog ( luckypinoy.blogspot.com ) ranked # 7 or 8 on the first page. You also said that Blogs hosted on free Blogger platform CAN’T be monetize but I saw other Bloggers monetizing their Blogspot Blog by Adsense, Affiliate and Selling their Digital Products.

  9. Excellent post Nathan! Thank you for sharing. It is ridiculous that in the 21st century Google owns a blogging platform that is actually an unfinished product. Blogspot templates are full of wrong scripts without any solution, the bloggers have to solve it themselves! I received visits from suspicious scam bloggers hosted on Google Blogspot without any restriction. You cannot avoid them, you cannot block them, Google does not allow to block spammers and their IP addresses (countries of origin). You are completely alone and helpless. Google robots make you liable for incorrect HTML scripts from Blogspot templates, which are actually from Google itself and cannot be changed!!! Google blogspot is a waste of time!

  10. My friend uses blogger with a domain name and ranks well. This article is about using blog.blogspot.com I get that’s different but for many it’s a cheap route to take. I don’t think it’s bad. Love your podcast Nathan.

  11. Excellent post, I have the same feeling. My question for you is: What is the best alternative?, is there a way to migrate all post from blogger into this alternative? Thanks.

  12. Hi Nathan, I 100% agree with you, because i went through the same insanity struggling with blogger for years. Blogspot is more of a problem than a solution.

  13. I completely disagree. Just look at this website for proof. This website is trash. Blogger is awesome!

  14. I don’t agree with you, your writing skills are good but blogspot is a product or google and its completely trust worthy and easier. Blogspot has many features and they are quick accessible.

  15. I have been making website using Blogger platform since 2009 and let me tell you this, it has helped me to become more of a coder than simply someone who buys everything they need. I learned to code from scratch by after spending a lot of time editing blogger themes. I was in college back then and today I have a job as web developer. Are you telling me that Blogger platform gives you less money? LOL. I am telling you it gives you money without you spending a dime! It doesn’t matter at all what platform you choose to blog or make website in as long as you are doing it proper and are generating relevant content and building high authority links. Google doesn’t serve the rich alone in SERP – that’s just the PPC part – SEO is open to all.

  16. Your adding the words of wix itself shows your lack of knowledge. Wix is a real trap, there better ones than Wix 1000 times better. I therefore doubt the entire blog.

  17. SEO expert of SEO idiot, he did something great here, writing bullshit and now everyone is responding to his article, and we are all helping it rank because we are not just traffic passing by, no, we are traffic that stopped, read the ridiculous article till the end, and decided to read the comments and maybe even respond.

    In google’s eyes this article has reached A+ results. The commentators helped their readers decide blogger is not a big pile hole of shit and mostly will probably still go straight to blogger to create their blog.

    So this guy is either a super SEO genius or just stupid. But it doubt he is stupid considering someone even catched him on using blogger personally himself šŸ˜‰

    Well done, it only takes a genius to spot another genius.

  18. What’s your goal of commenting? Are you trying to change my mind? Or, are you trying to justify your company’s decision to use Blogger as a CMS?

  19. That’s not a conflict of interest (look up the meaning of the phrase), and my firm builds websites on plenty of other platforms. The reality is that your facts are wrong.

  20. You’re entitled to your opinion, but your example is perfect case of survivorship bias. You selected one abnormal result to justify your argument. And sure… if you want to monetize your business through Adsense, you can do that on Blogger (not something I ever said you couldn’t do). Any way… The cons of using Blogger far outweigh the pros of using other Content Management Systems.

  21. Hey David,

    Thanks for your comment. I’ll have to pass on debating you because there’s clearly a conflict of interest when your domain (confluentforms.com) is currently hosted on Blogger.

  22. It’s rare that I come across articles as ridiculous as this one, especially from someone purporting to have technical expertise (or enough to consider themselves a SEO). Every point made in this article is false OR illustrates the lack of technical knowledge of the author.

