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Gotch SEO Academy is a must for any SEO, regardless of your business model or level of experience.

Leonard Parker

It’s the best investment in my education I’ve ever made!

Jamie Lee

Gotch SEO Academy has provided me with the highest proven results I have ever experienced.

Matthew White

Thanks to Gotch SEO Academy, we have landed our 1st huge SEO client at $2,100 per month.


I immediately took action with what I learned in Gotch SEO Academy on one of my affiliate sites, all I’m going to say is that from the past year I’ve gotten a 380% increase in organic traffic. The site went from making $100-200/month to $1000+/month on autopilot.


The strategies in Gotch SEO Academy helped me grow my site traffic from 4,600 users/month to 46,000 user/month in 5 months.

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About Nathan Gotch

I founded Gotch SEO back in 2013 within one mission: help as many businesses as I can achieve SEO success. I then pursued that goal by packing my stuff up and driving from California to St. Louis. I had no clients, no prospects, and no money (except for a credit card with $500 limit). Plus, I was $40,000 in debt. Fear of failure attempted to consume my thought at this time, but I pushed through it.

As a result, I landed my first several SEO clients within 30 days of moving to St. Louis. Then, I grew Gotch SEO to multiple six figures in less than 6 months. I’ve now had the privilege of working on hundreds of SEO campaigns, but now I’m going in a different direction.

As of March 1, 2019, Gotch SEO will no longer be offering any services. Instead, our focus is on helping as many people as we can achieve SEO success through our SEO training platform, Gotch SEO Academy.

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