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21% More Traffic Without Any “New” Content

In this SEO case study I’m going to show how I increased my organic search traffic by 21% without creating any “new” content. Let’s be honest for a second: 21% growth doesn’t seem like much. However, 21% growth equates to an extra 3,000 organic search pageviews per month for Gotch SEO. The focus of [...]

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What is a 301 Redirect?

Understanding how to execute 301 redirects is a fundamental SEO skill. That’s what this guide is all about. Make sure you read until the end because I’m going to show you two of my favorite 301 redirect tactics (that produce massive results). But let’s start with the basics: How 301 Redirects Work A 301 [...]

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SEO Title Tags (Everything You Need to Know)

Optimizing your title tags for SEO is simple: Just throw your keyword in the title and you’re good to go, right? Yes and no. You could stop there and probably do pretty well (if you’ve done everything else right). But the truth is: There’s so much more you can do to optimize your title [...]

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How to Build Backlinks in 2018 (NEW Guide)

Backlinks are the nitrous of every successful SEO campaign. The key is to remember that not all backlinks are created equally. You need to focus on the opportunities that are A) most impactful and B) safe for your business. This guide will show you everything you need to know.

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