    1) I know lots of professional authors that blog on Blogger. why not? you get tons of traffic to a site and don’t pay a dime in hosting, don’t worry about extra security and patches, and get the fastest hosting imaginable. sounds like a great deal to me. If they’re writing great content nobody in the world would care where it’s being hosted. I know of multiple blogs on Blogger that get over a million unique users a month, while being on Blogger. You just might not realize this because they’re using custom domains with their Blogger blogs.

    2) these blogs perform well, and any site on Blogger can perform well, as the content is what dictates most of that performance. well, that content + the speed + a blog doing it’s natural promotion. again, you might not realize it because, again, they’re using a custom blog.

    Example: https://www.google.com/search?q=tv+show+spoilers

    See the site SpoilerTV.com? Yea, Blogger blog.

    3) HUH? If you have good content people will link back to you. Duh.

    4) See #3.

    5) You own your content. Google will never delete your content unless it is in violation of their TOS, which, unsurprisingly, is probably the same TOS you agree to when you host with a hosting company. Things like “don’t host porn, child porn, attempt to sell drugs, etc.” And even if they “shut you down”, they just force your website private, meaning you can still export the content AND MOVE ELSEWHERE. And if you added a custom domain to your site, which is quite easy by the way, your ability to move elsewhere should be pretty easy.

    6) See #5.

    7) On your Blogger blog you can use any monetization you want so long as that doesn’t violate the TOS in #5. You can use any ad network you want, in addition to the simplified AdSense signup that they provide for Blogger blogs.

    8) You can customize Blogger blogs to be ANYTHING, you were just incapable of it. Examples of sites on Blogger that I’ve created include http://www.creativegoodsnyc.com, http://www.nectarinegrove.com, and dozens of others. This shows your lack of technical expertise, not the limitations of the Blogger templating system.

    9) no idea what this has to do with someone building out their website on Blogger

    10) are you incapable of adding 4 A records and 2 CNAME records to your Domain registration? That’s how easy it is. It’s even easier if you buy your domain through Google Domains as it is then literally 1 Click to enable the site on a custom domain.

    11) I’m not sure how paying $5/mo “lights a fire” that makes someone a more serious blogger?

    As mentioned earlier, I can’t comprehend how someone with this lack of technical knowledge could possibly be a “SEO”.

    Best, David

  23. I am 100% completely disagree… see linda ikeji, she started with blogspot. I have a friend who started with blogspot and now he has almost 300.000 page view per day, blogspot also an adsense hosted partner and that is mean it can be monetized with adsense, it is also easy to set a domain with blogspot. Custom CSS or template also can be done, and many CMS now can accept blogger import file.

  24. I started a specialised blogspot blog about 10 years ago and I must say it was a breeze, no learning curve to speak of, looked nice and neat with a variety of formats that I would never dream of, could even upload direct from MSWord. I had 100,000 hits before long which made me easily the google hit leader in this very specialised area – in fact even now I come up top on the key google search and I haven’t posted for years. I looked pityingly at my peers struggling with lame inflexible nasty looking WordPress blogs – and they were even paying for them!

    The problems I eventually encountered all related to google. First I decided it might be nice to make a few bob and tried to monetise it with google ads, Google refused point blank, no reason given, yet I could see lame blogs out there that were far from leaders in their field happily monetising away. Then – google took over and I found it hard to even log on to my blog – just tried it again and couldn’t do it sigh. Been my general experience – you are happily working away at something you feel is high quality and worthwhile then someone whose aim is money comes along, dumbs everything down, makes it hard to use and destroys the fun.

  25. Hey nath… I agree that blogspot gets lower ranking but that is because most bloggers have refused to get a custom domain and acquire nice backlink. Remember, google doesnt descriminate which type of site you are using for your blog be it wordpress or blogger, but will rank you as long as you have the right valuable backlinks and good content. I spent good time working on my blogger blog and i must admit that wordpress provides some free and paid plugins that could help your seo, but to be hands on with what is happening in your site and not be a dummy that just installs themes and start posting, i would say BLOGGER.com with a custom domain name is the best for new bloggers.. Just focus on link building and good content and see your blog do wonders..Thanks anyways, i believe you were not really good with coding when you started blogging and did not spend much time learning more about the platform.

