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Why SEO Dominates All Other Marketing

There is no better way to market your business online than SEO.

First, you get to dictate how customers find your business in the search engines.

Second, you are getting the most qualified leads possible.

Last, SEO is an evergreen marketing strategy.

That means once you start ranking, you will continue to get new customers.

Even if you decide to stop paying for SEO.

Now you are likely wondering, “who are these guys?”

Who Are We?

Gotch SEO is a boutique SEO agency located in St. Louis. Our agency was founded by Nathan Gotch, a globally recognized SEO expert and entrepreneur. Nathan and his team have helped hundreds of businesses grow online through SEO.

What Others Think About Us

1. “Nathan. You are the best! You took my law firm website out of the Stone Ages and now it is doing great!” – John Medler, CEO

2. “Nathan delivered more than he promised! What outstanding results we achieved by teaming with Nathan and Gotch SEO I absolutely would recommend him for any size company looking for top-line results.” – Tom Schmittdiel, Marketing Director

3. “Like many business owners, I was skeptical of hiring someone to do SEO and had been burned by “gurus” in the past. But let me tell you… working directly with Nathan and Gotch SEO not only exceeded my expectations, but it ACTUALLY got my clients serious results in some very competitive niches. Nathan is easy to work with and super transparent. If you’re looking for an SEO company that will get your business legitimate long-term results, then I highly suggest you get in contact with Gotch SEO right now.” – Tom Cruz, CEO

4. “Nathan is always willing to share his wealth of SEO knowledge, and the Gotch SEO team are among the best worldwide at ranking websites organically. You’re in safe hands with Gotch!” – Will Coombe

5. “We worked with Nathan and his team on a website for our company and definitely made the right choice. GOTCH SEO came in on time and on budget with the SEO services and marketing solutions we needed. The project exceeded expectations.” – Steven Ellis, CEO, Baseball Media

We have such great testimonials because we are different than other agencies.

Why We Are Different

Let me show you seven reasons why Gotch SEO is different…


Unlike other “digital marketing” or web design companies, we specialize in SEO. We pride ourselves on NOT being the Walmart of marketing services.We believe that focusing 100% of our effort on SEO makes us more effective. It also makes us more capable of getting your business results.

2. We Use SEO to Grow Our Own Business

There are “SEO” agencies that get all their leads from cold calling and paid advertising… this is ludicrous. We are an SEO agency that “walks the walk” and “talks the talks” because we get our leads from SEO!

3. We Live and Breath SEO

Since we specialize in SEO, we are immersed in it. There isn’t anything we don’t know or that we aren’t testing. We are “in the mud” everyday and love it.

4. We Have Real Results

Sure, it might be cool that Gotch SEO ranks for thousands of keywords. BUT, that doesn’t excite us as much as watching our clients get SEO results.

5. We Use a Proven System

While some other agencies believe in throwing _____ at the wall, we have a systemized strategy for getting results. Our strategy is tested, proven, and most important, white hat! We believe that good SEO starts with the user. That’s why we truly believe the more valuable your site is, the more search traffic you will get. We make your website more valuable through creating content.

6. We Communicate

We will never leave you in the dark about your campaign. We believe that communication is fundamental to the success of your SEO campaign. That’s why our communication policy is “frequent and often”. That means you will never have to worry about “what’s going on” with your campaign.

7. Important People Trust Us

Thousands of entrepreneurs read the Gotch SEO blog every single day to learn how to do SEO.

And, Gotch SEO’s work has been featured on many respected publications.

Now that you know why we are different than other agencies, let me show you what we are going to do to grow your business.

How We Will Grow Your Business

There are many ways to “skin a cat” when it comes to SEO, but we think our way is the best.

Here’s what we do:


Our SEO audit gives us all the intel we need about your website, business, and industry. From there we can prioritize what actions will have the biggest impact on your business.


If we identify technical issues that may be hurting User Experience (UX), we fix them. Ensuring that your users love your website is a priority.


The second step of our process is to identify keywords and content ideas. We use over 30 different techniques for finding ideas that your customers actually care about.


After we’ve identified hundreds of content ideas, we craft beautiful content assets. Our content comes in many forms including infographics, expert roundups, guides, lists, and many others. Every single piece of content we create is designed to attract backlinks to your website.


Creating great content assets is only the first step. People need to see your content. We achieve that objective by prospecting for relevant link opportunities, reaching out to those opportunities, and securing you quality backlinks. Backlinks are the fuel behind every successful SEO campaign and we are masters at acquiring them.


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