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Nathan delivered more than he promised! What outstanding results we achieved by teaming with Nathan and Gotch SEO. I absolutely would recommend him for any size company looking for top-link results.
Thomas Schmittdiel
Chief Strategist at TPM Creating Marketing
We worked with Nathan and his team on a website for our company and definitely made the right choice. Gotch SEO came in on time and on budget with the SEO services and marketing solutions we needed. The project exceeded expectations.
Steven Ellis
CEO of Baseball Media
Nathan is a tremendous asset and true SEO guru. I work in the highly competitive legal SEO industry. When I get stuck or need an extra edge over the competition, I reach out to Nathan. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to dominate their SEO niche.
Mariano Rodriguez
J.D. (UCLA School of Law)
About Nathan Gotch

I founded Gotch SEO back in 2013 with one simple mission: To help as many people as I can get amazing SEO results.

My SEO blog has helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world and my company has personally helped 100s of businesses grow using the power of SEO. I've also helped over 500 students learn how to do effective SEO through my SEO training program, Gotch SEO Academy. I’m proud of what we’ve achieved so far, but I know there are countless people who still need our help.

If you’re someone who wants SEO results, then I would love to help you out as well.

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