  26. Hey buddy. Even though, your blog UX/UI looks nice, but That doesn’t stop me from figure out how biased you’ve been. Look man, let me start here, regards SEO, WordPress or any other platforms doesn’t rank well than blogspot. That only depends on your efforts, cost and experience towards SEO. Go watch Matt, Google engineer video. And regards themes, man, you ain’t gotten it right there at all, matter of fact, this shows that your level of web development that time would be as low as someone who can’t distinguish between padding and margin. Matter of fact, you don’t expect serious blogger to start getting his hands dirty on blog theme development unless he had had experience towards web development direction. Serious bloggers invest in theme rather wasting their precious time which they can use to think about other essential parts of the blog, such as writing life touching posts, SEO, link building, social media and a lot more. You said and I quote “You can’t monetize” Comm’on man, that’s too discouraging, you can monetize and promote any product on blogspot blog in case you never know, or maybe you wasn’t using blogspot long enough to know much about the platform. Even though, blogspot provides you free hosting, it doesn’t mean you can’t affiliate or promote other hosting companies. And, the TOS you mentioned, There is nothing so strict in the terms which bloggers can’t bear. Blogs like hackerNews, mybloggertricks and lots more are doing a lot well. So bro, I love your blog and the content. But a lot is not true about blogger in this post. Rather, you could have said, that WordPress makes blogging more easier not to discourage people from getting their valuable ideas through to world by thinking blogspot is as bad as you said.

  27. Hi Nathan,

    I’m thinking of having a blog when I read your article. When you mention about Blogger, is it also means WordPress.com ? I mean are you comparing a free blog (blogspot, wordpress.com, etc) to a self hosted blog ?

    I’m looking forward for your reply.


  28. I was considering a blog, because just as I, there are so many with so much to say about certain issues that plague their life, and would appreciate a platform to express their views. How do I go about producing such an audience?

  29. Hi Nathan,

    great post as always, I’m a big fan of you.

    I really liked the website where you got the backlink from and would much rather use sites like that than build my own pbn, try to get guest posts or use free web 2.0 properties. Question: Any tips on how I can find more sites like that?



  30. I disagree at most points. I use blogspot since 2012, been monetize it, seo is good, but yeah ux and responsive site are my biggest issued. I usually got job offers after people read my blogspot, so, yeah I’ll still stay.

  31. Thanks for the comment! That’s a really good point. If your goal of blogging isn’t monetarily-driven, then Blogspot can do the job for sure

  32. I will agree with you up to a point. At first, I regretted starting my blogging with Blogspot and my initial reasons were the same as yours. I had 196 uploads mainly on European politics with over 53,000 hits when I started a second blog about a fictitious school again on Blogspot. By the time I realized perhaps I should have at least started the second blog with WordPress
    or at least another blog platform it was too late

    On reflection, I feel I have made the right choice. Let me explain. I am not seeking fame or fortune and I am not selling anything, I am only telling stories. Blogspot is really all I need Anyway with over a total of something like 250 uploads, the last 46 fiction blogs averaging 1200 words each it might be a little late to change now. I would like more readers that’s about all. As a blog platform, Blogspot for me is perfect. Anyone who wants a blog platform JUST to tell stories to go for Blogspot otherwise…………………..

  33. Hey Darko, yes that’s definitely true. However, that small advantage is minute when comparing Blogger to a more powerful CMS like WordPress

  34. I would not completely agree with you. If you are good with html/css, and have a simple site like blog, you only need to attach a domain (should be easy for the average marketer). It’s a product of Google and it’s super fast. It only needs good content and link.
    Thanks, Darko

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