This Is The Best Blogger Outreach Service for 2023

Trying to find the best blogger outreach services?

You’re in the right place.

We’ve tested countless link building vendors, and one stands above all others.

#1 Blogger Outreach Service = Fat Joe

Affiliate Disclaimer: I will receive a small commission when you order through Fat Joe. I only recommend products/services that I’ve personally tested and approved of.

fat joe

Here’s how it works:

1. They do the prospecting

Finding quality blogs is a job within itself. They take the burden off your shoulders and find quality blogs for you to get high quality links. Fortunately, they already have thousands of established relationships with bloggers across many different verticals. This means they can get your placements quickly.

2. They do the outreach

Reaching out and building relationships with bloggers requires skill, patience, and persistence. When you use their service, you won’t need to spend a single second trying to build relationships (just to get backlinks). They already put in the work and built the relationships, so you don’t have to.

3. They write the content

Not only do they do your prospecting and outreach, but they also craft the content that your link will be placed in. This is a huge time saver for you.

4. They place your link in the content

What separates their service from others is that they get you links within the meat of the content. Contextual backlinks (not author bio links) are the most powerful backlinks you can get.

5. You get a white-label report

The cool part about this process is that when you use their service, you get all the credit for the work. They are your behind-the-scenes team. Simply place your order, let them do their magic, and you get a clean, white-label report that you can send to your clients.

Is Fat Joe’s Blogger Outreach Service Right For You?

Don’t worry, their service can be used for ANY SEO project.

Here are some examples:


Are you a marketing or SEO business owner that struggles to get quality client link placements? Their genuine outreach service is your solution. Don’t forget: their reports are white-label, so you can get credit for the work.

Affiliate Marketers

Are you trying to grow your affiliate website through SEO but need more quality links? Using Fat Joe as a link building partner so you can focus on other important elements of your affiliate business, such as creating content and improving your conversions. Don’t waste your time trying to acquire backlinks when they can do it for you.


Are you trying to grow your own business using SEO? The good news is that you don’t have to do it ALL yourself. You need to spend time growing your business. Leave that silly (often confusing) link building stuff to Fat Joe.

Their Links Drive Real Results

Fat Joe’s blogger outreach service gets you quality link placements, but it also improves your SEO performance. Here are examples of websites that have grown their organic traffic by using the exact links from this service:

results 1
results 2
results 3
2,547% more organic traffic

5 Reasons Why Their Service is Different

1. They Don’t Use PBNs!

They use genuine outreach and have no access or control over any of the sites they get you backlinks on.

2. Your Link is Placed Within the Body of the Content

They get your backlink placed within the actual meat of the article. It is a true contextual backlink. Your backlink will look like a natural recommendation/vote for your site.

They stay away from silly author bi-line backlinks because they:

A) leave a huge footprint and

B) don’t work very well.

3. Your Link is Surrounded by Other High-Quality Outbound Links

Linking out to multiple sources builds credibility for the blog and your backlink. That’s why they place at least two other relevant outbound links in each piece of content. Your link will be in good company!

4. Your Content is Written by Native English Speakers

Every single article where your backlink lives will be written by a native English speaker. The content is so good that you can show your boss. And it’s niche relevant.

5. You Get White Label Reports

They do the hard work, and you get the credit. Simple as that.

How to Use This Service Effectively

We use these exact links for our clients and other SEO projects. Here are some tips to get the most out of this service:

Mix and Match Your DA

Let me start by saying that it’s natural for the majority of your links to come from lower authority websites (DA 40 or below). This should be obvious since it is harder to get higher authority backlinks.

With that said, you should diversify your link authority.

For example, instead of ordering (x5) DA 10 + link placements, you should mix it up and order (x1) DA 10, (x1) DA 20, and (x1) DA 30. Keep in mind that your DA will naturally vary when you order multiple placements.

For example, let’s say you decide to order (x5) DA 10 + placements. They wouldn’t just land placements on DA 10 websites. They would land placements on websites ranging from DA 10 – DA 19.

Diversify Your Target Pages

While it’s natural to have a high percentage of backlinks hitting your homepage, you should still target other pages on your site. The best pages to hit are often content-rich and keyword-targeted.

Use Your Anchor Text Intelligently

The days of having to spam exact match anchor text are long over. Google’s algorithms are capable of understanding what a page is about without anchor text.

As a general rule of thumb, the majority of your anchor text should be branded.

Examples of “branded” anchor text are “Fat Joe” or “FatJoe.co”. Use keyword-rich anchor text sparingly and infrequently.

Vary Your Word Count

As mentioned above, your link will default be placed within a 500-word article. If you want to reduce footprints and keep things as “natural” as possible, then you should consider using different word counts.

For example, if you order (x3) placements, using the default length (500 words), 1,000 words, and 1,500 words would be a good strategy.

Be Consistent, but Keep it Random

Ordering new link placements on a consistent basis is a good idea, but you need to keep things random. If you are going to order monthly, always randomize how many you order. For example, order (x5) in month one, (x3) in month two, (x7) in month three, etc.

Be Patient

In 2012, you would see results from backlinks in as few days or weeks. Things are different now. Backlinks take longer to see an effect because Google takes longer to “trust” backlinks. Be patient and stay the course.

The Truth About Fat Joe’s Blogger Outreach Service

I’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars with the Fat Joe link building agency, and I can tell you this:

Their blogger outreach works if you follow the guidelines above.

However, if you try to drive backlinks to a website that doesn’t deserve them, then it probably won’t work for you. You need to have a website that adds real value, has a strong user experience, and is optimized well. Make sure your foundation is strong before building links.

If you feel that your site is ready, then try Fat Joe’s blogger outreach service today.

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