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HTTP vs. HTTPS: How Your Decision Impacts SEO

There’s a website attack every 39 seconds, affecting one in three Americans every year. But if you’re not protecting the information being passed through your website, you could be skyrocketing the chances of a cyber attack happening to your site, your website dropping down Google’s ranks—and sacrificing your customers’ data. (Which, as you’ve probably [...]

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How to Sell $470,998 Worth of Backlinks

Wondering how to sell more stuff online? Perfect because I’m going to show you how I sold $470,998 worth of backlinks and acquired 507 customers. Get access to proven emails that drove $33,245 in revenue. Let’s jump right in. 12 Easy Ways to Sell More Stuff Online 1. Position Your Service Differently Back in [...]

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What is a Redirect Chain? The Complete Guide

Wondering what a redirect chain is? Good because I’ll show you exactly what they are, why they matter for SEO, and how to fix them. Let’s jump right in. What is a Redirect Chain? A redirect chain occurs when a page on your site redirects to a page that’s already redirected. Convoluted, right? Don’t [...]

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How to Increase Website Traffic by 1,962%

Wondering how you can increase your website traffic in 2019? In this video, I’ll show you how I used SEO to increase my traffic by 1,962%. You’ll learn: Why you should NOT create any new content (if you want more traffic from Google Why short content sucks The only way to properly update content [...]

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